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Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Thu Aug 12, 2004 4:39 am

Welcome to my latest trip report. I actually came back a few weeks ago, but I've been so busy doing everything, that I had very little time to write a decent trip report, but now finally I have some time. It was time for the annual trip to Florida with my mom and sister. I love going down to Florida, it brings back my great memories of living there, and it's always nice to remember what 100% humidity feels like!

Sun Country Airlines
Flight 347
Boeing 737-800 N806SY
Seat: First class, 2A
Departure time: 7:30 am
Arrival time: 11:04 am
July 22nd, 2004

My alarm clock starts blaring this annoying, loud noise which tells me to get up! The time was 4:30 am, it was time to get ready to head out to the airport. I pack the rest of my stuff, and throw it in the car. After waiting for the others to get ready, we were on our way to the airport at 5:30 am! I had nothing to eat yet, but either way I wasn't hungry, so I was alright.

We arrived at the airport and took our luggage out, and said so long to my father. We wheeled our bags into the new Humphrey Terminal at MSP. I haven't been in this terminal yet, so I was in for a surprise. It's definitely a huge, HUGE improvement over the old HHH terminal that used to house Sun Country, Champion, and others. The ceilings of the check-in were really high, a lot of space! We went over to the Sun Country check-in, which was a holy mess when we got there. 100's of people were standing in the ridiculously long lines, it wasn't good. Sun Country definitely needs to get some more check-in areas. We passed a bunch of people, and had cut in front of others in order to reach the 1st class check-in. This man gave us a dirty look, and said "You're not going to get anywhere!" I just looked in the opposing direction and continued.

We get to the 1st class line which was much better! We got our tickets in about 10 minutes, and we were good to go. We wheeled our bags to the X-ray machines to leave them off there (like in MCO). I saw that man again, smiled, and held up my boarding pass in the air for him to see. Haha, what a sucker. Anywho, we continued towards security. Security and gates were on the second level, so we had to take an escalator up. Security wasn't bad, it took about 10-15 minutes. We arrived at our gate, H1. We saw the flight to JFK board, and then they called Sun Country 347 to MCO at 6:30, and invited all first class passengers up to board. It was nice to be the first ones to board.

We got on the aircraft, and took our seats, 2A, 2B, and 2C. I sat next to my sister, and my mother sat in 2C. These seats were excellent! They were huge, padded, and had loads of legroom! I knew this first class upgrade was worth it the second I sat down! The recline on the seat was very nice as well, I peered back into the coach area and thought, "how could I possibly sit in there!?" Yep, I had become a snotty firstclassmen! The F/A came around and took pre-flight drink orders, and orange juice was the choice by me. 2 brothers came in and sat down in first class, and then loads of teenagers came in and sat in coach. They were going to a Lutheran convention on International Drive. The rest of the 1st class filled up with some more passengers, and we were on our way.

We taxied to 30L, and waited for a few aircraft to depart, including a nice new Frontier A319. We pulled onto the runway, and revved the engines up. We roared down the runway, and it seemed like it took a while to rotate, most likely due to the heavy load. We took an immediate turn left, and continued to MCO. Departure was nice, the clouds and the blue sky looked very inviting. We reach our cruise around 35,000 ft. I believe.

That's a shot of the wing, you really can't take wing shots from first class, so this was the only one I took. The morning sun only made it worse, reflections galore! We received a breakfast which was nice for a change.

The breakfast contained:

An egg omelet with peppers, onions, cheese, and probably something else.

Cut potato pieces

A bowl of fresh fruit including cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and some other fruits.

And of course, a beverage.

The breakfast was pretty good, the omelet was very good. They gave us a little ketchup cup for the potatoes, and little packages of Morton salt/pepper. At first it looked like real silverware, but actually it was plastic, but it looked real. As I ate the breakfast, I watched the clouds passing by underneath. An American MD-80 passed underneath us, and a little later a UA 737 passed over us.

The rest of the flight went uneventful. I played cards with my sister, and read a book. About 2 1/2 hours later, we began our initial descent into MCO. I noticed that Florida was completely hazy, we couldn't see too much from the air. We made our way to downwind for 36L I think. We were approaching from the south, it was the runway farthest to the left.

