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Southwest MHT-MCO-MHT

Fri Oct 10, 2003 3:37 am

Outbound flight 1029, return 1030. I went to Disney with my whole family, 7 total. I was going to do AA out of Boston but, Southwest out of MHT was only 175$ usd. Tempting I thought. Also, I am a stockholder, and have never flown on Southwest. *gasp*  Smile/happy/getting dizzy So I booked it.

Both flights were on-time, planes were clean, and the attendants were very nice. I was surprised at the amount of legroom, I was expecting 29, or 30" pitch... ala DeltaExpress. There was more than that, almost MRTC space. I think both flights were 737-700's but, I couldn't be sure. I was also apprehensive about the group boarding procedure. Both times we were at the airport early enough to get into the A group. I thought it would be a mad stampede. Not so, it was pretty well organized. And I was surprised that the plane loaded a bit quicker because people weren't searching for their seat number. They just picked out a seat, and sat. I would do it again for sure.

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