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LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 4:24 am

The following trip report contains:
- long distance flights with Lufthansa in F
- flights in South America with Varig, Lan Peru, and Lan Chile in Y
- a tour through Bolivia, Peru, and Chile

I spent the last night before the trip started in one of my favourite Hotels:
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/02ger/FRA-SheratonAirport.html ) Sheraton Airport Hotel & Tower @FRA (the pictures are from another stay - but the room was the same). The service in the lounge is always superb and the buffet breakfast in the restaurant fantastic.

I left my office in Darmstadt at 17:00. At the airport, I went into the Red Carpet Club to take a shower. At that time, I was the only person there - no waiting necessary. I went to the Senator lounge later because it is better located to reach the gate (and Internet terminals are there, too).

Frankfurt - Sao Paulo (FRA - GRU)
Lufthansa LH502; 22:30 - 06:50+ (flight time: 12:20h); 14.10.2002
A340-313X; Seat: 2K; F-Class
Registration: D-AIFB (Gummersbach)

The TV monitors showed a delay of 30min and so boarding started at 22:30. There were two bridges to board the plane: one bridge for C- and F-class passengers, the other bridge for Y-class passengers. As far as to tell about theory. The Law of the Jungle determined the actual LH boarding process.

The F-class cabin in the LH A340 is great especially for people travelling alone: the configuration is 1-2-1 and there are only 8 seats.

After I had stored my luggage, an FA brought champagne (served from a tray with champagne or OJ), magazines, newspapers (from "tomorrow"), the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh-first-amenity.html ) amenity kits, and the hot towels that smelled of roses. She came again with the bottle of champagne for a much welcomed refill.

In the meantime boarding was complete with a load of 100% in all classes. The pilot welcomed the passengers and excused for the delay because the aircraft had arrived late. He announced a flight time of 11:40h so that there would be no delay any more in Sao Paulo. The flight path was Frankfurt - Basle - Grenoble - Barcelona - Alicante - Fes - Dakar - ... - Recife - Salvador - Belo Horizonte - Sao Paulo.

We were pushed back at 22:59: still a good time considering the announced delay and the cattle boarding process. We taxied to runway 25L and we were airborne 20min later.

( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-menu.html ) Menus,
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-bev.html ) beverages, and
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-ptv.html ) personal video programmes were handed out and hot nuts were served soon.


Hors d'oevre
Caviar with the traditional Garnishes
Halibut Roulade with smoked Trout filling
Rabbit Broccoli Terrine and Carrot Emulsion
Wild Mushroom Mousse and marinated Vegetables

Frisée, Radicchio, Oak Leaf, lamb's Lettuce and Cremini Mushrooms
presented with Meaux Mustard Dressing or herbed Tomato Vinaigrette

Bread, Rolls, Toast and Butter


Venison Medallion in a creamy Juniper Berry Sauce
with Savoy Cabbage Timbale and Sunchoke Puree

Red Snapper with Mustard Crust accompanied by Tarragon Seafood Fond,
Carrot and Leek Julienne and Basmati Rice Galettes

Eggplant Piccata with Basil Tomato Coulis
served with Artichokes and Asparagus

Breast of Guinea Hen in Balsamic Jus complemented by seasonal Vegetables
and Rösti Potatoes with Apple

Cheese and Dessert

International Cheese
French soft Cheese St André, Appenzeller, Bleu d' Auvergne, Gruyère and Morbier served with Grapes

Lemon Quark Mousse and tropical Fruit

Gingerbread Parfait Basel-style witll poached Figs

Fine Chocolates


Mumm de Cramant, Champagne, Grand Cru, Cramant, France

White Wine
2000 Schloss Johannisberger Riesling trocken, Goldkapsel Germany
2000 Yarra Valley Chardonnay, Yaldara Farms, Australia
2001 Legado de Armida, Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Ines, Maipo Valley, Chile

