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Sat Jun 22, 2002 5:10 pm

June 14th ; around 05:00am , my phone rang.
I got slowly out of my bed and answered the phone. It was Mr. Hinterberger , my boss. First , he told me that he´s so sorry that he called me on my free day at this time , but he have had a problem. He asked me politely , if I could spend my free day another time. He needed me in Berlin.
In BERLIN ?????? In Berlin , Germany ???? I know what that means. Business never have holiday... I said okay. While he told me the details for my " mission " , I´d search my good clothes.
The Details: Michael Pittracher , a colleague , who was working with me since half a year , stayed in Berlin until two days. He had a problem , that was clear.
Mr. Hinterberger have reserved me a ticket for a flight to Berlin-Tegel. He told me that a driver will catch me up in my flat in Vienna Downtown at 06:30am.
He´ll drive me to Schwechat Airport. He´d have my ticket already.
I needn´t any clothes for the trip. My flight back home , if we´ll have no problems in Berlin , was tomorrow morning.
That was it. I quickly got into the bathroom , a shower and a quick shape and then in my clothes. Breakfast ??? No , not enough time. I´ll have my breakfast later in the plane. The meantime I needed for collect my laptop and all folders and all this important things.

"What a day"... I thought , while I went down on the street. at 06:27am the car was already here and drove me over the Highway to Vienna Schechat Intl Airport. At my seat there was lying a little folder with my ticket. I took a closer look...
Austrian Airlines flight OS-271 to Berlin Tegel
Departure Time: 07:30am
Grand Class!!! Wow. Mr. Hinterberger knowed , how to turn a collapsed holiday day into a " nice " business day. ( At this time I hope , that it wouldn´t be more than one day... )
Around 07:00am I arrived at the main Terminal from VIE.

Austrian Airlines flight OS-271
Departure time ( sheud. / actual ) : 07:30am / 07:50am
Arrival time ( sheud. / actual ) : 08:50am / 09:05am
Flight time: 1:15 hrs

The quick check-in took me only five minutes. The plane to TXL was an Airbus A 320 ( OE-LBR -- the Star Alliance plane !! )

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Photo © Peter Unmuth - Vienna Aviation Photography
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Photo © AirNikon

I joined seat A 06. Around 07:25am , I´ve already passed trough the safety control , I got on my plane. The moring flight was quite full and so most of the seats were booked. Next to me sat another man. Around 07:45am , we were pushed back.
We taxied to Rwy.29 for take off. We were number 2 for lining up behind an Tyrolean Airways Dash 8Q-400 . I leaned back into my seat and relaxed.
Today up to now , I were totally stressed. We took of and climed up into a blue sky. High up in the air , the flight attendants started to prepear the breakfast. God , thank you. I was so happy when i got my plate with bread , cheese , fresh fruits and a cup of coffee. I enjojed this meal as like it was my last one. Somewhere over the Czech Republic , I read the newspaper and when we started to apporoach TXL , I lean back and looked out of the window down at Germany. Final Apporoach ... Gears down , flaps down , everything okay ?? Good. with a little bump I recognized , that we were down.
We rolled to our Gate ( sorry , i´d miss the number ) where I stood up and went to the front door. A quick hello to the pilot and the first officer and then I got out of the plane and the Arrival Area.
There Michael was already waiting for me.
After a short hello we went to his rental car and drove into the city. Somewhere at the highway ( I was the first time in Berlin ) Michael´s mobile phone rang. After a short call he looked into my eyes and said: " The problem is solved! "

WHAT ??????? There wasn´t any problem anymore ??? Oh God. I travelled here on my free day and then you told me that there isn´t a problem anymore.
What a day !!!!  Pissed
But Michael said: don´t be so angry. You´ve normally holidays, so spent them here in Berlin.

Hey , that wasn´t a bad idea. No , that was a very good idea. And so, I explored Berlin for three days , without stress.
At the end it was nice.

thanks for reading my report,

Florian T.

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