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Wed May 22, 2002 4:13 am


Hi all !!!

Two weeks ago I came back from wonderful holidays in Bali with my girlfriend. I flew there with SQ and made a stop over in Singapore on my way back.
I hope you’ll enjoy my trip report as much as I enjoyed this first experience with this nice airline.

SQ 328
Flight time : 11h32’

Check-in was done by Aviapartner in BRU. Uneventful. The boarding started as soon as our the fuelling was complete. Aboard were the pax who embarked in MAN. We were friendly welcomed by the male cabin Supervisor and two other stewardess. My impression was that the 744 was very clean, modern, well arranged. We had a window seat and of course the seat beside. We were lucky as no pax sat beside us. Eco class was to my opinion 85% full. Hot towels were served before take-off. The T/O was very smooth. It felt good to take off o/b a 744 again as I haven’t flown it for 2 years now (CX on CDG-HKG-CDG). We then were presented the headphones, menus and the drink/aperitif. The menu was designed with Stylised E. Impressive. As usual with SQ a choice of 2 menus western and Asian. I won’t go into food details but it was very good for all. Wine was good, beer was good and even coffee was perfect.
I was very satisfied with the seat pitch. I am 1m80cm tall and really never experienced any problem. The KrisWorld entertainment program was for me a BIG BIG advantage of SQ. It’s complete (22 movies channels), the sound is excellent and the games varied and funny. Even the KrisWorld guide was OK and complete.
After the service I asked the Leading Stewardess if ,as airline employee, I could visit the cockpit. After requesting my ID badges and showing it to the captain she told me the captain was ok with but only once arrived in Changi. But 30 mins later a steward came to me and proposed to me and my girlfriend a complete visit of the MEGATOP. He was also flying with his girlfriend (both on duty of course). And they showed us the Raffles and First class cabins. We could try F & C seats. I tried the F-Class seat full flat, not too bad… We then went to the upper deck where the offered us a glass of Raffles class red wine. A great gesture between colleagues. We were of course very happy and very very impressed of the cabin staff friendliness. The flight path was BRU-VIE-Bulgaria-Black sea-Turkey Iran border-KHI-crossed India-Andaman Sea-Malacca and Changi. During the second part of that flight we were served regularly sandwiches and fruits + drinks. 1h15’ before arriving the breakfast was served. It was a good one. We then made a very smooth landing into SIN (with the sun coming back… ). Full flaps down and we safely touched down. That is what I call a very good landing… I hardly felt the reverse thrust. I love the 747-400… The steward gave us a wonderful gift before debarking: a bottle of champagne (he gave it very discreetly…!!!). I decided not to visit the cockpit as I didn’t want to abuse the crew friendliness.

We had time enough to discover the wonderful Changi Airport. Waouwww !!! Asian airports are really impressive !!! It is not as big as Chek Lap Kok but it still remains very very comfortable.

SQ 142
Flight time: 2h02’

We boarded on time despite the very severe safety checks before having access to the gate.
We were tired but we still enjoyed the 777-Jubilee. What a nice airplane as well… The Jubilee cabin also looked impressive and very fresh and clean. The seat pitch was greater.
We still had hot towels before take-off.. Flight was full full in Y & C class. I even guess they had to upgrade some pax. We took off on time. You can really feel the huge power of the 777 on take off. I really love the 777. We still could benefit of the full Kris World program and the service was still very nice. We had a complete breakfast quite the same as on BRU-SIN.
I asked the flight supervisor to visit the cockpit in DPS. And 15’ later he came to my seat to confirm it was OK for the captain. It was quite cloudy over Java but once we approached Bali the sky became very very clear. We had a nice view above a volcano still in Java but I don’t know its name… The landing into Denpassar was very pleasant. Runway in use was the 09.
We landed very smoothly (weather was perfect). As we approached the gate I could see an official 744 of the Japanese Govt. As promised When I disembarked I & my girlfriend were directed to the cockpit. Both pilots warmly welcomed us and asked us some questions about the situation of civil aviation in Belgium. We chatted in this marvellous cockpit for 5 minutes and then left the 777. A very good flight and still a friendly and professional crew.

We’ve had a unforgettable time in Bali, a real paradise on earth !!!

SQ 143
Flight time: 1h58’

Nothing really different from the previous flight. Except that here the flight was not full. We had no one beside us !! The take off was again splendid (rwy 09) with some very breathtaking views of Kuta, Benoa, Nusa Dua, … I was so sad to leave Bali. But I enjoyed still a better service than on the outbound flight. We had an excellent flight with a very good lunch. I asked the stewardess if it was possible to get an exemplar of the little teddy bear they use to give to the young pax and she gave us two !! She was obviously Indian and very very friendly and spontaneous. What else to say ?? A very good landing into Changi with nice views of the Singapore surroundings. We arrived 25 minutes early and quickly made our way to SIN downtown as a driver was waiting for us.

Singapore is as impressive as its Airline. I really enjoyed that city. So cleeaaaaaannnnn !!!

SQ 328
Flight time: 12h32’

After a long shopping time in Changi we made our way to the gate. There were many Britons on this flight as it continues to Manchester after BRU.
I was surprised to see I was still flying with 9V-SPH. Anyway. The boarding was made per rows as usual and with discipline !!! Actually the flight was full both in Eco and Raffles.
We experienced the same kind of service than on the BRU-SIN leg except that here the flight was full. Flight path took us on a more northern way: to Madras, Dubai, Iran & Turkey.
The dinner was again excellent as was the breakfast before landing in a foggy BRU.
In front of us were 2 Britons along with their 2 very Childs and they were extremely well helped and assisted by this very polite and efficient crew. We were lucky enough to have another selection of KrisWorld as we now were in may and not in april. The selection was again (I have to repeat sorry !!!) excellent. During the long night the crew was continuously there to serve sandwiches, fruits and cold drinks.
We’ve had an uneventful landing in BRU. Before leaving the airplane we made a picture with two stewardess in Raffles Class.