Red Wine
1998 Château Lynch-Moussas, 5e Cru Classé, Pauillac, Bordeaux, France
1997 Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru, Burgundy, France
1998 Paul Sauer, Kanonkop, Stellenbosch, South Africa
1999 Norton Privada, Argentina
1998 Fiore, Sangiovese di Toscana, Castello di Meleto

One FA worked in the cabin while her colleague prepared the meals in the galley. The appetisers were arranged on a cart from which the passengers can choose the food. I started with
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-01caviar.html ) caviar and cream. The FA offered another caviar and seamed a bit disappointed that I declined. I also wanted to try another appetiser:
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-02halibut.html ) Halibut Roulade. Very delicious!
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-03salad.html ) salad was served from the galley. I had ordered the senf dressing. The main course looked good - and tasted good. The
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-04redsnapper.html ) Red Snapper was scolloped with a firm and non-fat crust.
The dessert was again served from the cart. I had the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-06gingerbread.html ) Gingerbread parfait and finally - the highlight from any dessert cart - some pieces from the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-05cheese.html ) cheese selection. Some chocolates were served to accompany with coffee or tea.

Bedding and the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh-first-sweater.html ) LH sweaters were handed out. I had a short, but good sleep. I started reading until breakfast was served at 4:15. Only two passengers were awoke at that time and had the complete breakfast. The other passengers woke up later and had a short breakfast only.



Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Fruit Plate
Apple, Kiwi, Melon, Mango, Pineapple and Blueberries

Yogurt, Whole Grain ard Gourmet Müsli,
Cereal and fresh Milk

Bread, Rolls, Toast, Croissants, Muffins and Danish Pastries
with Butter, Diet Margarine, Preserves and Honey

A variety of cold Breakfast specialties
including Turkey Pastrami, Bresaola Ham,
Edam and Bresso Cream Cheese

Scambled Eggs will be freshly prepared upon your request
accompanied by your choice of Bacon or Chives

Pancake with Blueberries and Maple Syrup Crème
enhanced by Fruit Chutney


Coffee or Tea
Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh502-07breakfast.html ) breakfast was served from the cart - except the eggs or pancakes which were prepared in the galley and served from there. I had some fruits, cornflakes with OJ, and scrambled eggs. The bacon was cross and the selection of breads was manifold.

The pilot announced landing at 5:30 and we reached the gate at 06:08.

Overall the flight was great. The service was very courteous and the food delicious (full cutlery, no platic knife, thank goodness). I don't care about LH's "ancient" inflight entertainment. My favourite programme is available: the airshow (it's not possible to select an audio channel and switch to the airshow with keeping the audio channel. LH has a pre-selected music channel for the airshow and the music can't be changed. Other airlines and their IFE systems offer that feature.)

I went into the Varig lounge. The lounge is really nice and has a good selection of beverages and snacks. Free internet terminals are available in a separate room.

Sao Paulo - La Paz (GRU - LPB)
Varig RG8880; 10:15 - 13:55 (flight time: 04:40h); 15.10.2002
B737-3..; Seat: 11A; Y-Class
Registration: ?

Load: 100%
Push-back: 10:18
Arrival at the gate: 13:40
1.) 11A is an exit row seat with great leg room.
2.) There was a short stopover in Santa Cruz.
1.) first leg: fruits (3 slices), cream cracker, warm toast (good taste), cake, cheese
2.) second leg (from Santa Cruz): sandwich with cheese, salad, tomato (bad taste)

( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/la-paz-overview.html ) La Paz is easy to explore. The altitude (~4000m) leaves you breathless. There are some interesting
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/la-paz.html ) museums and churches, an Indian market area and the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/la-paz-valle-de-la-luna.html ) moon valley. I continued to the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/lake_titicaca.html ) Titicaca sea where I had a boat ride on a catamaran to the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/isla_del_sol.html ) sun island, to some
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/lake_titicaca_ruins.html ) old ruins, and to
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/copacabana.html ) Copacabana. I spent one night on the catamaran (narrow cabins!  Sad One night is enough) and enjoyed a
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/isla-del-sol-sunrise.html ) nice sunrise. The waters of the lake are a beautiful blue, reflecting the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-bol/lake_titicaca_anden.html ) hills and the distant cordillera.

