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With SK And LH To Italy

Thu Mar 14, 2002 5:14 am

Ok, I hope you are ready to hear about the flights I took during my winter vacation.
This trip takes us to to Rome, then by train (for those of you who only like flight reports, feel free to skip that part  Smile ) to Venice, and then back to Oslo.
When we booked this trip back in October 2000 it was only a few seats (at a feasible price left) so we had to make this trip with SK/LH, which I at that time found quite disappointing. (At that time I didn’t knew how «lucerative» this trip was going to bee.)

My parents waked me up at about 04:00 am, and half an hour later I met my grandparents who I should trawel together with.
Grandpa drove us to OSL which is about 45 min from our house. As usual i ate a cold slice of yesterdays pizza in the car, and we arrived at OSL after a uneventful drive. (only difference was the new speedlimit 100 km/h)
Sadly my grandfather couldn’t join us on this vacation, due to a helth prolem, so we just said goodbye outside the terminal. Well inside, i was suprised by the huge huge crowd of travellers (remember it’s only about 5:30 am), which is the biggest i ever have seen at OSL.
The checkin lines for SK were streeching forever, but all e-checkin automats were free. I managed to persuade grandma , who is quite sceptical to such modern things, to give it a try.
All went well until we should insert our ticket for CPH-FCO. Dull as I was, I managed to put in the other OSL-CPH ticket. This made the machine quite confused, and we only managed to get one set of boardingpasses, but two set of tags (acctualy, as you will understand
later, this was something of the best that happened this day).
In this situation the only thing to do was to walk over to the Scandinavian help desk and ticket office where i had checked in for a flight to Thailand some years ago. It was almost no queue, and the agent had no problem cleaning up the mess that i had made.
It was also easy to get rid of our baggs, and with a big smile we realised that we had managed to check in in no time compared to the poor travelers that still were waiting in the long boring queues.
Security was was breeze, and after buying a few magazines (airiner world was among them) we entered the International terminal. I suddenly discovered that the taxfree are was undergoing heavy construction work, and it looked quite different from last year.
I belive it will be nice, but honestly I still feel that it are missing something.
With about two hrs to spare we headed over to the cafee to grab a Danish and a glass of OJ (this is something i always do before morning flights out of OSL).
Sadly it wasn’t much to see this morning, but i must say that i was supprised to se a Premiair A320 still wearing the old withe livery.
Offcourse we checked out the taxfree area, but as said above, it wasn’t that interessting, so we headed over to gate 36 were OY-KIM, still in old colors, (line nr: 2142, del: 19/12/96) was avaiting its pax for SK 455 bound for CPH at 8:05 am.

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Passet Laurent

16 Feb. 2002
SK 455
Boarding on time, and only noticable difference after 11 sept. was the ID check.
Inside the bird, i was plaased to see that it was equiped with winged headrests throuhout the whole cabin. Settled down in 24A, and noticed that the seats were a little «junky» as normal on SK MD’s.
Legroom was offcourse good, but the headrests was disappointing, since they didn’t managed to hold their position.
PB on time, but sadly we drove past the de icing trucks for an imeadiate take off on rwy 19R. The Md90 didn’t feel any different from its older sisters.
The meal service started as soon as the signs were
turned off, and on todays flight it consisted of a box with cheese, ham, jam, a roll and a strawberry yoghurt. not a gourmet meal, but still better than nothing on such a short flight.
Our crusing altitude was FL350, but i doubt we stayde there for too long. Suddenly we were apraching a Cph hidden under a low ceiling. Touched down quite smooth , and had a short taxi to gate A4 where we
arrived at 9:05 am giving us a flighttime of 58 min.

