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Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

Thu May 13, 2004 5:38 am

Ok...now the format is fixed... Big thumbs up

Last month I had the opportunity to make a round trip with Oneworld Alliance. These are the different flights I made
1 Apr 2004 IB771 PMI-MAD Business Class
1 Apr 2004 IB6833 MAD-SCL First Class
2 Apr 2004 LA257 SCL-ZCO Economy Class
5 Apr 2004 LA256 ZCO-SCL Economy Class
5 Apr 2004 LA801 SCL-AKL Business Class
7 Apr 2004 QF4103 AKL-CHC Economy Class
13 Apr 2004 QF4180 ZQN-ROT Economy Class
15 Apr 2004 CX108 AKL-HKG Business Class
16 Apr 2004 CX293 HKG-FCO Business Class
17 Apr 2004 IB4623 FCO-BCN Business Class
17 Apr 2004 IB1126 BCN-SVQ Economy Class
18 Apr 2004 IB125 SVQ-MAD Business Class
18 Apr 2004 IB 794 MAD-PMI Business Class

Here is the history…very very very long…maybe no one will arrive to the final Big grin
And also, please, sorry for my English and it is my first report Embarrassment

PMI-MAD IB771 EC-ILS A320-214 1APR
I left home and I went to the airport 4 hours early to make the checking and then go to the office to don’t lose the afternoon. Checking in Palma de Mallorca Airport with Iberia is very quick as they don’t have too many flights. Mainly the flight to Madrid and Barcelona with A320 or MD87/88 and after they also fly with Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) to Ibiza, Menorca, Valencia and Alicante with Dash8…so there no many people in the checking counter.

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Photo © Josep Manchado - IBERIAN SPOTTERS
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Photo © Manuel Marin - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

After that I went to the office to “work”…well the last day before holiday I usually work very hard…
At 6 o’clock we went to the airport again and once we entered we had the first surprise: flight delayed and the airplane has not left MAD...
The flight was delayed from a hour and thirty minutes due to the late arrival of the airplane...
In PMI you don't have facilities for business class passenger but a small snack was offered to all the passengers due to the delay, so nobody was complaining. While waiting the airplane I saw a lot of Air Berlin 737, My Travel A320, Dash 8 of Iberia and LTU plane. Palma de Mallorca is an airport mainly used by German and British carrier that brings lots of tourist to stay in Mallorca…
The airplane we flown was a very new A320, the latest one that Iberia has recived.

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Photo © José Ramón Valero - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

Once in the airplane, I was seated in 3A. The captain apologized for the delay and explain to us that there was very bad weather in Madrid so all they flights were being delayed. We took off from runway 24R (normal configuration) and proceed directly to VLC and MAD.
After the take off, a small snack was offered to business class passenger but nothing special...you have a small sandwich with beverage and nothing else. With Iberia, the only difference between tourist and business is the curtain...You don't have middle free seat... Also another thing is that the F/A gives you the snack and then they go to the galley and start to chat and after if you ask for something it seems that you’re bothering them… Anyways, for a 50 minutes flight it isn't very important. Once again, the captain gave us an update of the weather conditions in Madrid and we started the approach to runway 18R. The approach was quite funny due to the winds and the big clouds and the touch down was incredible: I didn’t feel that we were touching the ground…The only problem of landing in runway 18R is that the terminal is quite far away and it is a big problem is you park at the end of the airport which is the thing that happened…15 minute taxiing…
Two buses were waiting for us and the disembark was very quick

MAD-SCL IB6833 EC-HGX A340-313X 1APR
And now…we are waiting for the flight to SCL. Once we entered in the terminal 3, we took a bus that takes you to the terminal 1 which is the international terminal…I you go walking takes you about 20 minutes to go there…After crossing the passport control (nothing compared to US Immigration…) we went to the Iberia Business Lounge of Barajas. Lots of facilities but the food can be better: you get small snack such as mini sandwich, cookies and beverages. The best thing is the view because you can see the entire international ramp: all the wide bodies. While waiting a saw 744 from Aerolineas Argentinas, MD11 from Varig, 737 from Turkish Airlines, A340 from Lan Chile, many A340 from Iberia, 743 from Iberia and Air Pullmantour, A330 from Iberworld, etc etc etc
Once the announce the flight, we went to the boarding gate and we had the first surprise. We were upgraded from business to first class as the plane was fully booked: first of all I though: ouhhhhhhh  Wow!, I'm very lucky, First Class, the seat, the food…the seat of business class of Iberia aren’t the best…and never choose the 5, the pitch is horrible as the is the separator… The reality was another one!
When I entered in the plane, I ask to say Hi to the pilot as work in the airline sector. When I met him, he told me "I'm sorry but I cannot put you in business or first as the plane is fully booked" and me I was thinking: "I'm going in First, if I go more in the front...I will go in cockpit"  Innocent
I was seated in seat 1E. The seat can be converted into a bed and you have the personal TV, personal Light, pc power, etc etc…
Once you get seating, they offer you a cup of Champaign or Jerez. Also they give you a pyjamas and a pair of slippers and the typical “comfort kit”
We had a mechanical problem with the trust so we had to come back…We waited for 1h30 inside the airplane without notices so the people get I little bit hungry…nothing was served for other people so the people get hungry…
Finally at 2AM we took off from MAD to SCL in the runway 15. We over flown Canary Island, Cabo Verde, Brasil, Paraguay and Argentina.
The meal that was served was not very good and you CAN’T choose the menu!!!. Here is the menu.
  • Iranian Sevruga caviar

