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KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sat Jan 05, 2002 9:49 am

Flight: KLM 658
Date: 27 Dec 2001
Aircraft: Boeing 767-306ER
Aircraft Reg: PH-BZK (Zeeland Bridge)
Departure Airport: Newark (EWR)
Arrival Airport: Amsterdam (AMS)
Scheduled Departure: 4:40 PM
Actual Departure: 5:46 PM
Flight Time: 6:25

I arrived at Newark Airport about three hours before scheduled departure time of 4:40 PM. I checked in for KLM 658, which was quick and efficient. I was assigned seat 35A in the economy section, or as KLM calls it, tourist class. From that point I decided to check out the viewing area (small window) between the B and C terminals. I saw an Alitalia 763 “Leonardo da Vinci” (EI-CRT), TAP A340, and two Continental 777s parked at the B gates at Newark. Meanwhile, the inbound KLM flight from Amsterdam landed about 20 minutes behind schedule and parked at gate 52 for passengers to disembark. The aircraft was PH-BZK “Zeeland Bridge.” After the short viewing period, I decided it was best to proceed to gate 42 as viewing may be better there and the security line looked rather long. So I waited in the security line for about 30 minutes. Quite frankly, security in the US is still a joke. The security personnel at Newark seemed very lax. The hand baggage screener was not even looking at the x-ray monitor as baggage was going through; instead he was watching a few very attractive women proceeding through the metal detector. So after passing security, and feeling rather insecure, I sat at gate 42 and watched the KLM 763 being towed over to our gate. Also saw a BA B777 and an AA Airbus A300 arrive from LHR, plus lots of Continental 777s and 757s arrive and depart.
Rating: 10/10
Security: (5/10)-wont be included in final rating.

Numerous announcements were made regarding a delay in boarding. First announcement was that our crew was stuck in heavy traffic from midtown Manhattan. Second announcement was that the crew was in the building but waiting in the long security line. Finally, an hour after scheduled boarding time the crew arrived at the aircraft and passengers applauded and the first officer said, “Don’t worry, I will get you to Amsterdam right on time.” Boarding started about 30 minutes later after cabin crew prepared the aircraft. Boarding was terrible. There was no order whatsoever. KLM/Northwest definitely needs to improve on this. It was a free for all…basically open boarding like it was a low-cost airline. So despite my row being near the rear of economy, I was the last to board.
Rating: 4/10

Once onboard, we were told to sit in our seats with out seatbelts unfastened since the aircraft was being fueled. Flight appeared to be fully booked in Y. After fueling, push back commenced at 5:35 and we taxied quickly to the active runway 22R for departure. We watched the safety video that is done on the video screens in English with Dutch subtitles. The woman on the video had an English accent and dressed in the KLM cabin crew outfit. First officer came on the radio informing us that the flight time to Amsterdam was 6:25 and that we would have an on time arrival of 6:15 AM. He said that because of the favorable winds that if our flight would’ve taken off on time we would have had to of circled above Amsterdam for an hour because of what he called “circle six rule” which requires that no aircraft land before 6:00 AM for noise abatement. So I guess the delay worked out for the best. At 5:46 it was our time for takeoff. Takeoff roll was 45 seconds followed by an immediate left turn for noise abatement. Then a right hand turn that put us on a Northeast heading over Teterboro and towards New Haven, Connecticut. I have heard numerous complaints about KLM’s 767 seat pitch. I found it adequate and much better than Virgin Atlantic’s economy seat pitch. I’m 6’2 and had no issues at all with the legroom. Aircraft looked rather clean inside with nice light blue bulkheads adorned with the KLM logo. 40 minutes into the flight we were over Boston and a drink service commenced. I got a diet coke (just a cup, no full cans). 1:15 into the flight the meal service started. It was a choice between Beef of Veggie Pasta. I chose the pasta, which was basically Vegetable Lasagna. Also on the tray were a piece of cheese, pack of crackers, small salad with a tub of vinaigrette, and a square of apple cake. Everything was really good. In addition, crew came around with a basket of warm rolls for the meal. Meal trays were cleared in an efficient manner and another drink service started. In-flight entertainment wasn’t the greatest but was okay. Main cabin video was Serendipity. Also, episodes of Friends and Seinfeld were shown along with the most boring Discovery Channel documentaries. I would’ve preferred to watch the flight-tracking map the entire flight! The route took us over St. John’s then the typical North Atlantic crossing route. Seatbelt sign came on and off four times over the Atlantic for turbulence. We flew north of Dublin and breakfast was started. It consisted of a “Good Morning Breakfast Box.” It included a tub of strawberry banana yogurt, banana muffin, minute maid orange juice and then the crew came around with another basket of rolls. This time the rolls were really good, they were croissant like with melted cheese inside. I ate this and skipped out on the breakfast box, as I really hate food made with banana. The flight path took us over the Irish Sea, south of Manchester, and over the North Sea. A video about Schiphol Airport was shown and we started our descent. Pilot informed us of our arrival status, still on time. He also said that turbulence was expected on landing, as the winds were rather strong. We landed at Schiphol at 6:15. Landing was abrupt with a very noticeable crab to compensate for the crosswinds. Being a CFI, I tell students that during crosswind landings make a nice firm landing instead of finessing the aircraft onto the runway. Well, guess the pilot of our KLM flight has the same view on crosswind landings. He did a good job. No reverse thrust was used. We taxied to the gate and I saw a MH 777 being towed to a gate and we parked next to two Transavia 737-800s. We were on gate at 6:20 AM. One thing I lacked to mention was about the cabin crew. They were honestly the friendliest I have experienced. I found them better than BA, VS, KE, AA, DL, etc. They were very friendly and as I would say, “down to earth.” They acted professionally, efficient, took the time out to talk to passengers individually, and did not hesitate to get you anything you asked for. I asked for a diet coke during the flight and the one flight attendant came with a cup full with an additional two cans. I like when crew looks ahead to assure your overall comfort in-flight.
Rating: 9/10 because of the in-flight entertainment.