I crossed the border to Peru in Yunguyo and arrived in
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/puno.html ) Puno in the evening. The hotel Libertador is located on an island. In the next morning, I went to Juliaca where I entered the train to Cuzco:
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/puno-cuzco-train.html ) Perurail instead of Airail! The train is very comfortable (Inca class) and a lunch (menu with 3 courses and several choices) was served. The seats are armchairs and the last waggon has an observation desk. The train passes through
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/puno-cuzco.html ) beautiful landscapes with a variety of
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/puno-cuzco-life.html ) views to the life next to the tracks.

I spent the next days at the hotel Libertador which I highly recommend. Buffet breakfast is very good and the service is prudent.

Of course,
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/machu-picchu.html ) Machu Picchu is a must. I took the first train to Machu Picchu which left Cuzco at 06:00. The ruins - staircases, terraces, temples - are impressive. I took the train back to Cuzco in the afternoon. The train arrives in Cuzco in the evening
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco-night-overview.html ) with some nice views.
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco.html ) Cuzco offers a fascinating mix of Inca and colonial Spanish architecture - especially
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco-night.html ) at night.
There are some magnificant Inca walls in
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco-sacsayhuaman.html ) Sacsayhuaman (a ruined ceremonial centre) on a hill on the northern outskirts. The Incaic stones are highly impressive - the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco-view-from-sacsayhuaman.html ) view over Cuzco, too.
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco-san-cristobal.html ) San Cristobal is located next to Sacsayhuaman.
Some further Incaic sites are in the area:
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/cuzco-tambo-machay-qenko.html ) Qenqo, Tamba Machay, and some more.

Cuzco - Lima (CUZ - LIM)
Lan Peru LP024; 07:45 - 09:00 (flight time: 01:15h); 22.10.2002
A320-...; Seat: 10A; Y-Class
Registration: VP-BCK

Load: 50%
Push-back: 07:28
Arrival at the gate: 08:36
Remarks: 10A is an exit row seat
Food: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lp024.html ) warm sandwich, cake

I took the airport bus to the Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas). I already bought a return ticket for the evening, too. The bus is the cheapest way to drive to the centre or to the hotels.

Under the fog which seams to last 12 months of the year, Lima's
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/lim.html ) colonial centre appears like an oasis amidst dirty houses and dusty hills. Much of the colonial building have been cleaned up. The
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-per/lim-churches.html ) churches are very impressive. Tourist Police is everywhere present and makes this area safe

Before darkness came in, I drove back to the airport with the airport bus and went into the
( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lim-lounge.html ) airport lounge (thanks to my Platinum Elite/RoyalWings status with KLM). The lounge is shared by several airlines (KLM, Lan Chile, Air France, Delta, ... There's another lounge that is good for Priority Pass members). A good selection of beverages and some snacks/small sandwiches is available. A working/business area is separated, so it's quiet there. As far as I remember, the lounge was smoke free (except the separated working area). There are no windows/views.

... still working on the next part: Chile ...
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 4:45 am


congratulations! a wonderful trip report!
And the links with the photos are superb!

I ever wondered how those menus look like in F-Class. Now I know.

BTW, Was the class full on the FRA-GRU leg?

Looking forward to reading the next part.

Regards, LHCrew
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 4:48 am

Y-, C- and F-class were full. No empty seat!
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 4:52 am

Wow, that must have been a very good deal for Lufthansa. Seems to be a high yield route....

unless you have only LH staff flying in F....
 Wink/being sarcastic

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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 5:06 am

This has got to be one of the best trip reports ever posted on a.net! Congratulations, very detailed with all those pics, great work!
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 6:16 am

thanx for that wonderful trip report.
is there a homepage beside this e-travel something to bookmark?
regards... DALelite
They loved to fly and it showed..
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 6:37 am

Interesting reading... I never knew that Lufthansa also had fitted sleepers on to their A340-300s.
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 11:55 am

What a great report...i swear it would have been the best report i have ever read had you only provided pictures of the seats....specially the LH F class seats and the cabin......if you have them can you post them?

RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 8:01 pm

Oh my God!  Wow!
One of the best reports I've ever seen on that site....
Congratulations.. can't wait for the next part.

Florian Trojer
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 8:12 pm

Congratulations, a very entertaining and interesting report, the pics are great!

I have to admit that I always get a bit jealous when reading F-Class trip reports as I´ve never had the privilege to enjoy such a service myself.

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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 9:03 pm


Your trip reports are always the best, I love the way I can see the menu or the amenity kit.

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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 9:39 pm

At the moment there's no link to bookmark not - but I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. I could create an overview page with links to the pictures - in case you are looking for that (or what do you want to bookmark)!?

Unfortunately, I didn't take pics from the cabin and the sleeper seats. I've to improve for the next time ...
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RE: LH F-class

Thu Dec 26, 2002 10:19 pm

@LH738, you speek my mind... i was talking about an overview page...
if you could install that; would be great!!!
regards DALelite
They loved to fly and it showed..
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RE: LH F-class

Fri Dec 27, 2002 12:10 am

what can i say, awesome and superb...
really, picture speack a thousands word...
Good job LH738... those food in F Class make the drum beats!!!

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RE: LH F-class

Fri Jan 03, 2003 4:04 am

Sorry about the topic title. I wanted to write the title "LH F-class & Bolivia / Peru / Chile (+ pictures)" - but the text after the "&" disappeared.

The next part contains several flights on Lan Chile (Express) in Y-class. I make only a few comments because short flights in Y-class are not so interesting. My experience with Lan Chile (Express) was really good. They offered at least a sandwich on every flight.

Lima - Santiago (LIM - SCL)
Lan Chile LA601; 00:55 - 06:15 (flight time: 03:20h); 23.10.2002
B767-316/ER; Seat: 18A; Y-Class
Registration: CC-CZU

Load: 80%
Push-back: 00:43
Arrival at the gate: 05:44
1.) 18A is an exit row seat
2.) PTV in the back of every seat
3.) Breakfast was served at 4:45 (very quick service!)
Food: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la601-lim-scl.html ) fruits, marmelade, rolls, cake (good taste)

Santiago - Puerto Montt (SCL - PMC)
Lan Chile Express LA275; 08:10 - 09:50 (flight time: 01:40h); 23.10.2002
A320-233; Seat: 18L; Y-Class
Registration: ?

Load: 70%
Push-back: 08:12
Arrival at the gate: 09:47
Remarks: The flight continues to Punta Arenas
Food: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la275-scl-pmc.html ) warm bread with cheese and slice of sausage

I stayed the next nights in Puerto Varas. I made a day trip ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/lake-district.html ) across Lago Todos Los Santos to Peulla. Many people continue to Bariloche in Argentina which seams to be a very good idea. I returned in Peulla and went back to Puerto Varas. There's not much to do in Puerto Varas - the view to the snowy volcanos compensates.

Puerto Montt - Punta Arenas (PMC - PUQ)
Lan Chile Express LA283; 11:10 - 13:20 (flight time: 02:10h); 25.10.2002
A320-233; Seat: 19L; Y-Class
Registration: ?

Load: 80%
Push-back: 11:02
Arrival at the gate: 13:04
Food: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la283-pmc-puq.html ) sandwich with salmon; sandwich with cheese and sausage; Danish pastry with curd inside

The next days were reserved for the national park "Torres del Paine" the highlight of my trip (IMO). Otway Sound is located on the way to the national park "Torres del Paine". A small colony of ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/otway-sound.html ) Magellan pinguins can be visited there.
Torres del Paine has constantly changing views of fantastic scenery, ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/TorresDelPaine-animals.html ) active wildlife, calving glaciers and ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/TorresDelPaine-GreyGlacier.html ) their icebergs, ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/TorresDelPaine-lakes.html ) vividly coloured lakes, and ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/TorresDelPaine-waterfalls.html ) beautiful waterfalls. I stayed in the "Hosteria las Torres" from where hikes towards the three towers (Torres) and ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/TorresDelPaine-trail-to-campchileno.html ) and the camp "Chileno" are possible.

