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Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 2:22 am

Date : 23-11-02
Airline : Emirates
Flight : EK411
Origin : Singapore
Destination : Dubai
Gate: C25
Aircraft type : B777-31H
Engine type : Roll-Royce Trent 892
Registeration no: A6-EMM
Seat no : 31J (3-4-3 configuration ) (middle seat on the right hand side of the a/c )
Scheduled departure time : 0315
Actual departure time : 0330
Scheduled arrival time : 0620
Actual arrival time : 0630
Total flight time : 7 hrs (approximately)

I always wanted to fly Emirates and try out the 777-300 and my dream came true (Thanks Mum ). My mum wondered
why can't I fly direct to London instead of stopover , but I guess she understands my passion for planes .
Anyway , let me start my trip report .

At 0000 hrs , I had finished packing and my mum send me off early because she had to work early the next day
.3 hrs at Changi Airport is great for me , I can do some exploring at the departure area . Anyway , I checked in quickly ,
I wanted an aisle seat for both flights ( EK411 and EK001) to London but could'nt get because both flights were full .
I was disappointed because I dread middle seats , anyway tough luck .I went to look at my a/c which is going to take me to Dubai.
Triple 7 Dash 300 A6-EMM (The first EK's 777 Yeah !! ) , i doubt anyone in the boarding room understands my enthusium for planes .
Most of the passengers were Australians from previous flight from Sydney .
Anyway , it was time to board the plane , i couldnt wait . My heart was pumping harder and harder while walking in the aerobridge , walking towards
the beautiful triple 7 . I quickly asked one of the air-stewardness to pass a form (flight details ) to the Captain and she smiled me and nodded her head , I was pleased
that she didn't ask any questions . I went to my seat and quickly settled down . My mind was filled with "WoW" . The cabin space was very spacious , the length of the a/c was like
a long tube . I was very amazed with the triple 7's interior . The 3-4-3 configuration is not that bad as i thought . As a 6 feet 3 , i had sufficent leg room space which is important to me .
The window seat beside was unocuppied for quite a while , i was hoping that no one seats there , but a chinese guy came and smiled at me , i felt very disappointed afterwards.
Anyway , i played with the PTV system . There are 2 channels which you can see the 2 views . The pilot view and the downwards view. I love it .
Anyway ,our plane pushed back about 10-20 mins late because of last min cargo . The captain today Darnell and First officer is Ramm. He gave us a brief details of our flight plans which i find it interesting.
Once the engines are started , i watched the ptvs as the plane taxis slowly to the runway and takes off . The take off was pretty noisy but powerful . The climbing to our assigned FL350 was pretty slow through .
Soon , EK cabin crews started serving snack meal .I will show you the meals they offered .
Snack :

Herb Cream Cheese

Roast Beef with Horseadish Cream

Peach Flan

Tea or Coffee

The snacks are pretty alright , nothing great .

Snacks : 7/10

After the snacks , i decided to catch some movies , some of the movies are recent movies and i have watched most of them
so i decided to watch Snoopy and Stuart little 2 plus played some games (about 30 games ) during the flight . The cabin crews were around to assist us
whenever we need help , i was impressed with their way they smile at passengers . You dont get that kind of treatment in most airlines .
Ohh yes , talking about the cabin crews . Most of them were asians and there is one of them from China . I remember there is this air-steward who kept making fun of this Chinese air-stewardness but she didnt mind at all .
Pretty sweet gal .The air-stewardness that I have asked to pass the form to the Captain , approached me during the flight and told me that the Captain will filled up the forms and invite me to his cabin after the flight . I was absolutely delighted to hear that news .
The time flies pass very quickly , I walked around a little bit as I didnt want my legs to get cramped or numbed . I went to the back alley and wow the alley is definately bigger then the Airbus ones and i am very much sure that the cabin crews
appreciated the Boeing 777's cabins .
About 2 hrs before landing , the cabin crews served us breakfast. These are the choices .


Orange juice

Appetizer :

Fresh Fruit Appetizer

Main Coarse :

Creamed Asparagus Omelette

Roti Jalla

Bread :

Tea/Coffee .

I had Asparagus Omelette and it taste quite alright , nothing special really .

