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June 7, 2002
Finnair AY875/FIN875P
Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL/EFHK) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG/LFPG)
Airbus A320-214 OH-LXG
Gate Departure Scheduled/Actual 1215/1216 Local Time
Gate Arrival Scheduled/Actual 1420/1425 (Outer Stand)
Economy Class, Seat 23F

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Photo © Colin K. Work

I woke up at 0800 that morning, very excited as I was going on my first trip abroad alone. I was going to visit a friend of mine who moved from Finland to America seven years ago.

I arrived to Helsinki-Vantaa around one hour before departure with my mother, sister, and her babysitter.

I went to check-in and got seat 23F for my flight to Paris and 14A for my connection to Cincinnati. I also found out I would be flying Finnair's newest A320, OH-LXG to Paris. My mother just had to take pictures of her little little boy ( Big grin) checking in, which was kind of annoying.

After that we went to the café to have something to eat, after everyone was finished I went thru security, which was a breeze. My mum just had to shout something to me still about being careful and things like that when I was past security, christ, I'm not a five-year old.

When thru security I went to buy some Finnish sweets for my friend and his family. I also bought a watch for myself as I couldn't have my mobile phone on during the flight for safety reasons, but wanted to keep track on the time.

I arrived to gate 27 at 1140, where I took some pictures, and boarded a few minutes later.

When entering the aircraft I asked the purser if I could visit the flight deck for a few minutes before departure, the answer was "It's completely prohibited now.".
I was kind of pissed at Finnair because I had got a jumpseat landing to Stockholm on SAS a month earlier (search for "HEL-CPH-LHR-ARN-HEL on SAS" in this forum).

I made my way to my seat, when I had sat down I noticed the seatback was shorter than on SAS Intra-European flights, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable.

The annoucements from the cabin crew were in Finnish, Swedish, English and French.

"Finnair 875 Papa" pushed back at 1216, and started taxi almost immediately after being lined up with taxiway AC.
From AC we turned to DM and lined up on runway 22 at 1219 via ZD after letting a Finnair DC-9-51 take off and Finnair A320-214 OH-LXA land.

During taxi the safety video was shown, it was slightly funny, because it had been originally made in Finnish but it had also been dubbed for flights abroad, and the dubbing wasn't too good.

OH-LXG left Finnish soil at 1222, and I was glad, because now I really felt the trip had started.

During taxi and takeoff the view from the cameras on the nosewheel and the fuselage were shown on the TV screens, which was a nice touch.

While we were climbing I gave a form asking for information about the flight one of my friends on here had made.

When we were passing Stockholm the First Officer came on the PA giving information about the flight in Finnish and English.

A moment later, the meal service started it consisted of:

Tomato Pasta
Cold Roll
Finnish "Suukko" sweet
Red Wine

After giving the tray to me the flight attendant asked me if I was eighteen or over, and I as a honest person said "no", she then took my wine away... surprise, surprise.

During the meal service they started to show some short subjects and cartoons on the screens.

I didn't ask for another cockpit visit, maybe a flight attendant would've asked unlike the bossy purser.

The flight was quite uneventful, we just had some turbulence over Sweden and Belgium, bot nothing that would have required the "Fasten Seat Belts" light to be on.

When flying over Belgium I saw another plane fly under us in a southeastern direction, I think it was a Lufthansa B737, but I'm not sure.

At 1130 UTC (1230 French Time, 1330 Finnish time) over Belgium we started our descent to Charles de Gaulle.
A short while later the "Fasten Seat Belts" light came on and the purser explained it was for descent and landing, in Finnish and Swedish,
after that they played a pre-recorded message in English and French. It was hilarious to hear English spoken in a British accent when being used to Finnish accent on Finnair flights.

During approach the flight attendant came back with my form.

Our descent was uneventful, no holding was needed so we flew thru the STAR and joined a long final for Runway 26L.

Finnish pop songs were played during the approach.

OH-LXG touched down on Runway 26L at 1410 local time and vacated the runway to the right, some passengers clapped during the landing which I found annoying.
Air Lib DC-10-30 F-GPVA, was before us the plane, she was formerly known as OH-LHA flying for Finnair, the plane is still owned by Finnair if I remember correctly.
I took some pictures of other planes during taxi, they didn't turn out any good  Sad.

