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Mli To Msy The First Part

Wed Feb 18, 2004 1:22 pm

Well first time posting in here so here I go.

This last sunday I flew from mli to msy. Flt 8043 operated by transstates was supposed to leave gate b15 at mli at 605pm arrive ord at 645pm. Do to snow storms at ord and 3 ground stops for snow removal the system was a little backed up as you could imagine. The plane arrived at 634 and we started ground boarding at little after, pushed at 645 and arrived at ord 711pm runway 4R. My connecting flight was UA597 ord-msy gate b22. By the time a gate had opened for LOF8043 we had been in the penalty box for 40 mins!!!! Got to gate F3 at 745 mind you that the msy flight departs at 805. Got off the embraer and ran like hell to make my next flight. By the time I got to B22 at 804 the jetway was off the plane, the gate agent finishing paperwork, and myself well out breath. The gate agent said there was nothing that he could do. After saying this he called an agent down on the ramp and asked him if there were ready to go, not even asking if they could board the 3 people who had arrived at the gate at 804. One minute prior to when the jetway should've been pulled off according to my boarding pass. The flight didn't leave the gate until 10 after 8pm!!! Needless to say I wasn't happy but remained calm and still out of breath. The gate agent issued a new ticket for the next morning and stated that he couldn't give an apology to me si"nce I had flown United express and that they were the ones that had made me late. "If it was united" he continued, "then I could give my most sincere apologies." A hotel discount paper was handed to me with an 800 number on it to call. Monday went without a hitch and landed at msy without any problems.
The part that gets me (and I'm still highly upset about) is that I was at the gate 1 minute prior to jetway removal, not push time!!! The fact that united didn't even offer a hotel free of charge, and the last fact being that because it was united express and united that made me late, that united was not responsible. I'm sorry but those express line companies wear your colors and represent united, therefore united MUST treat all customers and flights as mainline united and not different segements of united!!!! The bit being the departure time listed on the boarding pass. If the time on the ticket is "push time" then the time listed is incorrect and is false advertising. I assume that the published on the ticket the absolute latest time that I can board that flight. United thinks other wise, that the time is push time.

The second installment of this story will be sometime saturday when I return, as always please feel free to comment on this and any ideas or solutions to handle this as I have not talked with customer relations about this.


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