  • Fresh coriander marinated scallop

  • Iberian ham and cured pork loin toasted bread with “salmorejo”

  • Veal consommé

  • Fresh vegetable salad with olive oil vinaigrette and sherry vinegar, dill creamy dressing

  • Selection of cheeses

  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit

  • Chocolate Cup with Wild Fruit

  • Strawberry and Meringue Milk Ice-creams

  • During all the flight we had some turbulence but as I was sleeping…no problem!
    The entertainment on board a disaster. My personal TV wasn’t working and the video walkman that they offer also didn’t work. Hopefully I had my laptop with me so I saw some movies that I downloaded from the internet…:D
    In First class they didn’t wake up until 1h45 prior to arrival but I woke up before to make some picture of the sunrise: I took it from the seat used by F/A to have some relax

    MyAviation.net photo:
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    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    The breakfast served…the same one that you can get in business class…
    Here is the breakfast menu:
  • Baked potatoes and courgette, grilled Spanish sausage and cheese omelette

  • Fresh Orange Juice, Fruit salad, youghourt and buns, butter, Jam and honey

  • I do really don’t understand which the difference between Business Class and First Class is  Confused. At least the seat was very comfortable as I said and the F/A were very good people at least with me. I had a lot of fun with one of them speaking about things of airline companies.
    On approach, while crossing the Andes with had some turbulence and finally we landed one hour late…

    MyAviation.net photo:
    Click here for bigger photo!
    Photo © Dario Crusafon IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    We crossed to customs very fast but after that we had to wait for more than 30 minutes for the baggage’s, we had the sticker of Priority but I don’t what happened but this note the fault of IB.
    Also I must say that F/A, even if they were very nice with me, in international flights they only make their jobs. What I mean is that they serve the food and after that they go to the galley to chat when there are other companies that they pass every 30 minutes/1 hour asking if you need something. In Iberia, don’t bother them! This is the impression that I have.
    In overall, Iberia is a good airline, they have very new planes but I think they have to improve the food and the on-board entertainment.

    SCL-ZCO LA257 CC-CSH Boeing 737-204/Adv 1APR 15:35 16:50
    Santiago de Chile is a medium size airport. Lots of shops in the international area but just a few in the domestic area. Here we had to recheck again the baggage’s because they couldn’t take our boarding card in PMI even if we were flying in an Oneworld flight…

    The boarding started on time. This is a very short flight between the capital city of Chile and Temuco that is situated in the south. After the airplane was continuing to the city of Osorno. I was seated in 5L. The seat look not very old but there isn’t enough pitch and not enough space between the rows but for this type of flight it is OK
    This is an old airplane but they look very well. Domestic flight in Chile have only tourist class.

    MyAviation.net photo:
    Click here for bigger photo!
    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    The captain say hello and explain to us the route and the weather conditions. After that they started the engines and we proceed to take off.
    During this flight a sandwich was offered: black bread with egg and salad. I remember that the approach was very bumpy as there was a lot of wind due to a thunderstorm. The airport of Temuco is very small, they have only 7 flights a day…there is a cafeteria and two shops and nothing more. Also as lots of small airport they don’t have taxiways so you have to go to the end of the runway.
    F/A are very nice, I think that LAN has very nice F/A and they are very friendly. Also the captain gave lots of information related to the flight which is a thing that I appreciate.

    ZCO-SCL LA256 CC-CSI Boeing 737-204/Adv 5APR 19:20 20:35
    We arrive very early to the airport so I get a little bit bored…nothing to due. I made three or four turn to the airport just looking around. We didn’t have to wait for the checking as there weren’t people at that time in the airport. They gave us the boarding card also for the flight to AKL as well.
    This airport has 3 gates but in a same small room: I like this small airport.
    It was raining so we had a run to go to the plane to don’t get wet…no finger in this airport. The plane wasn’t fully booked so we had the middle seat free. I had the seat 5L which was the one that I pre selected in the reservation: you are over the engine and you can see all the wing.
    During the take off we had a little problem with the slats because one of them wasn’t going up but they could solve the problem.
    Once again, we had an sandwich for dinner and lots of information from the flight deck. I like when the captain gives information’s related to the flight because make me more comfortable and secure.
    Once we arrived to SCL had to pass to customs as we were connecting to Auckland.
    Lan Chile has good route for domestic flights if you are connecting from an intercontinental flight and you are a foreign visitor, so if you fly on time to Chile ask for this option.

