AS SAN To YVR And Delayed Again.

Mon Mar 22, 2004 5:16 pm

AS 545 SAN to SEA
Sched: 6:25am

First attempt at departure: 6:25am
2nd attempt: 7:30am
3rd and final attempt: 8:45am.

We pushed the first time, taxied and returned to the gate, MX came on and we pushed again engine started and then turned off a minute later and we were towed to the gate. MX came back on and 2 techs worked on the issue. We pushed again and actually departed approx 2 hours 20 minutes late. Apparently there was a warning light that kept coming on and in the pilots own words. I dont know what this warning light means but the plane is safe.

I arrived into SEA and I missed my connection to YVR on Horizon. I went to the Horizon desk to get rebooked and the lady was extremly rude and tried to blame me for missing my flight. I normally stay calm but I clearly and angrily made sure she understood is was Alaskas fault 100% and not mine.

I was placed stand-by be her on a 1:10pm flight on Horizon to YVR on a Q-400 and I was not happy being stand by. Since I was getting know where with the agent I left and went to Alaska's service center where I was confirmed on the flight and issued a seat assignment.

This is the 2nd flight in a row that Alaska has been delayed more then 90 minutes.

I am flying Alaska to YVR again in April, May, and June and if those flights go well I will continue to fly them if I continue to be delayed then back to HP or UA I shall go.

Overall I got there safe and sound but late, I dont care for Horizon as an airline or their SEA employees but AS employees overall have been good.

Not much of a trip report but just a highlight of the problem flights.

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