We taxied for a long time by Finnish standards and parked at an outer stand where we had to wait for the bus for ten minutes.

While sitting on my seat when waiting for the bus I noticed how rougly our luggage was treated, our bags were basically thrown from the belt to the trolleys.

I boarded the bus that took us to terminal 2D, from there I walked to terminal 2C where my connection to Cincinnati would depart.

June 7, 2002
Air France AF380/AFR380
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG/LFPG) to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (CVG/KCVG)
Boeing B767-37E/ER F-GHGH
Gate Departure Scheduled/Actual 1605/1714 Local Time
Gate Arrival Scheduled/Actual 1905/1945
Témpo, Seat 14A

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Photo © James Reppucci

The walk from 2D to 2C took around ten minutes.

I immediately joined the line for passport control, they only had one line that of course said "All Passports", so no priority for European Union/European Economic Area citizens like me  Sad.
I queued for around ten minutes, I asked the officer if he could stamp my passport which he did.

After that I went to security, I put my camera bag and my backpack on the line and emptied most of my pockets to a basket (forgot to empty one).
I went thru the archway and it beeped, the security person used the hand metal detector on me and found out it was my sunglasses in my pocket which I had forgot to out in the basket.
I noticed the right glass of my sunglasses had come out.

Then I went to pick my camera bag and my backpack, the agent there wanted to open my backback and as I didn't have anything to hide I agreed, I didn't find out what she wanted to check.
She also noticed my broken sunglasses and helped me attach the glass back.

During the check I tried to use my limited skills of French, when I was leaving I said "Pardon moi, mon Français n'est pas bon" ("Sorry, my French isn't good"),
then one of the agents said in English "Good French." and I replied "Merci." ("Thank you"). Nice to have some encouragement  Smile.

After security I located my gate which was going to be C80 today and then went to have some snack, got my first French Euro coins too  Smile.

When I had finished eating I went back to the waiting area for C80, I examined photography possibilities, but the window was curved and dirty so no chance of getting good pics  Sad.

I asked a gate agent the registration number of the plane for AF380 which was going to be F-GHGH. After that I sat down and made some notes.

Boarding started at 1528 Local Time, I went to the line which started to form a bit before the scheduled boarding time.
We first had an Air France agent looking at our passports, he had problems identifying me as my passport was issued five years ago when I was ten years old, and I have grown a bit since that  Big grin plus changed hairstyle. I really was a bit scared I wouldn't get on the flight.

After that another Air France agent took our tickets and ran them thru the ticket reader, because my tickets had been issued in Helsinki the reader didn't accept it (the ticket acted as a boarding pass), maybe due to some kind of new format introduced after my tickets were issued.
Anyway, the agent asked me if it was my ticket and of course I said "yes", she then did something with the computer and gave me the smaller part of the boarding pass.

I walked to the plane where I boarded they the front door and was greeted by a male flight attendant, I asked if I could go to the flightdeck for a few minutes before departure, he answered "Not now, but maybe in flight", which made me quite happy.

I made my way to seat 14A while some French songs were played, an absolutely wonderful looking flight attendant was standing in the galley between L'Espace Affaires and Témpo, I later found out she was serving L'Espace Affaires  Sad.

When I sat down on 14A I noticed the seat cushion wasn't attached very good, so I took it off and put it on place.

I sat down and after a while an old Italian man sat down next to me, a few minutes later the Captain came on and told us to expect a delay of 1 hour and 30 minutes because we couldn't get a slot to the British Airspace.

Later on, the menus were distributed.

Finally, at 1712 an announcement was made by the captain that we were leaving in a few minutes. Two minutes later F-GHGH was pushed back.

The safety demonstration started during pushback, it was a video, but the flight attendants were showing the way to the exits in 'manual demonstration style'.

We started our taxi towards runway 09R at 1719, again I wasn't able to find out the taxiways we used.

We lined up 09L thru Y12 at 1735 and took off two minutes later at 1737.

When we were leveled on our initial cruise level the meal service started, I don't remember the other choice, anyway, my meal consisted of:

Salade du Soleil with Poached Egg

Chicken Ratatouille with Potatoes
Apricot Anise Tart

I chose to drink water and had some tea later.

The food was, as I had expected absoutely wonderful, and clearly outnumbered any food made by Finnair Catering I've ever had.

Another great looking Flight Attendant was serving coach  Smile.