    SCL-AKL LA801 CC-CQC Airbus A340-313X 5APR 23:45-04:45+2
    We waited in the Bizz Lounge of Lan Chile. Lots of facilities, TV, Internet, food, magazine…the only thing is that there is no view to the ramp so I couldn’t see airplanes
    They started the boarding one hour before and the we proceed to the gate. Once we boarding I ask for the captain because I wanted to ask some question related to the flight: it was the first time that I took a plane that flies 13hours over the ocean with no civilization around so I was a little beat scare. Here is the route…

    I was seated in seat 5J. Seat of Lan Chile are very comfortable: 56 inches between the rows and the seats recline to 150 degrees.
    The Personal TV had video on demand and music on demand with very new movies: six movie channels and 10 channels.
    Before take off, a cup of Champaign (also juice and water) was offered to us with peanuts (the peanuts are the same in all the companies). We left the gate on time and the captain gave the welcome to all the passengers.
    After the take off (I like the sound of the A340 CFM engines in full power), the dinner was offered (I don’t have the menu). The food: incredible! I had salmon for entrée and then meat with Oporto Sauce and smashed potatoes. For dessert I don’t remember as I was very tired.  Sleepy Still jetlag from Spain  Big grin
    The breakfast also very good: the main was an omelette with cheese and hot bread with marmalade, fruits and corn flakes. Very good
    We had a lot of strong head winds so we were going at 740km/h so we arrived a little beat late to AKL.
    Once again as in the other LA flights lots of information’s from the flight deck, F/A very professional and very nice. In overall, for me that I’m Spanish so I speak Spanish, LA is one of the best airlines that you can choose around the world.
    One other thing from this flight, no turbulence during 13h40!!!!!  Nuts

    AKL-CHC QF4103 ZK-CZU Boeing 737- 7APR 07:00-08:20
    The first thing that you see when you arrive to New Zealand is a dog smelling you everywhere looking if you have drugs…In customs we hadn’t problem as it was 5 o’clock and there was no people! Also another thing from AKL Airport, are the BIO DOGS. They look for fresh fruits and if you have one and you hadn’t put it in the form you get a fine of 200NZD. After you have an another “nature control”, they look if you have wood, vegetables, etc to don’t enter a sickness in New Zealand. Once we passed all the control, we walked down to the domestic terminal of AKL. There are two terminal that are separated: only 700 meters. So we decided to walk…5AM, cold…jet lag, don’t know what time has your body. For the lazy people, a bus connects the domestic and international terminal building.
    The domestic terminal is very small, counter for Qantas, Air New Zealand and Origin Pacific. Also there is a small shop and nothing else. Once you pass the security check, there are only chair to wait the airplane. During the check-in I had some problem with the staff as I had my bag in which I had the laptop, book and camera that were a little bit heavy and they wanted that I check it!!!!! Finally, they gave a little bag to carry the computer in one side, and the camera, book in the other one
    I had the seat 17A so at least I could me some picture of the wing: this is what I really like!
    Once inside the airplane I remember that the music was a little bit loud (6h30AM) after crossing the Pacific Ocean: it look like a young airline for young people, perfect for me. The flight was on time. As in the domestic flights in Chile, there is only one class onboard. The flight to Christchurch is 1h10 long. We had a small hot croissant of ham and cheese, very tasty.
    After having a small morning “siesta”, I woke up and I took some picture of the approach to Christchurch
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    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    and we arrived to CHC. CHC airport is a medium size airport, it has international flights too. After getting out the plane we looked to our baggages and something that impressed me was that the belts were in a public area: one people from outside can come and see the baggage’s and take one if he wants!
    MyAviation.net photo:
    Click here for bigger photo!
    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    ZQN-ROT QF4180 ZK-CZU Boeing 737- 7APR 10:20-12:50

    Queenstown Airport is a small airport and very nice!

    MyAviation.net photo:
    Click here for bigger photo!
    Photo © Dario Crusafon IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    We arrived one hour before the flight and we need 30 minutes to make the check-in. There were only two guys doing the checking. The airplane arrived some minutes late after the Air New Zealand flight.

    MyAviation.net photo:
    Click here for bigger photo!
    Photo © Dario Crusafon IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    No finger so you go walking to the plane, I like that.
    This flight was stopping in Christchurch. So the first leg to CHC took us 30 min and the second one to ROT took us 1 hour. I was seated in 7A.
    We took off from runway 23.

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    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    We had very good weather so I was able to take some picture of the Southern Alps. On board they offered us a small snack and water, enough for this short flight. Now in Spain you get nothing . In CHC, we had to get out the plane so I was able to take some pictures but with only 20 min of connection…not to many planes!

