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MCO-CVG-ALB (Part 2)

Sat Aug 10, 2002 9:14 am

DL 1106
B767-300 8/4/02

I was finally able to use the Delta kiosk check-in while I was in MCO (since we don't yet have it in ALB). It was great, quick and easy, and saved me from a 10 minute wait.
The flight to CVG was full and boarding took quite some time, no big deal since we ended up leaving on time. The a/c was spotless inside, not one thing on the carpet, and even the air in the cabin smelled clean. F/a's were extremely friendly and the flight was great. Also, this was my first 767 flight and I absolutely loved it. I am a big 757 fan, but the 767 takes the cake. It was so comfortable in the cabin. Even though it was a full flight, it felt very spacious and easy to move around in. And it seemed that DL had more leg room on the 767-300 than the 737-800.
Once in the air we had to maneuver around some "developing weather", as the pilot said, so we flew a little ways over the ocean before cutting back inland, which put us in CVG a few minutes late. Great Flight!!

DL 890
737-800 8/4/02

Unlike the flight to CVG, the ALB flight was about 2/3 full (Big surprise). The cabin was clean and f/a's were friendly, even though we didn't see them that much (I'll explain in a minute  Smile/happy/getting dizzy) The pitch and seat width seemed slightly tighter than other DL a/c. I've been on DL's MD-88,11; 727, 767, and have noticed that the 738 cabin seems tighter. It is a great a/c, but it could use a little more room.
Anyway, the f/a thing... It was weird the flight was pretty smooth and not too bumpy, but the captain kept the seat belt sign lit almost the entire flight. I was surprised when the f/a's didn't start a beverage and snack service. Well anyway, there was no service for some reason. I mean it is almost a 2hr flight from CVG-ALB and there was little to no service. The only time we saw the f/a's was when about 45 mins before landing they came around with glasses of water, not the little bottles, just little cups w/ water, that was all. Is this something new? I don't know but it seemed unlike DL. But it was not a huge deal, just different.
In the end the flight was on time into ALB despite a long line of departures in CVG (I think we were 8th for departure, and there was still a line behind us). Good flights and a good time in FL is all I was looking for. I will of course be on DL in the future.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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