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CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:17 am


I am currently travelling 4-6 times a year to Milton Keynes in England. I the past I had mainly used Ryanair HHN-STN or Germanwings CGN-STN. However I got kind of tired of the long bus journey from STN to M.K. and also of Ryanair (Sure, they bring you from A to B, but try e.g. telling a Ferrari enthusiast that the local bus will take him to his destination as good as a Testarossa  Big grin)

So I decided to try something new for my recent trip in February and booked a web saver return ticket from CGN to BHX on Duo Airways. Air Fare was 140EUR, all taxes included. Quite a bit higher than the 25EUR I paid for my last Ryanair ticket, but still much less than these routes used to cost not too long ago. BHX also has the advantage of being only 48 minutes by Virgin Train from Milton Keynes, compared to the shaky 2.5h bus ride from Stansted.

OK, booking was as easy as it can be and after a few minutes I had an email with my trip details:

Your booking is confirmed for the following flights: ______________________________________________

Date: 1 Feb 2004
Flight: VB119
Depart: COLOGNE 20:20
Arrive: BIRMINGHAM 20:40

Date: 6 Feb 2004
Flight: VB114
Depart: BIRMINGHAM 18:00
Arrive: COLOGNE 20:25

Fares excluding taxes: EUR 98.11
Taxes: EUR 41.89
Total: EUR 140.00

One week before the flight I got an email from Duo, informing me that my outbound flight is rescheduled to 20:55-21:15.

On Sunday, 01FEB it only took me 1.5h to get to CGN airport and very early I went to the Check in counter. I was quite surprised to see that they still showed 20:20 as departure time. The agent checked me in and told me that the flight is approximately one hour delayed... and other passengers had already shown them a similar email like mine, but they were not aware of a planned schedule change. Anyway there was an announcement shortly afterwards that departure of flight VB119 (Ah VB... still remember this code from their old "Birmingham Executive" days!) would be at 20:45.

The gate was located in the new terminal in CGN where all passengers got a double security screening before we could go to our bus. After a short wait we were brought to the aircraft, a Canadair CRJ-700, G-DUOB, here a photo taken earlier on the same day:

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Jean-Luc ALTHERR

I had never flown on the CRJ-700, but was quite amazed that it is so much bigger (especially higher!) than the CRJ-200. I also noticed some pretty clever innovations like the extra compartment in front of the port wing for hand luggage delivered at the air stairs. While I am not at all a fan of the smaller CRJs, I was very positively surprised by the interior of the CRJ-700. Obviously the designers at Bombardier had listened to their customers' customers and have not only stretched the fuselage but also lowered the floor by 2.5cm and moved the windows up by some 11cm! (No, I didn’t take measures, but read the dimensions later in a magazine  Big grin )This gives a far more spacious feeling than in the rather claustrophobius CRJ-200!

But back to the flight: Once on board we were welcomed by a friendly female flight attendant. Seating was no problem as we were only 7 or 8 passengers that evening. I took my assigned seat 8F, just on the wing root. The cabin is filled with 70 leather seats in Duo’s grey-greenish colour (anyone knows how to describe the colour better?). The leg room is very generous, far more than one would expect from a regional aircraft.
At 20:58 we left the parking position and taxied to runway 14L for takeoff. All I could hear from the engines was a VERY distant whining... Then the next surprise: This little aircraft is definitely not underpowered! The takeoff was like sitting on a rocket and within no time we climbed steeply into the dark sky over Cologne... Yeah, that's it, a Ferrari and no city bus  Smile .

Soon we got a warm dinner, served on China. I think it was beef in a red wine sauce (am not a too big beef fan, but that's not the fault of Duo) with a salad, a little bottle of Italian olive oil/vinegar and rolls. I was just thinking when I got the last time a warm meal on a 1h20min flight but could not remember any more... the Service was very friendly and professional, up to par with any European business class I’ve flown so far. After the dinner a twix candy bar was offered and shortly before arrival in BHX the cabin crew served hot towels. The only thing that did not really fit to Duo’s business-like image was the selection of the newspaper : I think they rather should offer no newspaper at all rather than the tabloid “Sunday Express”….

