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Passengers From Hell

Thu Nov 11, 2004 1:42 am

I know this is probably a frequent topic in this forum, but I'd like to hear other "war stories" about passengers on your flights you've found to be excessively annoying, obnoxious, loud, rude, etc. In other words, the "passengers from hell".

I thought I'd kick this off by sharing the experience my girlfriend and I had last night on board a WN flight from LAS-PHX. It started out in the gate area waiting for our flight. My girlfriend and I observed this 20-ish blonde preppie type who couldn't seem to stop chatting on her cell phone. Eventually, she was joined by a couple of friends/co-workers who apparently had attended a sales meeting in Vegas. A fourth young woman joined them. Their conversation wasn't particularly loud except for the original blonde who couldn't shut up.

When passengers began gathering to board the flight, which was 20 minutes late arriving from SLC, the blonde was in the "A" group while her girlfriends were in the "B" group with my girlfriend and me. There was also another couple of women from the same group that were in the "C" line. The blonde in the A line phoned her friend in the C line. That's right. She picked up her phone and called her friend who was on the same flight two lines over. Meanwhile, their compadres in B line would not shut up and were loud and annoying the entire time in line.

As luck (bad luck) would have it, three of the women in the B line wound up sitting directly behind my girlfriend and me. She and I were dead dog tired from walking between casinos on the Strip that morning and afternoon. We had hoped to catch a few "Z's" on the flight. Forget that! The three women behind us held a "hen party". From the time they boarded until the time we pulled up to the gate at PHX, those three NEVER shut up. Needless to say, my girlfriend and I got no rest.

Any similar stories you'd like to share? Please feel free to jump in.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Nov 11, 2004 2:56 am

i can remember a bad experience once:

i was on the last flight on BA from LHR-JFK one friday in january. i was in the rearmost coach cabin on a 744. as luck would have it, there were only 18 people in the cabin (literally--i counted!). i sat in the b seat, so i could spread out in the a anc c seats.

well some guy moved from the center section to the row directly behind me and in the b seat as well. we take off, and 10 minutes into flight i recline my seat fully. i am settled in with my headphones and music and kind of doze off until someone is tapping me--ON THE HEAD (a personal pet peeve--dont touch my head). the conversation goes like this:

him: excuse me, uhh, you reclined your seat
me: yes, i did
h: well, could you not do that?
m: [look of confusion]
h: see when you reclined your seat you hit my knees, and well, i'm sorta tall
m: [looking around the cabin] well, i am aware that it may be a bit uncomfortable, but if you failed to notice, there are plenty of other open spaces available.
h: but i am already here...
m: and i was here first, and furthermore, how tall are you anyhow?
h: 5-10
m: well i'm 6-2 so i am fully aware of how uncomfortable it is, and now you probably understand how uncomfortable it would be for me if i didnt recline
h: yes, but...
m: anything else? no? [turn back around put head phones on]


this other one was sort of shocking to me. i was going den-ord-lga the other week on AA in F. for the ORD-LGA leg we had to sit in the penalty box for a bit due to ATC issues in NYC. once we taxied to out waiting area we were allowed to use phones as it would be about a 70min wait. i have to make a few calls, send a few emails, and especially get in touch with my mother or father for personal reasons. well i am a very considerate person normally--i dont like to be bothered, and i dont like to bother you. so i am speaking softly and quietly--but my voice is just not that way. kids would never cheat from me in high school because i cant whisper!

well after trying countless times, i FINALLY am able to get a hold of my father, and i had noticed the old woman sitting next to me was grading papers, and kept looking over at me, heavily sighing and going back to her papers.

at one point i lost the call with my father, so had to re-dial:

woman: EXCUSE [ME]
me: yes?
w: you know, i'd REALLY appreciate it if you could keep your calls to a minimum
m: well its not as though i am making calls just for fun. this is quite important
w: well its VERY distracting and you shouldn't be using it anyhow
m: we were advised we could, and if it is so distracting, most respectfully ma'am you have no rights to dictate to me what i can and cannot do, moreover i'd suggest you pay for two seats next time to ensure you aren't distracted. now if you'll excuse me, i have calls to make--which i am entitled to.
w: well its NOT very considerate
m: nor is it considerate for you to interrupt me while i am on a call

btw, she had ordered the low-fat plate for dinner, and it looked AMAZING!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Nov 11, 2004 10:28 am

I got two stories:
1). A fat, pork-like lady on a flight from PRG to JFK with CSA Czech Airlines. After takeoff, I smelled some awful smell, by then, I still thought its only a smell form the galley or something, but it didn´t stop for the entire flight. Then I realized (heard) that the pork-like lady siiting next to me was throwing gases. It was so distusting, I really almost throwed up once (it smelled so so so incredibly bad). 8 hours of hell.
2). In a flight from LAX to IAD with UA I was sitted next to a man who was afraid of flying, but he had to fly to Washinghton because of personal problems. During taxi, he was quite nervous, during take off, we has yelling (he even grabbed a pillow and screamed into it). We has yelling "Oh God, help me, we are all going to die." The whole cabin crew was quite nervous since he maked nervous the other passangers. Then a F/A told me to distract him and talk to him. We then told me his whole life story.... boring.
I got some more but I´m kind of tired now.
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Nov 11, 2004 5:53 pm

