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April 26, 2002
Scandinavian Airlines SK1711
Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland (HEL/EFHK) to Copenhagen Kastrup, Denmark (CPH/EKCH)
McDonnell Douglas MD-87 OY-KHU
Gate Departure (Scheduled/Actual) 1400/1358 local Time
Gate Arrival (Scheduled/Actual) 1440/1439 local Time
Departure route: ELMUT4B
Assumed Arrival Route: ALM3C
Economy Class, Seat 11A

I got up at 0630 and went to school for three classes, which seemed endless.
I left school at 1055 and took a tram home, where I had some lunch.

After eating I did some last-minute packing, after which I ordered a taxi, which came in a couple of minutes.
We got our luggage in the taxi and told the driver to go to the airport, the journey there took around 15 minutes.

We arrived to Helsinki-Vantaa around 1½ hours before departure and joined the check-in line. While my mother was queueing I went and changed some Euros to Pounds Sterling.
After queueing for around 15 minutes it was or turn to get checked in, I got 11A and my mother got the seat next to it, which was 11C.
We also got ourselves checked in for our connecting flight to London, for that flight I got 10A and my mother got 10B, which later turned out to be a bad one.

After check-in we joined the security line where we queued around 5-10 minutes, at the end of the line a guy from the Finnish CAA was checking our boarding passes,
after which it was time to go thru security, which, as usual was a breeze.

After that my mother went some shopping, I went to gate 21 where our flight was going to be boarding in around 15 minutes. I took a couple of pics of OY-KHU, which was going to be our plane today. Taking the pics I noticed some dust visible thru my viewfinder, I took my lens off and tried cleaning the inside of the camera body, but it was no good, I put another lens on and the dust was still there. I ran to the electronics shop hoping to find a bottle of compressed air, they didn't have one  Sad. I found out that the dust might be invisible on my pics, but that was the next day so I didn't take anymore pics on the flights.

I Went back to the gate area, where my mother arrived just before boarding started at 1353. I asked for a pre-flight cockpit visit and got it, the captain told me I couldn't come in flight because they weren't allowed to let passengers in there. While boarding I noticed Business Class had six rows today. Our crew today was Danish. When trying to get further back the purser annonced that the flight today was full and asked us to try to save space in the overhead lockers. I took my seat and noticed the great legroom of the new SAS seats, much better than the Finnair Airbuses, also IMHO the seat was more comfortable than the ones on Finnair Airbuses.

OY-KHU Was pushed back at 1358, after that the slats were lowered. We started taxi towards runway 22 thru DM and Y at 1401, while taxiing they did the safety demonstration, first mimics and speech in Danish, and then speech in English. The plane was lined up at 1404, and left runway 22 at 1405.

After the "Fasten Seatbelts" sign had been switched off the cabin crew started service, our lunch today was:

Cold Salmon
Shrimp Salad
Fruit Salad
Warm Rolls

I enjoyed the meal very much, must have been one of the best i've ever had on a plane.

We had ordered a vegetarian meal for my mother but they didn't have it, she happily ate her salmon though. We asked the cabin crew (aka beautiful Danish blonde) about it and they said it wasn't on their lists.
My mother asked if they could get a vegetarian meal for our connecting flight to London, they told us to go to SAS Service Center at Kastrup when we had arrived.

I noticed we had started to descend at 1505 Finnish time (1405 Danish time), nine minutes later the "Fasten Seatbelts" sign went on. We landed on runway 22R at 1434 local time.
We vacated 22R to the right and taxied on taxiway B, we crossed runway 12/30 and taxied to gate C10, where we arrived 1439 Local Time, one minute ahead of schedule. While taxiing I spotted the plane I had flown my first SAS flight on which was MD-81 OY-KHR, I also spotted a couple of SAS A321's, a Sterling B737, and various other planes I don't remember.

After deplaning we went to SAS Service Center C to get my mother her vegetarian meals for our other flights during this trip. The supervisor serving us told us she couldn't promise anything, but called somewhere, after hanging up she said "They will load one". After that we went and bought a couple of bottles of water, I started searching for shops selling compressed air, didn't find any. During my search I stopped by at a stationery shop to buy myself a notebook to write down flight details. After that I headed back towards pier C where I met my mother.

April 26, 2002
Scandinavian Airlines SK1515
Copenhagen Kastrup, Denmark (CPH/EKCH) to London Heathrow, United Kingdom (LHR/EGLL)
Boeing 737-683 SE-DTF
Gate Departure (Scheduled/Actual) 1555/1550 Local Time
Gate Arrival (Scheduled/Actual) 1655/n/a Local Time
Departure route (SID): TOBIS3C
Arrival Route (STAR): LAM3A
Cruise altitude: FL400
Economy Class, Seat 10A

Right after meeting my mother we went thru passport control, I asked for a stamp, and got it. We went to the café where my mother bought a postcard to send my sister.
After that we wandered a bit around, before it was time to head to our gate which was C26. SAS Agents checked our tickets and passports, i asked , just to confirm if they knew UK accepts a Finnish Identity Card as a travel document, apparently they didn't know that.