Overall Rating: 23/30 because of the poor boarding process.

Flight: KLM 657
Date: 03 Jan 2002
Aircraft: Boeing 767-306ER
Aircraft Reg: PH-BZO (Karmsund Bridge)
Departure Airport: Amsterdam (AMS)
Arrival Airport: Newark (EWR)
Scheduled Departure: 11:30 AM
Actual Departure: 12:00 PM
Flight Time: 8:10

Check-in: Long check-in lines at Schiphol. Took approximately 35 minutes. Glad I arrived over 3 hours before flight time. Proceeded through passport control and then through security checkpoint number one. I got my bag searched because of a Gemini Jet 1:400 model I bought that apparently had a fuselage that looked like a weapon. After that, I saw a MASSIVE line and asked the security guard what the line was about. It was for security checkpoint number two for concourse E. These were mainly flights going to the US. That line was about a 1:10 wait. I felt as though I was at Disney going from one line to another waiting to get on a ride. At that checkpoint my bag was searched once again. This is totally random I believe. About 1 in 4 people had their bags inspected. Because I beeped going through this metal detector and not the last one (?) I was asked if I could be searched. I got the full pat down. No wand like they use in the US. This guy checked everything! After clearing, I went to the boarding area and saw the aircraft parked at the gate. It was PH-BZO “Karmsund Bridge”. This is KLM’s newest 767 (del: 02/2000) and it shows. The interior and paint looked brand new. Back to KLM’s boarding mess again. Crew arrived 30 minutes late and boarding commenced 30 minutes late. Business passengers boarded followed by an open boarding call (aka push and shove to get on the plane). GREAT!!!! Once in line, passengers had to pass security checkpoint number three. This involved random bag searches and mine was once again searched. Security in the Netherlands is done so professionally and the security agents actually appear as though they take their jobs seriously. The US certainly needs to look at Europe as an example for airport security. Again, bag checks were random. I don’t fit the profiles they use in the US…I think I was chosen cause I was carrying my book bag with my hand because it was really heavy to hold for an hour on my back, so it may have appeared that I was trying to hide my backpack from them.
Check-in Rating: 8/10
Boarding Rating: 5/10
Security: (10/10)-not included in final rating.

