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Mon Jan 28, 2002 9:50 pm

Flight: BD128
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (G-MIDS, Reg: March 2001)
Date: 25-Jan-2002
Seat: 17E

The weather in the UK had been pretty rough all day, and I arrived at the airport in plenty of time to checkin.

Having checked in, I made my way to the gate with the other 11 people in my party, making the stupid mistake of removing the tickets from the back of the boarding cards (in case people lost them) and handing them over to the gate agent. So, I made myself popular when she asked where they all were, and i had to sort them in front of the other 100 people behind me with a rather red face!

I thought we were flying on an A321 (according to the BAA web site), but was suprised to see it was a 320 painted in the new BMI livery. My first time on an A320, what a nice suprise! and it was sparkling. I really like the new BMI livery!!

We all boarded, and were being pushed back as the pilot announced we would have a bumby ride into Dublin as we came over the Irish sea.

Taxing to 27L we were passed by a couple of A340's, A Virgin and an Air Canada jumped the queue in front of us.

It was our turn to go, and the pilot didnt bother to line up before putting on the throttle, so were hurtled off moving side to side as we went. A nice pull back, and off we climbed. I couldnt believe how noisy the gear

We clibed through some rough sky, and levelled off between 2 cloud layers. The cabin crew served us with a ham bread role....which was pretty average.

15 minutes before landing, on went the seatbelt signs, and we began to bump around. coming through the clouds, we could see the sea beneath us, and it looked VERY choppy!!!

As the gear came down, we were thrown all over the place, first left, then right, then we dropped 50 feet, then climbed 100 feet!! the wind was blowing us all over the place and we finally made it down with a bang to DUB. Most people looked relived as the aircraft slowed to a taxi pace!

We arrived on time, and I was glad to have ended my first A320 experience!

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