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Here is my first ever trip report, have read quite a few here on so I know more or less how to do.  Smile
I booked myself a round trip to Madrid from Gothenburg through Copenhagen, to see my girlfriend. Met her here in Gothenburg in August as she was visiting a friend. We fell in love with each other, and now it was time for me to visit her in her country.  Big grin
Booked this round trip in September for around €300.

I woke up around 05:00 am that morning and headed to Landvetter (GOT), arrived around 06:45 am. Check-in went pretty smooth, took about 10 minutes. The girl behind the check-in desk asked me if I would like a window or an aisle seat. Of course I answered that I would like a window seat, I also asked if I could get a window seat by the wing (for photography reasons), she told me that the wings were pretty near the engines and it would be more noise there as this was a MD-90. I told her that I still wanted it, so she gave it to me. I got seat 33A for GOT-CPH and seat 32F for CPH-MD), Spain">MAD, thought that sounded awfully far back in the a/c, but didn’t think more of that. Later I took a cappuccino with my mom, talked a little and then remembered that I had put my nail scissor in my hand luggage. The funny thing was that a few minutes after, they made an announcement in the speakers that people should not put sharp things in their hand luggage. So I took it out and handed it to my mom. We said goodbye and she wished me a pleasant trip. I then walked through security with no problems, and now I was in the departure hall of Landvetter. Walked around a bit, looking at aircrafts, could not take any good photos cause it was too dark outside so the terminal windows got reflected.
Maybe I should get on with the flight itself...

24 October 2003
Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT) > Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH)
Scandinavian Airlines SK 435
McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30
SE-DMG “Hervor Viking”
Seat 33A

Dep: 08:35
Arr: 09:20

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Photo © Spencer Wilmot

At 08:10 am boarding started and I got into the line, soon I would board this beauty that stood outside on Gate 16A and waited. Boarding went smooth, walked down the jet way and onto the aircraft. The F/A’s said Hello and smiled as we boarded. As this was my first time on a MD-80/90 I got a little bit surprised of how long and narrow it was. Felt like walking a mile to reach my 33A seat. When I finally arrived to my seat I got a nice surprise, there was a galley right in front of me, which meant more space for my legs. (Think it’s called bulkhead seat?)
The flight was full I think, if not there couldn’t have been many seats left.
The F/O came on the PA and told us that we would be a bit delayed because of de-icing. In that moment I saw two de-icing trucks pull up at each side of the aircraft. This was the first time I saw the de-icing procedure, I thought it was pretty interesting. When we had been de-iced we pushed back and taxied to the runway. The long and narrow MD-90 took off like a rocket into the sky.

This was my first time on SAS and my first time on a scheduled carrier, only been on charter before, and on a Cessna when I was a little boy Big grin
So I didn’t really know what to expect. The flight didn’t raise any eyebrows and went on pretty fast, remember this is only a roughly 30 minutes flight.
When we had reached our cruising altitude they started serving us with juice and a little sandwich. That little breakfast felt pretty enough for this short flight. After I had finished my meal I took some photos of our descending into CPH. I saw the Öresundsbridge (connects Malmö and Copenhagen) as we made a left turn out over the sea. A few minutes after, we touched down on Danish tarmac.
I was the last out of the a/c except for the crew, I asked one the male F/A if I could take a photo of the cabin, which I could.

I had roughly 50 minutes connecting time so I took a look at the screens to see which gate my next flight would depart from, it was gate A20. I walked around a bit at the airport, made a phone call to my girlfriend to see if everything was ok as she was supposed to meet me at Barajas in Madrid.
Took some photographs through the terminal windows and then went to the gate (They didn't make it into the db).  Sad

24 October 2003
Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) > Madrid Barajas (MD), Spain">MAD)
Scandinavian Airlines SK 581
McDonnell Douglas MD-82
LN-RMD “Fenge Viking“
Seat 32F

Dep: 10:15
Arr: 13:35

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Photo © Johan Kellerman

Boarding went smoothly and I walked down the jet way and onto the a/c. Two of the male F/A’s from my first leg would be serving me on this flight too. The one I asked about the photography recognized me and told me that I had another opportunity to take photos, I smiled and proceeded to my seat. This time I wasn’t as happy with my seat assignment as before, now I had a noisy JT8D engine outside my window. This should be fun I thought, looking at an orange engine for over 3h. But what I didn't understand, was that I asked for a window seat by the wing, still I got the last row by the engine. Well maybe the seats by the wing were already taken. Thought she could have told me that. Well never mind.
A while later we were pushed back and taxied to the runway. Take off was nothing special, similar to the take off at GOT. During this flight I had an elderly Danish couple next to me, I didn't speak to them, as they seemed to be doing fine on their own, and I wasn't in need of a conversation either.

We reached our cruising altitude and drinks/food service commenced, I asked for a Fanta to drink with my meal, but they didn't have any so I got a Coke instead.
We were served a cold meal consisting of chicken and potato salad. Was not the best plane food I have tasted, but the first cold one Big grin
When everyone had finished their meals and the small boxes were gone, they started offering coffee and tea. This time I didn't take any of it, tried to avoid a visit to the lavatories. I don't have any problems with them, just that I thought it was unnecessary and my fellow Scandinavians would have to move themselves, besides I wasn't that peckish on coffee or tea.