Punta Arenas - Santiago (PUQ - SCL)
Lan Chile Express LA282; 13:55 - 18:10 (flight time: 04:15h); 28.10.2002
A320-233; Seat: 18L; Y-Class
Registration: CC-COP

Load: 80%
Push-back: 13:59
Arrival at the gate: 18:08
1.) Stopover in Puerto Montt
2.) ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la282-puq-scl-views.html ) The view over the snowy vulcanos was great
1.) first leg: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la282-puq-scl-01.html ) salmon, potatoes, vegetable, cake
2.) second leg (from Puerto Montt): ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la282-puq-scl-02.html ) sandwich with salmon; sandwich with cheese and sausage; Danish pastry with curd inside

Santiago - Calama (SCL - CJC)
Lan Chile Express LA344; 07:20 - 09:30 (flight time: 02:10h); 29.10.2002
A320-233; Seat: 26K; Y-Class
Registration: CC-COH

Load: 100%
Push-back: 07:19
Arrival at the gate: 09:18
Food: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la344-scl-cjc.html ) omelette, rolls

I spent the next nights in the hotel "Kimal" in ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/san-pedro-de-atacama.html ) San Pedro de Atacama. The town seams to have more tourists than inhabitants. Various excursions into the desert are possible from there:
1.) ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/el-tatio.html ) El Tatio (altitude: 4500m) is known for its geysirs. The geysirs are best in the early morning between 6:00 and 8:00. The way uphill is terrible (bad streets!). It is very cold in the morning (gloves are highly recommended). The way back is more ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/atacama.html ) comfortable and more interesting .
2.) ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/salar-de-atacama.html ) Salar de Atacama, the 3rd largest salt flat, is home to the pink flamingo. ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/atacama-lagoons.html ) Some lagoons have very interesting colours.
3.) ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/atacama-moon-valley.html ) Moon Valley with nice landscapes caused by erosion.

Calama - Santiago (CJC - SCL)
Lan Chile Express LA359; 09:30 - 12:15 (flight time: 02:45h); 01.11.2002
B737-230/Adv; Seat: 20A; Y-Class
Registration: CC-CRR

Load: 100%
Push-back: 09:31
Arrival at the gate: 12:11
1.) Stopover in Antofagasta
2.) ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la359-cjc-scl-inflight.html ) wonderful views during the flight
Food: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/la359-cjc-scl.html ) sandwich with roast beef, mushrooms, mustard, cheese; sandwich with cheese, asparagus, dressing; shortpastry with lemon cream, meringue

The afternoon was reserved for a sightseeing tour through Santiago. I started a walking tour from the hotel Sheraton San Cristobal Tower along the ( http://www.e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/scl01.html ) Av. Providencia and ( http://www.e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/scl02.html ) Alameda to the ( http://www.e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-chi/scl03.html ) Santiago centre.

The ( http://www.e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/02scl/scl-sheratonsancristobal.html ) Sheraton San Cristobal Tower is top-notch. The check-in agent informed about a suite upgrade (due to Starwood Platinum status) which I refused because a friend joined during the night (single beds necessary!). The Platinum amenity choice program was handed out by the lady. The check-in was comfortable: sitting in front of a nice desk with choice of champagne/orange juice/pineapple juice. I got a well-equipped nice room with CD player, sitting area, large bathroom, thick, comfortable mattress, summary of news in the morning at the door, ... In the room were additional gifts (additional to Platinum amenity choice): bottle of wine, a variety of fruits/nuts/chocolates/drops, vouchers for free drinks (Pisco Sour). All staff (bellmen, check-in agent, Butler, ...) was very helpful and showed an attitude that we were most welcome. I only found one downside: the bed cover is only a (thin) blanket.
The hotel lounge was very nice and stylish. I found the prices reasonable (breakfast 24238CLP for two persons; 1525CLP for a mineral water; dinner/buffet was free of charge; 735CLP ~ 1US$)

Leaving Chile without wine? No! I went shopping in the morning. Later I took a taxi to the airport. There were some lines in front of the check-in counters, but the agents handled the passengers rather quickly. Soon I had my boarding pass and went into the Red Carpet Club. IMO, the best thing about the Red Carpet Clubs is the good selection of magazines and newspapers.

