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Sun Dec 30, 2001 3:24 am

Over thanksgiving, I had the opportnity to fly on Delta. My dad is a Captain with Delta Express, so I automatically get free flight priveleges. I got on a VERY early flight from MCO, the lines were REALLY good at 0500 in the morning, just breezed through. I boarded a B-767-400, my first time on the type. And MAN, was I impressed! SUCH A BEAUTY!  Love As a Non-Rev, I got bumped to FIRST CLASS on that bird, it was VERY SWEET. The flight attendant permitted me a visit to the flightdeck before we took off, as I was already up in the front portion of the cabin anyways. The pilots were VERY kind to me, and we talked for about 10 minutes, they were glad to have the company! Learned alot about ACARS and the INS and the CRT screens.

After a 15 minute layover in ATL (LOL), I boarded an MD-88 to MSP, and AGAIN got First Class. This time, it was lunch, Delta sure does take care of you! Good ride, and good weather, and the pilots, after alnding, were AGAIN more than willing to show me their "office", and I learned something new about the a/c! I tell ya, DAL's pilots have ALWAYS been great to me..maybe it's my great standing with the company LOL. Here, I learned alot about the aircraft in general. Especially flightdeck layout!

A week later, in the first snow of the year, I again boarded another MD-88, early, and was able to peer into the flight deck and got a quick peek, and after the full breakfast, first class flight, I got another full view of the MD-88 flightdeck, this time getting a FULL indoctrination into the FMS system. Verrrry good people, again! (I've NEVER flown coach on an MD-88, just on the MD-90 LOL)

So, I thought I was going to be able to get First Class on this next flight, on the B-777, to MCO from ATL, as it was 20 oversold in coach and had 20 available in Business Elite. WRONG!! Alot of people in coach decided to go up to first class at THE last minute, so I was stuck in seat 52D, way in the back. The only consolation was that it was a B-777, smelled new, and it was THE Soaring Spirit II, so I was in a famous Aircraft! LOL. 59 minute flight, and recieved a warm welcome by the Captain, and another good tour, this time of the checklist function on the pedistal's CRT.

Got pictures of myself in ALL of these flightdecks, and my most sincere gratitide goes out to the Flight Crews of Delta Air Lines for making EVERY one of my legs a success, as the ones before these flights. Peanty more to come! Delta is the best when it comes to everything!  Big thumbs up (Except legroom on the 777 coach, that REALLY was a shame!  Sad All in all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS AIR LINE!  Love
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Sun Dec 30, 2001 4:29 am

Good report. Liked it.

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