With only one hr to our next flight we hurried over to the C-concource where i had hoped to se the SQ and TG (maybe an old friend of mine  Big grin )aircrafts. Sadly this part of the airport had changed since last time, and I was wery disappointed when i realised that you had to show ticket and passport to enter the concource (i thant the C gates have become the «non shengen» gates) But oh well CPH is still the best airport to transfer at.
The hr went by, and we headed over to B9 where Se-Dix (Md81) should opperate Sk 681 to FCO at 10:05.
At this time the adventure realy started.
My grandmother wanted to change her seat ,so she could sit next to me, and went over to the agent that handeled this flight.
When she came back she told me that the agent had asked if we were willing to give up our seats, since the flight were heavily overbooked.
What we would get for it? The next LH flight to FRA and FCO, and a travelvoucer rated at $400 each
My face lit up in a big big smile, (what is better than geting paid to fly) and we headed over to the agent to tell him the good news.
He told us to wait until the flight had left, and at 10:05 Se-Dix left without us and 4 other pax.
We had been rescheduled on LH3053 and LH3856.
LH3053 were scheduled to leave from B7 at 1030 but when the A310 pulled up at 10:25 i understood that it was going to be delayed.
While waiting for the flight we tried to find a phone where we could use the phonecard (approximatly $4) we had been provided. That was quite difficult, so it wasn’t nothing to do other than going back to B7.
At this gate you showed boardingcard before entering the gate area. but after beeing told where we cold find a suitable phone, it wasn’t difficult to get out (and in) again.

16 Feb 2002
LH 3053

Again it was nice to walk up the jetway when boarding a plane, since that means that a widebody is waiting. For me it was D-AIRP «Obersdorf» (cn564, del 31/1/96).

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Viktor László

Walked paste biz-class, which had exactly the same seats as economy, on may way to 33E the second last seat. Sadly it wasn’t a window seat, but the great great legrom (must have been a between 34-35» ) made up for that.
The A 310 is Lh’s only european a/c that don’t have leather seats, but as I found out later, this is actually a big «+». Another cool Lh feature I discovered was that all magazines and saftycards were put in a big «plastic bag»
The crew were soon on the PA apologizing fro the delay which was due to mechanical problems in FRA, and the captain, who spooke exelent english, told us that a bag had to bee taken off the plane. This delayed us even more, but at about 11:20 we were pushed back. We
taxied to the rwy ,which I think is the common widebody rwy at CPH.
The engines soppoled up and a nice whine filled the cabin. Suddenly the fat bird jumped into the clouded sky and we were off for FRA. So far back in the aircraft i could realy feel the yaw motions (I hope it’s that its called  Smile)
The good locking FA’s (wondring what makes Dutch and German girls so pretty  Wink/being sarcastic ) soon started serving drinks. Since I was a proud owner of a timetable, i knew that this was a «snack» flight, and i must say that my disappointment was big when i realized that we
only would get «refreshments». A glass of applejuice was the only thing I got  Sad.
I think the A310 is a very nice plane, and the great
seats made this flight a real pleassure. After checking out the lavatory we soon started our descent into FRA which today also included something like a 180 degree turn at quite a hight FL.
Before landing the lead FA informed about which flight the 140 conecting pax had been rebooked on since we arrived too late for most of their original flights. Touchdown was smooth but sadly we didn’t use any thrustreversers.
While taxiing to our gate i saw sevral UAL 777 and a EK 330, as well as crowds of LH jets. Sometime around 12:25/30 we docked at a B gate, and «Obersdorf» had only about 1,5 hr before opperating LH3500 to Athens.

First thing we did after leaving the aircraft, except realizing taht FRA didn’t offer the best photo opportunities, was to contact the agent who hadelend LH3500, to get our new boardingpasses. (we only had a voucher by this time)
He was very helpfull, and apologized heavily when he only could offer us row 23, which is a non reclining row. But since I wanted window, that didnt bother me.
The fact thet 23 didn’t recline ment that it had to be located in front of an exit, and therefore it was easy to figure out thet we were riding a A321 and not a 320 as scheduled.
To me Frankfurts B concourse locked worn and old, so we soon walked the long long conection tunnel over to the new and modern A concourse. From this concourse we had nice views of the apron, but it was still impossible to thake pictures of «my» aircrafts due to big
jetways  Sad.