Santiago - Frankfurt (SCL - FRA)
Lufthansa LH527; 13:15 - 09:55+ (flight time: 16:40h); 02.11.2002
B747-430; Seat: 83A; F-Class
Registration: D-ABVD (Bochum)

Boarding started at 12:45. Quite late, but there were only about 100 passengers. And so boarding was completed 15min later! We were two people in F for the first leg to Buenos Aires.
In the meantime, he amenity kits were handed out. An FA came with a bottle of champagne (Duval-Leroy), showed it to me and poured it into my glass.

The pilot welcomed the passengers and annonced a flight time of 1:20h to Buenos Aires. We were pushed back at 13:12 and a few minutes later we enjoyed a powerful take-off.

After the pilot had switched off the sign for safety-belts, the ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-menu.html ) menus, ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-bev.html ) beverages, and ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-ptv.html ) personal video programmes were handed out.

The pursor came for a small-talk and thanked for choosing LH. He also offered to bring a video film.


Marinated King Crab and Squid Roulade
complemented by Artichoke Hearts and Tomato Coulis
with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette

Bread, Rolls and Butter


Breast of Chicken enhanced by Ginger Honey Sauce,
Shiitake Mushrooms and sautéed Vegetables

Ricotta Tortellini presented with Basil Oil,
Tomato Concassée and Green Asparagus

Blancmange Puff Pastry


Mumm de Cramant, Champagne, Grand Cru, Cramant, France
Piper-Heidsieck, Rare Champagne, France

White Wine
2000 Schloss Johannisberger Riesling trocken, Goldkapsel Germany
1999 California Chardonnay, De Loach, California, USA
2001 Legado de Armida, Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Ines, Maipo Valley, Chile

Red Wine
1997 Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru, Burgundy, France
1997 Navarra Reserva "Coleccion 125", Bodegas Julián Chivite, Spain
1998 Paul Sauer, Kanonkop, Stellenbosch, South Africa
1999 Norton Privada, Argentina

The service started with hot towels. The tables were covered with white linen.
I stuck to the Duval for drinking and had a tender ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-01appetiser.html ) marinated king crab and squid roulade. There was no choice for the appetiser. A lot of people don't like seafood - so I don't think that it's a good idea to have seafood only (though personally seafood is my first choice). I continued with the ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-02main.html ) breast of chicken. For my taste too much gravy and the food could have been cooked warmer, too. The rice was prepared with saffron and tasted excellent. Again no choice for the dessert: ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-03dessert.html ) blancmange puff pastry and an espresso. The presentation was very nice. Taste of caramel and vanilla dominated.
At that time, the airshow indicated a strong tail wind and a speed of 1050km/h.

Hot towels were distributed before landing. We reached the gate at 14:50. I left the plane and went straight into the Red Carpet Club. One internet terminal was available there, many drinks and a lot of magazines and newspapers.

Boarding started at 15:50. Transfer passengers were called first. The light load from the first leg changed now to full load in all classes. No empty seat anymore. The 16 sleeper seats in F are arranged in a 2 - 2 configuration on the upper deck. The exit is in row 83: standing up from a window seat is possible without climbing over the neighbour sitting on the aisle seat.

The pilot annonced a flight time of 12:33h and a flight path Buenos Aires - Montevideo - Porto Allegre - Sao Paulo - Fortaleza - ... - Lisbon - Bilbao - Limoges - Frankfurt.

