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Wed Nov 14, 2001 12:53 pm

This past weekend we took a trip to SEA to visit Alaska Airlines, Horizon, Flight Safety Boeing, and the Everett Boeing Factory.

Check out my post about "Flying Alaska 737 SIM!!" by Saxman66.

We left Grand Forks, ND at about 10:30 pm to drive to MSP for our 6 am flight to ORD. Our United 737 flight was uneventful as I slept most of the way. We landed at ORD and deplaned. It was here that we would do the most exciting part of the journey, a 777 from ORD to SEA. This was my first time on a 777 as it was for many of us aviation students. Being the plane nerds we are, we all listen to ATC over the in flight entertainment network, and other type of stuff. It was a pretty full flight which was good. I sure hope United will pull through all this. We have an awesome landing in SEA about 4 hours later.

On the trip back we left from PDX, because we were touring Horizon Airlines, maintance hangars and facilities. PDX to DEN on a UA 757. (only my 2nd time on this plane) DEN to MSP on 737.

Ride Amtrak!

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