Pushed back and taxied to the runway. I believe we pushed at 11:50 AM. We taxied past an SQ A340 that had just been pushed back and was starting its number 3 and 4 engines. Passengers on our plane gasped as they saw smoke come from the engines, which is completely typical of an engine start on a cold morning. I overheard comments like, “Oh my God,” “That plane will not make it to Singapore,” etc. Passengers can be annoying…forgot to mention about the American’s on the flight to AMS. They were cut off from alcohol cause they were drunk, rude, and subsequently obnoxious the entire flight. Every time the drink cart would come by they would steal bottles off the drink trolley when crew wasn’t looking…also they were drunk in the boarding lounge before the flight…it was obvious. Also, you got to love those passengers in the boarding area that point at different aircraft and sound as though they are pro’s. The guy next to me in the boarding lounge pointed at the SQ Airbus A340 and insisted it was a DC-8 and I overheard another guy saying that he only like flying on 777s, that’s why he flys KLM…hmmmmm!!!!!! Maybe in the future he’ll finally get his wish if KLM chooses the 777. Okay back to the flight. We departed at 12:00 PM. Took off to the north, flew north of Haarlem, over the North Sea, over Manchester, and north of Dublin. Flight track took us further north than normal over the southern tip of Greenland making landfall over Goose Bay, overflying Labrador City, Montreal, Albany and to the south of Newark for a landing on runway 4R. In-flight service started about 30 minutes after takeoff and meal followed about 45 minutes after that. Again a very cheerful crew. The Dutch women serving as crew were very pretty. Meal was chicken or pasta. I chose the chicken. It was Mexican Chicken with French green beans and chunks of potato’s. It was quite spicy. Also served with a warm roll and a piece of cheese, orange chocolate cake, and a salad made with couscous. Meal wasn’t that great. I bought some Liga cookies in Amsterdam that held me over. Wish we had these cookies in the US. In-flight movie was Rush Hour 2. I’ve seen this movie a couple of times and like it more each time I watch it. Makes me want to go back to Hong Kong for vacation. Flew for a few more hours and then was served a small tub of French ice cream. It was vanilla with a fudge swirl. After the movie, Christmas versions of Home Improvement and Seinfeld were shown as well as a New Year’s version of Mr. Bean. Before landing meal was easy to serve. It was French bread pizza. It looked really good but I passed as my cookies filled me up. It was nice and hot…not just partially warmed like other pizzas on airplanes that I have had. We then had another drink service and after that started our descent and landed at Newark at 2:10 PM, right on time. I think KLM’s late boarding may actually be from well-planned flights as both my flights arrived on time. We taxied to gate 52 and disembarked where I waited nearly an hour to clear customs. The lines were huge thanks to all the European arrivals. That concludes my flights to AMS. For those of you wondering why I didn’t choose SQ…well they didn’t fly on the days I needed to depart and arrive. I will hopefully give them a try next time. I’d classify KLM as a classy airline, with a very friendly and hardworking crew who seem to really enjoy their jobs. I’d highly recommend them. I recently read another report about KLM…I haven’t experienced their service enough to make an overall assessment of the airline, but from my point of view, things were run smoothly.
Rating: 9/10
Overall Rating: 22/30. Again because of poor boarding.

PS…to all the Europeans and other non-US members on this forum, I apologize for the obnoxious behavior of some of the Americans I observed oversees. Their behavior on flights and around the city that I observed made me embarrassed. Believe me, we’re not all like that. Example, one American passenger insisted because his seat didn’t recline that he be upgraded to world business class. The crew said that would cost roughly $4,000 USD. That passenger continued to use rude and explicit language to the crew that could’ve gotten him kicked off the airplane and the rest of us passengers diverted to Gander. If I were a crewmember on that flight, I would not have put up with his behavior!

Hope you enjoyed the report. Any questions, please ask.

I’m flying to LHR from EWR on VS002/001 on 9 Jan on an A340 so that report is to follow…stay tuned.

Thanks for reading,
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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sat Jan 05, 2002 9:13 pm

Really good report there Chris! I have heard so many people complain about the leg room on the KLM 767 series, its interesting to hear another side to the argument! No need to apologise I have been to the states a few times and have found you lot to be gr8 folk, but each country has certain people that let the side down.
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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sat Jan 05, 2002 9:23 pm

Great job! Thanx for writing this as I'll be boarding a KLM 767 tonight on my way back home to the U.S. It was really infotmative!

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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sat Jan 05, 2002 9:26 pm

cool trip report with a lot of interesting details. Mid december I flow from Zürich to NewYork JFK and I really had an excellent service with Swissair.
By the way I was also in Amsterdam during new year...
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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sun Jan 06, 2002 12:08 am

I agree about the rude behavior of Americans abroad--and as a fellow American, I find myself apologizing to my non American friends all the time. But we're spoon fed this "We're number one" rhetoric from birth, so I'm not surprised some believe the hype.
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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sun Jan 06, 2002 12:13 am

Excellent trip report!!. Enjoyed it.
Dont worry, its only a hadful of idiots who behave like this and give everyone american a bad name. The majority of american people are some of the most polite, well mannered people in the world.

