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Hello Guys

This trip was a last minute decision and I will try to add as many details i can .

Date : 22/12/01
Day : Friday
Flight no : BA 12
Time of departure : 10.55 am (Singapore time )
Actual time of departure 11.40 am (Singapore time )
Registeration no : G-BNLK
Tail : Water Dreaming
Seat :45H
Planes spotted in Changi Airport : Air China A340, China Eastern A300-600R ,SQ B744,B777 (9V-SVA and 9V-SVD).
Hours of flight : 14 hrs 20 minutes
Runway : 02R

Who I went with : My Mum and Aunt

When I first saw my aircraft , I was filled with excitment because Water dreaming seldom flies to Singapore . In fact , this was my 2nd or 3rd time seeing Water dreaming last year in Changi (2001). Anyway , at that time I was wondering whether the seats inside are fitted with the new British Airways World Traveller economy seats , I really need the PTV as it's difficult for me to zzz .
Soon , it was time to meet up my Mum and Aunt near the boarding gate as they went shopping for duty-free stuffs . I told them a bit about the plane we be flying on and they were kind of amazed . They already knew I am crazy about planes hee X2 .Anyway , soon it was time to board the plane , when i first entered the plane . My mouth was filled with *Wow* because i like the new look of the Business Class . The last time I flown on BA was a long time ago and that was in Landor colours with the old seats .
Anyway ,I was sitting in the middle on the Aisle because my mum and aunt doesnt want to seat at the side (Window ) . I didn't want to seat in the window seat because of my long legs , its difficult for a 6 feet 3 like myself . Anyway , we were lucky because there were empty seats and we can skretched our legs out . My mum was seating 45E while my aunt was sitting behind me . Anyway , the flight was slightly delayed , I wasn't sure why . The Captain didnt explained anything , in fact he didnt talk much .
Soon the plane was pushed back and start up , and we taxi south to cross the South Cross(Bridge) to runway 02R , I was kind of surprised because i thought we be using 02L .Anyway i passed by some SQ planes i saw (9V-SVA and SVD ) ,A310 (9V-STM).
Soon , the plane departed and immediately we turned north . It was going to be a long journey because of the head wind .Within 2 hours , we were served drinks .I was feeling excited at that time because the thought of spotting at Heathrow was very exciting . My dream was to see the Concorde .
After that we were served a hot meal (lunch) . I choose fish and rice . It was pretty lousy because the sause was pretty saltish . My mum let me tried her meal ( Chicken) and it was no better . Anyway , i watched some shows on the InFlight entertainment PTV . I watched the BBC news , a couple of movies ( I forgot ) then zzz before waking up for the next meal which was much better . I had fish again because i didnt like really fancy Omelette ( The other choice ) . The fish was much nicer and i really enjoyed this meal plus the dessert was much more appetizing . The dessert for lunch was just some chocolate and yogurt (didnt reallie like it ) but the dessert for dinner was a nice chocolate pudding .
After the plane landed , i spotted some planes at Heathrow . The planes I saw were "BA B777, B744(Landor and many other tails including Union jack ) , PIA B747-200 , KE B744F , JAL B744 ,MAS B744, Aer Lingus A321 , IcelandAir B757 . I didn't really see much planes because it was kind of dark when i arrived there . I reached there around 5 plus (UK time ) . My fun time has began !!

More report to come and my next report will include my spotting in Heathrow .
Hope you enjoyed my Report


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Sun Jan 06, 2002 1:13 am

Nice report!!!!
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Nice trip report. Maybe you could elaborate more on your flight experience rather than what you see or noticed in the airport. I guess most of us here would love to hear more about your in-flight experience (service.. etc). By the way, there is no more 9V-STM, the ex-SQ A310 is now with Belgian Air Force with registration CA-02.

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Great report Charles. Yeah, tell us about the inflight service and inflight entertainment.  Big thumbs up

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