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Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Thu Jan 02, 2003 10:04 am

Date : 29th December 2002
Airline : Emirates
Flight no : EK016
Origin : London Gatwick North Terminal
Destination : Dubai
Gate :48
Class: Y
Aircraft type : B777-31H
Registeration no : A6-EMM (I flown on this a/c earlier on EK411 flight Singapore to Dubai )
Seat no : 37C ( Emergency row aisle seat )
Scheduled departure time : 1340
Actual departure time : 1410 (late departure because of late arrival of aircraft )
Total flight hours : 6 hrs 45 mins
Weather conditions : Windy with showers

It was a sad day for me because my hoilday in London has came to an end ,but I enjoyed myself especially the flights and spotting at Heathrow . I purposely choose Gatwick on my returning trip is because I wanted to see the likes of Easyjet , Air2000 , JMC ..etc .

Anyway , I left my sister's home at 0930 hrs , took the train to victoria station and catched the Gatwick express which left just 5 mins after boarding the train . The train ride took about 35 mins and by the time i reached there , the time was 1050 hrs . I went to the departure hall and searched for the Emirates counter . The queue was very long and it took me about half an hour to reach the counter . The nice lady took sometime just to find an emergency row aisle seat and her search was a fruitful one .Unfortunately , she couldn't assigned me a seat for my Dubai-Singapore trip (EK404) because the seats were taken and I had to settle for 29C (I wanted 49 or 48A) .

I went to the security check area as usual and the queues were pretty long but it was much faster then queueing up for the check in . When it came to my turn , it seems that my bag has something inside that caught the attention of the security guy who was looking at the x-ray monitor . I had to stand one side and allowed a security lady who approached me to check my bag . It took about 5 mins before i went to a restaurant ( near KFC i think ) and spotted planes .

This is what I spotted at the airport :
USairways A330 (Beautiful !! )
JMC B757, A330 (Stunning )
BA B777, B737-300,BAE146 ,B767-300
Monarch Airlines B757 , A320
Excel B767-200
Thomas cook A320 , B757
Emirates B777-300 (My plane )
Britannia OC B767 ,B757
Britannia NC B767
Air 2000 OC A321, B767 , B757
Air 2000 NC A320
Continental B767-400 , B777
Delta MD-11 Old-new colours and 2 Deltaflot
Air France ERJ145
Northwest DC-10-30
Virgin B747-400
MAersk B737-500
Air Plus A310
Easyjet B737-300,700
RyanAir B737-200
Astraeus B737-700
Aerosvii B737-500
Belavia TU-154

Anyway , after a good time of spotting , its time to go to the gate for boarding . The boarding area was shared with 2 other gates and there were 2 other flights as well , Air 2000 flight to Turin (A321 ) and DL 59 to Atlanta (MD-11).There was a good viewing area to spot planes . The flight was slightly delayed and we started boarding around 1230 hrs .

I was one of the first few passengers to board the plane as I wanted to spend some quality time enjoying the atmosphere inside the Boeing Triple 7 Dash 300 . I purposely chose emergency row seat is to see how comfortable it was . The flight was a full flight , i had a good look around my surrounding and not a single seat was empty . A couple (Half British half French I guess ) sat beside me . Soon , the senior flight attendent informed us of our flight plans , we were to climb to FL370 and our duration is 6 hrs 45 mins .We were expecting to arrive there slightly earlier despite our late departure . I was pretty sure that the Captain and F/0 were busy thats why the Captain didnt make the annoucement .

Anyway ,the plane pushed back and the usual Roll Royce trent 892 engines were started up.I knew that Gatwick had only 1 runway, (runway ? ) I have no idea .We taxied behind 3 aircrafts , 2 Easyjet 737s and 1 JMC A320 before entering the runway and wait for about 2 mins before the plane had a long roll down the runway before rotating and heading towards our assigned attitute . Our plane turned left 360 degrees towards the south-east direction . The take off was pretty bumpy until we reached FL300. Anyway, I didnt take notice of the PTV as I was busy preparing a couple of stuffs ( flight information for this trip report ) .