There's the greenway, a nice toll road that will get you to the Orlando from the airport very fast.

We got lower and lower, we were almost there!

Finally, we floated over the runway, and made a nice touchdown.

We pulled off the runway, and made our way to our concourse. The concourse was on the other side of the airport, where Virgin Atlantic parks. We made a long taxi around MCO, and I got my first glimpses of the wonder palm trees. It was nice to see those instead of evergreens! We pulled into our gate, next to a Midwest MD-80 to MKE, and an Icelandair to KEF.

We got up, and the people in 1AB got off first, then us. It was nice to avoid all those kids. After using the facilities, we boarded the tram (which I love) and headed to the central concourse area. The tram goes right by the DL express parking area.

The ERJ-135 flight was unboarding. We got to the central concourse area, went down to baggage, and waited 20 min. for our bags. We then got a rental car (Chevy impala) and hit the road! As we drove away from MCO, I saw a USAirways 767-200 approaching MCO, but he was far away.

We were staying in the Disney area, as they have same of the nicest hotels in the Orlando area! We headed to our hotel (Grand Floridian), and decided to check-in later.

IN FLORIDA: I had a blast in Florida, I love it here! We spent time in Disney, time in ol' Podunk Florida, and time in our old neighborhood.

I got a shot of a few lounging alligators in Homasassa Springs. We talked with some old neighbors, and had a blast in Spring Hill.

The day before we left, we went to Wekiwa Springs State Park around Apopka, Florida. The water is 72 degrees year round, but the day was 95 degrees or so, so the water was friggen' cold, but refreshing!

Yep, there's me in the spring with my sister. The water was crystal clear, unlimited visibility. This spring pumps out 42 million gallons of water a day, so the water in the spring head is constantly being refreshed. There's a huge hole, that goes down around 15-20 feet until too narrow for human passage. The water flows from this hole, so it's hard to swim down into it, as so much water is gushing out. On the other side of the whole, a huge underwater cave system exists, where divers usually explore.

Just one last shot of the spring, it's where it leads the head and starts the run to the river. Look how clear the water is! If you are ever in Florida, go to a spring, it's awesome!
Anway, back to aviation!

It was finally our day to leave, it was sad to leave such a fun place!

Sun Country
Flight 348
Boeing 737-800 PH-HZJ
Seat: COACH, 1F
Departure time: 12:05 pm
Arrival time: 2:08 pm
July 27th, 2004
We wake up at around 9, and take the Disney monorail from our hotel to a different one for breakfast. Originally, we planned to eat Dunkin' Donuts on the way or have bagels sent to our room in the morning. We had breakfast, and it was already 10 am when we finished. We were going to be late if we didn't hurry!

We get back to our hotel, gather up our stuff, and head to MCO. We took the Greenway. The thing I like about Florida roads are that they are cement. It gives it a whitish look, pretty nice. We get to MCO, drop off our car, and head upstairs to check-in. The escalator from downstairs to check-in is HUGE! I mean, this escalator trip took 5+ minutes! We get to check-in, and the gate agents start telling us we're too late, and they might need to book us on another airline. Oops. We get our tickets, and they tell us we're not going to make it because sometimes security lines can be over 2 hours long! Thanks for the support agents, way to tell us we're not going to make it. What jerks. We don't check our bags, we head straight to the plane.

We turn the corner expecting a huge security line like the guy said. We get through security in under 2 min. So much he knows! We take the tram to the gate, and see that our tickets say 21A,B,C. CRAP! We must of showed up too late, and some else got our 1st class seats! What jerks. We get to the gate, and I see a Sun Country aircraft in Transavia colors. We ask about our tickets, and said there's no first class! Damn, I was looking forward to those huge seats. Instead there were small fabric seats, the cabin was still in Transavia colors.

