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Delta PVD-ATL-LAX And Back

Tue Dec 04, 2001 9:34 am

Airline/Aircraft: Delta 757-200
Route: Providence - Atlanta
Duration: 2h30m

On Thursday 11/29 I departed PVD on Delta flight 811, the 1230pm 757-200 departure to Hartsfield International Airport. The flight was just about completely full, with just a few empty seats scattered here and there. We were airborne at 1235p after the classic 757 take off. We climbed to flight level 350, and were served a beverage along with a pack of snack mix. Delta Horizons in-flight entertainment was shown on the tv screens. Total flight time was 2 hours and 30 minutes, thanks to a strong wind. The landing in ATL was VERY bumpy thanks to a strong crosswind. We taxiied to gate D29, I got my bag, and I left the tired-looking 757. I just love those planes, but the interiors on Delta are depressing.

Airline/Aircraft: Delta 767-400
Route: Atlanta - Los Angeles
Duration: 4h45m

After a 2-hour connection, I boarded flight 459, a boeing 767-400, for a nonstop flight to LAX. The flight was a little more than half full, so I had the seat open next to me, which made for a VERY comfortable flight way back at row 46. We pushed back on-time at 5:20pm, and were airborne to the west shortly thereafter. The flight was quite bumpy, as we maneuvered in and out of thunderstorns over Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The seat-belt sign was lit for the first hour of the flight. Once things settled down, I had steak for dinner, which was undercooked yet somewhat tasty, and watched a very slow movie entitled " The Legend of Bagger Vance". We touched down into LAX a few minutes behind schedule. This was a marvelous second on a 764. That plane is very impressive. Also I was impressed with Delta's service...very friendly.

Airline/Aircraft: Delta MD-11
Route: Los Angeles - Atlanta
Duration: 3h25m

After spending the weekend in LAX with my best friend, it was once again off to LAX. I was very excited, as this was to be my first flight ever on an MD-11. We got to the terminal very early and got a bite to eat before I headed off for gate 57. Boarding began about 1:05pm. I had seat 53J, so I got to board right after the Medallion flyers. I was immediately struck by the size of the M11 as I walked through the cabin. I took my seat and found it to be comfortable...not as much as the 764, but still, not bad. I had a great view of the huge winglets, and I snapped a few photos on my digital camera. We took off on 25R out over the Pacific Ocean, then made a huge swooping turn east. I had steak once again for lunch, and watched "Rat Race", which is a pretty funny movie. The time flew bye on this flight. And lemme tell ya, this was one of the smoothest flights I've ever been on. Landing in ATL was perfect. I loved the sound on the number 2 engine on final approach. Overall I'd give the old MD-11 2 thumbs up. I'd certainly fly on her again.

Airline/Aircraft: Delta MD-88
Route: Atlanta - Providence
Duration: 1h55m

Talk about a downgrade in M11 to an But I like the MD-88's, and I liked this flight even more because it was only about half full. This flight was your basic Delta late-night flight. Nothing too special, but not bad. I found the -88 to be rather hot however, which caused me to not get much sleep. The sky was clear, which afforded me with a great view of the entire eastern seaboard. After just under 2 hours on the wing, we touched down at 11:40pm, thus concluding my latest trip.

My next trip will be on 12/21, when I fly Continental from PVD to MSY, via EWR.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Stephen in New Orleans

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RE: Delta PVD-ATL-LAX And Back

Sat Dec 08, 2001 10:47 am

Yep. I also love those MD aircraft. The M11 makes for a very nice flight. Especially in business elite.

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