Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sat Sep 07, 2002 9:04 pm

I´d flew this trip only two days before, so i´m in Tokyo actually.
Well lets start at the beginning of my trip to Japan. At the Vienna International Airport on September, 3rd.
My flight to Kopenhagen (no , not with Austrian Airlines , as usually) was sheudled for 12:00 so I got on the airport at 10:15. I got quick to the counters from SAS Scandinavian and checked-in my bag for the whole way to Tokyo Narita.
My secretary has booked the flight to Nairita as one, so I´ve VIE-CPH in Y and the flight CPH-NRT in Business class. Check-in was very quick and the lady at the counter was very friendly and elegant.

flight: SK-0694 to Kopenhagen
dep. time: 12:00
arr. time:13:35
Plane: MD-90 - LN-ROA
Class: Economy
flight time: 01:35
Seat: 9A

I passed through the safety conrtol and walked up to my gate , where a couple of people were already waiting for boarding. Our plane, LN-ROA was already waiting at the gate and were clear for boarding at 11:40.

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Photo © Peter Unmuth - Vienna Aviation Photography
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Photo © Alexander Jonsson

We were pushed back from our gate exactly at 11:59, so a very punctual ground crew at Schwechat Airport. We taxiied to the holding point of runway 11 and lined up as #1 for take off. We were airborne around 12:04 and make a left turn with heading north. When we reached our Flight level, the cabin crew started to prepear the meals for the passengers on this short flight. Durin they prepeard of snacks i looked out at those strange clouds beneath us.
It was all the time so cloudy that you cannot see a little piece of the ground during the whole flight. The meal was nothing special, as it is in every other economy class. What? In every other eco.? No. It was really better than the boring sandwiches from Lufthansa...
After an uneventful flight with a few turbolences we started to apporoach Kopenhagen Airport , wich is exactly next to the sea. That looks very nice, you´re flying over the waves, everywhere blue water around you, and whooops, there is it. Kopenhagen´s runway. Its unbeliveable. You are over the very cold looking sea and then the next moment, you´re down at the airport.
It was a really nice flight. We got away from the runway and taxiied to our gate at the cool looking terminal 3. Our parking position was between two SAS B 767´s. I got out of the plane , waved good bye to the cockpit crew , wich opened the little door only when the plane was on the gate and the engines were out. A little bit scared mr. captain?
They were speaking to us only once on the whole flight, before take off in Vienna. Very dull.
We arrived at the Airport at 13:40 , so only five mins late. So I´ve had enough time, i´ve only had to check-in for my next flight to Tokyo Narita. Wich was going to depart at 15:40.

flight: SK-0983 to Tokyo Narita
dep. time: 15:40
arr. time: 09:30 next day
plane: A 340-300 / LN-RKG "Gudrod viking"
class: Business
flight time: 10 hrs 50 mins
seat: 4A

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Photo © Europix
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Photo © Hideaki Ohki

Well, i´ve checked-in for my flight to Tokyo, and the friendly man at the SAS counter give me one of the best seats in my opinion. 4A. I got through the safety controls quickly and there it was! It was not my first A 340 flight but the shining SAS colours at this beautiful plane. Looks great!
Our plane was also at Terminal 3 so i haven´t had to walk long. Next to us a B 737-600 and a B 767-300 in old colours. CPH is really SAS dominated. I´ve only seen a Finnair B 757, a Maersk CRJ-100, a KLM B 737-400 and a Lufthansa A 320. AND, SAS planes everywhere. Our gate was opened at 15:20 and the Business passengers got on board first. at the door of ´gudrod viking´ a good looking f/a welcomed us on board and showed the passengers the directions to their seats. "Welcome on board Sir. Oh... your seat is 4A. please go there forward. Your seat is on the left side by the window. Have a nice flight!........ Welcome on board Madam ,......................."  Big grin
The seats were very comfortable and looking stylish. I´ve reserved one of the sleeper seats a couple of weeks before. They are very fast reserved by other passengers , wich wanted to sleep on a long haul flight. You can put these sleeper seats down in nearly 180 degrees. The business class was about 60% full, so far i can say. Nobody was sitting next to me. How lucky I am!
We were good in time when the ground crew pushed back our plane. The safety viedeo was running while we taxied out to our departure runway.