Regarding the IFE, there weren't any. I didn't expect much from an MD80, but I thought there would be some audio entertainment. But I couldn't find any in my seat. So the IFE on this flight consisted of looking at my sweet orange JT8D.  Laugh out loud
I didn't have much to do, so I took some notes about my flight and then tried to sleep a bit.

Maybe an hour before landing the wife of the elderly Danish couple opens her bag and take out a leaking bottle of Gordon's Dry Gin, didn't thought so much of that... until she began to drink from the bottle, and it wasn't any small gulps. Well I didn't have any problems with that, but I wonder why she did it. She could just have asked an F/A to bring her a Gordon's Dry Gin. Maybe she wanted more than just a couple of centilitres. Big grin
A while later we started our descending into Madrid, Barajas. We got out of the clouds and I could see some houses from my minimal view. Was a bit dissatisfied cause I would have wanted to take some photos as we landed. Anyways, we landed safely and taxied to our gate on busy Barajas tarmac. Could spot a few rare a/c's, at least to me. For example a Sudan Airways A300 (I think), Aerolineas Argentinas B742, and a load of Iberia a/c's like B742, A340, A320 to mention a few. This was actually the first time for me to see a B747, have just seen an Iran Air B747SP at Larnaca a few years ago. I was quite excited about that. And I have never seen so many a/c's at an airport before. Thought it looked kind of messy at first, a/c's here and there. Probably just me, who is used to smaller airports like my own (GOT) and a few others that mostly charter and domestic traffic use. I disembarked as the last person except the crew this time too. From the beginning I had planned to take some photos of this cabin too. But changed my mind and got off, I walked up the jet way and was now in the airport departure hall. I had no idea where to go, couldn't see any signs telling me where baggage claim was. So I went to speak to a guard or something similar, but he couldn't speak a single word of English, got a bit frustrated and started walking. Watched some a/c's landing outside. Now I had walked for a while and began thinking, “Where the h€ll is baggage claim?” Finally I saw a sign saying, "Baggage Claim 5". Got down a few stairs and looked at the screens. It turned out that I was in DOMESTIC b-claim.  Angry
Got up in the departure hall again and started walking back and now I saw a sign saying "Baggage Claim 2", well maybe this was it. Got down the stairs again and YES there it was, my bag alone on the belt. The belt wasn't even moving, and the area was almost empty of people. I was sweaty, irritated but still relieved. Got to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and walked out of there. Just as I came out in the arrivals my girlfriend came running towards me and embraced me, a nice ending of my Barajas adventure.  Smile

I had a great week in Spain with my girlfriend, but now it was time for me to leave her  Sad

I got up at 07:00 am to catch my 08.00 am bus to Madrid, packed my last things and got down to the reception. Paid my bill and got out of there. Made it to the bus 15 minutes prior to the departure. 2½h later I arrived in Madrid got of the bus to catch a taxi to the airport. The taxi driver ripped me of by the way. Didn’t want to argue with him so I got out of the taxi and walked into the terminal 1 where foreign carriers operate.
Well let me put it like this, I had expected a bigger terminal. It was very long but narrow and awfully crowded, this was around 11:00 am. Maybe it's peak time at Barajas (?). Found my check-in desk at the end of the terminal. Check-in desk #340 something. There were no queues so it only took a few seconds to get checked in. The guy at the check-in counter asked the usual question "Would you like aisle or window seat". Of course I answered "Window". Proceeded to security, did as I always do, just walk through the scanner without fearing the "beep". But this time I got "caught". The security guy asked me to take off my belt, and so I did. Walked through again without the "beep".

Had some time to kill so I visited a few shops. Bought a few articles and then sat down on the chairs next to a gate that handled an Alitalia flight. Tried to take some pictures through the terminal window, but they were pretty filthy. So I just watched them landing and taxiing by. Spotted the Alitalia MD80, Thai B744, Tarom B737, LH A320 and my favourite, a Santa Bárbara Airlines DC-10 from Venezuela. That's probably the most exotic airline I've ever seen. Got really excited, too bad I couldn't take a picture of it..

01 November 2003
Madrid Barajas (MD), Spain">MAD) > Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH)
Scandinavian Airlines SK 582
Airbus A321-232
SE-REG "Svipdag Viking"
Seat 27F

Dep: 13:20
Arr: 16:30

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Photo © Robert Sjödell

Now it was time for boarding and it went really smooth and quick. Walked down the jet way and onto the A321, was a little bit excited as this was the first time for on an A321. Well had been on an A320 before so it wasn’t That special, but anyways. Walked through Business class and I heard a couple of young girls say “How can you pay so much money for First Class? That’s nothing special.” Thought it was pretty funny, especially as they said it pretty loud, so all the people in BC definitely heard it.
Soon everyone was seated and we could start our push back. As this was an A321I was almost certain that it would be equipped with overhead TVs. and it was. I could watch the front camera during our taxi, thought it was pretty cool. We had a Spanair MD-80 in front of us. Also spotted a US Airways B767 and a Lan Chile A340. A few minutes later we were lining up for takeoff, everything went smooth and a moment later we were airborne.