After finishing my stuff , its time to explore my PTV inflight entertainment system . The shows were exactly the same as my previous flights and I didnt know what to watch. Apparently EK and UL changed the programmes every month . Anyway , I decided to watch Santa who ? While watching the show halfway , the cabin crews were preparing to serve us lunch . I was already feeling very hungry and tired too .
Anyway , this is what the menu consists of

Appetizer : Shrimps and Feta Cheese ( Pretty ok )

Salad : Seasonal Salad (I never fancy salads but it was alright )

Main Coarse : Choice of Butler Chicken or Rack of Lamb ( I chose the Chicken , it wasn't really nice because the chicken was pretty saltish )

Dessert : Baked Cheesecake ( I love cheesecakes , this is a nice touch after a saltish meal )

Bread and Butter (Yummy )

Beverages : Tomato juice with Tobasco sauce ( The crew was very nice to offer me the Tubasco saurce , it tasted very yummy )

Overall , I enjoyed the meal . When you are hungry , you can eat up everything , that is what i exactly do . Anyway , after the cabin crews cleared our trays and they switched off the lights ( so that some of us can sleep ) , I immediately took out my flight information form( for the captain to fill in the form ) and my Dragon Wings B777-300 model ( to get the Captain and F/0 to sign on the box) and went to the back gallery and approached to one of the air-steward who was free . He is an eurasian guy ( I can't remember his name ) but he was very kind to help me pass the form and the model box to the Captain for me , I was very grateful to him . You dont get better service then this . Even through the crews were quiet , they make a great effort to make the passengers feel at home and among other airlines I flown on ( BA , SQ , UA , MH ) . EK's services in my experiences so far is the best . I have no doubts about flying on EK in future . I went back to my seat and decided to take a rest for while , listened to some EK pop music . I heard songs like Robbie Williams -Feel , Holly Valance --Down boy , U2 - Electrical Storm , Avril Lavigne - Complicated ...etc . The songs definately making me feeling relex despite the occasional turbulence especially near Istanbul and Pakistan area .

The same air-steward who helped me with the form stuff came back to me and told me that the Captain and F/O had signed the box but didnt fill up the form because they were extremely busy in the flight deck . I was disappointed but was grateful to the air-steward . Less then 10 mins later , the same air-steward came back and told me that the captain has changed his mind and wiould helped me fill up the form . I was absolutely delighted . I will type out the flight information in my later part of my report . After that , I had a few hours of sleep before the crews served us snack before our arrival to Dubai airport . I must admit time has passed by quickly .

We were served with biscuits and chocolate plus a drink of our choice . I had Carlsburg because I wanted to feel warmer especially I was feeling a bit chilly as the air-con got colder . The snack meal was welcoming and as usual I ate everything up . The descending was very fast and smooth and soon we were on the approach onto runway 30R . It was an excellent landing , the best landing so far in my trip so far , I guessed the good weather is also part of the reason of the excellent landing . Anyway , we taxied pass a few aircrafts . EK A330-200s , B777-200 , B777-300 , Air France B777 , Cathay A330-300 , BA 767-300 and an unknown A310-300 ( too dark to see ) .

I was one of the last few passengers to leave the aircraft . I thanked the cabin crews ( everyone of them ) for the great flight I had . The service on this flight was fabulous as usual .I have to admit this has to be my best flight so far .

This is the flight information
Captain: Dillom
First officer :Wilsorf
Off blox At : 1359
On Blow At : 2028
POB: 380 passengers

ATC clearance
SID assigned : DVRSM
Flight level : 33/35/37
Squawk Code : 1452
Restrictions : 6000 initial

Departure information
Airport : LGW
Parking Gate : A48
Fuel Load: 55.6T
Taxi Fuel : 792
ZFW : 208.9
TO Weight : 264.9 T
T/O EPR/N1 : 1.477
V1 Speed : 153
Vr Speed : 166
V2 speed : 179

Cruise information
Airways Used : UL650/UM223
Cruise attitute: 33/35/37
Cruise Mach : .85
Fuel flow : 7.4 T/hr
OPT level : F341
Max level : 431
Cost index : 142

Arrival information
Airport : DXB
Star assigned Big grinESDI IT
Runway used : 30R
Flaps : 30
Autobrakes : 4
Reverser Setting : Full
Landing weight : 219.1
Vapproach : 148
Vref : 143
Approach type : ILS

Ratings :
Flight : 10/10 My best Emirates flight ( If i can give 11/10 , I will )  Smile
Cabin interior : 10/10
PTV : 7/10
Comfort : 10/10
Meals : 7/10

Watch out for my next trip report . EK404 (Dubai - Singapore) . Thanks for reading my trip report . Hope you enjoyed it .

