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MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Sun Jan 05, 2003 9:43 pm

Date: Dec 21, 2002
Flight Number: SQ076
Route: Manila-Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport to Singapore-Changi Intl Airport
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 Jubilee
AC Registration: 9V-SYA
Seat: 44B
Gate: 5
Flight Time: 3 hours & 15 minutes
Scheduled Departure Time: 14:30 (2:30 PM)
Actual Departure Time: 14:40 (2:40 PM)
Scheduled Arrival Time: 18:00 (6:00 PM)
Actual Arrival Time: 17:45 (5:45 PM)

We arrived at Terminal 1 at 12:15 PM and were quickly admitted into the terminal after a quick check of tickets & passports. Traffic was horrendous as usual on the road. The first planes spotted as we arrived were a Gulf Air A343 bound for Bangkok, an Asiana 763ER bound for Seoul, and an EVA Air 762ER bound for Taipei. It is the rule in MNL that no non-plane pax is allowed inside the terminal. What a worthless rule.
The line to the X-ray machine passed quite quickly and we offloaded our five pieces of checkin luggage and some other handcarries and backpacks. We could have been entering the new NAIA 3 terminal but then corruption in the company that was supposed to run the terminal messed up first the scheduled Nov 26 opening date then again the delayed Dec 15 date  Sad Anyway, we went straight to a counter with no pax waiting and checked in. It was pretty efficient and then off to immigration we went. That security officer checked the boarding passes once again. Then we had to pay that damn P550 or 11USD Airport Tax per person. Far too much for such a lousy airport in my opinion. Immigration lines were as usual pretty long. The officer had remarked 'do it yourself' when my mom's flight list paper on her green card ran out, which meant that he wanted her to attach a slip of paper to the list and fill out our flight details on it because they had ran out of extra paper. LOL!  Big grin
So off we went to this restaurant which had this nice viewing area. B-HOZ sat on the ramp, waiting for some late pax. I wasnt hungry so i took a glass of sweet lemonade (later when it ran out i stole my brother's coke as he was busy snapping pics lol  Big thumbs up ). It was a great pity that it wasnt B-HOY or B-HOX. A Korean Air 772ER was sitting just behind it, the pilot contacting the tower for takeoff. It sat there for unusually long before leaving for takeoff from runway 24. The Cathay soon followed it followed by Asiana & EVA. A Philippine Jumbo soon joined the line. As we watched, a Cebu Pacific DC9 was using the other, shorter runway running at the right side of the PAL terminal. That runway was only used by smaller planes that day. Two PAL A330s and one company cropduster landed while the KE, Asiana, and EVA left, leaving poor Cathay behind waiting for many planes to land. A Thai A333 soon touched down from Osaka and sat at Gate 7. It was HS-TEM. Soon afterwards a JAL 742 Resocha came rumbling down the runway and parked at Gate 8. Hotel Oscar Zulu finally got a chance to takeoff. Several smaller 737s of PAL & Air Philippines made smooth landings and taxied off. A PAL A320 touched down. Finally, our SIA Pencil Tube made a smooth landing at parked at Gate 5. We caught the sight of the registration, the plane was Sierra Yankee Alpha. We were pretty disappointed as we hoped it would be SYF or SYG with AVOD. Afterwards a Philippine Air Force C-130 made a landing and left the runway. We then made our way to Gate 5 as it was already 1:45 PM.
Boarding started and I entered the aircraft. The plane was filled with 300 pax, mostly Filipino workers, said my brother as he had peeked into the flight manifest after we landed at Changi. The captain that day was a Malay with a Chinese copilot. Taxiing was smooth as we made our way to runway 13, as the wind had already changed direction. The safety video came on & FAs came offering 'hot tarwels'. As we taxied, a Gulf Air 763ER landed. An Air Philippines B732 landed as we turned onto the runway. The RR Trent 800 engines spooled up and the 777 sped down the runway. We lifted off and spotted Terminal 3 and our school as the captain made a turn right.
The usual drinks service of Orange Juice, Water, or Wine started. How I wish SQ would add more drinks to the trays offered. I took an Orange Juice and flipped through the KrisWorld Magazine. Nothin special to watch - already seen Goldmember, others didnt appeal. So its Video Game time Big grin
Seatbelt sign went off and I started to play a few games, like F-Zero, Final Fight, Super Socca, & Super Tennis. Then I decided to go to the comedy channel, which offered first Friends, which was funny, then Mr. Bean, which I already watched, then Whos Line is it Anyway, which I dont like, and the last I forgot.
We cruised at an altitude of around 33,000 feet. Two SIA girls handed out menus. Food? Yummy, I was hungry. Today's lunch from Manila to Singapore was Fish OR Chicken with Ice Cream as dessert. Later on, the FAs came along with the cart and I chose Chicken with a cup of coke. The chicken was yummy with veggies & sauce. I then finished off the bread and the coke. Across the FAs had forgotten to give my mom her meal. She stopped the Chief Steward (I think it was) and asked why she hadnt gotten her lunch. The man ran quickly to the back and came back with a tray of chicken meal, then said sorry many times. Pretty good huh?  Big thumbs up
I was bored with the comedy channel and started flippin around browsing. The FAs came along with a third round of drinks service and I got another coke, in another cup. Why didnt they just use the same cup and save money? Anyway, switched it to airshow and read a little Straits Times.
I had to go to the lav, but the meal trays were still on. But suddenly out popped an SIA Girl & SIA Boy and helped me out. Later when I came back, they helped me again! Then a SIA Boy came along offering Ice Cream, which was a disappointment - A small carton of Filipino Buko (Coconut) Pandan Ice Cream, not very nice. Anyway, it was OK.
Finally the meal was cleared as I asked for a 7-Up. I wish they kept stocks of 7-UP Raspberry - those are great. By then we were nearly leaving the southern Sarawak coast.
The Captain started his descent soon and we turned south near Indonesia. FAs collected headsets. We kept turning right on approach for runway 20L. We saw many ships below as the captain put down flaps and landing gear, then executing a sharp turn left for a final alignment. My brother, who had the window, snapped a pic of the buildings in the CBD as we glided down. We passed over cars and quite a bit of runway before making a VERY bumpy touchdown. Spoilers went up and the rain started. Jeez, picture taking over.  Sad The Chief SIA Girl made her usual welcoming statement as Mr. Malay Captain taxied off the runway and retracted spoilers & flaps. He announced that it was going to be a LONG taxi to the gate. We passed the JAL Disney Sea Jumbo, a Swiss/Swissair Hybrid MD11, and a British Airways 744 Union Flag parked side-by-side, then several SIA birds in the remote bay. As we were passing terminal 1, a Thai Airways 772 started to follow us, but it went off for departure on 20R. Finally we docked and left the plane, the FAs as usual smiling and seeing all pax off.
Changi wasn't too busy, the Qantas time hadnt arrive yet. T2 was full of the usual SIA birds, as Lufty had already gone off to Jakarta.
Immigration was splendid, fast, and efficient as always, but the officers werent very friendly. My sis & I stuffed our pockets with Changi's delicious sweets. Belt 36 was not crowded and we picked out our bags very quickly then got the old taxi man to direct us to two bigger cabs as we went off to our Aunts' home.