Boarding started at 1531 local time, it was done by rows, 10-19 were first. I got a pre-flight cockpit visit again, and this time the pilots said it was ok for me to come inflight, but that there would be no chances for a jumpseat landing. We noticed my mother had got one of the bad middle seats (10B) streched from business class armrests, she didn't like it that much but she said it wasn't that bad as this was just a short flight. When boarding was completed the captain announced the estimated flight time of 1 hour 35 minutes if we'd get a straight-in approach, he also told us that it was raining in London and that temperature was 12 degrees Celcius. Our crew today was Danish. SE-DTF Was pushed back at 1550, we started taxiing towards runway 22R at 1559. We taxied via F and A and lined up at 1601 local time. SE-DTF left Danish soil at 1602 local time, the noise was much louder than on the MD-87 due to the engine being positioned right next to me. During climb the meal service was started, on this flight it consisted of:

Turkey Ratatouille
Feta Cheese
Fazermint chocolate

The meal was the same quality as on our previous flight.

They hadn't loaded my mother's vegetarian meal, she was very upset about it, and spoke the Purser about it, a while later she came back giving my mother her salad, telling her not to feel bad about it as she had a warm meal too.

My mother gave me her meal, which I happily ate, later I had some Coke.

During climb a small kid in front of me looked at me and something i could understand only a part of, which was "You are", the rest probably something rude Big grin.

A while later we hit some turbulence and the "Fasten Seatbelts" -light came on.

During early descent a pretty Danish brunette F/A came and took me to the cockpit, I was relieved as I thought it would've been too late. Looking at the ND I noticed we were inbound to REFSO intersection. I asked our ATS route+SID&STAR from the pilots and got them. We were already on early approach when the Purser took me back to my seat.

I thought we entered a holding at the Lambourne (LAM) VOR because I saw another plane I thought was holding, but no, we got straight on the localizer for 27L! I was kind off disappointed because in a way I was looking forward to the hold. Flaps were extended at 1642 local time, also the spoilers came out already during approach. SE-DTF touched down on 27L at 1649 local time.

After landing I saw loads of British Airways equipment, other planes I saw were a QANTAS B747-438, an American B777-223 and a PIA B747. We taxied to stand J10 (Gate 10?), next to us was Virgin Atlantic A340-300 G-VFAR. I called our friends to tell them that we were safely on British soil after which we deplaned and started the IMO long walk to immigration. Immigration was a breeze as we both are EU citizens, I asked for a stamp but the immigration official didn't have one  Sad. We arrived to the baggage reclaim right before the belt started moving, we had another surprise, our bags were first to arrive! And this was Heathrow, our bags didn't have any priority tags, they just must have been the last to be loaded at Kastrup.

We walked thru the "Nothing to Declare" -line and started finding our way to the Central Bus Station where we just catched the bus to Oxford where we met our friends whom we were staying at.

May 4, 2002
Scandinavian Airlines SK526
London Heathrow, United Kingdom (LHR/EGLL) to Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden (ARN/ESSA)
McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 LN-ROA
Gate Departure (Scheduled/Actual) 0720/0725 Local Time
Gate Arrival (Scheduled/Actual) 1245/1228 Local Time
Departure route (SID): BPK5J
Arrival Route (STAR): ELTOK2M
Economy Class, Seat 26A

I woke up at 0450 feeling miserable as I didn't want to leave back to Finland. Had a shower and did some last-minute packing, after which I had some breakfast.
We got in our friends' car and left Oxford for Heathrow at 0530ish. We arrived to T3 at around 0630, we said good bye to our friend and I guided my mother to SAS check-in.
There was just one person before us so we got quickly to the counter, when we put our hold baggage on the line I noticed on the scale that both my and my mother's were heavier than SAS's limit, 20 kilos, the agent just put "Heavy Baggage" tags on them and didn't say anything to us  Smile. I asked for a window seat and got it on the LHR-ARN leg, we got checked in all the way to Helsinki, for the connecting flight from Stockholm to Helsinki I got 30D and my mother got 30E. The agent also told my mother she had a vegetarian meal reserved for the flight.

After check-in we went upstairs where my mother got stuck in a shop, while my mother was shopping I went to check the screens for information about SK526, they said "Go to Departures". I told that to my mother so we went thru, they only wanted to see our Boarding Pass, our passports were not checked anywhere after check-in, which seemed a bit odd to me.
After that we joined the security line, I had put my mobile phone in my messenger bag but had forgot to take out my wallet which had a lot of coins so the metal detector beeped.
I got hand-searched, and they wanted to see the bottom of my shoes, these were new experiences for me. My mother got thru with just a look at the bottoms of her shoes.