My worst experience was actually on a shorthaul Milan-Frankfurt flight with an American military serviceman in LH economy. A rather short flight, but the guy just couldn't sit still - it was like he had some sort of advanced, aggressive Attention Deficit Disorder. He was kicking, rocking back and forth, digging into his seat pocket, digging into my seat pocket, he was just a complete, manic a** for the duration of the flight.

And I think to myself - I'm sure that there are some really swell, intelligent, thoughtful, dignified American service people working in Europe and abroad, but what effect do the minority of adolescent jerks have on the perception of the American forces? It wasn't very inspiring, either, to think that this sort of person has some responsibility or authority over the security of my home country.

A real pisser of a flight.
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Sat Nov 13, 2004 11:16 pm

The worst experience i have ever had was on a fligth from JFK-LHR in the World Traveller cabin on BA. I was flying alone and this guy, my age, sat next to me. He told me, " Hey, i kinda get travel sick, so im very sorry if i barf. " Me being discusted replied, " oh, thats just fine...." So we tok off and the overnight flight went very smoothly. The next morning, about 1 hour prior to landing, they served breakfast and i took mine, and the guy next to me tok his. He then told me that, " hey, im not supposed to eat, but i dont feel that bad, so coooool! So now i can eat " That were his very own words. On approach i noticed that he was moving around and being very "un-normal". I was hoping that he wasnt going to barf on landing, and he didnt, what a realief! We taxied to our gate, seatbelt sign went off, BARF! All over the seat infront of him! I have never seen something like it, it kinda looked like the breakfast he just ate. some nasty stuff.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Mon Nov 15, 2004 8:27 am

Regarding above story - I am quite curious about this. As a crewmember, when a passenger fears they may likely vomit (I'm not talking about the sudden "didn't see THAT coming" explosion), I'm talking about people who know they are likely to be ill, talk about, and then get that unsettled movement about them - WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY do they not keep an airsickness bag in their hands? Just recently a woman on board had the air sick bag in one hand while she continued to projectile vomit all over two rows.....

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Tue Nov 16, 2004 12:19 am

... she continued to projectile vomit all over two rows.....

Ah, the old projectile vomit trick again! I am sure that the walls were covered as well! Long time ago on a CO 707 ORD-LAX there was this woman who started barfing on takeoff from ORD and kept throwing up ever 30 minutes all the way to LAX. Fortunately I was far forward of her. But everyone within 2 rows of her (front and back) were wearing some of it!
What she was doing was when she felt she was going to barf, she stood up and tried to make it to the lav, but never made it, instead barfing where ever she stood. When we got off the a/c, it looked like a war zone back there.
The entire plane really stunk!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Mon Nov 29, 2004 1:06 pm

I work at the check-in counter. This lady was explaining to me that she wanted to sit on an isle seat, because she gets sick and may need to run to the lavatory.
While I was searching for a seat on the computer system, the woman proceeded to vomit over the counter and on my screen and keyboard. Some came on my fingers. The agent checking-in next to me also started to vomit at the sight and smell of the vomit.
I myself wasn't feeling so good was one of the worst days I ever had.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:49 pm

Flying CCS-AUA-IAH on Viasa in the 90s, some @%#hole came up to the C cabin shouting obscenities, clearly really drunk and the crew came out to tell him to go back. One was a young looking, very petit woman - she did the pleading - the other a tall, large, somewhat overweight man in his 40s - I am assuming the purser.... just stood there... they talked for a few moments and the guy was not looking any happier and shouting louder so (having had a few glasses of champers and feeling a bit ballys) I got up, turned to him and said... "look man, go back and sit down, just relax" (in a nice way)... he started shouting at me and I said "Back off buddy, you don't want to start this shit with me, I will &%@# you up" (I wouldn't have, I'm really a bit of sissy when it comes to fighting). The co-pilot came out and they started shouting and we began our descent. They managed to get him seated for the landing in Houston and as we taxied to the gate the pilot mentioned that everyone was to stay seated when we go to the gate. Houston police boarded and arrested the guy!

That fat purser still makes me mad when I think of it.... oh well, VIASA is pretty much dead anyway.....
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:20 am

Flight back from the Dom Rep to BHX.... drunk passenger passed out and kept pissing himself. The crew put blankets over hum and poured bottles of aftershave over the blankets but it still made me feel sick.