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    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    The second leg we had cookies with cheese and beverages.
    The landing in Rotorua was a litlle bit bumpy due to the crosswind. Rotorua airport is very small. They don’t even have belts so the baggage’s come with the truck outside the airport and the selfservice :d

    MyAviation.net photo:
    Click here for bigger photo!
    Photo © Dario Crusafon IBERIAN SPOTTERS

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    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    In overall, I think that Qantas JetConnect is a good company. They aren’t expensive compared to Air New Zealand. When I looked to the prices, Air New Zealand was very expensive! (200€ for a Auckland-Christchurch/Queenstown-Rotorua, same trip with Air New Zealand 600€ using same airplane and same service on board)

    AKL-HKG CX108 B-HXG A340-313X 12:50-20:30

    AKL is quite nice airport.
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    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Danny H. Masson

    There are a lot of shops inside so we went early to make some sightseeing  Big thumbs up. The checking you have to do it in the ones of Qantas. You can also pay there the airport taxes. After Buenos Aires, Auckland is the second airport where I have had to pay taxes. After that we went to the Lounge of Qantas to have some free food  Acting devilish.
    After that let’s go into the airplane.
    I had heard so much about the new CX Business class and I wasn't sure if it would be all that I had anticipated. The cabin was spectacular.

    I was seated in row 17A, the last business class row but is not a problem as the seat remains the same.
    The seat is by far the best business seat in the world, even better than some carrier’s first class, for example Iberia as I mentioned before. The seat you have infinite settings with 9 degree recline angle and stretches flat to a full 6”3 of restful accommodation: spectacular.
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    Photo © Chris Finney

    Three pre-flight drinks and hot towels were offered prior to departure
    Here is the picture of the take off
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    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    Once we reach the cruise level
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    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Dario Crusafon - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    , they gave us the menu.
    The F/A was calling you by your last name: I never have seen that!
    The entertainment on board in the best one that I have seen: CX Studio is incredible and the TV too: bigger that the one that I have at home. Also, the noise reducing headsets worked perfectly. Even when I wasn’t looking to the TV I used them because you hear no loud from the plane.
    Here is the route and the menu of the music on board…you will see the size of the screen

    The food menu served was as follows:

  • Salad:
    Seasonal Salad served with Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Appetizer:
    Salmon, Hot smoked with waldorf salad

  • Main Courses:
    *Lamb loin with grain mustard sauce and durchesse potatoes and Oven roasted vegetables
    *Golden fried blue cod with pinenuts in sweet and sour sauce with steamed rice, pak choy and mushroom
    *Chicken teriyaki with steamed rice, pak choy and carrots (the one I chose)
    *Penne pasta with creamy mushroom sauce

  • Cheese board and fresh seasonal fruits

  • Dessert:
    *Gourmet chocolate almond cake served with strawberry coulis
    *Summer pudding with mango sauce

  • Image the menu in first class  Big thumbs up
    We had some light turbulence over the Philippines and a few hour before the landing in Hong Kong a light dinner was offered:
  • Appetizer: Seasonal fruit salad

  • Main course:
    *Stir-fried noodle with beef in Oyster sauce and Choy sum
    *Cajun chicken with mushroom risotto and grilled vegetable

    After this delicious dinner, we started the approach to HKG but as I was cloudy I could see nothing and then the night was also coming…
    I really don’t know in which runway we landed. The terminal was on the right hand. Once we get out the plane we proceed to the Immigrations and we had to wait for 30 minutes…they were many airplanes coming at the same time.
    Maybe I haven’t said many things from Cathay but the true is that there with one word you can define this airline: FANTASTIC!  Big thumbs up  Big thumbs up

    HKG-FCO CX293 B-HXG B747-400 23:55-06:30+1

    We arrived very early to the airport so we were able to make some shopping. After that we were to the business lounge to have some rest. The business class lounge is very big and lots of facilities and a lot of good food…
    The boarding started on time and I was differentiated for First/Business and tourist class. So we didn’t have to wait and I went directly to my seat.
    I was seated in 88A that means that I was in the upper deck: first time in my life.

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    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Andy Smulders

    Once again, they offered us three pre-flight drinks (Champaign, juice, water) and hot towels were offered prior to departure.
    The flight was delayed for 15 minutes due to a no-shown so they have to look for the baggage in the container…The baggage was in the fifth one according to the information gave by the captain…I love when they explain all this things.
    The crew is very professional, polite and attentive. They are very friendly and the uniforms look very smart.

    I don’t know from which runway we took off and after the dinner was served:
  • Salad: Mixed seasonal salad with shrimp served with creamy Italian dressing

  • Entrée:
    *Chinese stewed meat patty steamed rice with mushrooms and vegetables
    *Grilled salmon fillet with tomato, olive and pepper comfit with boiled new potato wedges with parsley, carrot and grilled zucchini (DELICIOUS!, the one I took!)