We sit down in 21AB, then my mom says we're going to take the bulkhead. So we do. I told her that she better get her $$ back, because a bulkhead seat is not going to make up for a first class seat. We sit at the gate, and it took another 20 min. for the aircraft to load things and close the door. Those lousy gate agents, telling us we're not going to make it! As we push back, a huge Delta 767 (N108DL) arrives from ATL.

We started our way towards the runway, 18L I believe. I say goodbye to Florida, and get my last glimpse of palm trees. (when I'm done with college/med. school, I'm heading to SoCal or Florida, the palm trees and nice weather is what draws me in!) Takeoff was normal, we rotated normally this time as the plane wasn't 100% full.

We take a left turn, and fly over the Disney area. We fly right by our hotel!

We were walking by that pool on our way out less than 2 hours ago!

We climb to 35,000 feet, and continue our flight to MSP. The entire flight my sister and I played cards, we had nothing else to do! Our snack was a little sandwich which was VERY HOT, but pretty good. It was on a little roll, filled with melted cheese, and had turkey slices. Sun Country at least offers something worthwhile, unlike NW last year on MCO-MSP who gave us Spinzels.

We flew past BNA, and I got a crappy shot.

And I got another which wasn't so bad:

The rest of the flight went by fast. We flew over Missouri, Iowa, then into MN. We began our descent, and made our way to downwind for 12R. I got a shot of MSP from the air:

We continued to descend.

We flew right over my school and neighborhood, it was cool! I saw our football field where I play, and the practice fields where I went to football camp later on that day!

We made a right turn to intercept the localizer for 12R.

We got lower and lower, eventually over Bloomington.

Finally, we went right over Cedar Avenue.

My camera decided to focus on the dust on the window instead of Cedar! Oh well, you can still make it out.

We touched down on 12R, and pulled off the runway.

I got a final shot of part of the F concourse and one of the international gates! That NWA 747-400 was headed to NRT in a matter of minutes. We pulled into the gate, and got off the aircraft before anyone else. We asked a gate agent about our first class seats, and he said the money was already credited back to the account. I still feel we should receive some sort of compensation for the inconvenience. I mean, we payed for a first class seat expecting one.


Flight 1: 10/10. This flight was simply amazing! We got a meal for a change, I left the aircraft without cramped legs, the seats were that good! Service was good, and was overall I nice flight.

Flight 2: 7/10. It got a few points off for the 1st class screw up, but other than that it was a pretty nice coach flight.

I had a blast in Florida, I can't wait to go back! I'm probably going back next year and we're joining my cousin and aunt down there as well! I will probably take another daytrip in the next few months. I'm thinking LAX again, as it's so nice there. If I don't go in the next few months, then spring break for sure to LAX with a few nights stay!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:08 am

Good trip report--get ready for flames on your attitude about 1st class though.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:16 am

Haha, yeah I know. But I never fly first class, it was my first time to be a snot too!! Next time I fly I'll be in coach for sure, don't get me wrong, I'm not always a 1st class flyer!
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:41 am

The fact that you're usually in coach makes that attitude even more rediculous. Also, you should have arrived at the MCO earlier. Just because the lines weren't as long as they can be doesn't mean that you should badmouth the agents for telling you that you might miss your flight.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:46 am

First off, you weren't smart enough to realize I was playing around, you took it too seriously.

Second off, you are correct, we should've arrived at MCO earlier, I myself couldn't do anything about it.

And finally, the agents didn't tell me I might miss my flight, they told me I will miss my flight. They said it in a crude manner, giving no encouragment whatsoever, which I think, is unprofessional.

I stand by what I say!

Now let's forget this whole mess, and just enjoy, because well, that was the main purpose of this trip report!
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 15, 2004 2:32 pm

Nice report - I also flew on N806SY back in March from MSP to LAS. I would love to go back to MCO someday! Haven't been there in several years.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:05 pm

Continental, Great trip report and pics! Interesting to see they offer a warm meal in Y. I always get a warm meal in F on MCO-MSP, and I think they are offering meals for sale in Y now on MSP-MCO. Any one know for sure?
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:26 pm

Thanks everyone!

Nwcoflyer, that's correct. I flew MSP-MCO last year on NW and they offered a meal for sale.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:09 am

awesome report and great pics!

