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TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Sat Oct 02, 2004 4:18 pm

EVA Airways BR 112
Boeing 747-400 (Registration: B-16411)
Taipei, Taiwan (TPE) to Los Angeles, CA, USA (LAX)
September 19, 2004
Seat: 13C (Super Business/Aisle)
Gate: C5 (Terminal 2)

Scheduled vs. Actual
Departure: 09/19 6:40 PM vs. 09/19 6:45 PM
Arrival: 09/19 3:50 PM vs. 09/19 3:58 PM
Flight Time: 12:10 vs. 12:13
The flight arrived 8 minutes behind of schedule.

I arrived at the airport about 1 hour prior to departure. The Business Class line was virtually empty, and I only had to wait for the previous person to finish. Earlier in August, I called EVA Reservations to use 30,000 miles for the upgrade from Evergreen Deluxe to Super Business Class. The agent issued a boarding pass and a lounge invitation. She also tagged my three bags to LAX with Priority tags.

Immigration and Security
Immigration was extremely smooth. There were about five people per line, and the officers were efficient. Security was even better, unlike the TSA. My laptop stayed where it belonged--inside its case. Best of all, my shoes never left my feet.

There were two agents greeting passengers once I entered. One of them looked at my invitation and invited me to the First Class section. She explained that the Business Class section was crowded. The First Class section looked full, and it took me some time to find an empty seat. The table was unclean, and there were empty plates and cups. No one ever came to clean up, so I just piled my plates and cups next to the mess. The First Class section had a nicer food selection, including a vegetarian section. We could also get made-to-order items, like dumplings and noodles. Unfortunately, they called boarding for my flight, so I did not get a chance to order.

Before entering the gate area, an agent checked my passport and my boarding pass. The flight had already begun boarding Evergreen Deluxe and Economy Class passengers. I could have cut the line, but I decided to wait. The agent ran my boarding pass through the machine and welcomed me aboard. I made a wrong choice and decided to enter through door 1L. I had to fight across several Evergreen Deluxe passengers to get to the stairs. Once I arrived upstairs, I showed the flight attendant my boarding pass, and she walked me to my seat and placed my boarding pass on the armrest.

Aircraft/Seat Description
The aircraft was a Boeing 747-400 configured with 368 seats. There are 32 Super Business Class seats at 46"/47" pitch. All the Super Business Class seats are located in the upper deck with a 2-2 abreast configuration. The seat was electronically controlled although there was only simple recline and leg rest. The PTV screen was small and featured only eight channels. A pillow and a comforter were already placed on seat. Noise-canceling headsets, an overnight amenity kit, and slippers were in the seat pocket. There was also a bottle of water under the armrest.

Before Take-Off
After I was seated, a flight attendant came around with a tray of drinks. She offered me two choices: orange juice or water. I chose the orange juice, which came in a nice glass. Another flight attendant passed out cold wet towels. After the used towels were collected, the menus and wine lists were distributed. Later, a flight attendant came around addressing each passenger by last name and took drink orders. I ordered the Evergreen Special cocktail. The safety demonstration video was played. However, only the tiny screen located in the very front was used, so no one saw anything.

After Take-Off
We reached cruising altitude and the flight attendants sprung into action. My Evergreen Special cocktail came with a nice pack of mixed nuts and rice crackers. When I finished my drink and snack, a flight attendant came and collected my empty cup and trash. She asked if I would like another cocktail. I kindly declined. I flipped out my PTV, but I found out my control was jammed. I told a flight attendant, and she said she would take a look. Shortly, my system was working again. The flight attendants then passed out tablecloths.

First Meal - Dinner
Appetizer Salad
Cajun Spiced King Scallops on Cauliflower Puree and Baby Spinach Salad

Main Course
Stir Fried Cod with Ginger and Celery Sauce, Kailan and Pumpkin, Steamed Rice
Pork Picatta with Herb Cream Sauce, Carrot Pumpkin and Broccoli, Potato Gnocchi Sauteed with Parsley and Crushed Peppercorn
Braised Sliced Beef Fillet with Vegetables in Red Wine Sauce, Broccoli, Butter Taglierini

Cheese and Seasonal Fruit

Baked Cheese Cake in Pomelo-Sago Coulis

UCC Freshly Brewed Coffee and Selection of Tea
Served with Godiva Chocolate

The appetizer was placed on the tray. It was excellent, and the salad dressing worked well. However, I would have preferred if we had a choice between different dressings. While I was eating the appetizer, a flight attendant asked what I would like to drink. I asked for red wine, and she asked if I would like Australian or French. I chose the French wine. From the wine list, it was Chateau de Fonbel 1996. After she poured the drink, another flight attendant introduced the breadbasket. I asked for garlic bread. She gave me two slices.

Since I was the last row, the main course trolley did not reach me until quite a while later. I chose the Braised Sliced Beef Fillet. I was really hoping for some real steak, but I guess this choice was the best one available. I spent the next twenty minutes eating my entree and sipping wine. The flight attendants later pushed out a cart and collected the trays. The cheese and fruit was pushed out. The flight attendants began serving from the front. Fortunately, they had many fruit. I chose a banana from the basket full of apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes. However, I was never asked if I would like any cheese and crackers. I felt neglected.