Best wishes
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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sun Jan 06, 2002 3:52 am

I flew on PH-BZI LHR-AMS and the leg room was good, I really liked KLM and their 763

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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Sun Jan 06, 2002 3:00 pm

Great report Chris,
are you an active CFI?

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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Mon Jan 07, 2002 7:55 am

Thanks for the great trip report Chris. So good to hear good reports about KLM as I think they would be great to fly with. And your comments about your fellow Americans extends to all of us. As an Australian I sometimes cringe at my fellow antipodeans behaviour but we all have that to say about our fellow countrymen. Thankfully its not the majority. Hope to fly with KLM one day soon.
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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Wed Jan 09, 2002 12:40 am


Nice trip report. Very detailed! One quick comment, as far as I know SQ doesn't fly their A340 to AMS. Judging from the day of your travel (Thursday) it could be the 744 coming from Newark and going to Singapore.

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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Wed Jan 09, 2002 11:54 am

Swiss-airplane: thanks for reading my report. Great job on your crossair report as well. I flew one sector with them from Nice-Geneva in '96 aboard the RJ85 and loved their service. I wish service in the US onboard carriers of similar size would be as substantial (boxed lunch, chocolates, drinks in real glasses) on such short flights. Amsterdam was great on New Year's. I was in Leidseplein for the festivities which was rather wild. I really enjoyed the great fireworks displays at midnight. Where did you and your friends spend your New Year's in Amsterdam? Only complaint i have about Amsterdam is the cold and UNPREDICTABLE weather...brrrrrr!!! Wasn't prepared for snow, ice, rain, thunder, sleet, thunder, 30 mph winds....all in the same day!!!! Luckily those conditions weren't around for the day you were there.

Bahadir: Yes i'm currently a CFI. I have a degree as a Professional Pilot and am doing the flight instructor gig to build time. Also 6 credits away from getting a BA in Enviro. Science as a back-up to my aviation degree. I'm getting there. Its almost time for my cfi renewal....hard to believe i've been doing this for nearly two years. I really enjoy it though. Its a ton of responsibility...thankfully each and every one of my students is motivated, personable, and dedicated to a career in aviation. I teach at a 141 school out of Allentown's, Queen City airport (anyone planning a journey through town let me know) that is affiliated with a local community college's aviation program. The students come to our school for their private, instrument, comm, and cfi and then its up to them to continue with their multi or additional cfi ratings. Where do you teach out of and are you looking to fly for an airline, corporate, or as a career cfi? I'm still focused on an airline career despite the downturn in the industry...its only temporary. Such a volatile industry aviation is...

Hi SIA_fan: Thanks for reading my report. The SQ A340 in AMS caught me off guard also. I knew they flew a 744 here as I've seen it at Newark a couple of times departing for AMS. Also, i saw it a few times while in AMS climbing out over the city centre. I departed on Thursday, January 3rd and when i looked at their timetable it shows a 744 flight (SQ23) and an A340 (SQ8527) both departing at 11:20 on Thursdays. Must've been late as the A340 was just pushing back as we were taxiing out at 12:00PM. I'm not sure whats with the strange flight number though...wonder if its some sort of charter? Not sure but i'm familiar with A340s vs 747s as i've flown both on numerous occassions.

And to everyone else, thanks for remarks concerning behavior of some Americans overseas. I was a bit embarrassed and annoyed at the time by my fellow Americans. I guess everyone's right...must just be a select bunch that sometimes give us a bad name.

Tomorrow night i'm on VS002 to LHR to visit friends. Just called to confirm my flight and despite my reservation and seat assignment on an A340, the aircraft is a 742. I may be in the minority here...but i really like A340s...sorry Boeing fans. I saw there was a trip report posted recently about the same flight which was wonderful...great job Barcode for a detailed report. I'll post another report if anything interesting happens.

Thanks again to everyone who read my report. If anyone has any other questions let me know. Hopefully i'll have some good photo's to upload shortly (if they get accepted). Also looking forward to a full day of shooting on Thursday at LHR after my flight lands. Anyone on the board a daily spotter at Heathrow?

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RE: KLM 767 EWR-AMS + Return

Wed Jan 09, 2002 2:57 pm

If the SQ flight number starts with 8, and the aircraft is an A340, then it must have been a charter or additional flight. You will lots of flight numbers 8XXX at the end of the year flying to Australia. These are usually additional flights mounted to meet passenger demand during the holiday season.

Great report. Thanks and it was a joy reading.
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