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Sat Jan 12, 2002 6:16 am

Does anyone has ever flown or is going to fly MEA?
I would advice you to try it if going to the middle east.
Ok, they dont have 777, but apart of the 310 their fleet is ver modern: a300: 5years
a320/1 3/4 years
Their pilots are really exellent, the service is nice, better the af (on cdg-bey) and especially in front.
and it's a more original experience than emirates. Mea has the place of emirates now, before the war. they had the best service award in 74 or75.
So tell me if you're gonna fligh it.
I'll post a trip return tomorrow to give you an idea

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RE: MEA-experience

Sat Jan 12, 2002 7:16 am

I'm probably not going to fly MEA but look forward to reading your trip report tomorrow.Regards.
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RE: MEA-experience

Sat Jan 19, 2002 10:37 pm

Hi again, Salim,
MEA (see my nick) has a special place in my heart, since I flew their 720, 707 and A-310 in 1995. While I'm sad they withdrew their museum fleet, I'd love to fly them again. It's a pity they have few promotions from Western Europe. I have plans for trips like Syria, Iran and would love to connect with MEA, but it is hardly an option. I will certainly flew them again in the next few years, maybe from IST or ATH.
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RE: MEA-experience

Sun Jan 20, 2002 3:43 am

they stop tahran, but they opened Milan.
First flight toomorow

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