We reached our cruising altitude and the belt sign went off. A few moments later the drink service began, when the drink service finally had reached to the row in front of me they stopped it because of turbulence. A Little later everything was as it should be, drinks were served to us in the back and the flight went on. I asked for a beer and a Baileys.
I decided to take a little nap before the dinner. I was tired and just wanted to get home. I always have a problem with the return flights. Don’t look forward to them especially much as I most often leave a great place, certainly I did in this case L. When dinner was served, my seat neighbour woke me up and told me it was time for dinner. Again I had an elderly couple next to me, this time they were a lot nicer. Lucky for me that they were Swedish as I felt to tired to speak English. The dinner was nothing special, cold salmon with potatoes, the salmon and my beer couldn’t agree in my mouth and the result of that was a strange taste in my mouth, which was bugging me for a while. After dinner I had my Baileys and it tasted as good as it always do. Still had roughly 2 hours left and decided to dig in to the in-flight magazine, as I was travelling home 1 November it was a new issue. But didn’t find anything interesting in it so I tried to fall asleep, but I failed. Instead I spent the rest of the flight talking to my seat neighbour. It turned out that they had bought a house down in southern Spain and had been buying furniture’s and stuff.

We started descending into a dark and foggy Copenhagen and touched down in a smooth way. People connecting to ARN and OSL had to run because their flights were already boarding, as we didn’t make it on time! But no worries for me as I had about 4 stinking hours at CPH to kill L. We disembarked and entered the departure hall. I didn’t know what to do so I called my mom and then bought a magazine, Airliner World to be exact. Walked around the airport for a while trying to spot anything out of the ordinary, but all I could see were SAS a/c’s. Began to feel hungry and grabbed a French Hot Dog.

01 November 2003
Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) > Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT)
Scandinavian Airlines SK 446
McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OY-KHE “Saxo Viking”
Seat 20A

Dep: 20:25
Arr: 21:10

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Photo © Johan Kellerman

Now it was time for me to board my last flight on this trip. This time we had to wait for like 15 minutes and I don’t remember hearing any reasons for it. Never mind. Got on the MD80 and took my seat (20A), and how lucky I was! It was a seat by the emergency exit doors, which means more legroom for me, again  Big grin
We pushed back and lined up on the runway awaiting our takeoff clearance. The JT8D engines started to roar and we began to roll, soon the aircraft thundered down the runway and we were up in the air. A few moments later the F/A’s started the drink service, I opted for a coke and relaxed. I really enjoy flying at night or in the evening when it’s dark outside.

Soon we began descending into Gothenburg. Everything was pitch black outside and a few seconds later we touched down on Swedish tarmac. Actually I wasn’t to excited about that, as the weather was crap, rainy and foggy.
I noticed an Icelandair B757 parked on the apron, which isn’t an everyday sight at GOT, at least not that I know of. (Anyone who can fill me in on this?). We parked beside an Avro RJ-100 of Malmö Aviation and disembarked.
I got to the belt picked up my bag, which actually came out very quickly. Normally my bag(s) come out a decade later.

My trip was now over. Met up with my mom and sister and went home.


I’m pretty satisfied with my experiences on SAS. I think they did a good job. Maybe a little bit disappointed with the meals, but hey I’m not going to start whining about the meal services for a 3½h flight. The F/A’s did their job, most of them with a smile on their face. Clean aircrafts with pretty comfortable seats. I really enjoyed flying on the MD’s, they may not offer the greatest IFE but they sure are nice aircrafts. Overall I think SAS did a Good job.

Thank you for your time, I hope I didn’t bore you out! Feel free to comment and criticize my t/r. Remember this is my first one, so there are probably things that I can improve until next time. Thank you again for reading!

Best regards,

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Excellent trip report! Thanks for sharing Wink/being sarcastic
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Great job for your first report!

I love intra-European trip reports... since most of my flying is in the USA (and always seems to involve changing planes in Atlanta) it's nice to read something a little different.

Again, good work!
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Excellent and entertaining report, it was a pleasure to read and I am already looking forward to more of your reports!

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A very enjoyable report, MerC.
I've flown SAS many times (including Hervor Viking atleast twice now) and found the cabin service always good - they have never dissapointed me. I also find the Scanorama magazine always has several interesting articles in it. I will be flying CPH-GOT for the first time later on this year on SAS.

Im quite sure the Icelandair 757 at GOT is a series of charter flights to Iceland.
Also, dont Iranair fly weekly 747s to GOT? You said you saw one at Larnarca, just puzzled why it hasnt been spotted by yourself at Landvetter?
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Thank you very much for all your replies!! Glad you guys liked it!


Yeah, probably a charter.
Well actually I haven't done so much spotting on GOT. But yes you are right the Iranair 747SP fly here. Think I'll pay GOT a visit soon to catch it on photo, it's a beautiful a/c  Smile

Best regards,

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