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Thu Apr 18, 2002 1:03 pm

Aloha! This is a very short trip report, but here we go...

We arrived at the airport at about 5:45am in preparation for a 7:50 flight to Kona-Keahole Int'l Airport on Aloha Airlines. We ate at a Chinese restaraunt before going to the gate. The gate was the farthest AQ gate. There was a long line so we got to the end. At about 7:35am, they commenced boarding and since we were towards the back, we got two asile seats, in the last couple rows. The flight was jammed! We were greeted on board by three friendly flight attendants. There were three of them. I interestingly saw that there are two uniforms! The aloha shirt/slacks and the regular mainland style one! Well, we left the gate at 7:52am and went to the runway. During the taxi, a pre-automated voice, explained the safety procedures, etc. I have never heard this before! Interestingly, the f/as did not demonstrate it! They just pointed to the exits as they walked through the cabin! No seat-belt thing or anything! The take-off was bumpy, but bearable. Soon, the flight attendants came around with POG juice or cofee. I selected the POG. At about 8:25, we started our landing. When we arrived, we could leave via the front or aft doors. There was a special announcement that said "please refrain from walking under the wings..." Wonder why? We got to the baggage claim (one carousel) and got our luggage. Now, here's my report card.

CREW: 8/10 ~ Flight crew OK - kind of bumpy.
FLIGHT TIME: 9/10 ~ Mostly on-time.
AIRCRAFT: 7/10 ~ Old looking.
CLEANSINESS: 8/10 ~ New wallpapers.
SAFETY PROCDURES: 4/10 ~ Only recording-no demo
CABIN CREW PROFICIENCY: 8/10 ~ Able to speed through distribution.
CABIN CREW FREINDLINESS: 9/10 ~ Nice! Lot's of "alohas" and "mahalos"
CABIN AMMENITIES: 4/10 ~ No blankets or pillows.
CABIN ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/10 ~ Island-by-island pre-recorded sightseeing announcements including population, major points, and industry.
CHECK-IN: 10/10 ~ No lines!
SECURITY: 10/10 ~ Good - not to be discussed!

FLY THEM AGAIN? Maybe! HA sounds better but!


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RE: Aloha!

Tue Apr 23, 2002 4:52 pm

Thanks AQ737.

Just remember when commenting about the flight crew - we can't do anything about tradewinds blowing around Haleakala or Mauna Kea. It's a given that when flying interisland you will get bumped around. There's nothing we can do about it.

And do come on over to HA next time. Once you try the 717, you'll never go back.....  Smile

One smooth landing is skill. Two in a row is luck. Three in a row and someone is lying.
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RE: Aloha!

Wed Apr 24, 2002 1:40 am

I have to agree---once you go 717 you'll never go back! I flew HA 717 before AQ 732 and needless to say I was NOT impressed with the 732 after the wonderful 717!
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RE: Aloha!

Wed Apr 24, 2002 5:20 am

Trying to get people off of the classics, HAL?  Smile Tempting them with excessive modernity. (Is that even a word?) Shame on you.  Big grin
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RE: Aloha!

Wed Apr 24, 2002 6:48 pm

I can't recall ever having pillows and blankets on interisland flights... Hawaiian, Aloha, Mahalo, or Air Molokai...

David / HNL
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RE: Aloha!

Sat Apr 27, 2002 11:17 am


Can you please tell me what is Aloha's first class service like from Hawaii to the west coast and back? Amazingly, the fares are literally half of what Hawaiian charges for a round trip first class ticket. I've heard good things, but would like to hear it from you...a flight attendant.

Thank you.

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