After our trays were collected the first movie, "Monsters Inc". started, it was only in French and I really didn't feel like watching the movie anyway.
After "Monsters Inc". was finished, they showed a bit of Airshow (to those who don't know: map+some other info about the flight).
Airshow was followed by "The Majestic", which I didn't feel like watching either.
When that movie was finished we got some Airshow again followed by a video about American wildlife, didn't watch that either

Over the Atlantic we had some turbulence and the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign came on.

A short while before entering Canadian airspace I asked a flight attendant about the cockpit visit, she said we were too close to North America and that visits weren't allowed in Canadian nor US airspace  Sad. Later on I saw the male Flight Attendant that had told me I might get a visit in flight, I asked if he could give my form to the pilots, he said he'd take it and that he was sorry he forgot to ask about the visit, well, nobody's perfect. A moment later he returned with my form which apart from the information had the following comment on it: "Sorry! No visit today.".

A short while before descent I saw Toronto quite close of us on our left hand side from the air, quite interesting to see a big city so close.

A moment later a snack service started, it consisted of the following things:

Cheese Sandwich
Fromage Frais
Chocolate Bar
Orange Juice
Coffee and/or Tea

I opted to have some Tea.

During early descent a video about the arrival procedures was shown, I later found out it was incorrect.

We approached on the right side of the city so I got a great view.

"Air France 380" touched down on runway 18L at 1936 local time. Followed by a taxi to Concourse B, where we arrived to our gate at 1945, 40 minutes behind schedule.

I made my way to immigration, the "non-Citizen" line wasn't too long so my turn was quite quickly, when I became first in line a Delta agent checked that my I-94W card (For those who don't know: it's an Immigration card citizens of all countries participating in the Visa Waiver program have to fill on their flight to the USA) was filled correctly.

Then it became my turn, I was asked some questions and then went to the baggage claim area.

I asked an US Customs agent if it really was true I wouldn't need to collect my baggage at the Concourse but just go take the train to Terminal 3, he said it wasn't true, so the video shown during descent was incorrect.

I waited for my bag around ten minutes and then joined the line for customs, first an agent grilled me with some questions, then I walked to a counter where I just gave my Customs from to another agent.

Then a complete surprise waited me, a security check on arrival! I had to put my suitcase on another belt and then join the line.

Half-way thru the line a security agent said "Is there any Alexander Holst here", I told him it was me, everyone in the line looked at me like I was in trouble. I just asked the agent what this was all about, while we walked to the screening point heold me it was because my friend's dad was waiting for me after security. I put my backpacker and camera bag thru the x-ray, and this time surely emptied all the contents of my pockets. No beep so I went thru picked my bags and refilled my pockets.
After that I met my friend's dad who was picking me up, he had got a pass for people picking up people flying as Unaccompanied Minors (with ground staff taking me to the plane and so on) to the Concourse because he didn't know if I was traveling as an UM or not.

My friend was working so he couldn't come with him to pick me up  Sad.

We took the subway to Terminal 3 and picked my bag up, then we headed to the parking lot and drove to his house. I met my friend a few hours later

June 28, 2002
Delta Airlines DL44/DAL44
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (CVG/KCVG) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG/LFPG)
Boeing B777-232/ER N862DA
Gate Departure Scheduled/Actual 1850/1858 Local Time
Gate Arrival Scheduled/Actual 0820/0812 (Outer Stand)
Economy Class, Seat 30J

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Photo © Martin O'Connell

After three lovely weeks in the United States of America it sadly was time to leave  Sad. I woke up around 0830 that morning feeling completely miserable.

That day I still did some last minute shopping and packing.

I arrived to the International check-in line at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International with my friend's sister, mother and her husband at 1705.
I had to queue for around 15 minutes before it was my turn, I requested a window seat but the friendly agent told me he couldn't give me one at the check-in counter, so I got 33G, he told me to try to change my assignment at the gate. My suitcase was checked thru to Helsinki, I was going to have to get the boarding pass for my conenction in Paris.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the people taking me to the airport and go thru security.

I queued for security around five minutes, after which it was my turn to be checked. I requested a hand-search for my film, which was ok.
I was very surprised at how friendly security was, I thought they would be really rude, but they were probably the friendliest security agents I've ever had!
The security check took around five minutes for me because of the hand search of my film.
The agent doing the handsearch also asked if I had film in my camera and wanted a handsearch on my camera too, which I gladly accepted, a moment later she came back to me asking if I could take my lens off so she could take a look which I agreed doing too.

