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Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:26 am

I was in Australia the last 3 weeks with a friend of mine and I really enjoyed my time there. I love Australia and it was just great, also my flights were great. I flow with Qantas and Swiss.

here we go:

February 20, 2003
Swiss International Airlines, flight LX 632
Zürich - Paris CDG
Airbus A321, seat 24A

The flight was about 85% full in Economy Class and the Business Class row was very long, they had also a good load factor in Business Class. In fact I have never seen so many Business Class seats in a A321. Service was good, Flight Attendants were ok and friendly. I like the screens on Swiss where they show you the route map, flight infos and comics in the air. Service was simple, just a warm croissant and a yoghurt. Found that ok for such a short flight (1 hour). Coffee and tea was served in nice plastic cups and under plate and a real metal spoon. Very nice. They offered everything at this drink service. Even Champagne on this very early morning flight. When the crew collected the cups and under plates they offered a second drink service. I took a water, while I had a orange juice and coffe from the first service. Service was very good. I rememer on KLM where I got served peanuts on a morning flight!!!! I arrived in Paris on time on 08.45.

Paris airport is very worse, I didn't like this airport. It was very bad writen to transfer to another terminal.
Anyway,I found the way to the Qantas termina and checked in for my flight to Singapore and Perth on Qantas flight 18.

February 20, 2003
Qantas flight 18
Paris - Singapore - Perth (same airplane, but 3 hours stop in Singapore)
Boeing 747-400, seat 68K

This was my first time on Qantas and I was very excited, since I like this airline very much. Was happy to fly again on a 747-400. Economy Class was only half full, which was fine for me. Crew was fantastic on this flight. A lot of french speaking Crews. I met Melanie from Auckland, she was such a nice Flight Attendant. During I slept she gave me a bag with cards, pens, pins with Qantas logo and a Amnietiy kit from Business Class. Other crew members were very nice as well and I received plenty of additional drink services  Smile/happy/getting dizzy))
The planes was fitted with PTV and the seat pitch was ok. Crew distributed meal cards, Headsets and a small Amniety kit. Lunch consisted of a choose between Beef and fish. I chosed the fish and it was quite delicious. The fish came in a mushroom sauce. On the tray was also a small salad (not the best) and crackers. No real desert. Bad. And on all Qantas flight I never received a refreshing towel, not even a packed one. Swiss gives you always a cold packed towel. Meal was very nice. I drank a australian wine. After the meal service and pre meal drink service crew distributed the Q snack on bag. There was wather inside, dipp crackers, chocolate and mint candies. Not that bad... The crew didn't offer a lot of drink services. And they served us Ice Cream later on. Before arrival in Singapore we could chose between a continental or a Hot breakfast. I chosed the hot breakfast and it was very good (sausage with bacon, Has browns and Tomato). On the tray was also a orange juice, fruit salad and a croissant. During the breakfast we had turbulences. Departure in Paris was 10.50am and arrival in Singapore on the next day at 06.15am.

Since Singapore is a Hub for Qantas passengers connected to other Qantas flights to Australia. My friend flow to Melbourne directly and I flow to Perth and then from Perth to Melbourne. I spent 2 hours at Singapore Changi airport before i boarded the same plane again to Perth. There were a lot of new passengers on the plane, but still half full. I had a entire row for myself  Smile/happy/getting dizzy)) Of course there was a change of Crew in Singapore and on the flight to Perth the crew was less friendly than on the previous flight. Once in the air we were served another breakfast. Eggs or Omelette. I chosed the eggs and it came with a Banana/Pecan Muffin and some biscutis and fresh fruits. The food was again very good. Rest of the flight was nothing special, shortly before the arrival in Perth the Crew served another drink service. Immigration Cards were distributed also on this flight.

Immigration in Perth was very slowly. For non Australian people were only 2 counters open and lots of Passengers were from Europe and Asia. I waited very long. Then once I was in Australia I had to go to the Domnestic terminal in Perth. There was a Qantas bus waiting for all the transfer passengers. The bus ride took about 15 mins from the international to the domnestic termina  Smile/happy/getting dizzy))

February 21, 2003
Qantas flight 776, Cityflyer
Perth - Melbourne
Boeing 737-400, seat 20F

This flight was only half full. For this flight which took about 4 hours were free headset available like on all Qantas flights. Service was very nice on this flight, i could choose between Chicken and Mushroom Ravioli. I chosed the Ravioli and they were delicious. I drank wine for the dinner. All trays on all Qantas flights had real cutlery and a glas. Very nice! On this flight Qantas showed the movie Simone. I also have to say that Qantas safety videos are very good. Very detailed and the crew is still showing the most important things manuel. Very good. Before landing we were served Ice cream since therw was no dessert on the tray. I arrived in Melbourne at 22.25. My baggage came fast. I'm happy that Qantas still serves full meals. I think on such a long flight i would always chose Qantas over Virgin blue.