Later, I was directly served the cheesecake with my choice of Oolong Tea. The cheese cake was excellent, but I would have preferred ice cream. Strangely, they did not have ice cream in Business Class. I was tempted to ask for it, but I refrained. In addition, I never saw a piece of Godiva chocolate being passed out. I guess they were out of stock? Finally, after the tablecloths were collected, the flight attendants passed out a warm towel.

During Flight
The blinds were closed, and the lights were dimmed a little. The Chief Purser came around taking duty free orders individually from each passenger. Later, other flight attendants came twice to take duty free orders. They did not know that their Chief Purser had already taken my order.

Later, a flight attendant asked what I would like to eat for the second meal. I chose the Chinese Style selection with Ti Kuan Ying Tea. After I received my duty free items, the lights were turned off, and we were already flying past Japan. I was tired, but some person was snoring very loudly. I know his seatmate could not sleep because she kept perking up. I watched Harry Potter 3, yet I still was not tired. I went to the galley and requested a gin martini. If I could not filter out the noise, I might as well drink my worries away. The gin martini had no effect. After what seemed like an eternity, I caught some sleep.

About five hours away from L.A., I asked the flight attendant for something to eat. She offered me crackers! I was expecting some noodles or sandwiches. In the end, I got a glass of orange juice and crackers! I was disappointed. Was I expecting too much for a 12-hour flight?

With two hours and thirty minutes left in the flight, the lights were turned on. A warm towel was passed out. Later, a drink trolley was pushed out, and I got another glass of orange juice.

Second Meal - Refreshment
Chinese Style
A Selection of Teas

Fresh Fruit

Doubled Boiled Pork Broth and Top Shell Fish with Wild Yam and Wolfberry

Plain Congee

Cold Delicatessen
Dried Pork Julienne
Pickled Cucumber
Preserved Beancurd

Hot Delicatessen
Dried Turnip Egg Patties
Braised Mushroom and Folded Tofu

Western Style
Cold Drink
Raspberry Banana Energizer

Tea, Freshly Brewed Coffee

Fresh Fruit

Choices of Bread
Served with Butter

Main Course
American Pancake with Blueberry Compote, Pork Sausage, Vegetable Frittata, Roasted Tomato with Herb

I was first served the fresh fruit. For some reason, I do not remember the exact fruits, but some tasted quite good. The soup was served, and it was perfect after waking up and feeling a little cold. I was not too excited to try the shell fish, but the pork and soup was excellent. Then our tray of sides and plain congee was served. I wasn't too hungry, but I finished the congee and some of the sides. The flight attendants came around to offer second bowls of congee to the passengers who had finished. I was still eating when they passed out seconds. The trays and cloths were then collected.

Prior to Landing
We were given another warm towel. When we began our descent, the flight attendants passed out candies. They had a nice variety including Vitamin C candies and coffee candies. The noise-canceling headsets were then collected.

After Landing
Like all incoming flights to Tom Bradley International Terminal, we were towed into the gate. After the seatbelt sign was turned off, I grabbed my belongings and headed downstairs. I do not remember if the flight attendants even said "Good Bye." Anyway, they apparently had herded the First Class passengers, and they disembarked first. Afterwards, I was the first Business Class passenger to leave. Immigration was smooth, and I actually had to wait for my baggage. I guess everything was too smooth.

I enjoyed my first Business Class flight on EVA Air, but I expecting so much more. The seats were outdated, and the pitch was horrendous. I have flown better on AA Business Class. The service was not very attentive or consistent, and China Airlines seems to offer better food and service. Plus, the upgrade from Evergreen Deluxe was a huge chunk of frequent flyer miles. I was actually quite dissatisfied with the flight in general, and I have written to EVA Air. We will see if they ever reply.
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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:42 am

I flew CP back in 1999 from HKG-YVR, and loved the service. Everything was excellent, including check-in, the lounge, seat pitch (65 inches), service, and the food. I remember distinctly that we had a third meal service in the middle of the flight (and on the YVR-PEK sector which is only nine hours), which consisted of hot soup and sandwiches. Sorry you didn't have a great flight; at least you weren't in coach though. I guess next time, you should fly China Air, or connect through Japan or Korea on either of those airlines. By the way, I miss CP!

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Sun Oct 03, 2004 6:26 am

Thanks for a detailed report! I am also sorry to hear that you are disapointed with the service, and it is not surprised to hear that BR has a dated J class cabin. I think BR needs to work on rennovating its J class cabin, even before Boeing 777 arrives. Anyway, BR is moving towars a combined F/J product, so hopefully your next experience is better.

About the midflight meal, yes, BR does not officially serve a snack on the TPE to West Coast flight... that applies to first class as well. Only on the return flight, they have a midflight snack. Nevertheless, I will insist on having the F/As getting a cup noodle from ED or Y... it is not difficult to accomplish and you are in J class.

