MKE To PIT On US Airways

Wed May 28, 2003 11:28 am

US 1730
Seat 4A
Gate D51

This was only the second time I have flown on US Airways, I had to go to PIT last night 26 May 03 to start training with US Airways. I got to the MKE airport at 1740 for my 1850 flight. I checked in with the agent who was very helpful and then proceeded to give my bag to the TSA then off to the gate I went. It took me about 4 mintues to get through security, I love the MKE airport. It never seems to be busy. I got to the gate and had a few mintues to wonder the terminal and look at some YX planes at the gate, no 717's though. They started to board the aircraft at 1820 but I had noticed that an airstart was hooked up and that normally means airstart which means no air condition so I waited until after just about everyone was onboard prior to boarding and man was it warm in that plane. We pushed off the gate about 3 minutes early pretty good with an airstart and all. We got to the end of the runway and quickly were in the air and over Lake Michigan, the pilots did not once come on the pa system while inflight, the breifly did at the gate. I have no idea how high we were flying. The inflight service consisted of drinks only, I was not aware that US does not even offer peanuts or pretzel's, no biggie. We landed10 minutes early in PIT and I went to baggage claim to retreive my bag.

Overall the flight was good, nothing bad about it really. Friday I get to return to MKE from PIT.
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RE: MKE To PIT On US Airways

Wed May 28, 2003 8:59 pm

No pretzels!! now that is cost cutting, what does it cost, $0.30. (in bulk) per person...that's lower than SOUTHWEST on a one-hour MHT-BWI with snacks and drinks.
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RE: MKE To PIT On US Airways

Thu May 29, 2003 3:53 am

Cool non-rev trip report AWA22. But, in your last report, didn't you say you were fed-up with the airline industry and wouldn't be flying much anymore? Well anyways, good job in getting with US Air in MKE! I work for Continental out here in MSN and im always flying in and out of MKE as well. Don't think i would ever get tired with my job and I love to non-rev. Nice airport too and so much bigger.


RE: MKE To PIT On US Airways

Thu May 29, 2003 12:49 pm

I did say that but US so far has been the only place that called me, I am not going to travel much I just needed a job til something ese comes around. Soon I hope.

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