After that I went to the toilet and my mother watched my things, after which my mother went and I watched her things. When she came back to me to the place where the waiting seats are she noticed she had lost her boarding pass, I asked a passing security guard what we should do, he said she should go to Security where the Lost&Found was located. Luckily she came back with her boarding pss, she was told it was found in the the toilet, apparently it had dropped out of her pocket.

We did some shopping and then sat down until "Go to Gate 10" was shown next to SK526 on the screens. Our walk took around ten minutes, our boarding passes and passports were checked by SAS before we were let into the gate area. When boarding was started passengers with special needs were asked first, no-one went, after that Business Class Passengers and Star Golds were asked, nobody went this time either, then passengers seated in the back rows (I don't remember exactly which, our was included) of the plane were asked to board, as we were close to the jetway we were first to board.

I asked for a pre-flight cockpit visit and got it, told the pilots that i'm an aviation enthusiast and asked if I could come inflight, the pilots were real nice and the Captain said that he might be able to make an exception and let me in.

When going to my seat I noticed Business Class was only three rows today. We took our seats, which I noticed were the old ones  Sad. I saw Virgin Atlantic B747-400 G-VWOW parked next to us.

Boarding was completed at 0715 local time, pushback followed ten minutes later, five minutes behind schedule. While waiting for pushback the captain came on the PA and announced the estimated flight time of two hours. Our crew today was Swedish.

Safety demonstration today was mimics and speech in English and speech in Swedish.

After pushback we started taxi towards runway 09R, to my amazement there wasn't a huge queue before us, the aircraft before, British Airways B737-436 G-DOCL was just departing.
We lined up with 09R and departed immediately at 0732 local time.

During climb the meal service started, it consisted of:

Warm Rolls
A sliced hard-boiled egg
Fruit Salad
Orange Juice

My mother's vegetarian meal had a yoghurt, which she couldn't eat, I on the other hand didn't like the eggs in my meal so we traded them. The orange juice wasn't too good either.
When the Cabin Crew had cleared the meal trays they announced that they were selling SAS Flight Shop products on this flight, a few minutes later the cart went past us, we didn't buy anything.

A while later the Purser came and took me to the cockpit, on the ND I noticed we were inbound to Backa (BAK) VOR. I spoke about quite a lot of aviation related things with the pilots, they also got the ATIS for Arlanda thru ACARS and let me keep the print  Smile. I stayed in front for quite a while and started wondering in my mind when i'd need to go back to my seat. A few minutes later the pilot invoted me to jumpseat, he told me i would need to go and ask my mother first if it was ok that I went which would mean a SAS F/A apparently traveling as a non-revenue passenger occupying the jumpseat during takeoff and landing would need to take my seat for landing. My mother said it was ok and I went back to the cockpit, I asked the pilots if I could use the Business Class lavatory, and got permission, another new experience for me  Smile, the levatory was kind of special because it had two windows. I went back to the cockpit and folded the jumpseat open, sat down on it and fastened my seatbelt. The captain told me that in case of evacuation on ground i'd need to fold my seat and get out of the plane thru the closest emergency exit. Stockholm Control cleared us for ELTOK2M arrival for runway 01L. We soon got vectored for a more direct route to 01L, got cleared for the ILS and landed to a rainy Stockholm.
We vacated 01L thru YH and taxied to gate 15 via PA ZL and Z. At the gate I was allowed to cut off the fuel, I first cut off the right engine, the captain selected External Power as the plane's electrical source, after which I cut off the left engine. I said goodbye to the pilots and thanked them.

Coming out of the cockpit I noticed my carryons had been carried to the front of the plane, very good service Big grin:D. We deplaned and went thru passport control which again was a breeze thanks to us being EU Citizens, didn't ask for a stamp as I already had a Swedish one in my passport. After passport control we walked to the new pier F where our connecting flight to Helsinki, SK1706 would depart.

May 4, 2002
Scandinavian Airlines SK1706
Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden (ARN/ESSA) to Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland (HEL/EFHK)
McDonnell Douglas MD-81 OY-KGZ
Gate Departure (Scheduled/Actual) 1330/1330 local time
Gate Arrival (Scheduled/Actual) 1525/1515 local time

ATS Route (assumption): NTL UY40 MAR UN873 LAKUT
Arrival Route (RNAV Transition, assumption): LAKUT1C or LAKUT1D
Economy Class, Seat 30D

We arrived to the waiting area for F33 around 20 minutes before boarding started at 1308 local time. The boarding was for everyone at once, but as we were again sitting close to the jetway we were among the first to board.

