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Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 8:44 am

February 16, 2004
United Airlines UA863
San Francisco/International (SFO) to Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Dep Sked/Actual 2220/2245 (Concourse G - Gate G94)
Arr Sked/Actual 0745+2/0820+2 (International Terminal, Gate 53)
Equipment: Boeing 747-400 (reg. unknown)
Seat: 46C (United Economy - exit row aisle)

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Photo © Manas Barooah

I arrived at the airport quite early, as I had required training to take before I departed that evening for my round-the-world NRSA trip. Training finished early, and I headed back to our operation. I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the majority of my tickets for my trip, which were coming from our headquarters. They hadn’t arrived at that point, so I had a batch of tickets rewritten quickly by my local station. That being done, I went and sat at the departure gate at G94 and waited to be assigned a seat.

I was the absolute last person cleared from the standby list, but the agent was kind enough to offer me exit row aisle onboard. All right!  Smile I boarded and settled into my seat, meeting on the way two fellow SkyWest people from another city that were headed to the same final destination for the day.

Weather being bad and the normal flow that accompanies it, we waited for connections from Chicago and Dallas/Denver to arrive, and pushed back at 2245. We taxied to the runway and took off in the opposite direction of normal. Flight time was estimated at exactly 14 hours. I adjusted myself in my seat and prepared for the long flight ahead. Dinner arrived, and I chose the beef, which was cuts of roast beef in what I have to call indeterminable sauce, accompanied by mixed steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. A salad and chocolate cake rounded out the meal nicely.

I watched Lost in Translation and Intolerable Cruelty on the main screen (United does not have PTV’s available in their Economy on their 747's), although I faded in and out of unconsciousness during Lost in Translation. Both movies were repeated anyways. I tried to listen to my favorite channel on UA’s inflight audio (EuroBeat), but the channel kept on recycling about halfway through the program or earlier, thus causing me to miss out on probably what were many good songs.

I slept pretty well on this flight, and sunrise started to peek out when we were about 2 hours out of Sydney. A beautiful sight it was. We make one circle around Sydney and did the city approach, with the Sydney skyline out the window to my left. A truly beautiful sight. The flight attendant occupying the jumpseat across from my row chatted with my rowmate and I (middle seat open) a bit, saying about nice Sydney was and how she flew for Pan Am and had been a flight attendant for 30 years.

We landed and started the taxi to the gate. We passed by a SQ 747-400 and an Emirates A340-500. We parked at Gate 53, and as we pulled in I glanced and saw our sister aircraft taxing in from Los Angeles, it being a bit early today. I disembarked and found my fellow SkyWest travellers. We cleared immigration and customs, and I stopped by a phone rental kiosk and rented a SIM card for my phone for the week. Then it was on to Qantas transfer check-in, where the very friendly agent checked me in for my connecting flight to Cairns, my first trip on an A330.

February 18, 2004
Qantas Airways/CityFlyer QF924
Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Cairns/International (CNS)
Dep Sked/Actual 1055/1055 (Terminal 3 - Gate 7)
Arr Sked/Actual1255/1255 (Domestic Terminal - Gate 21)
Equipment: Airbus A330-200 (VH-EBB)
Seat: 57K (Economy - window)

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Photo © Norbert Genci

I proceeded past security after transfer check-in, and boarded the bus to the International Terminal. Our bus route was fantastic, I kicked myself for not having any film. We drove directly underneath several aircraft from Qantas, British Airways, and Emirates. I also saw the Nalanji Dreaming special c/s. Halfway through our bus and another one met and stopped, and swapped drivers. I thought it was a bit odd, but thought little of it and we continued our journey. We got to our drop off point in Terminal 3 and entered the very modern and beautiful terminal. I walked around a little bit, and purchased some film at a shop. I then ran into the guy I was flying up to Cairns and spending the next two days with. We went over and checked out Terminal 2, the old Ansett domestic terminal, which is architecturally stunning. I love that design.