I was feeling hungry, so a baugette with salami from «coffe shop» tasted good. Next to our aircraft was a LH 340-200 as well as A300
and jumbos. many of these birds were heading to warmer skies such as Malaga.

16 Feb 2002
LH 3856

When boarding started from gate A17 (13:30) the A340 had already left , without noticing me  Sad .
First thing to discover in the A321 was leatherseats and lack of IFE.
The leatherseats was hard and big, so they realy looks nicer than they realy are. Next drawback was poor location of the window, but luckily sevral cute FA’s made up for that. Aircraft was about 75%
filled so we had the middel seat free, which realy made up for the «claustrophobical» fell theese big seats and slightlly poor legroom (32 i think) made.
PB at 13:50 and all anouncements were made in German, English and Italian.
Today we taxied realy fast to rwy 18, but had to wait for a LH744, Af 320 and a Tp 320. As soon as the Tp 320 had taken the air we started our roll, and since i was seated near the engine, the noise was
incredible  Smile. As soon as we had taken the air we hit turbulence from the Tp jet and the 321 shaked and ratteled as it was faling apart.
Sevral people dind’t enjoy that part of the ride.
To my amazement i discovered thet FRA was located on the contryside, and that no town or city was sight.
Service on todays flight was a plate with cold cuts ,cheese, a salad with mayonaise and vegetables and rye bread and rolls. A Toublerone bar acompained the coffe/tea. It was eadible, but to cold and small to
be a gourmet meal. We got steel fork and knife.
During this part of the flight we hit heavy turbulence, and the service had to be aborted. I had to admit that i was relay worried about my drink and my grandma’s beer (i don’t want wet jeans  Smile )
The lady seated in 23 D was relay scared but the crew were nice and professional, and speaked with her all the time. My grandma also talked to here during the rest of the flight, since it was obvious that she dind’t enjoyed to fly.
Approach into FCO was also a bit rough, but with almost no clouds, it was much to see. Not the best touchdown I have experienced but we came down in one piece  Smile/happy/getting dizzy, and taxied to the terminal where we
arrived on schedule at 15:35.
Leonardo da Vinci is a old airport, not very different from other airports in southern europe. Also here i wasn’t able to take a picture or catch the tail nr#.
Strangly the airport was almost deserted, but
sevral guards from the «carabineri» was present. Luckily our bags had managed to reach Italy some hrs earlier and was waiting inside a hidden «lost luggage» room. But we found it.
Next step was the long walk to the train station, which included use of sevral escelators. we was lucky and managed to grab the direct train to Roma termini before it departed. It actually offered 1 class coaches.

After sevral nice days in Rome, it became time to head up north to the city of Venice. This journy is by Train, but the levels of service is as high as on any european flight.

21 Feb 2002
Pendolino ETR 500
< (sorry don't know how to post a picture)
Our top modern hightech Pendolino ETR 500 departed Roma Termini at 10:55 from track 2. At that time I had already been seated in the fully loaded carriage for about half an hour. Seats were 2+2, and the seats on each side of the aisle were facing each other, only sepparated by a table. The sun curtain was opperated by pushing a button, and everything was, as this picture shows, very comfortable.
It even offered in seat audio, but that was not turned on for todays journy.
I’m acctualy not a big fan of tilting trains, but I must say taht this was one of the somoothest trains i have ridden. It was so quiet, that I hardly felt we were moving.
The lavatories can be compared to the ones you find in 777 C-class with sevral fancy features such as a hydraulic damper on the seat etc.
Soon after depature we made our way to the bisrto carriage, where we had a small snack, and ordered a table for the 1:35 pm meal service.
Back in our seats i relaxed with some magazines since frequent tunnels didn’t offered much view.
We arrived Florence, and soon after we headed foreward to the restaurant.
Todays offer was:

Apretizer (sone crackers)
Spagethi with meat and tomato
Veal with vegetables and pomes noisettes