Push-back was at 16:43. We taxied to the start of the runway where the plane turned for take-off. The flight over chequered Buenos Aires is always amazing. The last views were possible on Rio de la Plata until the plane disappeared in the clouds.

A new crew was aboard and started service with the distribution of red roses (that are then placed in a holder at the front of the seat). I asked for a glass of Piper-Heidsieck which I've never seen on the LH vinothek before. Not available. Hmmmmm. So I ordered the Norton Privada that I already drank during the flight from FRA to GRU. I prefer dry red wines (though it's the "wrong" choice for seafood).

Hors d'oeuvre
Caviar with the traditional Garnishes
Marinated Shrimp served with Zucchini and Fennel
Smoked Pheasant
Bell Pepper and Eggplant Layer Cake
presented with creamy Basil Dressing

Seasonal Greens with Parmesan Cheese
presented with an Orange, Yogurt and Mint
or Soy Ginger dressing

Bread, Rolls, Toast anJ Butter

Grilled Tenderloin of Beef
complemented by Calvados with sautéed Apple,
Carrots, Asparagus Tips and Sweet Potatoes

Grouper Ligurian style with grilled Calamaretti,
Olives and Herb Pesto

Cinta Noodles offered with Vegetables
and Feta Sauce with diced Tomato

Breast of Poularde accented by Mango and Curry Chutney,
Spinach with Leek and Coconut Rice

Cheese and Dessert
International Cheese
Nut Tartlet
Champagne Mousse with Grapefruit
Fine Chocolates

For voracious passengers like me, LH has the "Etagere" on the cart. The "Etagere" contains three appetisers nicely presented. The FAs offered some caviar after I had finished the appetisers on the ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-11appetiser.html ) Etagere. I continued with the ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-12salad.html ) salad. The salad and the entrees were again served from the galley, all other food from the cart on which the different choices were presented.
Next course was ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-13main.html ) fish. Unfortunately, the grouper had some fishbones and I found that there was too much of olive oil on the plate. The taste of the fish was very good; the Calamaretti were tender. I chose cheese for dessert. The FAs cut some pieces from bigger cheese loafs. The presentation on the plate ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-14cheese.html ) was awful. Some chocolates and coffee disappeared into my mouth at the end of the dinner.

The bedding and LH sweaters were distributed. The light was dimmed at 20:35.

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Seasonal fresh Fruit

Yogurt, Cereal, Müsli and fresh milk

Bread, Rolls, Toast, Croissants and Danish Pastries
with Butter, Diet Margarine, Preserves and Honey

A variety of cold Breakfast specialties
including Salami, Turkey, Fontina and Brie Cheese


Scrambled Eggs will be freshly prepared upon your request
accompanied by your choice of Bacon or Chives

Bread Pudding with Raisins
colllplemented by Pancakes with Caramel Sauce
and sautéed Apples


Coffee or tea
Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Light was turned on at 7:40. Hot towels with the smell of roses were distributed first. Afterwards ( http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/0210-sa-flights/lh527-15breakfast.html ) breakfast was served. As usual, the breakfast is sumptuous and the choice varied.

We reached the gate at 9:38. I was very satisfied with the flight - though there were some negative notes on my list: The Piper-Heidsieck wasn't available, a lot of olive oil on the main course and bad presentation of the cheese on the plate. The food itself was very good. The service was very prudent during the dinner and the breakfast and reserved the remaining time.

The Sheraton Airport Hotel & Tower saw me back again for another night 3 weeks after my departure. The holiday had ended.
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RE: LH F-class

Fri Jan 03, 2003 4:05 am

The overview page will be available tomorrow (03-Jan-2003).
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RE: LH F-class

Fri Jan 03, 2003 7:15 am

Excellent report! I flew LH in 2001 A340 ORD-MUC, Avro RJ MUC-ZAG, 737 ZAG-FRA, A340 FRA-ORD! I was very pleased with all the flights!

