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CX Business Class From LAX-HKG

Thu Mar 25, 2004 7:29 pm

CX Flight 883
Departure 10.30 pm
Business Class
Seat # 86 A ( upper deck Window )

Check in- The TB terminal at this time of the night was very crowded, I checked through the CX First Class checkin which was very swift and the TA was excellent. She gave me a priority pass which was really nice I was able to clear security swiftly. Nice touch, Great start!

Verdict-9/ 10

CX Lounge- Nothing compared to the flag ship lounge of CX In HKG. But according to the space each airline is given this is adequate as I didn't spend much time here.

Verdict- 6/10

Boarding- This was done in a very orderly manner the First and business along with the elite members got priority boarding.


Inflight service- I was greeted at the door and I proceeded to my seat in the upper deck. Very poor selection of magazines onboard this flight. This is my 14th flight on CX and its one of my favorite airlines. I am also a Platinum member with AA. After take off the CX service began, On this flight the crew were rather unfriendly. The chief purser melody and the FA ken did a horrible job by rushing through the service, it was as if they were going to catch the midnight train, they seem to be in such a hurry. Even the best airline has a off day and this was a day that CX was completely off. The FA's were rude in a very subtle manner. I sincerely think CX is one of the best airlines along with SQ but on this flight by far one of the worst flights i have been on CX. The food was awful in J class for that kind of money the food was tastless. The brunch on board has not changed in the last year its the same thing.Terrible flight!

Verdict-5/ 10

Regal airport hotel
In HKG- I checked into the airport hotel which is a five star hotel, was great! CX was paying for this, and this really did make up for the trip. I got a deluxe room overlooking the run way at HKG. The b'fast and luch buffets were glorious! Absolutely marvelous! Truely five stars! Super food! Great Hotel, my 10th time here.


More to come about my trip to Colombo on CX NEW regional Business Class!
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RE: CX Business Class From LAX-HKG

Thu Mar 25, 2004 8:31 pm

Great report sounds like u had a great time.

Take Care!!!!!
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RE: CX Business Class From LAX-HKG

Mon Mar 29, 2004 2:21 pm


Thank you for your report. I especially enjoyed your comments concerning the F/A's service: "rude in a very subtle manner." It's truly an art form, isn't it? While it's subtle, it's unmistakable... and I seem to be at the receiving end all too often. Interesting that one can encounter it even in the premium cabin of a "world class" Asian airline!

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