During the whole flight the captain spoke a couple of times to the passengers and gave details about our arrival and the expected weather at the destination. After 1h15min we passed to the west of the airport of Birmingham and made a long turn over the city prior to landing on runway 15. Somewhere down there were some fire works…amazing how tiny they looked from the aircraft perspective! As previously announced, the approach was very bumpy due to strong wind, also resulting in a – let’s say “solid” – landing.

Taxi time was very quick and soon we disembarked at Terminal 2, the BA “Eurohub”. I took my bags from the conveyor belt and went to the airport train station, just in time to catch my planned train to Milton Keynes.

On Friday, 06FEB, it was time to return home. I arrived at BHX at around 1500h, went to Duo’s check in counter in T2 and got my boarding pass for the flight to CGN, this time seat 4A. Despite the rather lousy weather I spent the remaining time outside, watching the variety of BAe 146s. Of course I also used the opportunity to visit the Ian Allen bookshop in T1 to leave some money there…

Boarding was well on time, but I nearly came late because I didn’t find the gate… “Door F (?)” Gate 12, well hidden behind a corner. Anyway, this time we were about 35 passengers, more than half of them German businesspeople. Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs, so that we only ran one by one from our dry shelter under the “finger” to the air stairs of the CRJ-700, this time G-DUOA. I always thought that the 700 can use the finger docks?

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © JetPix

Anyway, once on board we were again received with a warm (and dry  Big grin ) welcome, one of the flight attendants even made the announcement in German. Well on time we left our parking position and taxied towards runway 15 for an immediate, again rocket-like takeoff. A few minutes later the clouds gave a little glimpse on the city centre of London, with the high rise buildings at Canary Wharf and London City airport nicely visible. Dinner was served, this time a very tasty and quite spicy seafood rice with a similar salad to the one from the outbound flight. Again full bar service, twix bar and hot towels.

All too soon we were on descent, and after a flying time of just one hour we touched down at CGN’s runway 25 and taxied to the remote parking behind the A pier, next to a European Air Express ATR-42. A bus brought us to Terminal 2 arrivals where the bags turned up shortly afterwards.

Well, back home now with at least four more trips to the UK this year. After these great experiences with Duo you can bet that I already booked my next available flight with them! As said in their advertisements : "When did you last enjoy a flight?" In my case this was the 6th of February  Smile

OK, hope you like the report, sorry again for the length  Big grin


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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Mon Feb 16, 2004 3:20 am

Thanks for posting an interesting and entertaining trip report, enjoyed reading, especially because I have a flight STR-BHX-STR on Duo planned for April and now I'm even more looking forward to it, they sound like a great airline!

Ah VB... still remember this code from their old "Birmingham Executive" days!
Well I do remember the time when they were "BEA - Birmingham European Airlines" - Birmingham Executive, Birmingham European, Maersk UK, Duo, ... the British tradition of changing an airline's name every few years...
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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Mon Feb 16, 2004 5:08 am

Hi Tom,
Very interesting report, I enjoyed reading.
I´ve never flown the CRJ700 or Duo but your report gaves me the right things to remember about some BA/EI flights STR/BHX/DUB and I think they do their best to bring us in confusion about Area X Door Y Gate Z at BA´s Eurohub and especially at the Older Terminal 1 with the same system.
And I think about a night at the Novotel BHX Airport payed by the "silly AerLingus people" (comment from a female BA Service Agent after a delayed EI flight).
Regards,Markus (FLIEGER67)

RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Mon Feb 16, 2004 8:29 am

Very Nice Report!