After security I went to the subway station where I waited for a few minutes to board the train to Concourse B.

The train ride took around five minutes, after getting off I tried to find a battery for my camera, but couldn't find one, I was a bit worried because the camera's light indicated battery power was getting low. Luckily it lasted all the way.

After that I headed to gate B05 where I arrived around ten minutes before boarding for BusinessElite started at 1800, just in time to get my seat assignment changed to 30J, first row of coach, so I had some extra legroom  Smile.

I looked at the screen and noticed my row was going to be one of the last to board.

I boarded to plane around 40 minutes after the BusinessElite passengers, I had to queue for around five minutes here too.
When it became my turn to board I gave my Boarding Pass and passport to the Delta agent, he looked at my picture and jokingly said "grow up" and smiled Big grin.
I got my boarding pass back and made my way to the plane, boarding was again thru the front door. I was greeted by a very friendly Purser and then made my way to my seat.

When I had sat down and taken my camera out a flight attendant stopped by and said "Now that's a fancy camera." we chatted a bit and then she had to return to her duties.

I stowed my camera bag and backpack to the overhead storage bins as I couldn't have anything in my legroom because in the event of an emergency landing the things could slide to the aisles slowing evacuation down.

A moment after that a mother and her baby girl sat down next to me, I feared of constant scream during the flight, but she turned out to behave very nicely.

The announcements were in English and French, the safety video was in English with both English and French subtitles.

N862DA pushed back at 1858 Local Time and started taxiing on taxiway J at 1901, we then turned to taxiway S to get to runway 36R.

"Delta 44" lined-up and took off from 36R at 1908 Local Time. The Rolls Royce Trent 892 Engines sure have a lot of power.

When the "Fasten Seat Belts" light was switched off I tried to take my PTV out of my armrest, I only got it halfway so I pressed the "flight attendant call" button, a minute later a fligth attendant came and told me I just should use force, so I was just a bit too careful, didn't want to risk breaking anything. I also couldn't find the plug to my headphones, she showed me the location, it was in the front my right hand armrest, out of my view.

The baby sitting with her mother got her Baby Food earlier but they couldn't get the tray table straight because the baby on the lap of her mother took much vertical space.
That resulted in one of the jars of Baby Food falling dowm on the mother's pants, she asked me if I could hold the tray for a moment which I of course did.
She said she was sorry to bother me, I replied it was no problem and that she could feel free to ask me for help if she needed.

"A Beautiful Mind" started playing on the main screen, it ended a bit into it because of some problem with the entire IFE system, I didn't watch it anyway. I don't like to watch movies on planes because they are usually censored.

When we were leveled at our initial cruise altitude of FL330 a bag of pretzels and a glass of water was distributed to everyone.

The meal service started over Canadian Airspace, this was our dinner menu:

Spring Salad served with French Dressing


Steakhouse Selection
Grilled Sirloin Steak
accented by Provençale sauce,
presented with Broccoli, Carrots
and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Southwest Chicken
Chicken Breast
enhanced by Red Bell Pepper Sauce,
offereed with a Southwest Vegetable Mix
and Tomato Risotto,
topped with Mozzarella Cheese

Bread and Butter

Cheese and Crackers

Chocolate Cream Dessert

I chose Southwest Chicken.
The food was great, maybe not entirely as good as Air France but when taking the French Food Culture to account and that this was an US carrier it can be considered great.

Right after my meal was finished we hit some turbulence and the "Fasten Seat Belts" sign came on, nice timing! Big grin

When we had flown past the turbulence the Tea/Coffee service started, I had some Tea.

A short while later we hit some more turbulence, at this point I saw on my PTV that we were cruising at mach 0.83.

When we had cleared that turbulence they started their SkyMall inflight shopping service, I would've wanted to buy a Gemini Jets 1:400 model of a Delta B777-200, but they only had the Airport Playset, which I considered myself a bit too old for  Big grin.

Then I tried to get some sleep, but couldn't get a comfortable position so I just continued watching out of the window and Airshow at my PTV.
I also read my book.

A while later we yet another time hit some turbulence, we also made a turn to the north, probably just our route, possibly to avoid the worst turbulence.

