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I hope you are ready for two Charter flights taht I had the pleasure to take this summer.
I would like to apologice for writing this report so late, but school and other stuff have had higher priority.

Hopfully the fact that this is a charter report , which can be rare in this forum, increases your interest.

Here we go:

Sunday 24.06.01
DK 821

I woke up at about 3.30 am, and left our home for OSL between 4 and 4.15 am. Ate some pizza from last night, and arrived at the long term parkinglot where a shutle drove us to the terminal, were we arrived at around 5 in the morning.
Two travelagents are providing seats on DK (Premiair) flights, and since we were traveling with "Saga" instead of "Ving" we could enyoy a no queue checkin, taht lasted for 2-3 mins, instead of the long queue that met the "Ving" guests. (I realy enjoyed that, because checkin queues are so boring)
For those of you who don't know DK, they gives you seats for both the out and inbound flight, and the seats are also pre issued to speed up the checkin (If you want a speciall seat, that can be ordered, for about £10, together with taxfree stuff).
I was given 11A for this first flight, and went fast throug the safty check, and into the international terminal. Despite beeing early, several people were present. I went through the taxfree shop ,that is quite boring, before walking down "the strip" checking for interesting aircraft. I couldn't find any realy
satisfying aircrafts, and was suprised when I found out that the DK A330 I had seen when we arrived was standing at a gate thet is located in the new "non shengen" area. (you have to show ticket and passport to enter  Crying). Bording was called, but I had to buy a copy of Airliner world. That made me one of the last to enter OY-CNP (msn.294 del: 03/04/92)

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Dean Barnes

I was actually a little worried about the 28" pitch, and while walking down the aisle, it looked cramped. The bird was in good shape, and suddenly I was seated in 11A (right infront of the overwing exit). When I had setteled down, I discovered that 28" wasn't that cramped, but the fact that the child infront of me didn't recline might had something to do with that feeling.
While talking about recline, I soon discovered that my seat couldn't provide that feature due to its location  Sad, but luckily this was a morning/day flight. Puched back at 06.56 am (4 mins early, which is nice for a charter airline) and headed for rwy 01L,which is quite a long taxi at Osl, while the safty demo was shown. Had a long roll, and was airborne around 7.05 am. My oppinion is that the 320 isn't more quiet the 737 etc, since the noise is quite present during takeoff. But who cares? (Not me Big grin) Made a long right turn and headed south south east. During climbeout the crew informed about the coming events, like mealservice, movie etc. We pased over Gothenbourg, the island of Bornholm (danish), and entered German airspace. At this time (about 1 hrs into the flight) the movie "What women wants" began, together with the drink service. We bought quite a few can's since this was the one and only chanse. We flow near the Polish border and had the plesure to enjoy a breakfast that consisted of the following: Omelet, saugage, somekind of tomatosauce, a youghurt, and roll/s. It was tasty, but small, and rolls were offered two times. We also got a hot towel before the meal (wow, that isn't usuall on charter) I had a cup of tea, and since I didn't wached the movie it was time to open the fresh copy of "airliner world". Suddenly we pased east of Budapest, and it was time to visit the washroom. (this A320 had one in front and two in the rear). It was a long queue but it didn't bother me since its nice to streech the legs. The FO came oput from his "office" and I had the chance to catch a glimse of the cocpit.
It looked very spacious, and that made me wonder if the 320 has the same jumpseats as the 757/767 (you know, nice seats behind the crew). I realy like the washrooms on the 320 because of the nice sink, where you can get a nice temp. on the water. (both hot and cold together)
The flight was smooth, and noting realy special happened. We reached TOD, and started our descend down to CFU. The descent was very steep and fast, and the view of the "deep blue sea" (LOL) was great. We flew over a small Island before a sharp right turn aligned us with the rwy, We were approaching from the south (which is over water) and slamed down so hard that several oxygen masks came down  Smile ,used almost the whole rwy and rolled out in the northern end. This ment that we had to taxi past the Business jets before reaching the apron. Some small Biz jets were parked together with a "State of Qatar" A32S. AT the apron, only a LOT 737 and an unknown ARJ were standing lonly. Parked near the terminal, but had to be bused the 50 m from the aircraft. (well, I like taking bus so ..., but It was strange that we couldn't walk)
Passed imigration fast and while wainting for the luggage another DK 320 arrived from Billund in Denmark. A bus drove us to the lovly Corfu Imperial Hotel where I should spend the next two weeks.

The flight was quite nice, and I felt that Premiair had improved their service and food since my last flight in 1997.

I'll give this flight 8/10.

Wednesday 04.07.01
Spotting @ CFU

After a nice breakfast, me and my father rented a car (green metalic Daewo Matiz) and headed for the airport. We drove out to a parkinglot near the end of rwy 35 wher it was possible to access the pier you can see on some photos.
While standing there together with a bunch of other people, some a/c arrived or departed the airport. The departing aircrafts where OM-AAA which is a TU154M from Slovak Airlins.
Click for large version
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Photo © Stefan Roesch

It was realy cool, since I was standing right under it. An Aegan ARJ and HA-LHA (MALEV B762)
Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Viktor László

did also depart over our heads.
Sadly only one aircraft, A DK A320 arrived on this rwy, but a Britannia B738 landed and had to backtrack the rwy from where we stood. Spendt some time at this location before we headed up to "Hotel Royal". It looked quite worn to me, but the view of rwy 35 was just superb. Several spoters were present, and among them 3 or 4 professionals. They had sevral bags with expensive equipment, scanners so thy could tune in ATC, and some photoalbums with russian birds. From this exelent location i saw another MALEV aircraft , only a 734 this time, a F70 or 100 that maybe was italian.
The Premiairbus that had landed earlier departed for scandinavia, as well as the spotters who left for their rooms. Me and my father left at about noon, and drove to other interessting locations on this island.
The only sad thing was that all the JMC, Condor and other bigger birds like the 321 and 757, that we could see all day long from our hotel, din't show up  Sad