Date: Dec 29, 2002
Flight Number: SQ174
Route: Singapore-Changi Intl Airport to Ho Chi Minh-Tai Son Intl Airport
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER Jubilee
AC Registration: 9V-SVG
Seat: 44A
Gate: E4
Flight Time: 1 hour & 50 minutes
Scheduled Departure Time: 14:45 (2:45 PM) - Singapore Time
Actual Departure Time: 14:55 (2:55 PM) - Singapore Time
Scheduled Arrival Time: 15:45 (3:45 PM) - Ho Chi Minh City Time
Actual Arrival Time: 15:45 (3:45 PM) - Ho Chi Minh City Time

After days of visiting, quarreling, playing, travelling, bussing, Sentosa, MRT, Orchard Road, Tampines, Yishun, Serangoon, World Trade Center, Woodlands, Paya Lebar, Lavender, trunk superbus services, and more, it was time to be off to Vietnam. We booked a CityCab Cabby and off we went to Terminal 2. Outside the terminal we spotted a Cargolux 744F leaving. Two SIA Jumbos were parked in front of it. Then we entered the terminal with three pieces of checkin baggage and proceeded to Row 7 at 12:35 PM, where a friendly Chinese woman agent checked us in. She got us a window seat at 44A, which was over the wing and the four seats closest to it, then explained that no other windows were available as many folks had done a phone or internet checkin, offered forty-eight hours before the flight. She confirmed it was a two-class Triple Seven Two Hundred. I thought it was going to be the SR* series. I packed my pocket with sweets, unable to eat them because I had diorhea.
An officer checked our passes, tickets, and passports and we lined up at the immigration. Everything was checked quickly as we were cleared to leave the country. My brother also had diorhea and lay down on the padded floor for a while as I sat down and watched the planes. 9V-SMZ was off to Bangkok at E3 while 9V-STF was to KUL at F32. I luved it when I spotted 9V-SVG at E4, our gate. My first AVOD! YAY!  Big thumbs up Anyway, 9M-MMH was at F30 to KUL while 9V-SQC was parked at F31. SMZ, MMH, & SQC left as a Silkair A320 arrived. The 1000th Jumbo was spotted operating SQ326 to Frankfurt.
We made our way to E4 and sat at the Atlantis Cafe just next to the gate. Many SIA Jumbos were parked near the 'SINGAPORE CHANGI AIRPORT' letters. The only exception was a CX Triple Seven. I had a Chocolate Bun and a Hot Chocolate drink. We entered the gate as the security checks caused great lines.
Finally it was time to board 9V-SVG and we settled in. The seats were comfortable and I saw the PAL 737 getting ready for departure to Manila. On our right, at E5, was sistership Sierra Victor Bravo getting ready for an ultra long haul flight to the Gambling City via Hong Kong Gong.
We left the gate and taxied for takeoff from runway 2R. The Indian Captain who spoke not so good English said our flight time would be 1 hour 45 mins. He had a Chinese copilot again. The safety video came on. Hot Tarwels were offered. I saw a Lionair A310 and the Fineair DC8 that had been stuck in the mud. Takeoff was powerful and we left the ground at 2/3 of the runway. Changi was not busy and I only saw a Megaark, EK 772, QF 763, and KLM 744 that were interesting.
I asked for a cuppa cold water as my mom advised me not to drink the sour Orange Juice. It was given quickly. I tried watching Scooby-Doo but I was too tired to watch. When I asked for bread when the SIA Girl came along, she said there was none. So I agreed on some biscuits.
The meals were served to the pax. Wheres my biscuits? They never came. I was too tired to ask and decided to read a little while. Turned to airshow and tried to sleep, but couldnt. There was no drinks service during this flight and the crew werent that friendly. They disappeared after meals, only reappearing to clean up the trays & collect headsets.
We saw Vietnam soil as we descended. The Captain went north and made a sharp turn to line up on the north runway. Ho Chi Minh City was very clear now as we made a bumpy landing on SGN's poor old runway. I saw the runway material, it was cream brown. Hmmmm. The only foreign traffic at that time was F-GISA, a dirty Air France 747-400 Combi. It had just landed and was prepering for a flight back to Paris via Bangkok.
