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1985: My First Trip For The Sake Of Flying...

Fri Oct 10, 2003 8:22 am


That particular summer was between my freshman and sophomore year of high school. I was supposed to go on a bike trip in Scotland and Ireland, but I had an accident and could not go. Funny, I remember that I was to fly NW. I was eager because it was at that time that NW was moving from BOS Terminal B to E.

My family decided that later in the summer I could visit family in SFO. I really didn't care too much about these distant second cousins. But I loved the thought of making the travel plans to include airlines I had not yet flown.

At the time, had I taken TW roundtrip, it would have cost $450. But somehow I was able to get a rate of $480 taking three different carriers. (Funny how fares in the market are the same or lower these days, yet we still often expect full service!).

So here's the trip:

CO, flight XXX BOS-DEN. DC-10
We departed Terminal B at 8am. In 1985, that meant getting to the airport at about 7:35. I had asked for a window seat "as far forward in the cabin as possible" (as I didn't want to be near the smoking section). I got the second row back from the bulkhead. Little did I know that on this particular flight, CO's smoking section was in the front. I remember the woman next to me smoking the entire time. But I was not confined to my seat. CO's DC-10's had "pub service" for Y pax. They had a little lounge section filled with goodies. I spent a lot of time getting pastries and such. B-fast was pancakes with the works. Connection at Stapelton was easy.

Our next flight, DEN-SFO, was on a 727-100. Uneventful lunch flight.

Return was even more fun. My first leg (SFO-DFW) was on Pan Am (the original). They used the itnernational terminal, so I remember seeing lots of action. The flight itself was sad. Seats on the 727-200 were worn and torn. Meal was below standards. This was not the Pan Am my parents used to fly!

DFW was a fun airport to connect in. I think BN was in the same terminal. I was really looking forward to that last flight. This was Braniff 2, and everything about it seemed fun. The seats were comfy and leather. The middle one came down to create a "club" atmosphere. They did not give playing cards away, but I bought a deck for maybe $.75. BN used US's gates at BOS.

All-in-all it was a fun way for a 14 year old to spend a few days!

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