Soon the sun was already rising and we were approaching the Irish Coastline. At this point our breakfast service, or good morning as Delta calls it started, it consisted of:

Minute Maid® Orange Juice
Fresh Fruit
Fruit and Grain Bar
Bagel offered with Cream Cheese
and Preserves

It was lovely to still have a Bagel with Cream Cheese because we don't have Bagels widely sold in Finland and I really learned to like them in the USA.
Anyway, the Bagel wasn't the best I've had, "Fresh Fruit" in the menu meant a Banana, one of the few fruits I don't like  Sad.
I also had a couple cups of coffee to wake me up.

Soon we were already approaching Charles de Gaulle and one of my best flights was coming to an end  Sad.
I asked a Flight Attendant if she could take a form one of my friends here had made which asked information about the flight to the pilots,
a while later she came back with the form, a printed flight plan, and a upper winds chart which made me quite happy.

On approach a Flight Attendant came to the mother and her baby to stow her cradle, she said "You have been very nice." to the baby, and the next moment she said to me "You have been very nice too, I saw you used your flashlight instead of the reading light to not wake the baby up. Tell your mom that you have manners, a lot of people don't have.". Always nice to have positive feedback  Smile.

N862DA landed on Runway 27L after a long final at 0814 Local Time, and taxied to an outer stand. While walking to the door I asked a Flight Attendant if I could go and see the cockpit, she went to ask the pilots and it was ok. A minute later she came back and said it was ok. I took a pic of the cockpit and thanked the pilots for the copy of the flight plan they had sent me. I also chatted a bit about the 777 and planes in general with the pilots. Coming back to the galley I asked the flight attendants if I could get a safety card, soon she returned with one, nice, I also got a BusinessElite amenity kit and two small bottles of water. I still chatted a bit with the Cabin Crew and the pilots before heading down the stairs onto the bus.

I arrived to Terminal 2C at around 0830 and proceeded to the Air France transfer desk as I had been told to do in Cincinnati, the agent said I need to check in at a Finnair check-in desk in Terminal 2D so I went and joined the immigration line, it took me probably the same amount of time to queue there as in Cincinnati on my way to America, and I'm an European Union Citizen! The procedure itself was very simple, I just needed to show the name page of my passport. I then proceeded directly through French Customs as my bag was checked thru to Helsinki.

Then I headed to Terminal 2D for check-in.

June 29, 2002
Finnair AY872/FIN872P
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG/LFPG) to Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL/EFHK)
Airbus A321-211 OH-LZC
Gate Departure Scheduled/Actual 1050/1105 Local Time
Gate Arrival Scheduled/Actual 1450/1450 Local Time
Flight Deck, Jumpseat

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Photo © Chris Sheldon

The walk to Terminal 2D took around ten minutes.

I asked the Finnair ticketing desk staffed by American Airlines agents where the check-in desk for AY872 would be, the agent asked to see my ticket, passport and baggage receipt, and a moment later asked if an aisle seat was ok, I asked for a window, and he printed me a boarding pass for 10J. I saw the boarding pass was on AA paper and said "AY872" instead of "AF2298" which it said on my ticket (Air France codeshares with Finnair on HEL-CDG-HEL and I had bought my tickets from Air France), that made me worried if I would be credited SkyMiles® at all from that flight, I asked the agent and he asked for my card, he did something with the computer and said they will be credited now.

I then went to security, I requested a hand search for my film, the agent started it, but then another agent, probably the supervisor came and insisted on putting it thru the x-ray.
I agreed as I was too tired to argue, and my lab messed my pics up anyway, luckily the prints were corrected digitally by them and I've already managed to get two of my planepics taken on the trip accepted to the photo database here  Smile.

I emptied my pockets, or so I thought and went thru the archway, it beeped, turned out I had one roll of film in pocket, I just put it thru the line.
I put almost everything back in my pocket, except the roll of film mentioned above, the supervisor ran after me and gave it to me and I of course thanked him.

I then walked to gate C60, where I arrived around 0950, one hour before departure, 20 minutes before scheduled boarding time.

I sat down and waited, a few minutes later OH-LZC pulled in to gate C60.

At around 1005 two Air France agents arrived, but at 1010 nothing happened, a few minutes later I asked when boarding would start, one of the agents said "5 minutes" a few minutes later the monitors started showing 1035 as the boarding time.