Dinner : 7/10

After dinner , i decided to take some rest before arrival . When i woke up , our plane was approaching the Dubai airport .
I watched the flaps retraching each time as the plane decended .I look at my ptv screen and i saw the runway just ahead of us , as the weather was pretty windy , the pilots
did a great landing . As the plane touches down the runway , the reverse trust was used , pretty noisy but the plane stopped very nicely and we taxied to our gate . I was delighted with the service
from Emirates and highly recommanded anyone who is thinking of flying Emirates . Anyway , after most of the passengers left the a/c , the nice air-stewardness walked me up to the cockpit and let me in the cockpit .
I talked to the Captain and first officer for a while before catching my connecting flight (Next trip report ) .

These are the details
POB : 377 including crews
SID assigned : VJR 3A
Flight level : FL310
Squawk code : 2214
Restrictions : Nil

Departure information :
Fuel load : 65.4 T
Taxi fuel : 600kg
Trip fuel : 55 T
ZFW : 223.6T
TO weight : 228.4T
Flaps setting : 15
Assumed air temp : 34
V1 speed : 169
Vr speed : 172
V2 speed : 177

Arrival information :
Airport: DXB
Runway used : 12L
Flaps : 30
Autobrakes : 3
Landing wright : 233.0
Vapproach : 153
V ref : 148
Approach type : ILS

These are my ratings for EK411

Service: 9/10
Cabin interior : 9/10
Comfort : 8/10
PTVS : 9/10
Enjoyment : 10/10

Thanks for reading my trip report , I have 3 more parts to go . I dont have the time now but i will try my best
to complete them asap .

3 parts are :
UL London - Colombo - Kuala Lumper - Singapore
UL Singapore - Jakarta -Colombo- London
EK London-Dubai-Singapore


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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 2:24 am

Sorry for the grammer errors , I wanted to change them but i clicked the wrong button .
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 2:31 am

Ohhh yes , one more thing . I will complete my Dubai-London trip report asap , i forgot all about it ( oops ) .
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 2:34 am

Very nice report... I've flown EK on Munich-Dubai with one of their A332s...
Their service is without doubt one of the best in Asia / the Middle East.

hope we'll read you other reports in the near future.

greetings. Florian
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 3:43 am

A very good and enjoyable read. Hope you have a nice stay in London  Big thumbs up
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 4:45 am

A very good report! I too have enjoyed Emirates. They are a great airline!

Look forward to the SriLankan reports.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 10:04 am

Great report, made for some great readings. I too can't wait for your next 3 trip reports.. we don't have too many SriLankan reports here. Could you please describe the planes you see at the airport (especially Dubai and Colombo), it makes a trip report that much better. Other than that, it was excellent and have a great time in London!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 6:10 pm

Very nice report, enjoyed it alot.

I can understand your excitement as you walked down the aerobridge towards the cabin door. I used to, and occasionally still feel the same way on my trips. I especially liked it when you began to get the first whiff of the cabin's air freshener (or is the cabin crew's perfume?) as you walk towards the end of the aerobridge and into the aircraft...

Unfortunately, I have gotten a little jaded with the whole experience in recent years....

Looking forward to your next TR.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 7:45 pm

Guys, Thanks for your great comments .

Zizou :
These are the planes i saw at Dubai Airport while waiting for my connecting flight EK001 .

Plenty of EK 777-200s,-300s and A330s
Kuwait A320
Ethopian B767-300
Condor B757-200, B757-300
Alitalia B767-300ER
British Airways B767 ( I think )
Royal Jordanian A310

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Emirates 001 : Dubai - London On Board B777-31H

Thu Nov 28, 2002 8:54 pm

Date: 23-11-02
Flight : EK001
Origin : Dubai International Airport
Gate : 23
Airline : Emirates
Engine type : Roll-Royce Trent 892
Class: Y (3-4-3 configuration )
Seat no : 49E ( Middle seat in the center )
Aircraft type : B777-31H
Registeration no : A6-EMT
Departure time: Around 0800 - 0830 (too tired to remember)
Total flight time : 6 hrs 45 mins