We went back to Terminal 3 and through security and sat down in the departure lounge at Gate 7. We boarded and I had two seats to myself at the last row of the aircraft, right hand side. We pushed back from the gate at what I’m presuming was on-time, and taxied out to the runway for departure. We took off over Botany Bay and turned inland for the 3 hour flight. The aircraft was very nice, clean, and brand new. A light lunch was served, a delicious sandwich accompanied by fresh fruit pieces and a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. The views from my window seat were absolutely amazing, I blew through almost a full roll of film on the flight up. Coming in over the Townsville, and then the Tablelands and over the Coral Sea before arriving into Cairns was absolutely breathtaking. So beautiful. We landed on Cairns’ single runway suitable for the A330 and taxied to the terminal, where we waited momentarily for a departing 737 to clear our stand. We pulled in and parked, and deplaned through a jetway into a very warm afternoon. Waited for my friend’s bags to arrive from bag claim, and we made our way to our hotel.

February 20, 2004
Qantas Airways QF923
Cairns/International (CNS) to Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Dep Sked/Actual 1125/1125 (Domestic Terminal - Gate 21)
Arr Sked/Actual1525/1525 (Terminal 3 - Gate 4)
Equipment: Boeing 737-800 w/ winglets (VH-VXN)
Seat: 24C (Economy - aisle)

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Photo © Simon Wilson

After several wonderful days in Cairns, I headed back to the airport to go to Sydney to visit the beautiful city for a couple days. I checked in at the ticket counter, where a lovely agent named Tracey told me the flight was kind of tight, but checked my bags and wished me best of luck. I proceeded through security and purchased a few things from the duty-free shop. Right at boarding the service desk gave me my boarding pass. An aisle seat, I thought. How nice! I boarded the plane, actually expecting a 767-300, as that’s what I mistakenly thought was scheduled. Imagine my surprise when we walked out towards the aircraft (boarding is a bit odd, it takes a while to walk out to the plane via covered walkways and then a jetway) and found a 737-800 with winglets parked at the stand. The flight was completely full, and we pushed back on time.

Takeoff was out towards the CBD and then out over the ocean, a beautiful sight. Flight time was 2 hours 30 minutes. The flight crew served a sandwich lunch again, a delicious chicken salad sandwich, salad, roll, and slice of cake. The flight passed by rather quickly, as I listened to my CD’s and read the Qantas - The Australian Way magazine. We flew over the city of Sydney and made a 180 degree turn and lined up for an approach coming in from the Pacific. Landing was expertly accomplished, and we taxied for a short while to the gate. After thanking the flight crew, I deplaned into the terminal and went to bag claim to pick up my bag. After that I hung out a bit more around Terminal 2, then took the CityRail into the city to my hotel.

February 22, 2004
Qantas Airways QF512
Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Brisbane/International (BNE)
Scheduled Departure: 0800
MISFIRE - no seats (Boeing 767-200)

I arrived at the airport with my friends Josh and Andrew, who were so kind to take me to the airport, and checked in. The agent told me she’d have to put me on standby, the flight was oversold by 5. Guess I should have checked the loads on that flight. She told me the non-stops were both oversold, but looked all right, and she let me use her phone to call Qantas Staff Travel to relist. Very nice of her  Smile So I got relisted, and all three of us headed out to the car and over to the International Terminal.

February 22, 2004
Qantas Airways QF127
Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Hong Kong/Chep Lap Kok (HKG)
Scheduled Departure: 1200
MISFIRE - no seats (Boeing 747-400)

After getting to International and bouncing between several check-in counters, I found the staff position in Check-In Area C. I checked in, and they told me to be back about 1130 to find out. Josh, Andrew and I went and had breakfast in the food court, walked around, and shot the breeze. About 1115 we headed back and I waited and waited. The agent came out from the position and said the flight had gone out full. All right. So I tried to figure out my options, of which there was several. I relisted on flights via Singapore, which required a 6 hour layover. But I also kept my Hong Kong listing for the next flight. I checked in for that. My friends left me a bit past that, they had to get back. I was very grateful that they had stayed so long (almost 5 hours by that point), and said goodbye to them. I went back to the terminal and waited for the next departure.

February 22, 2004
Qantas Airways QF187
Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Hong Kong/Chep Lap Kok (HKG)
MISFIRE - no seats (Boeing 767-300)

I went back to sit down at the staff waiting area, and started talking with two ladies sitting close by. We were all trying to get to Hong Kong. One was on duty travel that worked for British Airways, whilst the other was a Virgin Atlantic cabin crew member who was trying to accomplish the same goal that I was (up to Hong Kong to connect with Virgin Atlantic to London Heathrow). The BA traveller was told there wasn’t a chance and she took off to see if Cathay Pacific would work. Oddly enough, the agent told us other two to hold on (even though we were leisure travellers). Turns out we didn’t make it anyways, so then we both went over to try to see if Cathay Pacific would take our zonal tickets.

