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ATL-EWR, Delta Air Lines

Tue May 27, 2003 12:06 pm

Delta DL 1023
Scheduled: 9:35a
Actual: 9:37a
Arrival: 11:38a
Actual: 11:27a
Aircraft: B757-200

My friend and I drove from Buckhead to Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport around 7:00am, dropped off our rental car and proceeded to check-in. As we had paper tickets (thanks to Expedia booking us on CO and DL), we stood in line at the main terminal, but process was very quick. The ticket agent was not rude, but she wasn't particularly helpful. We asked if we could be seated together, and she said no, the "equipment" was full. We found out at A17 that the flight had 30 seats open one hour before departure. I understand that all airline employees are feeling the pinch, but management should take note: this is the kind of stuff that drives customers away. As a loyal and spoiled CO addict, I don't like being treated like a commodity, even if my ticket was $200.
Security was chaotic, not very orderly, but the TSA agents were attentive.
Quick train ride to Concourse A, which was nice enough. Our plane arrived at A17 early from Charleston. Boarding began at 9:05am and was slow and quite deliberate. The plane was about 97% full, but my friend was seated in the middle of the emergency exit row. The aisle was open and as soon as the door closed, I moved. Taxi was quick past several DL 737's, MD90's, 767's, and a pair of MD11's parked at the International gates. Three AirTran 717's were lined up behind us. Take off roll was fast, powerful, and short. We were up and on our way in less than one minute and a half! In flight service consisted of three cookies and a diet coke. Frasier was playing on the over-head TV's. Descent into Newark after a quick 1 h 28 min flight was choppy thanks to the rain and wind, but we landed alongside the Turnpike smoothly. Taxied past Terminal C, Terminal B International, which was hosting an El Al 747-400, Singapore 747-400 and Ethiopian 767. Taxied up to our Gate. No other aircraft in sight, other than a parked B727-200 of Northwest Airlines. It was there when we left. A Midwest 717 in new livery was also parked there.

Overall a good flight. Cabin crew were nice. Plane was clean but worn inside. Scratched walls, torn fabric on seats, dirty walls. The 757 was in the DeltaFlot livery, which was nice.

I like the Delta plasma tv screens at the gates, but if Delta paid for those, you wonder why the airlines loose so much money!


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