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Us Airways

Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:45 am

Decided to visit my family in Philadelphia on March 14th decided to fly up to PHL on US the flight was schedule for dept @ 1:40pm with a arrival in Phl @ 4:40pm Airbus 320. When they started boarding the flight I was Last to board there were no OHB available and the heavy set F/A instead of helping me find space she said if the OHB are closed it means there's no room. The flight was smooth up to Phl the meal was a small Kaiser roll with turkey and yellow cheese, a bag of BBQ potato chips and Coconut cookies, all this was handed to me in a Deli style bag the flight attendants were OK, but there was this heavy woman ( F/A) she just seemed miserable. Last time I flew US from PHL on a 320 they had 5 F/A but that's when they had a actual hot meal, on this flight they only had 4 F/A and the flight was full. Overall it was OK.

On March 16th
JetBlue # 507
Departed JFK @ 8:20pm
Arrival in SJU @ 12:45a

WOW great people the F/A's were great they were up and down the aisle helping people actually put their belongings in the overhead bins the Direct TV was great even if it lasted about 1: 15 min after the flight took off. I spoke to one of the F/A and he said in July they will receive the first A/C with DVD that you can actually pick up to 4 movies especially for the SJU flights the flight was just great. The service was Snacks, Biscotti, Animal Crackers, Blue Chips, Cheddar Whales,Chocolate cookies. And the whole can of soda. The flight was full the only seat open was 27B and 27E
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RE: Us Airways

Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:50 am

Its great to hear that JetBlue is doing well on their flights to San Juan, hopefully they will add FLL-SJU soon. So the Direct TV actually works on flights to Puerto Rico for an hour- its interesting that they will offer DVD's on flights to the island. I've always wanted to catch a JetBlue in San Juan but luck is never on my side.
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RE: Us Airways

Wed Mar 19, 2003 11:48 am

I dont believe its just DVD to the Island. Since scheduling is random, Id guess that all the aircraft would be equipped.

Nice to see another positive trip for jetBlue!

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RE: US Airways

Thu Mar 20, 2003 3:18 am


JBLUA320. YES all the A/C will be equipped.

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