February 22, 2004
Cathay Pacific Airways CX100
Sydney/Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Hong Kong/Chep Lap Kok (HKG)
Dep Sked/Actual 1615/1613 (International Terminal - Gate 24)
Arr Sked/Actual 2225/2215 (Main Terminal - Gate 30)
Equipment: Airbus A340-600 (B-HQA)
Seat: 67D (Economy - aisle)

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Photo © Micheil Keegan

Sure enough, Cathay took our tickets and gave us instant boarding passes. Yay!  Smile My Virgin friend and I checked our bags with them and headed through Immigration and Security. Stopped briefly at a WH Smith to pick up some goodies, then made one more stop by a phone booth to call my friend to let him know I was getting on a plane and everything was cool. We parked ourselves at the departure lounge and saw our BA friend. Chatted with her until we boarded, then we went to find our seats, the last row on the plane. They had given us seats together, nice enough. We settled in for the flight. The flight attendants came around with the amenity kits, which were really cute.

We pushed back on time, and taxied to the runway. We took off over Botany Bay and headed out into the ocean before turning around to the north for the pretty much straight shot to Hong Kong. Flight time was estimated at about 8 hours 40 minutes. Dinner was served about an hour after takeoff and was delicious, chicken medallions and bell peppers in tangy sauce accompanied by rice, with a shrimp salad side and a piece of chocolate mousse cake for dessert. The meal was accompanied by a full can of Sprite with a cup of ice. Very nice.

Already during the meal I was enjoying studioCX, Cathay’s onboard PTV IFE system. I mainly watched American sitcoms, and tried in vain to get either the Outdoor Camera or either of the two Airshow channels to work. Even the F/A’s couldn’t get it to work. Oh well, too bad. I did purchase a few items from the duty-free cart as well. After takeoff they had announced that a “refreshment” service would be served about two hours prior to departure. It was certainly more substantial than that. The carts came round again, and I had the chicken with noodles and mushrooms with fresh fruit sections and a mango ice cream bar for dessert. It was really tasty, but I left the mushrooms out as I don’t like them very much.

We began descending into Hong Kong and my Virgin friend and I started to prepare for what was going to be a mad dash. Our connection in Hong Kong was tight and we knew it. We had maybe 15-20 minutes to clear Immigration, get our bags, clear Customs, and check-in with Virgin Atlantic at the Departures level. The plane pulled in to Gate 30 10 minutes early, and we started running. We were able to complete our tasks in 20 minutes (most of the time spent waiting for our bags to pop out on the carousel - although hers came out first by 5 minutes). Then we began our dash to the Virgin counters at Section F.

February 22, 2004
Virgin Atlantic Airways VS201
Hong Kong/Chep Lap Kok (HKG) to London/Heathrow (LHR)
Dep Sked/Actual 2335/0035 (Main Terminal - Gate 41)
Arr Sked/Actual 0415+1/0627+1 (Terminal 3 - Gate 16)
Equipment: Airbus A340-600 (reg. unknown)
Seat: 20A (Premium Economy - window)

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Photo © Colin K. Work - AirTeamImages

We got to Virgin’s check-in counters at Section F, and while there were no lines whatsoever, all the agents were still there. We turned in our tickets, and they told us to be back around 2330. We were both a little confused, as the aircraft was supposed to depart at 2335. They told us that due to the curfew at Heathrow, tonight we would be departing at 0055. Yes! We decided to get a bite to eat, I grabbed a water and a piece of brownie cake at the nearby Café Ritazza, which was quite good.