I felt very tired walking around Dubai airport , just like a zombie . I expected Dubai airport's security
to be extra tight but I was surprised it was not . I had to go through security checks after leaving the aerobridge from my previous flight and I passed
the check point without any problems . Its time to explore the airport before my next flight . I had around 1 hr to do so . The airport was very neat and spacious , I like it
better then the old airport . The last time I came to Dubai was in early 90s , i flew to LHR by MAS. Anyway , I went to my gate to look at my a/c and i realized I am flying one of
the newest B777-300 in EK Fleet . A6-EMT will take me to LHR . I went into the gate and found a nice sitting area to spot planes , I saw a few a/cs that interested me like ,
Ethopian B767-300 ( took off ) , Condor B757-300 ( my first sight of the a/c ) and a few more ( i can't remember now ) .Anyway , soon it was time to board the plane . This flight is full again ,
I didnt bother to ask the Captain to fill up the form ( technical stuffs ) as I was too tired and I was hoping to catch some sleep in this flight . This time I was seating near the back of the a/c , sitting beside a chinese guy who
was making a lot of noise , i was grumbling away ( in my mind ) . I switched on the PTV and watched the pushed back and then the take off as I slowly dozed off after take off . I love takes off , the power of acceleration excites me . I used to be very afraid
of flying because of a bad experience 3 years ago flying on UA Shuttle 733 , the tubulence got so bad until I went to the hotel that night in US and had nightmares . Anyway , I am still uncomfortable with tubulence especially drops . The take off was quite smooth , and a bit of bumps here and there
during climbing . This time we were to climb to FL340 . My original plan was to sleep right through the flight but then a few pretty air-stewardness kept me awake when they were serving us snacks . I can't remember what i ate because i didnt take note , but the food was satisfying for me . The chinese guy
on my left played his techno music very loud , i got irritated and decided to watch a movie to keep my mind off the irritating noises ( sorry , i dont like technos :P). I noticed the entertainment in the PTVS are the exactly the same as my previous flight so i didnt really watch any movies . I decided to listen to some music
and afterwards , I managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep (Yeah) . When I woke up , They were serving lunch , just in time too . I got myself a Chicken meal which i regretted choosing because it was tasteless !! I was quite hungry so i had no problem finishing it up . After the meal , I played some games . There is around 30 games and you can
never get bored if you love playing games .
Soon , the flight was ending , the captain announced the descending of the a/c and told us the usual stuffs and we are the 17th !!! aircraft to land so there is a possibilty we may have to
circle around the area before landing . This time , i knew my flight is gonna end . I decide to admire the B777-300 interior again , looking at the seats cover , PTVs ...etc .It was a matter of time we touched down at (9L) which is quite rare because normally London Heathrow airport uses runway 27 ( Am i right ? ) .
We had a long taxi to our gate , I saw many a/cs in my PTV screen like BA B777 , VS B747-400 , CX 747-400 (HOY) ...etc .When the plane reached the gate , i was one of the last to leave the a/c . Honestly speaking , I found this flight too short and couldnt bare to leave the a/c . After leaving the a/c heading towards immigration .
I spot a lot of planes at this apron , this security guard came up to me and questioned me . His eyes looks kind of suspicious ,but after questioning me , he allowed me to proceed . I was kind of relieved . Immigration was not very long but the waiting fo luggage took me around half an hour . I saw my lagguge , i got the shock of my life , it was severly damaged . The handle
broke off but i was too tired to do anything so i decided to leave the airport and head to Paddington to meet my sister .

Sorry , not much details in this report because I was kind of tired after my first flight .

Anyway , these are my ratings .

EK 001

Service : 10/10 ( Beautiful chicks  Smile )
Cabin interior : 10/10
Comfort 3-4-3 : 8/10
PTVS : 9/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

Be Good to yourself , Fly Emirates .

Hope you enjoy my report .

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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 8:56 pm

EK 411

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Kok Chwee SIM


EK 001

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Norbert Genci


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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Thu Nov 28, 2002 11:27 pm

Wonderful report! Thanks for sharing!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Fri Nov 29, 2002 12:24 am

Lovely report... I can emphatise with SQ772's comment about feeling excited about travelling. As a kid, I used to be jumpy about my travels to the point that I feel like throwing up! The sight of Changi Aiport Tower looming in a distance as the East Coast Parkway comes to and end just makes me tremble with excitement. The climax would be when i reached for the air sick bag to throw up in the plane.

After a while, it became much like a norm that I never felt like that anymore. The feeling later came back when i started to fly First and Business Class on my plane trips. I would be so thrilled that me knees would feel weak but thankfully I did not use the sick bag in the classy confines of the cabin up front (not very glam). Now for me, its has become just another trip and another opportunity to write a trip report, which I love to do so much!  Smile

Just like my last Business Class trip with Swiss Air Lines, I was excited and looked forward to the flight, but fortunately didn't feel like throwing up.