Our holidays were over… so sad.

My conclusions about SQ:
- Nice aircrafts. Always clean and well arranged.
- Very very efficient, natural, helpful, smiling crews. They really seem
to enjoy their job.
- Very good food with choice, good timing to serve it as well.
- Perfect entertainment systems.
- Benefit from an efficient airport in Changi.
- A taste of “exotism”.

I will fly with them again for sure. Compared to CX, I would say they are a bit better from the crew friendliness & entertainment point of view. Cathay is a bit better for the pitch and the general organization of the service (but those are details…as I am FA myself...) .

That’s it guys (I am tired now.) If you have any questions do not hesitate !!!

Flying Belgian.
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Wed May 22, 2002 6:02 am


Flying Belgian, great report! I hope you enjoyed DPS and SIN as much as everything else  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

I'm glad to hear SIA's service has "improved". I did find that when you sort of "flirt" with the FAs abit, you tend to get showered with lots of attention! One trip back from Perth, the FA even recommended me which meal selection to take, and it sure was a right one  Smile/happy/getting dizzy The FAs then later donated much of the aircraft's souveniers(sp?) to me, so I came off with Snoopy colouring kits, playing cards, mastermind sets etc... And wow, did I have a great chat with them, especially on a midnight red eye flight, it sure was great  Smile/happy/getting dizzy.. Shows that all is NOT lost with SIA service (as the most posts tend to show).

I hope you enjoyed your well-earned break  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Take care, and best regards
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Wed May 22, 2002 6:49 am

Hi Olivier, how are you?
I just finished reading your trip report, it's a wonderful report that you wrote. I knew Singapore was a great airline but while reading it I felt I was visiting the aircraft with you. It sounds like it was one of the best trips you ever took. My father flew once on Singapor Airlines a very long time ago, 25 years ago I would say if not more than that, he said it was an excellent airline. Singapore is the only Asian airline that still comes to BRU as a passenger carrier.
Yes you're right about the 777, I recently flew on one with American from CDG to JFK and I did feel the power of the engines. When you fly on the 777 or 767-300, you can feel the trememdous power of the engines during take off especially if you are seated near the wing.
I have flown once on a 747-400, I agree it's a magnificient aircraft. That was in the mid 1990's when I flew MIA-CPT-MIA on South African Airways, on the return leg CPT-MIA I went to the cockpit twice during the flight.

Thanks a lot for your report. I appreciate a lot. Give my regards to your girlfriend.

Ben Soriano
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Wed May 22, 2002 7:52 am

Excellent report Olivier! Just wondering were there any distinctive noises when the flaps and landing gear were extended for landing on the B744/B777?



PS/ The B747-400 is the best, don't you think so?  Smile
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Wed May 22, 2002 4:49 pm

Wonderful to note you have had an enjoyable flight with SIA> I can't wait to fly them again in 3 days time, on a 772ER!

Hope I get 9V-SVA  Smile/happy/getting dizzy


PS Where's Singapore_Air when you need him?
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Wed May 22, 2002 4:55 pm

A fantastic trip report! I was thrilled to read it Flying Belgian.

It's great that you were pleased with the SIA experience. Funny how you were satisfied with the seat pitch. That was quite surprising.
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Wed May 22, 2002 7:22 pm

Yep great report!

Were they a lot of belgian embarking/disembarking in BRU or do all the people continued to MAN ?
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Wed May 22, 2002 7:34 pm

On my way to SIN, many Belgians boarded the Megatop, flight was almost full in Economy.
On my way back there were more Britons than Belgians. The return flight was anyway full in Y-C class. According to what I noticed and heard many Britons were coming from a trip in Australia.

Happy to see that many of you liked reading my report.
My next goals are to fly with Emirates and Air Mauritius.  Love  Love
Let's keeup up with this important tradition of trip reports !!!

Best regards,

The Flying Belgian 2002.
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Wed May 22, 2002 7:47 pm

Was anyone jealous? Big grin
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Wed May 22, 2002 9:52 pm

Tres magnifique Flying Belgian! Good that you experienced good service amidst the indifferent reports about SQ.

I didn't know that SQ was the only Asian airline to fly into BRU! Must be an honour for SQ then!
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Wed May 22, 2002 10:32 pm

Great report. I am indeed very jealous. Its been a very long time since I have flown SQ, hopefully I will end this drought and fly with them soon.

Just a note, doesn't Biman Airlines fly into Brussels as well. They too are an Asian airline.....?
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Thu May 23, 2002 12:22 am

Great report! i have had many great flights on SQ, mainly on the Perth and London routes. However my most memorable SQ flight was in Nov 99 flying Singapore to Copenhagen. The crew were really hospitable and chatty, and got chatting to the crew for a very long time. They even invited me out to dinner and clubbing with the whole gang at their hotel in CPH.

Do they let transit pax off at BRU who are bound for MAN? (and vice versa for SIN, of course)

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Thu May 23, 2002 1:27 am

@ Gardermoen:

They don't let MAN pax out in BRU as the transit time is in each case very very short depsite the crew switch.


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Thu May 23, 2002 2:24 am

Thanks FB for this great report  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

A real pleasure to read it!!  Smile

Looking forward to your Emirates and Air Mauritius trip report!! Big grin

Best regards,
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Thu May 23, 2002 2:12 pm

Excellent trip report. Enjoyed reading it. It's precise and to the point, probably much better than my reports which probably dwell too much on itsy bitsy details!

Glad to know you had some great flights.

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