  • Dessert:
    *Cheese plate
    *Fresh seasonal fruits
    *Orange chocolate mousse cake served with raspberry sauce

  • I remember also that the F/A chief (I don’t remember the name) came to all passengers asking if everything was fine and if there was something that they can do better. Also, first that I saw that!
    After the dinner I sleep during all the flight until I took this picture of the route, I just see a part of “Last Samurai” but after 30 minutes I get complete sleep!

    Two hours before the breakfast was served.
  • Juice selection

  • Yogurt and cereals

  • Main course:
    *E-fu noodles with straw mushrooms and chives with assorted Chinese dim sum served with chilli sauce.
    *Selected breakfast cold cut
    *Scrambled egg with asparagus, bacon, veal sausage and baked tomato provencale

  • Assorted bread and rolls served with preserves, honey and butter

  • After that we started the approach with the last updates from the cabin deck (apologizing again for the delay) and we land a few minutes after. I really loved Cathay Pacific I hope to fly with them soon
    As we were arriving with some delay, one bus was waiting the people who where connecting to Barcelona. Everything went very fast and in 5 minutes we arrive to the main terminal to cross the Immigration control…and then…Iberia…problems started again.

    FCO-BCN IB4623 EC-ILS A320-214 17APR 07 :45-09 :25
    As the flight from HKG was delayed we had problem as Iberia took us out of the plane. That means that when we arrived to the gate, they told us that as they though that we wouldn’t arrive so they took us out having the boarding pass from HKG. So they have to recheck us again as were on time (30 min prior to departure) Because of that, the flight was delayed for more than 30 min…Iberia, before doing that, please confirm the hour of arrival…
    I was seated in 2D…I don’t really don’t know which is the difference between business class and tourist in European flights in Iberia….Ahhh, yes…In Buss Class you pay 1000 euros and you get a small breakfast and in tourist you pay 200 euros and you pay 6 euros for the breakfast…We had ham and fresh cheese, a cup of coffee and a yogurt…and nothing else. Everything cold…when for example last year in Lan Chile in a DOMESTIC flight from Puerto Montt to Santiago we got hot chicken with rice and not paying 1000 euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hopefully no body was flying in business so we had all the seat for us because there is no free seat between A/C and D/F…I think that they have to improve that!
    Landing in BCN was fine

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    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Thomas Fischer

    and then we went to BCN to see some friends and family to have some rest before taking the other plane to SVQ.

    BCN-SVQ IB1126 EC-ILP A321-211 17APR 16 :30-17 :55
    After this long long and long flight this flight was very short to us. We were going to Seville to see the family just one day after this long trip that is why we didn’t fly back to PMI directly.

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    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Marlo Plate - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    I don’t remember to much from this flight as I was very very very sleep. What I remember very well is that we were downgraded to tourist  Pissed (no important for this short flight) because due to the problem in Rome. So when I arrived to SVQ, they paid us 130 euros/ticket. I was seated in seat 5C. In tourist no service but I least I had a newspaper as the crew that was on board was the same one that flown from FCO to BCN the same day. In Seville we had to wait like 45 minutes for our baggage’s…and having the priority tag and going through the international belt…I think they can make saving without putting the tag because at then end they put your baggage’s in the belt when they want  Crying

    SVQ-MAD IB125 EC-*** A320 17APR 17 :55-18 :55
    We arrived very late to the airport and we were lucky as the plane was complete fully book, that is why I didn’t put the registration of the plane.

    View Large View Medium
    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Manuel Marin - IBERIAN SPOTTERS

    I don’t know what happened but always all the flight going to SVQ go fully book…so book in advance so you will find better tariffs.
    The flight was a little bit delay because of a football team that they were doing I don’t know what in the terminal. I was seated in 1A. Service on board, a small sandwich with ham and cheese. The funniest part of this flight was the landing. We land on runway 18R with a lot of crosswinds so at least was a little bit bumpy…Once again F/A in Iberia do only their job, serve an go to chat in the galley.

    MAD-PMI IB794 EC-GRL MD87 18APR 20 :20-21 :35
    The last flight…Seated in seat 2A…also a very short flight compared to all this long haul flights that we have take in two weeks.
    Once again and again, F/A in Iberia do only their job serve one time the food and go to chat in the galley. MD87 are look very old but if you are in the front, you don’t hear nothing from the engine…The flight was very fast and we land prior to the scheduled time and finally at HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So for conclude, this is the ranking

    2.-LAN CHILE

    Three days after I wrote a letter to Iberia telling thing that I think being a customer they can improve a be the best airline of the world. I’m complaining of Iberia but I do have the silver card (at least, I fly sometimes with them)

    I hope you have enjoyed this first report and once again sorry for my English.

    Next trip this week: PMI-MAD-AGP with Spanair and GRX-PMI-BCN with Iberia


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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 6:49 am

    All I can saw is wow. What a detailed trip report. Very jealous that you could have taken this trip.
    Newark Airport...My Home Away From Home
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 6:56 am

    I'm green with envy!