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RE: LH F-class

Fri Jan 03, 2003 8:22 am

Have you considered posting those pics on airlinemeals.net? Great report.
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RE: LH F-class

Fri Jan 03, 2003 11:11 pm

Overview page with links to the pictures: http://e-traveller.net/lh738/triprep/index.html

Good idea to send the pictures to airlinemeals.net. I'm going to do that.
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RE: LH F-class

Sat Jan 04, 2003 1:14 am

@LH 738 vielen dank!! link is already bookmarked!!
regards: DALelite
They loved to fly and it showed..
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RE: LH F-class

Sat Jan 04, 2003 1:27 am

This is by far the best trip report I've seen here!

Well done LH 738! Now I want to fly LH's first class more than anything else! Everything looks so beautiful!
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RE: LH F-class

Sat Jan 04, 2003 1:50 am

Excellent report. Must be one of the (if not the best) trip report on A.net.
Thanks for sharing it with us.  Big thumbs up

Did the other passengers give you a strange look when you were photographing the meals etc? I always feel very self -conscious!

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RE: LH F-class

Sat Jan 04, 2003 2:18 am

Some of my neighbours asked me if I'm working as a journalist or in the travel industry  Smile . Funny - they don't think that people are so mad to take those pics just for fun/trip reports/collecting/...
With this in mind (people think that the photographer is working as a journalist or in the travel industry), self-consciousness should go to zero. And don't care about what the neighbours might think.

Until now, no FA asked me about taking pictures (but I was always asked why I have the cornflakes with OJ and not with milk - I have no allergy against milk and I drink/like milk, too.) and I think that most of them didn't notice it (because they are more occupied with their service). I also try to be discreet:
- I normally don't take a picture if an FA is next to me
- I don't use the flash (in order not to fright fellow passengers if suddenly it's getting bright in the cabin)
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RE: LH F-class

Sun Jan 12, 2003 7:08 am

I have to say this is the GREATEST flight report that i have ever read. CONGRATULATIONS. i shall certainly look out for more. Can you tell me with the LH sleeper service from foreign cities, when do you get to sleep. must you eat or do you have the chance to sleep straight away. do they offer sleeper/pyjamas to sleep in and when do they offer these? do the FAs make up your bed or do you do this yourself and is the upper deck solely for first class alone. must be nice and quiet of it is? what is the F load in total ( i know you said but have forgotten). how many crew to serve in total? many thanks and look forward to next report!
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RE: LH F-class

Mon Jan 13, 2003 10:56 am

Dude, corn flakes.....with ORANGE JUICE?? Ummm, was there no milk available or were they out of skim??  Big grin
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RE: LH F-class

Tue Jan 14, 2003 3:03 pm

Thanks for your comments.

Can you tell me with the LH sleeper service from foreign cities, when do you get to sleep. must you eat or do you have the chance to sleep straight away.
You can sleep immediately - no necessity to eat. You can also tell the FAs if you want to be woke up for breakfast. Of course, the cabin lights are adjusted according to the meal service and not for 1 or 2 persons who want to sleep.

do they offer sleeper/pyjamas to sleep in and when do they offer these?
No sleeper/pyjamas, LH offers the (in the report mentioned) sweaters.

do the FAs make up your bed or do you do this yourself and is the upper deck solely for first class alone. must be nice and quiet of it is?
The FAs give you the bedding and you have to make the bed by yourself (but I'm sure that they help you if you ask or if you need assistance). Actually there's not much to do for making up the bed.
The upper deck is solely for first class. Oh yes, it's very quiet there.

what is the F load in total ( i know you said but have forgotten).
100% load in Y-, C-, F-class on FRA-GRU and EZE-FRA.

how many crew to serve in total?
I saw 2 FAs serving (thereof 1 in the galley) the passengers on the A340 (8 seats in F); I saw 4 FAs serving (thereof 2 in the galley) the passengers on the B747 (16 seats in F).

@Dtw/ord fan!
Dude, corn flakes.....with ORANGE JUICE?? Ummm, was there no milk available or were they out of skim??
They had milk - but I prefer OJ (if the OJ is not sweet with lots of sugar)  Smile !

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