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Photo © JuniorSpotter

The seats of SAS´ business class are really comfortable. You have a big legroom from 50'', a nice PTV screen,.... While we waited for clearance to enter the runway i looked out of my window and saw a Dash8-400 from SAS Commuter wich took off in front of us. The sun shined through the windows and give the cabin a beautiful light. Here next to the sea, the sky were blue and only a few clouds moved over Denmark. ...."Kopenhagen tower. Sierra Kilo zero-six-nine-four is ready for take off at runway ?? to Tokyo Narita..........." ------- "Sierra Kilo zero-six-nine-four ready for take off at runway ?? ; ... Kopenhagen tower , goodbye........" Big grin
And here we go! The four big engines roared and our plane started to move slowly over the runway. After a little bit of time, we were getting faster and faster ...............V2 !!! ................ We rotated away from the runway and our nose pointed up into the clear blue sky. Gears up , flaps up ,... We climbed, climbed and climbed; you could not see the Airport any more, and then after 10 mins, we reached our flight level. The cockpit crew trimmed the plane and leveled the nose parallel to the horizon.
In my opinion the A 340 has the most quiet cabin from all planes i´ve ever been flying.... no wait... the glider from my uncle was more quiet.  Big grin
We were up at our flight level and the f/a´s walked around for getting the menus for the first meal. All f/a´s were female and blonde. Swedish style.  Wink/being sarcastic
After a couple of time the drinks were served, alcoholic drinks (champagner also) were free and you can get as much as you want during the whole flight.
The meal was very delicious. Appetiser was a well tasting salad with tomatoes and dressing. Then a chicken wing with potatoes and rice. Also well. And as dessert a little cake with berries. Great!
Also a plus in the SAS Business class... electric power for PC / laptops on every seat ( In Economy Extra also ).
And , like in the Singpore Airlines Megatops; fresh fruit, snacks and beverages are always available and are serving from a buffet trolley. Nice!
After a flight time from three hours I lokked through the entertainment offer on board...
Different international newspapers were available and also , magazines in different languages. A nice offer.
Then the movie system. In the A 340 you have 13 seperate channels.
1) About a boy
2) K-9
3) Spider man
4) My big fat greek wedding
5) a swedish channel
6) The untouchables
7) Back home
8) Comedy program
9) Business program
10) children program
11) Nature program
12) a Sport channel
13) BBC News channel

Also a very nice offer. ( I´d see the K-9 later during the flight ) Interesting to see movies before they are in the cinemas in Austria.
You can also view the moving map at your personal screen ( the route of your plane ). The cabin was very quiet, most of the passengers were between 40 and 60 years , so far i can say this; and so i leaned back into my comfortable seat and looked out of my window into the beautiful sky. From time to time a plane crossed our route over or beneath us ( i´ve seen a TU-145 and another A 340 )

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Photo © David Cejudo
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Photo © Nils Alegren

I was leaning a looong time at the window and stared out into the sky. And after a flight time from ca... 6 and a half hours my eyes we so tired that i put down my sleeper seat and whoooops... i was dreaming...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ when i woke up and looked at the movement map on my PTV, wich was running the whole flight, i recognized that we were high over the pacific ocean already. Somewhere between the east end of russia and the islands of Japan. Our plane had spend around 9 hours and 30 mins up in the air , wich means: flight time to destination: about 1 hour and 20mins. I walked into the WC and dressed a little bit better looking lounge jacket and a tie (when i´m flying long haul, i´m wearing a normal shirt, its more comfortable than this lounge jackets).
When i was back on my seat again i asked one of the friendly f/a´s for a little snack. She was comin with her nice trolley and i took a little plate with apple pieces and a bunch of grapes and a cup of coffee for getting awake. Nice and good tasting snack.
We started our apporoach at Tokyo Narita International about 15mins before landing and touched down exactly at 09:26 morning. It semmed like we´ve got the interational rush hour at NRT. I saw British Airways , KLM , United Airlines , Cathay Pacific , Thai and Qantas B 747´s ; Eva Air , Swiss Air Lines , Finnair MD-11´s ; Lufthansa and Phillipine A 340 ; Korean Air , Air China , Malaysia and China Southern B 777´s.
And of course many of JAL and ANA planes. We taxiied to our parking position at Terminal 2 and left the plane. Quick thanks to the cabin crew , wich made me a comfortable and relaxing flight and for all , wich read this topic.