We returned to the counters at the appointed time, and waited a little while. We received our seat assignments at 2345, and were informed that boarding would begin in 10 minutes. I received what my friend told me was a Premium Economy seat, a window. Nice! Ran through outbound immigration and security, and down an escalator, and was trying to figure out where to go when the Virgin supervisor said “London? Follow me!” and a group of us staff travellers took off running. We ran around and then to an elevator down to the tram, which shaved several minutes off our journey. It popped us up right about Gate 40, a short pop from our Gate 41. I waited a couple minutes and then joined the queue for boarding. I walked down the jetway and on to the aircraft. The flight attendants greeted me at the door and pointed me in the direction of my seat. I got to my seat and settled in for the lengthy 13 hour journey to London. I noticed that I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the fantastic v:port AVOD IFE system onboard the aircraft. It was getting better by the second. The Premium Economy cabin is quite small, a 28 seat (4 rows of 2-3-2) cabin immediately before the Economy cabin, and separated by cabin dividers.

Although the flight was scheduled to depart at 0055, we pushed back a touch early at 0035. The taxi seemed almost endless, but we stopped and the engines spooled up, and we were finally off at precisely 0100 for London. The takeoff performance was excellent, and we climbed up quickly out over Hong Kong proper and into mainland China. Our route took us up directly over Beijing and the Great Wall, though it was took dark to see anything. v:port has an excellent i:map feature that showed many of the towns along the way. Our flight path continued up over Ulan Bator, Mongolia, and into Siberia, where we turned more westbound towards Europe. Dinner was served, a delicious slice of beef with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Also accompanying was a nice salad with caesar dressing and a delicious chocolate cake with fluffy frosting. Quite satisfying. I watched i:map (Virgin’s version of Airshow), listened to the audio channels, a Will & Grace episode, and the movies Calendar Girls and The Lizzie Maguire Movie. Loved all of them.

Slept on and off, breakfast was served over the Baltic Sea I believe, I had the sausage omelette with baked beans, quite good for airline food. I noticed daylight finally breaking as we were over the border between Denmark and Germany, descending towards London. A beautiful sight. We had to make one circle around the London metro area before arriving as there was quite a bit of aircraft arriving from the Asia Pacific region. We finally touched down at 0620 and had a short taxi to the gate and arrived at 0627. Disembarked and did the long walk towards Immigration. We stopped far short of the queues, it was massively backed up. Luckily, I had some FastTrack passes that my friend had given me, so I squeezed through to the FastTrack line and the agent waved me through, collecting my FastTrack envelope. I was through very quickly. Went down to baggage claim, where I was first out of our little group of NRSA’s from the VS flight. My friend arrived next and we waited for our bags. Her’s was the first of ours out, and she had to make a connection to Guernsey out of Gatwick so she was off like a shot. My bags came after a bit of a wait, and I cleared Customs with no fuss and met my friends shortly outside the Customs exit.

They whisked me off to Windsor, to have brunch at a café and shopping on the high street before redepositing me at airport for my flight to Boston.

February 23, 2004
Virgin Atlantic Airways VS011
London/Heathrow (LHR) to Boston/Logan International (BOS)
MISFIRE - no seats (Airbus 340-300)

At the airport, I checked in and they told me to return about 1330. My friends and I had authentic English chips while we waited, and then they had to take off to have their car serviced, so I said goodbye to them. At about 1335, the standby desk person told us 5 standbys remaining that there were no seats. I was off, along with another person, to BA and their 4pm departure to Boston. Luckily I had a backup ticket.

February 23, 2004
British Airways BA215
London/Heathrow (LHR) to Boston/Logan International (BOS)
Dep Sked/Actual 1600/1555 (Terminal 4 - Gate 5)
Arr Sked/Actual 1830/1735 (Terminal E - Gate E7A)
Equipment: Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVO)
Seat: 31F (World Traveller Plus - right middle)

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Photo © Norbert Genci

Popped on the Heathrow Express to Terminal 4 (free service), got off and headed to the Staff Travel offices in Terminal 4. Asked first if they’d take my Virgin ticket, to which they declined, so I presented my BA backup ticket, which they did accept. They tagged my bag and I waited for a bit while they called whoever they do to release seats for myself and the other refugee from the VS flight. We got seated together, and oddly enough, they gave us World Traveller Plus seating! I was very impressed by their kindness. An upgrade is quite rare, especially out of a major hub like Heathrow is for BA.

I dropped off my bag at the bag drop position and proceeded through security. Mostly did window shopping but did purchase a t-shirt and a few munchies and water for the plane ride. I managed to glimpse the last two numbers of the rego on the forward wheel doors “VO”, which was confirmed later by a fellow a.net member as G-CIVO. We started boarding at 1530, so I boarded and settled into my seat, which turned out to be a middle seat. No problem - it was a seat - with an extra touch of comfort.