This time the monitors were accurate, at around 1035 they announced boarding for AY872 and AF2298 to Helsinki, first in English, then in French, which slightly surprised me.

I headed immediately to the gate and was first to board.

I walked to "Zulu Charlie" and was greeted by a friendly purser. I asked him if I could go and visit the flight deck for a few minutes before departure, he went to ask the pilots and it was ok.
I walked in and started talking with the pilots about planes and Microsoft Flight Simulator, it also turned out that the same captain had let a friend of mine visit the cockpit on a flight to Munich earlier this year.

During our discussion I asked if I could come and visit the flight deck in flight, the captain said "Probably, yes,", a moment later he said "Actually you can come and see the departure too if you want.". It can't be very hard to guess my answer  Big grin. We were first delayed because some passengers were stuck in the security check, and then a further delay because ATC couldn't issue us a clearance immediately, maybe because our route had to be validated by Eurocontrol, this is just my own speculation.

Anyway, "Finnair 872 Papa" pushed back from D60 at 1105 Local Time and then had to wait a few moments before being allowed to start taxi towards intersection Y11 of runway 27L.
The taxi was long as usual, we had to wait a moment before a couple of British European planes, an Embraer and an Avro depart, an Air Transat A330 land and a Cityjet BAe-146 depart before it became our turn.

OH-LZC started its take-off roll at 1123 with the preceding Cityjet BAe-146 still on runway heading, which was quite astonishing form someone used to the low amount of traffic at Helsinki-Vantaa  Big grin.

Anyway, the ATC channels were quite crowded and soon after departure we were already switching to Paris ACC, followed my Maastricht ACC controlling airspace above FL245 over Brussels, Amsterdam and Hannover Flight Information Regions. Also around that time the co-pilot gave me a Lan Chile pen.

Over Belgium a Flight Attendant brought meals for the pilots and asked me if I wanted to have my lunch in the flight deck or in the cabin, I chose the earlier, a minute later she brought my meal to the cockpit, it consisted of:

Penne Pasta with ham sauce
Cold Roll
Lemon Cheese Cake

Later she came with a basket of warm rolls and I took one.
Also, the co-pilot gave me his prunes, he said they help against jet-lag, I of course thanked him.

As the jumpseats aren't equipped with trays I had to use the plane's log book as a tray, must be one of the most special trays I've ever used Big grin.

A while the same flight attendant that had come earlier came back asking if we wanted tea or coffee, I had some tea. Also, she actually smiled!
That's VERY rare for a Finnair Flight Attendant, can't deny that one smile made me much more high minded about my national airline.

Our flight was quite uneventful. I just chatted with the pilots about different things, after Maastricht we were handed off to Copenhagen ACC, then Malmö ACC,
followed by Stockholm ACC. Finally, after Stockholm we entered Finnish airspace and contacted Tampere ACC, another great trip was coming to its end  Sad.

Soon we were already descending, we also got cleared for our RNAV Transition for Runway 15.

On approach a Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Hornet flew maybe 2000 feet under us, I took some pics but I highly doubt they turned out good  Sad.
I also took some pics during our final approach, I hope they turn out good.

OH-LZC touched down on runway 15 at 1447 and taxied to gate 18 where she arrived at 1450, just on time.

I asked the captain to take a picture of me on the jumpseat which he did. I also took some pics of the buildings at Helsinki-Vantaa for my friends who are making a scenery of it for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002.

I thanked the pilots one more time for letting me jumpseat and then headed off the aircraft to the jetty. Exiting the Jetty I saw a Customs officer with a sniffing dog at the gate.

I then went downstairs to the baggage claim where I waited for the bags for around ten minutes, then I went thru customs after which my mother was waiting.
We went to our car and drove home. Another great trip was at its end  Sad.


Finnair wasn't too good on my outbound leg, the crew on the inbound leg seemed much nicer. Anyway, Finnair is OK, but definatly not the best.

Air France was quite good compared to my scheduled long-haul experiences with Finnair, however, those flights were in 1997 so I don't know how much their service has changed since then.
Air France had the best food which I already had expected. Seats on the B763 weren't too good, but they were the old ones. IFE was much better on Delta because they had PTV's.
Also, Air France flight attendants were hotter but Deltas were nicer, onboard an aircraft I prefer good and friendly service over top-notch looks.

