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Go B737-300 Bristol-Alicante

Sat Aug 03, 2002 7:08 pm

Firstly 2 things:
1: This is my first trip report so I am sorry for it being so short and bad!!
2: I lost the book with all the aircraft registrations so I dont have any registrations!!

The wait at Bristol was great in their new terminal. Its clean, everyone is freindly and since I was travelling on my own this time many staff offered to help (I am 15). We were due to board the aircraft at 9:20, and the departure time was set for 10:00. As I walked up the stairs and reached the cabin doors, I did what I have always done, touch the outside of the aircraft!! Its great!! Anyway, we boarded. I was in 4F on GO351. A window seat much to my pleasure. To my right I could to see a Ryanair B737-200. The Captain came over and said that we couldnt take off until 10:20 due to ATC restrictions. We taxied to the holding point for (I am sorry if I am wrong about the RW) I do believe RW08. We sat there for 20 minutes until we finally started rolling onto the runway. We did what I like to do and didnt continue the taxi into an immediate takeoff, we had to line up and wait. YEA!! Slowly the power increased to 40%, and then full power. It had too have been the smoothest take off I was ever in! I didnt feel any movement of rudder at all. Anyway, we climbed out and turned right 180' and headed towards Cardiff. When we were over the sea we turned left onto a heading of around 180. As we turned I say a DASH8 off to the right, not sure of the airline though.
Midflight was calm and nice, no turbulence at all!
The approach was from over land and to compensate for the fantastic takeoff, it was the worst landing! Shocking, I really mean it! I thought we were going to GA most of the time. We swung from right to left, full power, no power. We could have gone inverted and it wouldnt have made it any worse! The touch down was half way down the runway and then there was full right rudder, left rudder. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Probably the F/O's first landing or something!! Anyway, we taxied left off the runway, I say a Condor 757, and much to my surprise and exitement, Air Berlin 737-800. The winglets are massive arent they!! Flying time was 2:56 and although the landing was bad, I loved it!!!

I am sorry I dont have more information for you guys, next time I will!!
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RE: Go B737-300 Bristol-Alicante

Sun Aug 04, 2002 9:44 pm


Cool flight, what was the inflight service like??

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RE: Go B737-300 Bristol-Alicante

Sun Aug 04, 2002 11:50 pm

It was reasonable. Drinks came around 20 mins into flight and the FA's brought the fully stocked up "GO shop" after drinks. Pretty good though, and the FA's were very friendly and helpfull.

RE: Go B737-300 Bristol-Alicante

Mon Aug 05, 2002 12:04 am

Hey Mark.
Nice report. Were the drinks free on your flight? I´d flew a low fare airline only once ( Salzburg-Stansted ) on Ryanair and there I had to pay for everything during the flight.
I hope you will write many reports in the future.

bye, Florian T.
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RE: Go B737-300 Bristol-Alicante

Mon Aug 05, 2002 7:11 am

No. Nothing was free (low-cost airline!!). 50p for all but one of their cans of drink. You payed for it all.

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