Only if they flew from CWL  Big thumbs up
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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Tue Feb 17, 2004 6:41 am

Hi Tom,

great report, I liked reading it - thanks for sharing your experiences. So far I have only heard positive things about Duo and I'm also planning a trip with them to try out myself. They really seem to be (positively) different from the main European carriers and they offer quite good prices compared to major airlines (for example STR-BHX on BA used to be extremely expensive before Duo stepped in - now BA has also lowered the prices). Of course, Duo-prices are not comparable to Ryanair, but as you said: "Sure, they bring you from A to B, but try e.g. telling a Ferrari enthusiast that the local bus will take him to his destination as good as a Testarossa". Very good comment !!  Big thumbs up
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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:19 am

Good Report

The CRJ is a good aircraft- unfortunatly I only went on the CRJ-200 from ORD to ATL.

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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Tue Feb 17, 2004 8:32 pm

All I can say is WOW - a great report about a great little airline!  Big thumbs up Your lovingly crafted narration, which almost gave me the impression of being on board myself, has really started my interest in Duo. I think I might try them out later this year - I can't remember when I have last experienced such a great inflight catering in Peasant Class  Big grin on a European flight!
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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Wed Feb 18, 2004 10:12 am

Hi Tom,

thanks for this interesting report, now I am very interested to fly on Duo by myself. I almost can't believe that they serve a hot meal on china in Economy Class on such a short flight, that is what I call great service!

What do you want more? For 140 EUR you get a return flight from Germany to the UK on a very powerful aircraft and a very good meal while enjoying the flight, that is a very good price-performance ratio in my opinion.

I hope that I can realize a flight on Duo soon, from April I have to slow down with traveling for a few month, than I will start my new job at another airline, and in the first six month (probation period) I should rather focus on my new job than on new airlines  Big thumbs up.

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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:11 am

Nice report.I looked at Duo for my CR7 flight,but since it was a real late plan,LH came out better on price.

The CR7 is a sweet little plane,perhaps with a little better planning i'll get to try Duo.


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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Sat Feb 21, 2004 2:02 am

Nice report.

Next week I will have my first flight on the CRJ700 going from MUC to ARN.

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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Mon Feb 23, 2004 12:28 pm

I am eager to fly on Duo as I have read nothing but good things about them, but I haven't had the chance and they don't fit in with their route network. The only slight chance t would seem I have, is their flight EDI-NCE in summer.
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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 8:03 am

Duo is absolutely excellent. I've travelled with them a number of times already, mainly BHX-GVA-BHX, but also on BHX-CPH. I cannot fault them, except that they son't do return checkin for same day returns at BHX. Last week when I went to GVA, for a variety of reasons I had to fly from EMA rather than BHX, so it was TopSwiss (EasyJet) instead of Duo. EasyJet charged just £10 less than Duo, and what a difference - for just £10 less than Duo, Easy was just a rip off. OK, so the A319 was a much bigger airplane, but give me Duo any day.

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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Tue Mar 02, 2004 4:28 am

Patroni, enjoyed your report, I have flown with Duo, BHX-CPH-BHX and found them very professional, they are from my home town airport EGBB/BHX so it's good that they are getting some space on this forum. I sure plan to fly with them again as the rtn leg was due to be opb CR7, but a CR2 turned up in it's place !! Ah well, better luck next time!!
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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Sun Mar 28, 2004 8:28 am

Hi folks,
Oops... I had nearly forgotten that I had posted this trip report, seems I am getting old....  Big grin So thanks a lot for your kind replies!!

I had sent the link to this report to Duo's customer service and got two personal emails back from them within 24h. Very friendly, not the usual "Thanks you for your comments... blah.. due to the high workload we can not answer your request directly.. blah" stuff one gets from many other, established carriers' computers!

Anyway, my next BHX-CGN flight on Duo is booked for late May (outbound will be on LX DUS-ZRH/BSL-BHX) and I am thinking of flying Duo in June from BHX to Berlin TXL vv. I am already looking forward to the flights.


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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Sun Mar 28, 2004 9:30 pm

Duo are completely out of my way and serve no London airports so it doesn't look like i'll be flying them anytime soon. Sound good and gr8 report


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RE: CGN-BHX-CGN On Duo Airways CRJ-700 (long)

Mon Mar 29, 2004 1:49 am

I read today that Duo are to announce more new routes this week from EDI, not sure about BHX.

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