I really feared bad service on Delta because I had heard so many bad rumours about US airlines, but Delta turned out to become my favourite longhaul airline, they were even better than Air France. I recommend anyone flying transatlantic to consider Delta, my new favourite airline for longhaul.

Best Regards,
Alexander Holst
Helsinki, Finland
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Very nice report. It looks like you finally got that cockpit visit on your last leg--that was my favorite part. Glad that you enjoyed the US and hope you will visit again. In the US, security is very good about hand checking film. Typically, if the film is scanned a few times, there will not be a problem with the pictures. Cumulative exposures are the ones that you have to watch out for. That is when every public building you visit wants to scan the film. Again, you wrote a great trip report!
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Geez that's long! Good report though. That DL breakfast menu looked pretty lame....what a shame.
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Well, I'm blessed (sometimes I feel like being cursed) to live in Europe where things are less strict about flight deck visits. This was actually my fourth jumpseat ride, and my second after 9/11!

Well, In my opinion the breakfast menu looks much better than Finnair's, they do serve breakfast, but don't print any menus. Also Delta's food was miles ahead of Finnair's.

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Regarding your mom shouting some things to you after security. Get this, I am flying alone in a little less than two weeks(non stop, no connections) and my mom is getting a pass so she can get past security! I know the airport better than she does!

Give me a break, I created this username when I was a kid...
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Mon Jul 08, 2002 12:32 pm

How did you like Cincinnati? What were your impressions of CVG airport?
It's home for me so I like to know how the outside world feels about it.
Your mom going to the gate with you!!!LOL  Smile a little over-protective maybe?
I think my parents would have dropped me off at the curb and hoped I found a new family when I was in the 13-15 range. At least you know she cares  Big thumbs up
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Mon Jul 08, 2002 8:29 pm

Poor you! Tell her an internet-friend of yours flew from Helsinki, Finland to Cincinnati, OH with a connection in Paris, France alone and that his mom didn't get a pass. Well, as Jessman said, at least she cares about you.

I mostly stayed in Clifton and Wyoming. I liked Clifton quite a lot, but Wyoming was quite boring and too far away from everything.
CVG airport was quite ok.

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Tue Jul 09, 2002 1:23 am

Nice one Alex, you're great looks charmed the crew again  Wink/being sarcastic

Will have to try and see if the guys on KLM and KLMuk like "flashy cameras" when i fly on them in what, 2 weeks now  Big thumbs up

Only thing i'd like explaining is: "hand search for my film"


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Tue Jul 09, 2002 8:11 am

it was nice you got that jumpseat that you wanted. I'll bet it was a great ride too.
"He was right, it is a screaming metal deathtrap!"-Cosmo (from the Fairly Oddparents)
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Tue Jul 09, 2002 8:30 am

I told her that(before I saw the note from you) and still she refused. There is a difference between being cared for and being outright over protective. Heck, I know my airport better than she does!  Big thumbs up Not to mention that the trip I am going on, there are like 7 other people(out of about 10 people including me) that is on this one flight and none of them are originating where I live!

Oh well... I will find someway to lose her once past security Big grin

Give me a break, I created this username when I was a kid...
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Wed Jul 10, 2002 6:44 pm

A very good (and long) report Alex!

Nice that you finally got a jumpseat on your last leg. But it's a really shame by Delta for not having that model you wanted. But I guess a cockpit visit and a safety card was about the same.  Smile

Regards, Simon
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Thu Jul 11, 2002 11:47 pm


Just read a lot about the 733, 734, 738, and 739 and you might have a chance of getting in the flight deck by showing knowledge.

It sure was  Smile.

Your mom certainly is overprotective, if you lose her, she'll probably just get an announcement over the PA. And she sure is overprotective.

Thank you. I also saved some money not being able to buy the model Big grin, well and the cockpit visit and safety card, first in my collection, I might add more than made up for it.

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Mon Jul 15, 2002 7:53 pm

Nice report. I am a bit amazed though about the jumpseat. On my (charter)flight from HEL-RHO I couldn't even visit cockpit to get enough information to write a trip report...
All and all nice to see comparisons between major airlines.
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Thu Jul 18, 2002 1:26 am

Hi Kj76,
Sorry to hear that  Sad.


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