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5 Days, 4 MD-80s

Sun Oct 03, 2004 3:21 pm

My last final to end my junior year of university: may 7th.

I had booked a trip to SFO on may 8th to visit my friend up at cal.

So on saturday, may 8th, I woke up late due to being tired from final exams and took it easy. hit the freeway at about 12:45 for my 3:20 pm flight to SFO. I had intentionally booked my journey up there on an ERJ because I hadn't been on one before.

However the 405 proved brutal, so I ended up having to call AA and say that I was going to be late.

So i drove to Lot C, got out of the car and took some pictures on incoming planes while waiting for the bus.

AA was nice enough to put me on the next flight to SFO:

AA 1950

They gave me a middle seat way up in the second row of the economy cabin. I was overjoyed to still make it to SFO as I was meeting my cousin up there for a dinner in Pleasanton before heading over to Cal.

Take off was prompt and the flight was about an hour. I love the take off of the Mad dog, it is smooth, sturdy and robust.

Arrival in san francisco on the left runway of the two that cross the middle of the airport with the terminals on the left.

tried to go to Gary Danko, but couldn't get a reservation go ended up at Boulevard.

Return trip:

May 10th

AA 1905

6:40 Evening departure from SFO, got into LA. Uneventful trip, this time I got a window seat.

Could NOT find the 405 northbound from Howard Hughes parkway on the way back from Lot C.

May 11th

AA 1594

This was another circa 3pm departure, and again I drove over to Lot C, took some pictures (got some nice ones of an Asiana 744 on the way in) and headed to T4.

I had checked in online before driving to the airport and AA gave me 500 miles for that.

Took seat 13A in the MD-80. Take off and then service came. I had a pepsi and a bag of pretzels.

We flew east past McCarran and then turned around and landed. Around the airport was a DL MD-90, FL 717, Virgin 744 G-VROY and some other less interesting traffic.

Transferred to the bellagio!

After one night, not enough gambling, two good meals and several gelatos, we left the bellagio the first time after having arrived and headed back to McCarran.

Flight to LAX today was:

May 12th

AA 567

Was sitting at the window watching planes go by and for some reason the boarding calls didn't get to me. My friend and I were the last to board. Our seats were on row 15 (A,B).

The F/As annouced an unusually short flight time of 35 minutes, and they were right! It flew by. However drinks still came by and so did pretzels.

Rest of the flight was unremarkable. Landed, went to Lot C, went home...started work at Boeing the next day!

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