Salmon with vegetables and pomes noisettes
Chockolate cacke


Lemon cacke
Fresh fruits from the basket

A very good meal acompagned with complimentary Champagne, and served on very nice plates. Luckily I had the pleassure , also this time, to enjoy a very good looking waitress  Smile.
And the price? 25 euro each (not including drinks, except for the champagne)
Back in the sitting carriage, with only 1 hr left the scenery had changed dramaticaly. Gone were the hills and tunnesl of central Italy, and round us was argicultural areas as long as the eye could see.
Acompagned by a dramatic dark syk, the view was stunning.
The final part into Venice was «over water»and quite spectacular.
Arrived there on time and made our way to the hotel by a «Vaporet» (ferry on Canal Grande).

As you know every vacation has to come to and end, and when the day showed up, we took the boat to the airport at 4:50 pm.
For me this was the first time arriving an airport by boat, and it was quite a strange feeling to «drive» down to the terminal (situated in the end of a canal/small lagoon) as a KLC F70 took off on our left side.
Anyway it can’t be discribed, it must be experienced in real life.
Marco Polo airport has a singel storried , very long terminal building ith over 40 checkin desks. Since we was early, check in was over in a few moments, and we had a long walk to security, which was somewhat crowded. Had to show our passports, but nothing more
than that.
Well inside the hot vaiting area I realized that none of the 16 gates had airbridges (yes yes yes  Smile/happy/getting dizzy ), and that the area only was a big waitinghall without many shops. But taking into consideration the hot temperature, I dind’t bother, since I don’t prefear «melted» chockolate.
Airport was very modern and offered nice views of the rwy. and appron.
Aircrafts I observed was: GO 737 «Go Again», Air Littoral CRJ, AZ md80’s, IB md80, AF 735, Alpine eagles F100’s, Air Dolomiti ATR’s, and a few others. Actually a lot of action fro such a small airport.

24 Feb 2002
LH 3951
At about 18:00 we were bussed to our waiting A321-131, which today wore the reg D-AIRP (cn 564 del 31/1/96)

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © George Polfliet

During boarding the crew several times explained where to stow luggage and other items,
in German English and Italian. From my seat 29F i had a nice view of the wing, and the flaps, which on airbus A32X are quite boring)
Had a long takeoff roll on rwy 14, but our packed bus was airborne on time at 18:35.
Cimbout was quite smooth, and the lack of clouds gave me an magnificent view of the Veneto area, with all its lights.
Not soon after the cute FA’s came around with Drinks, and again I was disappointed when the snack didn’t showed up.
The rest of the flight went by without problems and suddenly we touched down at Frankfurt after approaching paralell with a freeway.
The flight ended at one of the A gates (3?) next to a sister 321. Later this evening D-AIRP should fly down to BCN.

We did some shoping before we had a long walk over to the B terminal, where our next flight should leave from. Actually the first thing we did was to contact the agent at the same gate our CPH-FRA flight arrived a week earlier to see if we could get some better seats,
since we dind’t had any windows. She apologized and said that the flight was completly full, but we could try to ask at our gate «B8».
When I heard thet, an idea started to shape in my mind, and after eating an expensive sandwich i went to teh gate to check things out.
As expected all windows were gone, but the agent gave me a yes when I asked if she needed voulenteers for this flight (they were unsure about whether two two transit pax had checked in or not).
After some discussion with my grandma sha also agreed, and we actually looked foreward to 300 euro each, hotel room and breakfast and dinner vouchers.
Sadly they didn’t need us, and at about 21:30 we grabbed the last bus to the aircraft.

24 Feb 2002

At the time we reached the aircraft FRA was saying a last good bye with light showers, but that actualy made a nice setting for this last flight.
Among sevral other 737 D-ABIY (msn 25243; del 18/7/91) was waiting for its pax.