    Great report  Big grin

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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 7:17 am

    Excellent report and great trip. I am a huge fan of Oneworld's Around the World products and am in the middle of one right now. Here is my routing:

    Cairo - London LHR on BA (flown 2/04)
    London LHR - Frankfurt on BA (flown 2/04)
    Frankfurt - Dallas on AA (flown 2/04)
    Dallas - New York LGA on AA (flown 2/04)
    New York JFK - Barbados on AA (flown 3/04)
    Barbados - New York JFK on AA (flown 3/04)
    New York LGA - Austin on AA (flown 5/04)
    Austin - New York LGA on AA (flown 5/04)
    New York JFK - Los Angeles on AA (7/04)
    Los Angeles - Santiago on LA (7/04)
    Santiago - Rio de Janiero on LA (7/04)
    Rio de Janiero - Santiago on LA (7/04)
    Santiago - New York JFK on LA (7/04)
    New York JFK - Hong Kong on CX (7/04 -- new non-stop flight!)
    Hong Kong - Tokyo on CX (7/04)
    Tokyo - Hong Kong on CX (11/04)
    Hong Kong - Singapore on CX (11/04 -- via Bangkok)
    Singapore -Melbourne on BA (11/04)
    Melbourne - Sydney (surface segment, will fly QF on separate ticket)
    Sydney - London LHR on QF (11/04)
    London LHR - Dubai on BA (open segment)

    I am impressed that you were able to route in such a way as to avoid North America. It is the first time I've seen anyone do it, but I was aware that it was possible.

    I like to do mine in first class, but buy them in countries like Egypt where, due to currency devaluations, the price is pretty low. I would guess I paid no more than you for your DONE4 than I would have paid for a AONE4 ex-Egypt (as it was, I am doing an AONE5), of course, one must factor-in the cost of getting to Egypt.

    I agree with you that Cathay is the best in Oneworld, followed by Lan Chile. Having flown Cathay in F on the AA), New Zealand">AKL-HKLG route, I can vouch for the quality of the menu (I did a report on this trip, a previous RTW, which I posted here, do a search), but I think Lan's F food is better. I've never used Iberia on a RTW. Were you award that Lan flies the MAD-SCL route as well (flight originates in AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA)?

    Great report and great trip!
    SR 103
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 8:56 am

    Excellent trip report. I am a huge oneworld fan and am glad that you liked the airlines. Cathay Pacific is my preferred carrier and I was pleased to see you had positive comments about them.

    SR 103
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 3:10 pm

    What a great report!

    Just one thing to add: ZCO Maquehua Airport will be relocated shortly. They are at envorinment studies stage, for getting the new location.
    The terminal, as many in Chile, will be tendered: Temuco is the 4th largest city of Chile and the airport is very outdated, so this shouldn't take long.

    Regards )( Arcano
    in order: 721,146,732,763,722,343,733,320,772,319,752,321,88,83,744,332,100,738, 333, 318, 77W, 78, 773, 380, 73G, 788, 789, 346
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 3:37 pm

    Nice report, especially the part on Cathay business class, which reminded me fondly of my HKG-LAX-HKG experience with them from last year.

    Are you sure your HKG-FCO flight is on B-HXG? That was a reg. from an A340. Did you actually meant B-HUG?

    View Large View Medium
    Click here for bigger photo!

    Photo © Carlos A. Morillo Doria

    Topic Author
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 4:50 pm

    N949WP, yes you're right, I made a mistake. As you see is the same registration I putted in the AKL-HKG...sorry Embarrassment . I fact I don't remember the registration as the flight from SVQ to MAD.
    Arcano, I really loved Chile and Lan Chile. Last year I went to Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas and I'm planning to go to Calama (San Pedro de Atacama) this summer (winter for you) and the MAD-SCL-MAD do it with Lan Chile. Also I did flight from SCL to Buenos Aires (EZE) last year with LA to in coach and remember that the service was also incredible! Chile is a great country and the people is wonderful! Love Nuts
    PresRDC, OUHHHHH, what a trip!!! Wow! Wow! Right know to cross to Asia without crossing the US you have to go via SCL with LA (codeshare QF) or via EZE (Buenos Aires) with Aerolineas Argentinas. About the MAD-SCL I knew that LA was flying from AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA but the problem was that there was people that was coming from BCN and for connection IB was better in case that the flight is delayed because then they wait you. Iberia sells BCN-SCL like I single flight, this was the reason but next time we will definitely use LA to go to SCL.
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 6:36 pm

    Hey, great trip report! I enjoyed it!

    So your next flight will be to AGP, what are you doing down here???