I asked for a pre-flight cockpit visit and got it, I asked the pilots who were Danish if I could jumpseat, they said the flight was too short  Sad.
Our cabin crew was Swedish.

I thanked the pilots and went to my seat, I noticed Business Class was eight rows today, this proved what the media has been saying, Stockholm-Helsinki flights are cashcows for SAS.

As I thought, my seat turned out be an aisle, the nice Finnish lady in the window seat (30F) switched it with me, and I was very grateful to her.
The seats were the new ones.

The captain came on the PA and announced the estimated flying time of 40 minutes in Danish and English, i would've expected him to do it in Swedish and English as we spoke Swedish during my cockpit visit.

We were pushed back at 1330 local time and taxied to runway 08 via XA. OY-KGZ took of from runway 08 at 1334 and started a steep climb (or maybe the climb seemed steep due to me sitting in the back).

After the "Fasten Seatbelts" light was extinguished I took my camera out of my camerabag in the overhead locker, my mother suggested i'd move to 29F as the entire row was free, which Iof course welcomed.

During late climb our meal service started, for this short flight it consisted of a ham sandwich and something to drink, I had a glass of water.

Our cruise today was just a few minutes and before I noticed we were already approaching Helsinki-Vantaa. During approach I got some nice shots of a condensation trail coming from the edge of the flaps.

OY-KGZ touched down on runway 15 at 1512 local time, we taxied to gate 22 where we arrived at 1515, ten minutes ahead of schedule.
While braking I also took a couple pictures of the terminal building for my friends who are doing a scenery of Helsinki-Vantaa for FS2002.

We went to the baggage reclaim and waited a few minutes for our bags, mine had slightly opened. We went to SAS Arrival Service before opening the bag and opened the bag with the agent observing so he'd know it was open. Luckily the bag was just slightly wet inside which didn't matter as most of my things were inside plastic bags.

SAS turned out to be a punctual airline with good food and friendly service, they are now my new favourite airline and i am certainly recommending SAS.

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Fri May 10, 2002 8:11 am

Great report Alec!!! Next time try including some details! LOL

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Fri May 10, 2002 8:18 am

Sorry for the typos, I finished writing the report at 2 am so couldn't notice all mistakes.

Hi Tom,
thanks. I'll try my best  Big grin Big grin.
BTW it's Alex, not Alec.

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Fri May 10, 2002 8:21 am

That was a great trip report. It must be fun to be in the cockpit. I got to sit in it after the flight(on a UA 737-322) and it was cool too cause the pilot was a woman. Next time if you have dust inside clean it before your flight and also blow on it too if you can't find any canned air. That was a great trip report.
"He was right, it is a screaming metal deathtrap!"-Cosmo (from the Fairly Oddparents)
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Fri May 10, 2002 8:53 am

Hi Carl,
the dust wasn't showing on my slides so no problems  Smile.
Thanks for the advice.

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Fri May 10, 2002 9:04 am

Great report!Ill try my luck with a cockpit visit on Tuesday and hopefully a flight plan too  Smile
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Fri May 10, 2002 9:07 am

Hi Alex,
I wish you good luck but don't count on getting the visit.

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Fri May 10, 2002 10:36 am

Nice report!

I told you SK is good! The B seats and rows in the rear are crap on the 737s though, especially after the nice MD80s. I was told by a flight attendant that they offer no special meals on the services designated as O/S (cold meal/snack) just a month ago on AMS-CPH.

What I find weird is the announcement of no inflight cockpit visits after 9-11 when it still seems to be at the captain's discretion, i.e. no changes.


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Fri May 10, 2002 3:30 pm


I take it you enjoyed your time with me in Oxford???  Wink/being sarcastic

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Fri May 10, 2002 6:21 pm

OK, thanks for the information, i will tell my mother about it. I too, find their policy about cockpit visits weird.

Yes I did, and I enjoyed spotting with you at Heathrow and Gatwick too  Big grin.



Fri May 10, 2002 9:05 pm

Excellent Report ! Was fun reading it.
Those lavatories with windows mustr be awesome !!


Sun May 12, 2002 6:16 pm

Cooooool Big grin Nice job Alex!

this summer when I go back to the U.S., return will be LAX-ORD-CDG-TLS
all on Air France and UA... Big grin

I havn't been on a plane in soooo long Big grin Big grin Big grin

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Mon May 13, 2002 10:22 pm

Hi Clovis,
Glad you liked my report.

In fact i'm going to the States too next summer. I'll fly HEL-CDG-CVG-CDG-HEL next summer on AY/AF/DL. Going to be my first international flights alone  Smile.

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Fri May 17, 2002 4:40 am

Cool report!
(As for me, my next flight is probably MLA-FCO-MLA later on this year.)

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