February 22, 2003
Qantas flight 454, Cityflyer
Melbourne - Sydney
Boeing 767-300, seat 50K

There is not a lot to tell for this flight. Cabin Crew was very nice and the flight was very short. There was even Wine available for this flight. I drank a Diet Coke. Crew gave also a snack box to each passengers which consisted of chip and dipp sauce. Not that bad. And again free headsets. Landing was on time.

I was expected to fly back to Europe on March 13, but since I loved Sydney so much I decided to fly back to Sydney over the weekend from 7. till 10. march. Cheapest flights were availabe on Virgin blue. The whole week before the 7th of march I was at Byron Bay and Cold Coast so I flow from Brisbane to Sydney and return.

March 7, 2003
Virgin blue flight DJ 240
Brisbane - Sydney
Boeing 737-700 (first time on this a/c), seat 24E

I always love the rides on the Boeing 737. Their take off is so powerfull and fast. I found Virgin blue very nice for short flights. The Crew was an all female crew. Crew members were young and attractive. During the safety demonstration every Flight Attendant was named by their first name. I also like that on Qantas that the Flight Attendants are named by their first name.
I bought a Diet Coke on this flight for AUD 2.50 and a airplane model for AUD 25. I found the flight very pleasant. Prices were very ok and a lot of passengers bought food or drinks.

March 10, 2003
Virgin blue flight DJ 221
Sydney - Brisbane
Boeing 737-700, seat 6F

This flight was full, as also the previous flight. Flight Attendants were again all girls and they were funny. They named the pilot as lovely and they were saying: Ladies and gentlemens, boys and girls, welcome on Virgin blue flight.... to beautiful Brisbane. And so so on. I bought again a Coke on this flight and enjoyed the view along the Coast.

March 13, 2003
Qantas flight QF 15
Brisbane - Singapore
Boeing 747-300, seat 60C

It was time to say good bye to Australia. I was very unhappy to leave Australia. The flight was ok, Cabin Crew was a bit laizy and we had turbulences on this flight and even the Crew had to take a seat. The 747-300 was not fitted with PTV. Flying time was about 7 hours and they showed two movies on the main screens. Menu cards were distributed and the choice was either Chicken or Lamb. I chosed the Lamb and it came with Mash Potato and Peas. As well as a salad (the salad on the plane and in australia was never very good, smile) and Lemon Panna Cotta dessert. Strange was that there were no peanuts available on the first drink service before the meal service started. After the meal service the crew was gone for the whole flight. Shortly before the arrival we were served a refreshment which consist of Singapore Style Chicken and Prawn Fried Rice and as dessert seasonal fruit in Lime Syrup as well as Tim Tam chocolate, which was very good. The Singapore Chicken dish was delicious. We departed Brisbane at 14.00pm and arrived in Singapore on the early evening.

although it was the same flight number to Rome, there was a aircraft change in Singapore.

March 13, 2003
Qantas flight 15
Singapore - Rome
Boeing 747-400, seat 47H

We departed Singapore with a smal delay about 00.00 and the crew was very fast with distributing amniety kit and headsets. As I already mentioned no towls on all Qantas flights. And no meal cards. This flight was code-shared with Alitala so there were plenty of Italian passengers on board. And a lot of italian speaking Qantas flight attendants. The plane had PTV and there were about 100 seats available in Economy Class. Dinner consisted of a choice between lemon fish or Pasta. I chosed Pasta and it was fine. After dinner the Crew distributed another Q snack bag. Most passengers were trying to sleep. 2 hours before the arrival in Rome the Crew served breakfast. There was a choice between Hot breakfast or Continental breakfast. I chosed the Continental and it was a Muesli, fruits and a Muffin. It was good. My friend took the hot breakfast and it was a egg and sausage and and....
There were 2 Crew members from New Zealand on this flight....
Landing in Rome was on time at 05.10am

March 14, 2003
Swiss International Airlines flight LX 1735
Rome - to Zürich
Airbus A319, seat 16E

Load factor on this flight was about 90%. The Purser was very friendly. Once in the air we were served another small breakfast. The same as on my Zürich - Paris flight. Strange thing was only that there was only one drink service. Maybe I expected a bit more on this flight, since this flight is longer than the Paris flight. We flow over the mountaind and landed in Zürich at 8.50am. Unfortunately we were on the bus terminal. Baggage came quick
Overall it was a nice flight. I like Swiss. Free newspaper in Rome and in Zürich for the Paris flight. And chocolate and candies as pre take-off service. And packed towels. Well done Swiss.