We finished up and pushed back from the gate 5 minutes early. I faded in and out of consciousness again, as this was getting to be a pretty darn long trip  Smile Takeoff was nothing out of the ordinary, and we lifted off into the cool London afternoon and headed on our way to Boston. Turned out the winds were with us, surprisingly, so flight time was only going to be about 6 hours rather than the usual 7.

Dinner was served, a forgettable airline meal, because I can’t honestly remember what it was, even if I got the chicken or beef. Too many airline meals in the past week I guess  Smile I was really quite tired though, so that may have contributed. I slept mainly for the majority of the trip, except for sporadic viewings of AirShow. We touched down in Boston quite ahead of schedule, at 25 minutes past 5. We had to hold on the ground for about 20 minutes for the afternoon BA departure to vacate the gate assigned to us. After that we pulled right in and disembarked. I sped through Immigration and Customs pretty quickly, with the Immigration inspector giving me weird looks and asked exactly how long I had been out of the country (keep in mind, three continents in 6 days so far), but one I told him I was an airline employee it all made sense to him  Smile

Went upstairs to say hello to LH423 who was working at the counter that evening for a short minute, then went downstairs to wait for fanoftristars to pick me up. Took him a while as he got lost on the way (can you blame him?  Smile) but then eventually we made our way out to dinner and then back to his hotel.

February 25, 2004
United Airlines UA181
Boston/Logan International (BOS) to San Francisco/International (SFO)
Dep Sked/Actual 1800/1756 (Terminal C - Gate C18)
Arr Sked/Actual 2130/2140 (Terminal 3 - Gate 87)
Equipment: Boeing 757-200 (reg. unknown)
Seat: 10D/27DEF (Economy Plus/Economy - aisle/entire right row)

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Photo © Rudy Chiarello

After a couple cool days hanging out with fanoftristars and LH423, LH423 and I headed out to the airport, stopping at a few places along the way. I said goodbye to him as he went to work and I went to check in. Used the easyCheck-In kiosk as it knew it’s stuff, and proceeded through security and walked around the gates a bit. Saw Delta’s song gates, while bright and fresh and fun, they looked sort of lackluster to me, but maybe it was just me. Soon enough the flight started to board, and eventually they called my name just prior to doors closing. Once onboard, the flight attendant informed us we could move around if we liked, so I found a nice open row of three at row 27. My own Economy Suite  Smile Pushback was a bit early, and we taxied out to the runway but held for at least 10 minutes, and let a variety of traffic to the runway first, including a BA777 in Chelsea Rose colors departing for London. I’m sure LH423 had a hand in that  Smile

Soon enough it was our turn and we spooled up our engines and rocketed down the runway for a 35-second takeoff roll and we were up into the cold Boston night. Flight time was estimated to be about 6 hours. Dinner was served shortly, which was meatloaf in marinara sauce with peas and mashed potatoes, a caesar salad and raspberry shortbread cookies for dessert.

For the most part, the flight was smooth, with a few bumps here and there. I got a fair amount of sleep in my Economy Suite with blanket and pillow. As we got closer to San Francisco, however, the captain advised us the arrival into San Francisco would be anything but smooth. Flight attendants were told, essentially, to strap in and hold on about 25 minutes prior to landing. There were thunderstorms, heavy wind, rain, and wind shear around the airport. The flight got quite bumpy as we cruised into the South Bay. Somewhere (I believe it was over the Peninsula somewhere) I was looking out the window to be greeted by a large flash and a *pfffft* sound from the right wing. Turned out we had been hit by lightning! It was said to be a static discharge, but same thing. It was pretty darn cool!

And as we were coming in for a landing, all of a sudden the engines were increased to full thrust and we tilted up sharply. I had assumed that an aircraft hadn’t cleared the runway so we had to go around, but the captain notified us that there was severe windshear on that runway so we were repositioning for another runway and another try. On the second try, I had one of the smoothest landings I have ever had. We taxied to the gate and disembarked. My bus home was a tight connection if the flight had been on-time, so it was now totally gone and I had to wait another hour for the next one. But I watched what looked like a very fun evening for my colleagues. Finally my bus came and I went home, finishing off a whirlwind week and a half that brought so many fun experiences. And all airfare for under $500  Smile

Hope you all enjoyed the trip report - comments/questions welcome!  Smile
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:15 am

wow! what a trip! and what a in detail going trip report.
thank you!

regards DALelite
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:31 am

Wow. That is so neat. And VERY detailed report. I am traveling around the world with my family in August, I'm very excited!
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 4:17 pm

You are NUMBER 1 in the race around the world.
How much the award?
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 5:18 pm


Great trip report! So many details.

