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I thought I would share a trip I took to England in 1993; however, I cannot remember too many flight details. The return flight was rather interesting. As a teenager in the 1970s, I had the opportunity to fly on DC-9s, 727s and BAC-111s on airlines such as Eastern, Allegheny, and Mohawk (wow, all gone!). I didn't have the opportunity to fly on a 747 until 1993.

I had friends in Broadstairs (near the White Cliffs of Dover), so all I needed was airfare and, of course, pub money. I remember the flight over being relatively uneventful - took the red-eye from Logan and didn't sleep a wink. Arrived around 8 or 9 in the morning...Anyway, England is a great place, but seeing as this is a trip report, I'll get to the return flight. Well, upon leaving Gatwick 10 days later (this was early-mid March, 1993), word was that a nor'easter was heading toward Boston, and that we might have to be diverted. Sure enough, mid-flight it was announced that we would be flying into Minneapolis. Northwest was great, though, bussing us to a nice (free) hotel and giving us $20 or $30 vouchers for the hotel restaurant. I stayed up pretty late that evening, hanging out at the bar with many of the other diverted passengers from my and other flights. Being on England time, I got up like a bolt at 6 AM, and hit the shuttle back to MSP to find a return flight to BOS. I managed to get the last seat on a DC-9 that looked as though it was built in the 1960s.

The return flight was routine until we got near Logan. As the nor'easter blew on through the previous day, high winds and a high pressure system settled over Boston. The approach over the harbor was unreal. Later, my family said there were 50 mph swirling gusts in the area. Anyway, the pilot seemed to be using differential thrust while we were rolling - one second I'd be looking down at the harbor, and a few second later we would roll and I'd be looking up at the sky. I couldn't believe we got landing clearance under these conditions (thought anyone?). Finally, we touched down, and the passengers gave a pretty loud cheer. On disembarking, the Captain greeted us, and he looked almost as white as a ghost. My hats off to you, Captain. My luggage arrived 2 or 3 hours later, as it had been loaded onto another flight, so all in all, things came to a pretty decent end to an interesting trip.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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