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Sun Mar 07, 2004 6:06 am

BMI British Midland LHR-EDI BD064



This was my first ever time flying out of Heathrow (and BMI too) and did not know what to expect so I left plenty of time in getting to the airport. I took the Piccadily line from Leicester Square about 5pm arriving at terminal one an hour later. Much to my surprise, I didn't find Terminal 1 as much of a maze as I anticipated and I was checked in through the self-service machines and at gate 8 in about 15 minutes. Lots of time to spare but I could think of much worse ways and places to spend a few hours.

BMI were calling domestic flights for departures around every 15 minutes: 2x Manchester, 2x Teeside, Leeds Bradford, Glasgow and an earlier Edinburgh. Eventually at 2025 we boarded through gate 8e and aboard the airbus 321 aircraft. My first time ever on an airbus believe it or not after flying for years and I was very impressed. A bright dark and blue layout and a spacious cabin. The aircraft seemed new and just had a comfortable feel to it. Around 2045, when we should have been leaving, we pushed back and taxied out to the North-Easterly Runway and queued behind 15 aircraft for the departure. Another thing I thought was neat about this aircraft was the flip down screens that showed the safety demo sparing the cabin crew the need to perform it manually.

Around 2110 we were blasting down the runway, the A321 seemd a lot more powerful and noisy than I would have expected but it was enjoyable nonetheless and we headed out over central London with good views down below of the Thames and London Bridge. The cabin crew were quick to begin their service, consisting of a choice between a ham or egg mayo baguette followed by a free bar service. Adequate and very generous I thought considering the low fares and short flight duration. At least four of the cabin crew were Scottish so I guess BMI must have an Edinburgh crew base. They were one of the best crews I've experinced actually, extremely bubbly and always having a laugh and joke with each other and the passengers. They made for a good atmosphere on board.

No sooner than all our rubbish was collected the seatbelt signs were on, the cabin lights were dimmed and we made our final appraoch into Edinburgh with good views over the Firth of Forth and the flight crew announcing a clear night in Edinburgh. We touched down at exactly 2205 and taxied down into gate three.

A short flight but one that was enjoyable. Good aircarft and good service by great crew. Having flown to Gatwick before on both BA and Easyjet, BMI have definitely won me over provided they can keep the web fares low. Well done BMI!

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Good to see visiting Edinburgh!  Big thumbs up You got lucky getting the very scenic approach up the river and past the bridges, can be something of a turbulent approach? How was it for you? Gate three is a international gate but there is or was work going on a gates 5-7 I think it was which would have been why you parked there. How busy was EDI at that time??
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Great Big thumbs up. I'm going to EDI in August and October with EZY from LGW, supposed to be a nice airport.

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I suppose you realise A340600 that you are very likely to get an A319.

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