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Mon Aug 16, 2004 3:23 pm

Thanks for a great report! I am surprised that Sun Country offers a full service product in its first class, and Y class gets a hot snack on this typically leisure route. I am sure that NW no longer serves complimentary meal in Y on the MSP to MCO route... but offer the buy on board program. First class sounds good...

Thanks for the great pictures!

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Mon Aug 16, 2004 3:29 pm


Great report as always! I was looking through the pictures and immediately recognize Wekiwa Springs State. I was at the same park over the 4th July weekend. We went to EPCOT instead of Disney World and went to Gatorland instead of Homasassa Springs.

You can always trying sending an e-mail to Sun Country with your complaint. They may send you a coupon or certificate for your inconvenience. It work for me when I sent Delta an e-mail with my complaint about my delayed bag on my flight to MYR.

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Tue Aug 17, 2004 5:21 am

Thanks all!

Ken, you were at Wekiwa?? I went there because it's the nicest spring that was closest to Orlando. When I went to visit my old neighborhood in Spring Hill we passed tons of really nice springs, but didn't stop for any of them! I really like Wekiwa, did you go in the water!? Have you ever been to Homasassa Springs? It's not too far from where I used to live! Did you go close to Spring Hill?

I'll definitely send Sun Country a letter, seems I can't e-mail them!
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Tue Aug 17, 2004 7:28 am


Yep, the family and I went to Wekiwa. It was hot and humid that day and the park was so packed it was closed for awhile and reopened about 3pm. My dad and my sister boyfriend tried some snorkeling. I didn't go in the water. I forgot to bring the swimming trunks.

I check the Sun Country website and it does look like you have to send them a snail mail to register your complaint.  Sad

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Fri Aug 20, 2004 12:07 pm

Great report and nice pictures! I didn't really know too much about Sun Country's product before--sounds nicer than I would have expected. Once again, great report!

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 22, 2004 8:42 am

Thanks! Indeed, Sun Country offers a good product. With the exception of the MCO gate agents, the people are nice. They definitely beat out NWA in service!
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 22, 2004 10:57 am

A very nice trip report and very well written. I have never flown on Sun Country Airlines and have to admit that I am surprised with the hot sandwich in coach class. It is such a small thing, but in the US it has become such a huge issue. Again, thanks for the report and the pictures.
Oh how I miss Midway Airlines. A class act right to then end.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 22, 2004 3:17 pm

In regards to hot meal/snack in Y this may be system-wide (this needs to be confirmed) but you got a hot snack on this leisurely route and I recieved one as well DEN-MSP which is not even as long!

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 22, 2004 6:22 pm


Great report with some great pics as well! It's a shame they messed up for you on your return leg.

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Sun Aug 22, 2004 11:24 pm

It must be systemwide, I think they do offer a hot snack on every flight of theirs!

ThomasCook, yes it was a real shame, we were looking forward to a nice big seat on the way back, oh well, I still plan to write them.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Mon Aug 23, 2004 2:25 am

People from my neighborhood chartered a SunCountry flight SBN-LAS.. when we picked one of our neighbors up she told us the offered meatloaf on the flight for food...Glad that's changed.

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Thu Feb 24, 2005 4:56 am

Nice report. Again, I can't see any of the pictures.

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Thu Feb 24, 2005 7:50 am

Sorry about that. It was written about 6 months ago, so the server the photos were on probably got rid of them by now.
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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:23 pm

Glad to read that you had a great time in FLA. I've flown SY quite a few times and aside from cramped seats in the old DC-10's I never had an unpleasant experience. All the employees I encountered were friendly even at 5am. If it wasn't for WorldPerks I would fly SY more often.

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RE: Sun Country MSP-MCO-MSP (pics!)

Fri Feb 25, 2005 12:28 am


hey excellent report....Im glad too hear you were well pleased with SY's there anychance you could repost the pics or send them too me in my email??????...............i used too work for SY at MSP and I got a small picture collection of SY that I keep...your help/input would be very much appreciated!!!!...

Dave exsca

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