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Air Asia Crashed With Thai Airways

Sat Nov 06, 2004 3:38 am

It's my first time to fly with the Thai Air Asia, leading low cost carrier over Thai sky.. Quite interesting and yes when compared to Thai Airways International and when their ground staffs crashed at Bangkok Airport

BKK-Chiang Rai (CEI)
Flying time 1.20 hour
Thai Air Asia
Aircraft 737-300
Cruising Altitude at floor 34000 Ft.
Price: 1170 Thai Bht. Return (Around 30 US dollars!!! So Cheap when compared with normal Thai Airways ticket which around 5000 baht)

I do arrived so early and found that BKK domestic terminal is a hell filled with those new born low cost carriers, Air Asia, Phuket Air, One-to-go of Orient Thai, and what else?? They operate their own check-in counters but it seemed that Thai Airways is dominated more than half of the terminal and yes, TG passengers might feel of more executive.
Actually I'm TG's frequent flyer, but this time I'd like to try Air asia and found that there are no difference with TG while being on the plane except that I got to pay for my own coffee.
The check-in is quite busy, long line with less counter. Ground staff rarely smiled and sounded like they tried to treated passengers for the overloaded baggage charge. Finally I got boadingpass which is like the receipt when you buy something from the supermarket.
At the gate, it was the same man who checked me in earlier, he moved so fast from the counter to the gate (not the contact gate with bridge). Unfortunately, the fighting was about to start. The early Thai Airways flight was waiting for the last stupid Japanese passenger. They announced the last passenger name five times. However he didn't show up but TG ground staff confirmed to wait...
BUT What the Air asia staff did is "no more wait", he started his announcement calling passengers for the flight...Then the TG staff seemed to be angry..
"You don't ask any authorization!! I'm still holding this gate!!" , the fighting start with the TG guy screamed so so so so loud to the Air Asia man who just kept quiet. That moment was still while thousand couples of passengers'eyes point to both of them..I mean all passengers in the whole lower-deck terminal..
Good luck, no Thai boxing show in that day...Air Asia kept boarding passenger. and i finally reached the plane parked in the remote bay...
I left that both guys behind and wait for the flight to take off. i found the Air Asia cabin crew were superb...polite, soft, and efficient which sometimes u won't see this in TG domestic flight..
we passed many aircrafts, most od Thai Airway (a300,a330, army of boeing 737 and 747)..but the one i was crushed on is the philippines airlines' a330-300, the one i usually fly in flight simulator.
Take off is so powerful (pls don't compare to the 777), cruising is fast with bangkok clear sky. we reached at floor 34000 feet and heading northward. The inflight enterment is nothing to say since it didn't exsist (same as Thai Airways domestic flight).. Crews started their merchant skills selling beverages, snacks and souverniors. it was o.k. not overpriced.
After less than an hour cruising, we began to decent. The mountain line of northern Thailand appeared. This time more cloudy than in Bangkok.
We landed quite smooth at Chiang Rai international airport and yes, on time..!!!!

On the return flight was really the same. nothing special and no more aging fighting....

Comment: i think Air Asia is o"k" in the short route. Seat is not comfortable and quite borring atmosphere. however it's really worth flying with in case if u need to economize your holiday budget..
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RE: Air Asia Crashed With Thai Airways

Sat Nov 06, 2004 11:00 pm

I think you meant to say 'Clash' as oppose to 'Crash' which means something entirely different!!!

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