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Niklas Burr

By the time I entered almost every seat was taken,
but luckily not 11D where i setteled down.
I’m one of the people who always forget the beauty of the 733/4/5’s interior, so I must say thet it was a great pleassure to be onbord a old furnished airplane again. The short cabin of the 735 actually makes it
very good looking. Seats was the nomal lether style, but slightly better than on the last flight.
Takeoff was, as normal in the 733/4/5, were powerfull and with the "heavy" sound you only expect in a bigger jet.
As soon as the signs were turned of I made my way back to the lavatory, which supprised me with its cramped size and old fashioned flush system. (still very nice indeed).
Back in the seat I discovered that Andrea, one of the sexiest and cutest FA’s i ever seen should serve my part of the aircrat. Half an hr after takeoff we had the pleasure to enjoy the same meal as on my
FRA-FCO flight. Quite good, but too cold. Once again we had a steal knife. After entering Danish airspace, I descided to walk back to Andrea to see if she could fix a flight deck visit Sadly this wasn’t
possible du to septhember 11.
Oh well, what is the next best thing then?, yes its a glas of water, whcih I drank in the rear gally.
Today we approached OSL from south west before making sevral right turns for a rwy19R landing.
Taxied to the gate, took a picture of the aircraft, and picked up our bags before we met my dad and Grandpa at about 00:30 am

It takes you from A to B and you get food.
Beeing my local airline i find it boring, but atleast they flies nice aircrafts.

Very nice and friendly staff both on the ground and in the air.
Nice aircrafts, but they definatly needs to improve their food.
An airline that you flies due to the good looking FA’s  Smile

Hope You haven’t been to bored since it took a bit of time to write this.

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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Thu Mar 14, 2002 10:12 am

Great report.
Ive flown LH and SK many times. My first trip to Oslo back in 1998 was on LH and I flew on an A320, it was the flgiht that leaves FRA at around 9.30am.
To transit, I prefer CPH over FRA. Although FRA is bigger and busier, CPH has this easy, open-air feel to the place.

RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Thu Mar 14, 2002 2:33 pm

Hehe, nice report. The good looking f/a's are mainly only on the European routes (i.e. the younger one's).
LH definitely should do something about their IFE. I think it's of very poor standard not to provide people with at least a radio on 2h-3h flights within Europe.
And afaik there're not even any big tvs in the ceiling.
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 3:05 am

I find SK is a very good airline while LH service is very lacking in the air. Ground assitance is good but the lack of IFE and the (almost) lack of catering is annoying
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 12:37 pm

Great report with many interesting details. I have flown a lot of times between OSL and MUC. Talking about Inflight Entertainment: Is there any other european carrier that offers radio or even tv on european flights (I am not talking about charter carriers). It's all a matter of price. Most people are not willing to pay another 10$ per flight to get a headset and see a tv above their head!
If you don't like Lufthansa's Economy meal, just try Business-Class. It's delicious!
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 3:49 pm

>>Is there any other european carrier that offers radio or even tv on european flights (I am not talking about charter carriers)<<

Alitalia uses to do it on European routes operated by A320/321. It's available both business and economy.
I also think the new Swiss will do it.
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 10:35 pm


actually FRA isn`t located in the countryside. it`s just about 7km SW of Frankfurt City but as you took off rwy18 to the south, there is indeed no city you can see.

nice report!
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Mon Mar 18, 2002 12:23 am

Nice trip report!

I've flown on the same FRA-FCO flight last december!
This flight was overbooked, too.

Did you make an awesome approach, too? We flew south of rome and make a long curve to FCO! Directly over another airport... ,-)

But all in all - a nice flight. (we didn't have any turbulences)
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Mon Mar 18, 2002 4:46 am

the other airport you saw could be the Military airbase of Pratica di Mare.
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Mon Mar 18, 2002 6:16 am

Think we had the same approach, but not quite sure.
Anyway we flew over a area that seemed to be very dry without much trees and stuff like that

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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Thu Mar 21, 2002 9:03 pm

Yes. I think it was the military base. Thank you!
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RE: With SK And LH To Italy

Fri Mar 22, 2002 6:09 am

I liked your comment that the next best thing to a cockpit visit is a glass of water!

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