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Sun Feb 24, 2002 1:11 am

last monday I got the pleasure of flying on Westjet from YHM-YOW. Being an aviation nut and not having flow for 12 years I was pretty excited.

We boarded this flight at around 3:10 in the afternoon which was right on time. Started puch back at 3:17 about 2 minutes late while this was going on the Flight attendents were explaining all the emergency procedures. Once we puched back the engines were startes up and we taxied out to the runway taking charlie taxi way. We then had to hold on Charlie due to a lot of incoming company traffic. On traffic had cleared we were cleared to taxi to the end or runway 24. We turned aorund in the turning bay lined up on the runway and were cleared for takeoff. WOW do you ever get puched back into your seat I couldn,t remember it so well. we rotated off the runway about halfway down as we were at a good enough altitude for me to get a good shot of the airport hangars and terminal from the air. once were were far enough out from the Airport we made a right hand turn right around to about 6 degrees we help the direction until we got to the other side or Toronto. the made a slight turn to 04 degrees its was really nice to see all of Toronto from the airline like that. This flight was way to short for me bt still suite fun we were about 40 minutes into the lfight as we began our decent into YOW and landed on what i think was 32 but not 100% sure.

This flight was number 521 on one of Westjets 737-700s tail number 002 Reg# C-FKWS this flight also eventually continue onto YYC as flight 521.

I will post the return trip later.
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