Happy new year

Be good to yourself , Fly Emirates .
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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Thu Jan 02, 2003 5:48 pm

Hi Charles,

Outstanding trip report! Can't wait to try salty chicken! Big grin

Looking foward to the DXB-SIN report.

Happy New Year!

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Thu Jan 02, 2003 6:52 pm

Excellent report!

I haven't been to LGW since 1994. Has it changed since then?
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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Thu Jan 02, 2003 9:06 pm

Jerrold :Thanks a lot man , how are you doing ?

LPL : I have no idea because that was my first time at Gatwick .

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Thu Jan 02, 2003 10:46 pm

Charles, I couldn't bear to read your trip report because I'm so JEALOUS!  Big thumbs up Great report.

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Fri Jan 03, 2003 10:09 am

Excellent report Charles.. I was more interested in the technical details.. hehe  Big grin
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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sat Jan 04, 2003 2:41 am

Nice report Charles...

How's the PTV controller in the emergency exit seat? My experience sitting in one of emergency exit seat was not that pleasant, since the controller is in the inner side of the arm rest and being a 3-4-3 config in Y-class, the seat width is pretty slim.. I had to get up just to release the controller.

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sat Jan 04, 2003 12:03 pm

Finally some tech stuff! Yay.... just noting it's a set of normal V speeds for the 777-300... doesnt seem that the plane was THAT heavy... probably around the weight of an SQ36...

Anyway, just wanted to ask... u said the plane turned left 360 degrees? err.. was in a hold or something?

Would have LOVED to see that TU154 more than anything else Big grin Big grin


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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sat Jan 04, 2003 12:04 pm


Well , it was pretty alright but i preferred to touch the screen to change the channel , adjust the volume ..etc . Like what you said , its kind of troublesome to take out for the side pocket . Thats an disadvantage sitting at the emergency row .

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sat Jan 04, 2003 12:07 pm

TsanTsen :

The plane made a left turn 360 because of traffic pattern .I am not very sure myself .

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sat Jan 04, 2003 12:34 pm

Hmmm interesting... oh well, ATC must be a little screwy to make an aircraft go one-complete circle without a change of course/heading... Just imagine..

ATC: "Emirates xxx, turn left 250 for traffic seperation"
EK: "err we are already at 250"
ATC: "Emiratex xxx, dont be smart, just turn one round"
EK: "roger, turning one round for 250, Emirates xxx".


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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sun Jan 05, 2003 10:39 am

Nice Report. I really enjoyed the technical details. I'm surprised they didn't think you were a terrorist or something asking for all that information. I was given a hard time at the airport last monday when I asked if our aircraft was a 737-300 or a 737-500. "Why do you need to know that?!?" came the reply. Anyway great report.

I've had a flight where we took off and pretty much did a full circle, although it was a long circle... We were climbing over some heavy weather in our flight path...
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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sun Jan 12, 2003 6:23 am

Hey charles

was not a BA 767 you saw at DXB as they operate solely B777s. No B767s to middle east except maybe the odd KWI or Saudi flight. love the report though and glad that the CPT decided to fill in your report, they are never that busy!!!
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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Sun Jan 12, 2003 9:05 am

Cool report

I'm rather surprised that pilots are that helpful with information...  Big grin
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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:25 am

Fanoftristars: I asked the cabin crew during the flight . I had this Dragon Wings model of 777-300 EK (A6-EMM) and explained to the cabin crew ( I was a big aviation buff...etc) He understood me at once and gladly took the model box and form to the captain .  Smile

Aussiestu : I thought the BA was 777 at first but when I saw it taxied , it was a 767 , i was quite sure because of the 767 nose . Thanks for the compliement .

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RE: Emirates 016 London-Gatwick To Dubai

Mon Jan 13, 2003 7:52 am

Great trip report very detailed and very entertaining.
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