SAS is a grat Airline. The service is very good , the personal friendly and inflight is beautiful. If you have to go to Asia, try ´em!
Oh yeah, don´t miss my report of my short trip to Osaka.
I´m going to fly it tomorrow , so it will be here as an answer topic in a few days.

thanks for reading.
Florian T.

Shawn Patrick
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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 12:16 am

Great trip report! I have a question though: what languages did the cabin crew make announcements in on both of your flights?

RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:54 am

Shawn Patrick:

On the VIE-CPH flight in German, danish or something and english.
On CPH-NRT in Danish , Swedish and other languages from this countries, also English.
Shawn Patrick
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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 2:05 am

No Japanese on your CPH-NRT flight? SK should hire me! Big grin


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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 2:05 am

Nice report, I hope theres a return part coming. If you wanted could you just get up and serve yourself from the trolley? Did the A340 have a First Class and what was the meal like to CPH?
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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 3:12 am

Yeah. The return part will come in two weeks or so.
I haven´t tried to take things on my own from this nice trolley, but i think if you do not take too much snacks it would not be a big problem.
No it was no first on this flight. Does SAS have a first? I don´t know.
The meal to CPH was quite okay. I´ve already said: Better than this from LH.
LH is also on of the airlines wich do not have PTV´s at every seat on long haul planes.

thanks for reading.
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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 3:15 am

Great report Big grin

How many languages are used for movies onboard besides English??

RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 4:06 am

Airblue: I´ve seen the movie K-9 in english and haven´t recognized the other languages, but i think there were also Danish , Japanese , french and spanish.
But i don´t know exactly.

Thans for reading.
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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 6:01 pm

I'm jealous!!!  Smile
I want to fly SK A340 Business too!
Anyway, it was an intresting report.
Hope you'll have a nice flight to KIX.

Regards, Simon
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RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Sun Sep 08, 2002 8:30 pm

Great trip report; SAS is one of my favourite European airlines - actually THE favourite; many wonderful flights with them and looking forward to flying with them again. The A340 is indeed a great aircraft. I flew with OS on the 340 to VIE in Feb (see Airways, Sept 02) and they were excellent. Also got the 342 on the way back!

Anyway, back to SAS. It's certainly the airline I would choose for a flight to Japan!

I'm a bit curious about the callsign you mentioned above - Sierra Kilo (which I know is SK, but wouldn't they just use "Scandi" or "Scandinavian"?) Was there an ATC audio channel?

Well done anyway and I look forward to the next installment!

RE: Vienna - Tokyo With A Stop In Kopenhagen (with SK)

Tue Sep 10, 2002 1:13 am


Yeah , you´re right. The ICAO-Callsign for SAS is "Scandianvian". But i were not sure about that while i wrote the topic. Sorry.
No, i didn´t remember an ATC channel. I haven´t looked for it.

SAS is together with Austrian Airlines and BMI-British Midland Intl. my favourite airline across europe. The flight to NRT was also very comfortable, so I can only say. Fly with SAS to Asia, if it is possible. It was absolutely great!

And Scandinavian is definetely better than for example Lufthansa; wich do not have PTV´s for every seat in Business Class !!!  Embarrassment

Thanks for topic.

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