BR F/As also tend to be clueless and not really good in following the book... yes, they stock these Godiva chocolate (they are the just chocolate thins... not the golden box with assorted pralines)... but sometimes the F/As forgot about it. You had to ask...

I agree that CI J are better, in terms of food offerings, and they are heading towards two class (but of course, CI F foods suffer much lately at the same time, while J class gets better food...). CI catering kitchen also does a better job.

Thanks for a detailed report!

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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Tue Oct 05, 2004 2:50 pm

46"/47" seatpitch for int'l J? that's a bit stingy isn't it? but their catering sounds delicious though!
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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Tue Oct 05, 2004 3:18 pm

I agree! The thought of that Cajun King Scallop appetizer made my mouth water. Yum Yum Yum
Oh how I miss Midway Airlines. A class act right to then end.
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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Tue Oct 05, 2004 3:44 pm

Cathay Pacific:

I completely agree that 46"/47" for J is just plain stingy. EVA has been installed 61" for J on their short-haul A330s, but they don't seem to want to change the long-haul J product until the new 777s come in. It's actually quite sad.

Carfield and Newyork355:

I've thought about switching to CI or even AA, but EVA's FFP is just too generous for the small amount of international flying I do. For Silver card, you get lounge access, priority check-in, and priority baggage.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Thu Oct 07, 2004 11:32 am

Great Report!

I also did not received Godiva Chocolate last December when I flew EVA's Super Business Class. I believe it was because I, too, ordered the Chinese tea instead of Coffee. My seatmate got the Chocolates because he ordered Coffee.
Funny thing, I was also assigned to 13C as well, ( also upgrade from FFP ) but I asked the agent to see if any seats in the front section and there was one available. I switched to 7G if I remembered correctly. I wonder if EVA uses row 13 for upgrades only.
Anyway, great report, hope EVA improves their services with the B777s.

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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:30 am

Thanks for writing this very good and entertaining report, reading was a pleasure!

It seems that EVA Air's service has become worse lately, my cousin flew a lot on them for business reasons (in Super Business as well as in Evergree Deluxe Class) and he was satisfied with everything. Seems that EVA's Super Business has become a victim of extensive economies.

I agree with you, a glass of orange juice and crackers is really a poor snack, I would expect that in Economy. The choice of pre take-off drinks (only water or orange juice) is also not the best in my opinion, normally I would expect champagne, or at least sparkling wine, as welcome drink in Business Class.

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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Sat Oct 09, 2004 3:33 am


I actually chose 13C myself because I think it was the only aisle seat left. I booked online, so I was able to see the whole seat map, and there were quite a few window seats up front available. Fortunately, I don't think they stick all upgrades in the 13th row.

I'm hoping EVA will improve their services BEFORE the 777s. I mean, isn't it sad how the Premium Laurel seats are only available on the A330s? I always thought they would want to introduce their new product on long haul flights.


I have written to EVA Air about the poor service I received. I'm only hoping they'll respond. =/

Thanks for all of your comments again!
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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:51 am

The B747-400 I heard is pale in comparison to the A330-200 in BR's this true?
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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Fri Oct 22, 2004 4:34 am

Thanks for the report.

When BR first started flying we had some great 'J' class reports,however they seem to have been left behind by not upgrading their product. I always have looked forward to trying BR 'J' at some stage,though based on the latest reports,including this one,other carriers offer better service standards.

Many thanks

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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Fri Oct 22, 2004 5:52 pm

I went to SFO in BR Super Business and came back from Vancouver on the Code share Canadian flight. There was no comparison in terms of seats. EVA is poor. The service however is excellent.
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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Sat Oct 23, 2004 3:13 pm

I personally have not flown the A330s yet, but I think that the A330s beat the B747-400 in hardware.

I don't think the only problem is the seat. The flight attendants are overworked, and each flight is understaffed. I heard that each flight attendant is scheduled 100 hours each month!

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RE: TPE-LAX On EVA Air (BR) Super Business

Sat Oct 30, 2004 1:24 pm

Yes I've been on the exact same seat config and when I walked into the cockpit I noticed the pitch was already bad enough, I did however expect it to be just that because I saw it was only 47/48 inches on their seat map. I was seated in First Class with 75 inches (very good!) but again the seat itself is dated but still comfy.

I later flew on their higher config B744 and in C class. It was pathetic! 44' of seat pitch and I can't even get out of my window seat. When front pax reclines I'm virtually out of space. Not to mention the recline was really bad.

They do however have good service and catering. Not to mention their pillows and blankets are very comfy and seems to be of high quality making up a bit for the lack of headrest and seat support.

I have attached pictures from my trip with them:

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Tzewei Pang

This is their C class seat on the 368 seat config with 47'/48' pitch but picture shows exit row with better pitch.

This is the 44' legroom C class I had to be seated for my 11 hour TPE-YVR flight. You get this type of C on all their B744 combis and a few high density config at 386 pax. Recline was acceptable.

My first class seat which had very good legroom and lots of space. Seats are dated just like the C but still comfy. However, the blanket you see in this shot is not the one I was praising which is given out only on long hauls. Note the tiny PTV screen, same as C class, poor standard for F or C class today!

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