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DUB-EDI On EI BAe 146-300 EI-CLH (Aoife)

Sat May 24, 2003 10:21 pm

On 27 June 2002 I went to Edinburgh on the first Aer Lingus flight from Dublin on the 7.00am flight.  Smile
I got up late about 6.20am because the battery of my Nokia was dead.
Went out into the car with my friend about 6.30am.
Only took 12 minutes me to the airport because I live 2 miles from the runway Big grin
When I arrived into the terminal. I checked in for my flight EI-252.  Smile
Then I realised I parked my car in the Short term car park and only had just over 10 minutes left. :O
Then I ran back to to the ticket machine and paid the parking fee and drove the car to Long term. :O
After I parked my car. I got the shuttle bus back to the Terminal building.
Hopefully Dublin airport is small and I got to the plane on time.  Smile
Few minutes after I sat down 2 people stepped on board as they were about to remove the steps.
Now it was 7.07 and pushback commenced at 7.10.
The plane didn't speeded out to the runway as it was taxiing.
We waited for 7 minutes for no reason beside the runway.
theres no planes in front of us and landing.
The plane took off at 7.20.
4 minutes after the f/a started to serve cookies. Big grin
But it was diffrent from my last trip from GLA-DUB which they served muffins  Sad
Aer Lingus service did really went down for shor-haul flights Sad
Then this guy with his head shaved in a blue shirt came over to ask me do I want tea of coffee.
At first I thought he was a passenger just messing.  Smile
But then I saw his badge with the Aer Lingus logo and his name on it and realised that he is also a f/a. Big grin
Then I asked for tea.
After cruising across the Irish Sea we were in Scotland!
The flaps were lowered at 8.15am
The plane then turned for approach to the runway at 8.27am.
The plane touched down at 8.32am
Walked to luggage conveyer belt and waited over 30 minutes until the luggage finally came.
I noticed that there was No business class seats on that flight and some of the seats were in bad condition with little parts missing due to passenger damage  Sad
The friendliness of the f/a remains unchanged Big grin
Services went down about 60% since my last flight from Scotland in 1996.  Sad
The only good thing to say about this flight is that we got off on the pipe thing instead of the steps Big grin

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RE: DUB-EDI On EI BAe 146-300 EI-CLH (Aoife)

Sat May 24, 2003 11:33 pm

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RE: DUB-EDI On EI BAe 146-300 EI-CLH (Aoife)

Mon May 26, 2003 3:16 pm

I'll be taking this flight during my vacation to the UK in June. Ummmm.. wow.
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RE: DUB-EDI On EI BAe 146-300 EI-CLH (Aoife)

Tue May 27, 2003 6:16 pm

Stressing Trip Report for a stressing flight! Big grin

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