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Another Story

Sat Jan 03, 2004 12:44 pm

I got a call to go to Acapulpco to work on some electronics on a 368 ft yatch that was anchored off shore.

Went to Newark with tools and bags and signed a waiver saying that if I was working in Mexico I was going to jail, well, I would check that out on the Dallas lay over.

Made friends with a bakery owner and his wife who were doing a ten year anniversary trip to Acapulco on the way down. 727 so the three seats were me and them. Spent our hour lay over in Dallas in a bar and got real friendly.

I explained to them what my deal was and made a phone call to the contractor saying that either I got a meet at the airport in Mexico or I abandoned some very expensive tools that belonged to them rather than spend some time in jail, no problem I was told, someone will meet me and get me through customs.

Nice flight, lots of laughs with my new friends, we get to Acapulco and get into a bus that takes us to the terminal. Two customs lines open with about thirty people in each one, I look around and there is a Navy looking dude with a white uniform and a clip board with the name of the ship I will work on in large letters.

I head for this guy and introduce myself, he says he is the radio officer for the good ship blah blah balh and that I should bring my bags to a customs officer who is standing there doing nothing, he checks me through with a nod and we are out.

The boat guy tells me we are going in a taxi to where we can get to the boat,

airport to town is about 20 miles, my new friends are standing in a long line of newcomers and I ask my boat dude where we are going, he says to the Hilton, the boat is offshore behind it in the marina..now I remember that's where these folks are staying, he says fine but we can't wait, I say fine give me your clipboard, jump out , go to the man and his wife, tell them just smile and follow me, we go through my own personal customs officer, I tell him they are with me and we are off to town and drinks on them....

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