Keep on travelling! The world is there for us to explore before it ends...

Welcome to my starry one world alliance, a team in the sky!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Fri Nov 29, 2002 1:23 am

Ryan :

Thanks for the nice comments . I used to throw up when i was young ,i get air-sickness easily but as i grow older , I dealt with flights much better now . Now , i have no problems flying except that i get nervous when the weather gets bad and a lot of bumps here and there .
I am very particular when it comes to flying because i always want to fly that particular aircraft or airline . For this case , I wanted to fly Emirates + B777-300 and I got that . I am tired of flying B747-400 because i flown on that a/c too many times . As for First class ? Forget it , i find it too fancy and not my liking . Business class , yeah i will saved up more mileage points and maybe upgrade myself when i have enough pts . That will be fun .
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Fri Nov 29, 2002 8:41 am

Charles, you very lucky leh! Yesterday while spotting with Alvin, we saw A6-EMM going to Melbourne.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Fri Nov 29, 2002 9:46 pm

Thats good to hear A6-EMM arrived in DXB safely Big grin No engine failures like it did in MEL eh? Big grin
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Sat Nov 30, 2002 1:24 am

Yeah... and the B777-300 rotated like an angel!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Sat Nov 30, 2002 12:03 pm

My dad recently went on a trip to Maine all the way from Singapore with my mum. And he flew with Northwest (yeeks!). According to my mum, he threw up almost three-quaters of the way from SIN to SFO (it runs in the family, you see) he face was so plane when he disembarked.

I guess some people are more prone to motion sickness than others. He kept reaching for the sick bag that he used his, my mum's, and their neigbouring passenger's. I guess he got his money's worth!

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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Sat Nov 30, 2002 3:50 pm

What would get me excited before was flying back home to Manila before after 2 months of vacation abroad...I mean yeah going on vacation to places around the world is fun, but it gets tiring and of course you miss home. Anyway, what would get me so excited was that we always used to fly Cathay Pacific via HKG to get back to MNL. I remember we would always take the last flight out, CX 905. I would be so excited, checking in through the orange check in desks at Kai Tak, walking through those cream colored tiled floors...then getting on the bus to board the plane far out in the tarmac...and the aricraft would always be those old Tri-Stars...loved it!...I remember approach into Manila...Id start to see the Manila skyline and I remember those CX girls walking around in their bright red suits...I used to be so excited! After they retired the Tri Stars and replaced the CX 905 flight with an A330, things never were the same again....oh well...

Anyway...great trip report!..I had a great flight with Emirates when I flew EK 006 from LHR to DXB on their A330...the flight was less than 20 % full...very enjoyable flight! I can attest to your observations on the EK flight attendants! Great Report again!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Sat Nov 30, 2002 4:29 pm

Great report Charles! Nice to know that you had a great trip and everything. Have fun in London!!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Sat Nov 30, 2002 8:20 pm

I have only thrown up once in all my travels...I was 10 years old and flying from YYZ to FRA on LH's DC-10.

I don't usually get air sick if I get my window seat, but on that flight, I happened to be in THE seat (the middle seat in the middle row of a 2x5x2 config DC10). That coupled with the fact that LH used to have those bright orange seats in Y which had a nauseating effect on some people (it appears that LH has a problem with color coordination in that cabins) and a rowdy Canadian seating next to our row. If you think that the current yellow headrests they have in Y is bad, try the DC10s they had in the early 80s.

When I was much younger (say 5-10yrs old) I would get very excited before every trip...so excited that i would have to pee every few minutes...and that was even before we left the house! Nowadays I take a nap before leaving home. Like Sq_ek_freak, I too love the scene at the airport (it was Paya Lebar Airport in those days)...taking the bus to the aircraft and then run towards the steps and skipping all the way up to the cabin.

Nowadays I just love the smell of stale coffee as I enter the cabin, and the clinking sound made by the crew in the galley as they go about preparing pre-take off drinks for those in P or J.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report

Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:22 pm

Hi Guys

I am back in Singapore . i flown on UL (London-Colombo-KL-Singapore ) and was back yesterday. My trip report will be out soon . The service on board is HIDEOUS , i will explain all that to you guys in my coming trip report .

The only good thing about UL flight is the A330 !! I enjoyed the comfort of the aircraft tremendously .


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