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12th Of March 04 VIE-DUS On Air Berlin

Sun Mar 14, 2004 2:15 am

12th of march 04 VIE-DUS on Air Berlin

Last saturday I called Air Berlin because the latest check-in time wasn´t written onto their confirmation email to ask and the girl on the line told me 60 min. prior to departure and I asked "sure ?" and she told me "affirmative".
Well due to this facts and due to the fact that I had no clue how long it will take from my working place nearby U3 Zieglergasse to the airport, I left the nice place after lunch to catch the U3 to "Wien Mitte Landstrasse", before I bought online a return ticket for the new airport train called CAT from Wien Mitte to the airport (15 EUR for both and you can print out your tkt yourself)
Luckily enough I found the CAT from the underground station Landstrasse and could catch the 13:37 train instead of the next 14:03 which was calculated. Therefore I was real early on the airport and searched for the Air Berlin Checkin which is done by OS in terminal area A. Couldn´t call the OS checkin girl real friendly and later I found out WHY.
Boarding time indicated on the boarding pass was 15:50 (departure time 16:20) Gate B35 (bus boarding) but they started boarding at 15:35 ?! and short after I found out that this was a real good idea ! Flight AB8137 VIE-DUS was done with an B737-400 and I couldn´t see ANY empty seat !!!!!
They did the bus boarding with 3 double busses and they where good filled.
Taxiing began on time (couldn´t say push back) but deaparture was a bit late, because we had to wait.
also landing in DUS was 5 min late 17:55 instead of 17:50 but this due to the facts that the wind wasn´t in our faviour  Sad
My seat was unfortunatly 9A so no real good pic´s available  Sad
We had gotten a sandwich (ham or cheese) and a coffee, tea or softdrink for free, for alc you have to pay, but there was also a free newspaper service (!) ok tkt wasn´t real cheap with 216 EUR incl. taxes (the week before I booked I could have it for only 160 EUR  Sad
but the value what you get for your bucks is good on AB (instead of OS/LH codeshare where you have to pay even for the softdrinks and sandwich for the same or more money - because when I booked AB was the cheapest even germanwings to CGN would have been more expensive.

Hopefully you enjoyed my short trip rep, more will follow when I am online again (at the moment I haven´t even television nor phone or internet in my "home" at my workingplace  Sad

CU Jumbolino.
Kind Regards, Jutta.
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RE: 12th Of March 04 VIE-DUS On Air Berlin

Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:05 am

Hi Jutta!

It was very nice to read your report about what seems to become my "Stammstrecke" - I am quite frequently taking the AB flights from DTM or DUS to VIE for professional reasons. You are certainly right - AB is offering a very competitive and professional price for a very good price.

From my experiences, 4U is no longer an option on the VIE run - if you are booking less than two weeks in advance, they are usually at or above 400 Euro, which is ridiculous for a so called "low cost carrier". Thus we usually fly AB, VBird or even LH/Os when we have work to do in VIE.

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RE: 12th Of March 04 VIE-DUS On Air Berlin

Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:58 am

Hi Jutta, thanks for the report and the photos! I'll be flying through Vienna in April, however I'll have to take Germanwings because unfortunately there is no Air Berlin service STR-VIE. What a pity, because I'd really like to try Air Berlin - well of course, I haven't flown Germanwings either, but for Germanwings I have some other flights planned for the summer.

So these 216€ were for a one-way? Not really cheap either, but still, if you have to fly on a certain date and Germanwings is even more expensive...
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RE: 12th Of March 04 VIE-DUS On Air Berlin

Sat Mar 20, 2004 2:18 am

To both thanks for your kind replies and

Hi Alex,

Drop me an email when you´re in Vienna - you know I like to take pic´s from you as well as from planes  Wink/being sarcastic

CU Ju.

PS: the amount was for the return trip not only one way  Smile/happy/getting dizzy and yes, it was a lot cheaper than OS or 4U  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Kind Regards, Jutta.

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