    Topic Author
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 6:57 pm

    Dmerinop:We go to see the family but to Granada (GRX) and the better time connection was PMI-MAD-AGP. I would like to make some spotting there but I go with the wife...so...nothing  Sad. If I told here that I want to go to the fence to make picture...she ask me for the divorce  Big thumbs up
    Flight Plan for the week-end
    14 May JK317 PMI-MAD 15:30 16:45 MD83
    14 May JK545 MAD-AGP 17:45 18:45 A320
    16 May IB1251 GRX-BCN 18:45 20:00 A320
    16 May IB1736 BCN-PMI 20:50 21:35 A320

    and the next one is next week-end with the super offer of 10euros from Iberia from last week, we were lucky to find it. Nuts
    22 May IB1733 PMI-BCN 21:05 21:50 MD88
    23 May IB1734 BCN-PMI 22:35 23:10 MD88

    Are you from AGP?


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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 13, 2004 10:44 pm

    I must say CX and BA is the best in Oneworld.

    I did the following on Oneworld RTW as well in J Class and F Class

    SYD-JFK (Direct) QF F Class
    PHL-DFW AA F Class
    DFW-IAH AA F Class
    IAH-DFW AA F Class
    DFW-YVR AA J Class
    YVR-JFK CX J Class
    JFK-BOS AA L Class
    BOS-LHR BA J Class
    LHR-CDG BA J Class
    CDG-LHR BA J Class
    LHR-DXB BA J Class
    DXB-LHR BA J Class
    LHR-SIN BA J Class
    SIN-HKG CX J Class
    HKG-KIX CX J Class
    KIX-HKG CX J Class
    HKG-AA), New Zealand">AKL CX F Class
    AA), New Zealand">AKL-MEL QF J Class
    MEL-PER QF J Class
    PER-SYD QF J Class

    WOW I used up the whole ticket (20 sectors in total) to the MAX!
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Fri May 14, 2004 12:47 am

    cx123, nice routing. The 20 segment rule was introduced a little over a year ago and has really limited the ability to maximize mileage on the ticket. Heck, you cannot even use all your free segments within each continent (4 in all but North America, where you get 6) and stay within the 20 segment rule. In 2002, I did another Oneworld Explorer, which was not limited by the 20 segment rule. Much easier to maximize mileage! This was my route:

    Stockholm - London LHR on BA J (3/02)
    London LHR - Dubai on BA F (3/02)
    Dubai - London LHR on BA F (3/02)
    (surface segment LHR - Frankfurt)
    Frankfurt - Dallas on AA F (3/02)
    Dallas - Santiago on AA F (3/02)
    Santiago - Easter Island on LA J (3/02)
    Easter Island - Santiago on LA J (3/02)
    Santiago - Los Angeles on LA F (3/02)
    Los Anegles - Chicago on AA F (3/02)
    Chicago - Seattle on AA F (4/02)
    Seattle - Chicago on AA F (4/02)
    Chicago - San Francisco on AA F (4/02)
    San Francisco - Chicago on AA F (4/02)
    (surface segment Chicago - New York)
    New York JFK - San Francisco on AA F (8/02)
    San Francisco - Hong Kong on CX F (8/02)
    Hong Kong - Osaka on CX F (8/02)
    Osaka - Hong Kong on CX F (8/02)
    Hong Kong - Bali on CX J (8/02)
    Bali - Hong Kong on CX J (8/02)
    Hong Kong - Bangkok on CX F (8/02)
    Bangkok - Sydney on QF F (8/02)
    Sydney - Ayers Rock on QF J (8/02)
    Ayers Rock - Perth on QF J (8/02)
    Perth - Sydney on QF J (8/02)
    Sydney - Auckland on LA F (8/02)
    Auckland - Hong Kong on CX F (8/02)
    Hong Kong - London LHR on CX F (8/02)
    London LHR - Stockholm on BA J (8/02)
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Fri May 14, 2004 3:55 am

    Arcano, I really loved Chile and Lan Chile. Last year I went to Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas and I'm planning to go to Calama (San Pedro de Atacama) this summer Chile is a great country and the people is wonderful!

    Hey! of course you loved us! we are the best  Big thumbs up... now seriously San Pedro is amazing, you will see the exact opposite to Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. Atacama dessert is the dryiest of the world; this could give you an idea... Once in there also visit "Valle de la Luna" ("Moon Valley"), a MUST, and you'll the the "Valle de los Dinosaurios" on the road, called likje that not because of the fosil, but the shape of the hills. And also the Geizers. Antofagasta and Calama are kind of ugly.


    in order: 721,146,732,763,722,343,733,320,772,319,752,321,88,83,744,332,100,738, 333, 318, 77W, 78, 773, 380, 73G, 788, 789, 346
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Fri May 14, 2004 10:36 pm

    Yes PresRDC, I think Oneworld introduced the 20 sector rules because of people like us!!!! IT does not give you enough segments to use up all your continets sectors (4 each and 6 in US).
    Total Miles EArned = 60,000 (thanks to CX Bonus miles to the loyalty of MPO members during SARS!)

