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Alaska/ Horizon 4 Segments Total (Nov 1st)

Mon Nov 03, 2003 8:00 am

hello all... here is a trip report from November first (11/1/03)! Hope you all enjoy!

Horizon Air Flight 2218
Service from EUG to PDX (28mins)
Dash-8 Q200

I arrived at EUG, waited roughly 5 mins in line, recieved my boarding pass and went to the gates.

EUG has a great concouse for QX (Horizon Air) It has completely covered walkways right up to the aircraft, However they never attach the bridge from the convered walks ways the Q200, just the CR7s and Q400s.

Anyways... soon boarding comenced and we were on board the aircraft. I was amazed to find the Q200s Horizon flies have the same interior as the Q400. The overhead bins were just as large as a CRJ's if not larger. The ceilings, and panels, galleys were all very advanced looking, they blended in to the contouring of the cabin... reminded me of being on a 777.

Once we got airborn the F/A quickly brought around a beverage cart... I ordered an Orang Juice, and the flight attendant distributed a LARGE candy bar like thing called a "Detour" It was basically like a Healthy snickers, but MUCH larger! And very good! F/A was great... shes becoming a pilot very shortly

Landing went great... deboarded, and prepared for my next flight!

Alaska Airlines Flight 100
PDX-DEN (2 hours and 10 minutes)
Boeing 737-400

Take off went perfectly... the 734 can climb pretty good! We had a very laid back flight, except at the end when during descent we encountered very heavy turbulance. The meal service was a biscuit omlet in a bag (Very hot) with peppers and three cheeses... was very good! This particular aircraft had the old seats! ( I Think)

Alaska Airlines Flight 505
Boeing 737-400 (2hours and 20 minutes)

This flight went great as well... on time as were ALL flights this day! After take off the meal service consisted of a hot sandwhich which was great, with a cookie (Very good) F/As offered seconds! This aircraft had the new interior with more cusioning and It seemed it had more legroom... I think the new seats increase legroom.

Horizon Air Flight 2241
Dash-8 Q200

THis flight went perfect as well... great crew. However a limited beverage service... choice of:
1.) Water
2.) Cranbary Juice
3.) Complementary Wine or Beer

The snack was a bag of "Rold Gold" Pretzels... didnt op for any!

Anyways... I know this isn't much but thats the jist of the day. If you fly Alaska or Horizon expect clean airplanes, and a little higer level of service then what you would find on most U.S. Carriers!

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RE: Alaska/ Horizon 4 Segments Total (Nov 1st)

Tue Nov 04, 2003 10:37 am

Thanks for the report. That sounds like a long day!
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RE: Alaska/ Horizon 4 Segments Total (Nov 1st)

Wed Nov 05, 2003 2:19 am

I agree about their service. I think they are one of the best out there.
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