I can highly recommand Qantas. I love this airline. But at least a towel they should offer on such long flights. And more drink services during the night. Despite that I loved my time in Australia and on Qantas. Thank's for reading and sorry for the lengts. For ruther questions you can contact me.
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Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:36 am

Thanks for the great report Swiss. I am so happy that you enjoyed your holiday in Australia.

However I am abit worried about all the empty seats on your Qantas flights. Is this normal for this time of year? It seems QF's European services are struggling with all this war talk.


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Thu Mar 20, 2003 4:42 pm

Hey Qantaspower

Your country is very nice and the people are very lovely and friendly. Yeah, it was strange that allmoste all flights were only half full. I think on Paris - Singapore there were about 170 empty seats in Economy Class. For me it was good, my travel compagnion and me had allways the whole row for us and we had never to wait for going to the toilet. That was good. Only the Qantas Melbourne - Sydney flights and the two Virgin Blue flights were full.
However I was told from a guy from the UK that the flights ex London are usually full and his Singapore - Brisbane flight was also full. Maybe i just had luck.

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Sat Mar 22, 2003 6:10 am

Hi Mike,

you wrote an excellent report, I enjoyed reading very much! Great to hear that you liked your stay in down under, I hope that I can visit Australia too in the future.

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Sat Mar 22, 2003 6:49 am

Hey, very good report, thanks for that.....

I for my part am planning to visit Australia/New Zealand this autumn.... Hope I can make it....

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Sun Mar 23, 2003 3:22 am

Very nice report!  Big thumbs up

Australia sounds very pleasant. Hope to be there some day.  Smile

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Sun Mar 23, 2003 5:34 am

Thank's guys.

yeah, Australia is a great country. I even hold a koala bear in my arms  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
and Qantas is also nice

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Mon Mar 24, 2003 3:31 am

I have a question, when transferring with QF in Singapore, are you required to clear customs or is there a secure area for QF?

say joe pax is flying on QF to LHR from SYD, but he has to change planes in Singapore, is he required to clear customs?

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Mon Mar 24, 2003 9:54 am

Hi blink,

regarding your question.... no you don't have to clear custom in Singapore, you can stay in the airport building, I mean in the transfer area. Singapore is a Mini Hub of Qantas and they have several flights around the same time for the connecting passengers from europe. In your example the passenger will get the boarding cards including seat number from london to syd, mel, perth..... even there is a plane change in Singapore. You really have to do nothing at Singapore airport - except enjoying the airport, smile
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Wed Mar 26, 2003 8:22 am

Nice report, well done.
What did strike me was that your flight(s) bound for Australia departed in the morning. Which is way better than the usual night-time departure when flying Europe-Aus. I remember I was quite pissed arriving at SYD at about 6am after 20+hours on the plane.
Have they changed that or is it a CDG exception, somebody please enlighten me?
Btw, at what time did you arrive at Perth?

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Wed Mar 26, 2003 11:34 am

Hi Stratofish

The current QF timetable has their Paris and Rome flights leaving mid morning. They changed this sometime back to get better aircraft utlisation as the flights from Australia arrive into Europe early in the morning. The 744 aircraft is now turned around quite quickly rather than sitting there all day until the the normal night depature.

This may be popular for leisure pax not so sure about business pax though. They probably prefer late night departures.

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Wed Mar 26, 2003 7:02 pm

Hi Swiss-airplane,

Thank you for your report, its great to hear that Qantas' service is improving at last! Could you tell us a little more about the PTVs? How were they?

Thanks a lot
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Fri Mar 28, 2003 1:02 am

Hi guys

Stratofish: I was about at 1.00pm in Perth. For me were the times just perfect with the morning departure from Europe.

QantasAirways: Well, the PTV's were very nice with airshows, movies, music and news. However the movie selection was not very good and the news section was not updated. But all in all ok, enjoyable for such a long flight. And also on domnescit flights free headsets.


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