    I love these RTW tix and I just like to find the various loop holes in the fare rules!

    BTW I did the above routing all in 3 weeks!

    PresRDC, I think the F Class tix on the RTW is not good value as a lot of flights these days do not have F Class on it and in the US for the J Class tix you get to book in A Class anyway. What it sucks is if no D Class is available you have to Book L not Y hence waitlist etc......
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Fri May 14, 2004 11:11 pm


    Yes, there are a lot of two class flights these days, but I have had little trouble in avoiding most of those. Actually, American recently revised its elite qualification guidelines whereby business class uses the same multiplier as first class (1.5 points per miles flown), making the difference in qualification miles that much less. Unfortunately, business class still eanrs 1.25 miles as opposed to 1.5 miles for first class. I find that if I can fly first class on my intercontinental flights, than I am getting good value out of the ticket. Plus, there usually are enough intracontinental three class flights to make a routing with minimal J class segments. For example, CX has a proper first class cabin on some of its flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo and Osaka as well as a daily flight from Hong Kong to Singapore via Bangkok (CX 713, returns to Hong Kong without transitiing Bangkok as CX 716). Also, Lan Chile operates a three class flight from Santiago to Rio via Sao Paulo. Lan Chile and Qantas operate a three class flight between Sydney and Auckland. American operates three class flights from JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco and one can take CX on a three class flight from JFK to Vancouver.

    Of the 20 flights on my current Oneworld Explorer, 3 are booked in business class (London to Frankfurt, New York to Barbados and Barbados to New York). Of the remaining 17, 3 are U.S. domestic two class flights (Dallas to New York and New Your to/from Austin). The remaining 14 segments are in first class on three (or four, if BA) class flights. To me, that is a good value. Of course, I designed the route to minimize flights in business class, but found I was able to do this while still maximizing mileage and visiting the new destinations I wanted to visit (Cairo, Rio, Singapore, Melbourne and Beijing, which is on a separate award ticket originating in Tokyo).

    Planning these is half the fun!
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Fri May 14, 2004 11:19 pm

    I know. I nearly ripped out my brains to avoid Y Class flights on the ticket.
    Also as I like CX so much and want to earn extra miles, I went from IAH-DFW-YVR-JFK instead of just IAH-LGA.

    I mean the difference between CX and AA is so great it really worths the effort of going to YVR> Also the Fairmont @ YVR is pretty good!

    I was the only person in J Class on the flight from YVR-JFK (It is on 25 Dec) also on 744 in the Upper Deck, so I feel it is my own PRivate Jet.
    Also the FA was really nice, offered me the F Class meal! and also a Christmas Gift.

    Such a good flight compared to those DREADED AA MD80 flights!
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Sat May 15, 2004 2:56 am

    The CX FAs are the best in the business, IMO. Never been dissappointed. I hav enever had the luxury of a private cabin on CX (I did on LA's Sydney to Auckland flight), but I hae been one of two in first class (CX 713 Hong Kong to Bangkok) abd have been given parting gifts, including a very nice (and expensive) bottle of Krug Grand Cuvee as a gift for passing the Bar Exam!

    I am very much looking forward to my next CX flight this July, which will be on the non-stop JFK-HKG A340-600 flight in first class.
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Sat May 15, 2004 10:33 am

    Tell me how you go on that flight!!! I usually use the CX888 at the moment. I do prefer 744 rather than 346.
    I find the 346's J Class is too BIG (too mnay rows)
    They stopped using that on the SYD-HKG route now. Which I Travelled regularly.
    Agree with you on the CX service!!

    I also got a bottle of Krug and a 2 Class upgrade (From Y to F) last year when I travelled on my Birthday.

    Also I only paid 950AUD on a special Y Class Discount ticket!!! Excellent Value!!

    I really think the CX knows how to treat their Premium and Loyal customers (compared to AA and QF!)
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Wed May 19, 2004 1:42 am


    When CX announced the non-stop flights, I immediately wanted to get on that flight. I was scheduled to fly on the CX 889 in July. At first, CX did not have any "A" class availabilty on the non-stop flights, so I waitlisted myself for the flight through AA's RTW desk. About a week later, CX cleared me from the waitlist. From looking at the inventory, there seems to be one "A" class seat on each flight. Also looks to be some "D" class inventory.
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    RE: Around The World With OneWorld (CX,IB,LA,QF)

    Thu May 20, 2004 9:15 am

    CX is pretty good with the inventory (especially for D and A Class Pax) Just put yourself in the waitlist and you will get on if there is a seat available .
    and for Diamond MPO's like myself, I can get a Confrimed seat within i think 24 hours in almost any circumstances!!!
    AA is so BAD, I had a D Class RTW tix and had to be downgraded to L Class (not even Y) from JFK-BOS. and I can't waitlist as well (which is STUPID!)
    and then I find out there are only 5 people on that flight!

    Does AA have a brain at all?

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