This may sound like a stupid question but what is NRSA? And why were you supposed to go around the world, what job did they want you to do exactly? It seems as if the Sydney-Boston sector was done contiguously, connecting flights with no layovers in any of the transit cities- my question is, why did you go via HKG and LHR? Wouldn't it have been shorter to fly directly back to the States from SYD?

I apologize if the questions seem dumb, I'm just really curious. Thanks in advance!


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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Feb 29, 2004 7:05 pm

Excellent trip report!

Glad you enjoyed Sydney and Cairns.


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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Mon Mar 01, 2004 3:04 am

What a superb trip,many thanks for sharing the experience.

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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Mon Mar 01, 2004 6:31 am

RonE, NRSA means Non Revenue Space Available. Basically, airline employee travel. If you look at his itinerary, it seems he just wanted to get around the world in a week. Seems like an awesome trip. Wish I knew people in different places, so I could visit somebody, instead of staying in hotels.
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Mon Mar 01, 2004 7:53 am

So basically you go around the world just for the sake of flying from point X back to point X and a few more thousand miles under your belt?
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Mon Mar 01, 2004 8:41 am

RonE, with the exception of miles, as you don't get miles when you are non revving.
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Mon Mar 01, 2004 11:46 am

Kai that was an AWESOME trip report...I would love to do just that someday!
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Mon Mar 01, 2004 5:39 pm

When I said miles I wasn't referring to FFM, just having travelled the distance. Thanx!
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Tue Mar 02, 2004 12:48 am

how flexible were you when doing this trip? I'm pretty sure you were very flexible in order to do all this NRSA flights. If I knew, I would tag along with you guys. Sounds like fun.

And what's the total cost of the tickets themselves?
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Tue Mar 02, 2004 2:15 am

Thanks for all the replies so far!  Smile

RonE: NRSA is non-rev space available, also known as airline staff travel. Fly for cheap - but perpetual standby  Smile

It does seem odd, I do agree, but I did it for a couple of reasons, one, to say I've been around the world, and two, because I could visit my friends all along the way and still have it quite competitive to what I would have paid if I flew directly home, plus it gave me the experience of several new airlines and how their staff travel procedures work so I can pass the information along to my colleagues. When I kept on "misfiring" in Sydney I almost considered wussing out and flying home, but that would be no fun!

Seamefly: Ummm... well you gotta be flexible no matter what, but I planned my run from Sydney through to Boston probably a bit more rigidly than I should have. After a couple false starts, I made it all right. Some people aren't as lucky. I did know full well in advance that QF was quite full between SYD-HKG, but I never figured out my backup plan (other than relisting via SIN to LHR directly and bypassing HKG), but then again that's what other staff travellers are great for sometimes  Smile

The ticket price? Well, until the refunds for unused coupons come back I'm not completely sure, but I roughly figured about $480, taxes inclusive. A couple service charge passes here, a couple of ZED passes there, etc.

Happy Travels!  Smile
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:25 am

Kai, what an amazing trip report. It is good to see it in print! I'm glad I got to be a part of it  Smile Just so you know, I can now drive to BOS from my hotel here without getting lost (I figured out the exit to 1-A from Starrow Drive, it turns out you have to take I-93 south for a bit...lol) I can actually get most places with minimal wrong turns! I was glad you could keep me company while working here in Boston! Guess I'll see you next Wed night when you fly into SLC.


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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:43 am

Excellent report - very detailed and fun to read!

I'd love to do something like that myself! An awesome RTW-adventure.  Smile
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RE: Around The World In 8 Days (UA/QF/CX/VS/BA)

Sun Mar 14, 2004 9:46 pm

What a dream, I hope to do that one day, Excellent

Sam Laugh out loud
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Military Aircraft Every type from fighters to helicopters from air forces around the globe

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