I spotted only one Golden Lotus 767 parked at a remote stand as a Bangkok Airways ATR landed. More VN & Pacific aircraft were parked in remote stands, taxing, or in hangers. The old tower was a crumbling wreck. We docked at the last remaining jetway. Ho Chi Minh Airport had only four of them, one being used by a VN A320, another by a VN 763ER, another by the AF 744M, and the last by us.
We left the aircraft, only to be met by first a LONG LONG LONG immigration line, just like what the Amazing Racers faced just six months ago. Then heavy rain with thunder & lightning hit. The lady officer was very particular and strict. She even patted one Indian on his head!  Big grin
Finally we were cleared and headed down to the baggage claim area. The staff had already lugged our baggage off the belts onto the floor to make way for two arriving flights, a JAL from Osaka & a KE from Seoul. We found our three pieces and exited after one more X-ray of the baggages.
The hotel guy met us and lugged our baggage into his van. Then we were headed finally to the Somerset Ho Chi Minh City Service Apartments, our home for five days.

SGN-SIN-MNL report will be coming soon...stay tuned!  Smile
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 12:51 am

The "CBD" approach would have been rwy 02, not 20.

Looks like you have had an interesting holiday! An excellent report though. I thought the airport in SGN was rather modern, guess I was wrong.
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 1:33 am

From The Amazing Race SGN looked very modern. I wish Flo Pesenti cut the queue and got hauled into a Vietnamese jail forever! heh.
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 8:10 am

Oh yeah thanks Ryanair, i forgotten if the south part was the '2s' or the '20s' lol. Yeah, should be 2R. Thanks for the comments. The airport in SGN was quite modern, but the insides & parking areas were lousy.

PS. hee yeah docpepz  Big thumbs up
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 8:13 am

btw...oh yes the jetways were very fresh lookin in the inside!  Big thumbs up
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 8:31 am

wait, it was actually 2L, as we landed on the left runway and had a long taxi to terminal 2. Sorry.

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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 11:59 am

Great stuff man! Big grin

Hope u enjoyed the journey to SGN... Big grin Wld love to go there one day soon.

BTW, Wld also love to get a trip on the 772ER.... (still dreaming)...
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 9:39 pm

Tsentsan, how about I rub it in?  Big thumbs up Mr. underage Lee, why go to SGN? Visiting our good friend S_Air over there?

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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 10:26 pm


rub it in and u can kiss ur aeroflot stuff good bye Big grin
oh yes, i met our dear friend Mr Lee the other day.
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Mon Jan 06, 2003 10:57 pm


I believe the 'modern' airport shown in Amazing Race 3 was Hanoi and not SGN.
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Tue Jan 07, 2003 9:39 am

SVA, shut the hellup! Big grin Whatcha mean Tsen?  Big grin
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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Tue Jan 07, 2003 6:59 pm

Good report SVE! Big grin

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RE: MNL-SIN-SGN On Singapore Intl Airlines Ltd

Tue Jan 07, 2003 8:36 pm

yeh HAN is much much more modern than SGN.... they renovated it and built new terminal not too long ago. the fact is in SGN, they are planning to build a new international airport for Saigon in Long Thanh, or somewhere near Bien Hoa in Dong Nai Province. With that said they will also build a 'real' highway linking both provinces and cut travel time by 40minutes. currently their so called national highway is poorer than those trunk roads in Malaysia.

and so they arent really gonna renovated Tan Son Nhat much further... but u kno its Vietnam, every damn decision takes years to be approved but seeing it from now thats the way it will be...

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