Sunday 08.07.01
DK 820

The day when it was time to leave Greece behind arose, and after a quiet breakfast two taxies picted us up at 9:35 am, and drove us to the airport where we arrived at about 9:55 am. The checkin area was packed, and most of the other pax for our flight had arived by dedicated busses. Anyway it didn't bother me since we alredy had our seats. While waiting in the endles queue I locked around in the building, and found it to be quite modern and clean. At last we got our bags checked in , and recieved a boardingpass (that you leaves behind when entring the plane). Passed security fast, and had some time to sepnd in the wainting area that wasn't to interessting. The little taxfree shop was packed (as well as the rest of the palce) since many flights were about to depart. Siting on the ramp was SX-BCC
Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Costas N. Gavrilakis

one of Olympics oldest 732, a LOT 734 (SP-LLB)
Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Marcus Weigand

and a Malmo Aviation BA 146.
Bothe the OA flight to Athens and the Malmo Aviation flight to Malmo (southern Sweenden) left while we was waiting, but the LOT flight were delayed for sevral hours. The airport had many windows with a nice view of the rwy and ramp, And two DK A320 (from Oslo and Billund) landed. Boarding was slightly behind schedule and we were bused a few meters to OY-CNB (msn: 221 del: 30/09/91)
Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Frank Schaefer

This aircraft was a little more worn than the one we had on our way down, but not bad. My seat was 20F and legroom was like last time not too bad.
Next to us on the ramp where the Premiar bird OY-CNN that had arrived from Billund (do I need to say more than LEGO?) We started to move at 12:31 and had a short taxi to rwy 17 where cap. Andersen applyed full thrust and thundered down the bumpy rwy. Made an imediate left turn and climbed rapidly. The lead steward, who was quite funny, came on the PA and announced that the culinariy meal of today was "Frikadeller" (meat balls) with Rösti potatoes, and some other stuff.
About an hour into the flight the meal was served, and it turned out to be very good. The other stuff were vegetables sauce and a smal cacke. The only bad thing with this meal was that it was too small. Around this time, they stated the movie, that turned out to bee "Meet the parents" (Haven't I seen that onboard NW055?) Its quite funny, so I was happy, although I did't have headphones. The rest of the flight was uneventfull expect the fact the one of the aft lavs were closed. (I can't say how much I love the A320 lavs)
The flight routing was roughly the same as on the way down, and we passed , again, east of Budapest, and right over the island "Bornholm" (in the Baltic sea).
The descent and approach into OSL rwy 19L took us east of the airport before turning left to inetcept the localiser. (I think we carried out an SOPRI TWO FOXTROT arrival) During that left turn the purser came on the PA and told of something about metrology (since the approach was a little bumpy), and why the air is quite bumpy near the grounf in the summer time. (I shall not bore you with taht). After aligning the aircraft with the rwy, the capt put gears , flaps and slats in landing config. Thats not very special, but at this point the purser came on the PA, again, and said something like "Our cpt. did just hang out the slats flaps and other things we need for landing". The final approach to OSL takes you over a forest area with some houses, and is quite nice in good weatger as it was this day. Touched down quite smoothly infront of a waiting SK B736. Used quite a lot of the rwy, and after vacating the rwy
(while heading fro the terminal) the funny purser thought it was time to give us some "uninteressting facts" Our Take off weight was 71,6 tonns, which of 13,6 was fuel. We had burned 9.6 tonns of fuel, and brought with us x tonns of dirty clothes. Lnading weight was 62 tonns.
The flight arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule (@ 14:49 local) and pulled up next to a PIA A300 or 310.
OSL was deserted and our luggage came fast.

I'll give this flight 9/10

I have to say that I'm quite impresssed with Premiair. The service was far better than expected, and all flights were roughly on time. Food above average, and, yes you name it. Nothing realy bad, but offcourse they can improve even more.
My parents are just now @ Madeira and are flying with both Premiair and Britannia. It will be intereesting to know which airlie that was the best, but I'll doubt it be Britannia.  Smile

Hope I didn't bore you too much

R'gards Tg747-300

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Wed Nov 07, 2001 6:45 am

Great report in my opinion!

I'm glad to see that Premiair have stepped up their service since my last flight with them(I haven't flown them in 5 years or something like that).

I can still recall when I was treated to the welcome ceremony of the first Premiair A320 at the hangars at Copenhagen back in the good ol' days before they applied their current colorscheme (back then it was all white, except for the tail who had a yellow circle to represent sun & a blue one to represent the sea). I can still remember being quite fascinated with the screens dropping down from overhead.
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Wed Nov 07, 2001 8:58 am


Great trip-report!

I'm glad you enjoyed Premiair! I was often at DK check-in and gate this summer as I was lucky enough to get a summerjob at OSL.

Glad you appreciated the short check-in lines that we had most of the time throughout the summer.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Again, great trip report. Not boring at all!
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Wed Nov 07, 2001 8:16 pm

Cool trip report and lots of details. Looks like you had a great flight on this charter airline. But also on my flight with Swiss-charter airline Balair this august we got hot towels and large and very tasty hot meals. This service at that time was much better than US domnestic service.

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