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ELP-PHX-MCO On America West

Fri Jul 19, 2002 4:31 pm

Having some days off from work and nothing to do at home, I was talked into a quick trip to Orlando by my mother who wished to visit her sister.

Monday 15 JULY 02

Scheduled Times- 2030-2050
Actual Times- 2025-2040

After check in at the main counter we proceeded to gate B-8 where we received our seat assignments. There were three of us traveling (mother, my twin and myself). Seats 1D,2CD in the First Class cabin of a 737-200. The aircraft looked a little worn out but it was very clean. This is a short flight lasting about one hour in the air so America West offers their "express beverage service only". I had a Bailey's on ice while mother and brother had orange juice. The usual honey roasted peanuts and trail mix snacks were served along with the beverage service. The three flight attendants serving us were very pleasant and efficient (I had barely finished my drink before the flight attendant automatically brought me another one).

Upon arriving in Phoenix, we were assigned to the "holding area" to wait until our gate became available.

After spending a little more than an hour in PHX (and enjoying a snack at Pizza Hut) we walked over to the gate for our Orlando flight.

Scheduled Times- 2215-0531+1
Actual Times- 2225-0530+1

At the gate we were greeted by a very serious looking gate agent. She was of Polynesian features and was a very large woman. I approached her to ask her about possible upgrades and she gave me a beautiful smile and said "we have been waiting for you!"...It seems that she had pre-cleared her First Class standby passengers. After checking our ID cards she gave us boarding passes for seats 1CD and 3A. I sat together with mother while my brother chose to sit by himself. We were flying aboard one of HPs early A320s and it looked a bit worn out but once again the aircraft was spotless. We were a bit delayed in pushing back because of a fight between two passengers in the terminal area (it was a husband and wife on our flight) and we had to wait while the crew and law enforcement determined whether they were calmed enough to fly (they were). It was a long and noisy take off for this A320 but it got very quiet once we reached cruising altitude. This flight only offered a beverage service plus the usual peanuts and snack mix. Soon afterwards the movie was started (I think it was called "Clockstoppers") which was ok, it helped kill time. The flights attendants kept a constant vigil over the entire aircraft refilling drinks or serving out more snacks. It was very nice that they did not hide in the galley as I have seen some do. After the movie, they followed with music videos (Celine Dion, Sade, Lenny Kravitz) and another show called "Toyota World of Wildlife". For the entertainment finale and episode of "Cheers" was shown. Soon after we were on final approach to the Orlando Area and a very smooth landing.

I had a great time during my 27 hour in Orlando...I visited Daytona Beach, Disney and Pleasure Island before having to come back home. I will post the return soon (need some sleep now).

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RE: ELP-PHX-MCO On America West

Sat Jul 20, 2002 12:28 am

Nice trip reort.
What a short stay in the Orlando area and you still had time to visit Daytona Beach.
By the way what a terrible time to arrive in Orlando, you couldn't see Disney from the air- very interesting sight from the air.
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