On the way home from PVR to LGW, some woman had bad sunburn, and the dry air was literally stretching and cracking her skin.. so we had several hours of screaming from her.

But the worst? I once had to fly back to LPL as the LGW flight was full. A plane full of scousers. Awful. Just awful.  Wink/being sarcastic


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RE: Passengers From Hell

Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:18 pm

About a year ago. UA SFO-BUR. The two woman in the seat behind me were carrying on a very loud conversation the entire flight. It was really annoying. Everyone around us was bothered. Finally, I turned around and said, "Excuse me, but I have a headache. Would you mind lowering your voices?" The louder of the two said, "We are ten minutes from landing, so you had better turn around and deal with it."

I was astounded.

On the ground, as we were getting off the plane, I said to her, "You are extremely self centered."

Get this.... she took it as a compliment!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:37 pm

I was on a SQ 744 traveling from DPS to JFK via SIN and FRA. On the FRA-JFK leg, on obnoxious woman boarded with her husband and infant. I had felt fairly sick all the way from Singapore, and that didn't put me in a great mood, but anyway... Her child's name was "Peaches." I was horrified.
This passenger felt that she was the most important passenger aboard, and would routinely go into the galleys and flight attendant rest areas to pester the crew for this that, and quite a bit of the other. They were too kind to her in my opinion. About 60 minutes before landing, she screams "Peaches, sing a song for the people! Yes, dance for us!" It was sick - like a perverse side show at 40k feet. She then changes the baby right in her seat, and takes the dirty diaper to the galley saying, "Look, Peaches has a present for you!" Yuck! Fortunately, SQ cabin crew weren't havin' it, and made the fool dispose of the nastiness in the lav. Go Singapore...

Happy travels,
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:54 pm

I was on a JQ flight SYD-OOL a couple of months ago. A little boy about 8 years old or so, accompanied by his teenaged brother were sitting in front of me. Naturally, they were pretty excited and chatty, and the little boy was jumping around in his seat alot before takeoff, which I could understand since he was only a kid. But when we began cruising, and every 5 minutes until landing, he would let rip a deafening, blood curdling scream for no apparent reason. And to make matters worse, his older brother just laughed and encouraged him. The FA's seemingly didn't hear the commotion from the galley, as they didn't do anything about it either. I thought about saying something to the teenager myself, but I thought what the hell, they wouldn't even listen. So I ended up getting off the flight with quite a headache, but serves me right I guess for flying a low-cost airline!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:00 am

Well...I can add in a few Pilots from Hell as well!

First comes pax though:

When I was working at LHR with LH SW we had to board an LH A306 that was bound for FRA.'d had a birdstrike and their were a few things wrong in the cabin that they wanted sorting out before they left. One of those being the F/A's bag stuck in a locker :P of the jobs was to repair a set of reading lights. For some weird reason...all the 3 bulbs had gone.
So while my boss was further upfront doing those things I was back in Eco with pax there as well.

Anyway...I went back to the row in question and me wearing my big yellow flourescent jacket with LH Technik on the back caused a few stirs. I was stopped by a passenger who said:
P: Excuse me...why are you working as a dont look more than 16 and they're letting you loose on the aircraft! I'm not sure if thats safe...what are you doing back here anyways
M: With all due respect sir...I know what I'm doing thankyou very much...I've had some training for certain matters and know how to follow procedure...and if you wouldnt mind sir...I know what I'm doing...the reason for my being back here...replacing reading lights, have a nice flight.

Anyways...if that wasnt bad enough..the reading light in question...had a row of 2 fit girls (around 16ish) and one bloke (around 22ish) who looked like a right idiot.
Anyway...the girls noticed me coming down the isle and started to smile and then chat to eachother and then smile again etc...when I finally got to the went something like this:
M: Excuse me sir and ladies..I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to move for a bit because I need to replace this reading light.
Girls: problem...anything to keep us safe.
Bloke: Oy...pis* off out of here...I dont care about a bloody reading pis* off will you...
M: I'm afraid sir I cant do that and I need to replace the reading light...only following procedure I'm afraid.
B: I dont give a toss...sod off!
M: Sir...I'm kindly requesting that you do not speak to me in that manner...I am treating you with respect and not loosing my patience so please treat me with respect...I'm here because things need fixing..if you have a problem..please consult a crew if you'd kindly move.
B: NO!

At this of the girls started to get annoyed with the bloke...lent over my shoulder and said...
G: Oy...shut up..he's only doing his bloody why dont u bloody well let him or we'll give u hell for the entire flight..u got that! this point..he was getting very very annoyed and was not pleased at this comment frmo these girls...and the comment that came threw him.
Bloke sitting behind him said
OG: Hey listen mate...I wanna get off the ground sometime this year..the kids only doing his job...and if you dont like it then tough sh*t..put the f**k up with ur fat as* and get up.

Anyways..I thanked the guy behind me and his response was " worries mate..I'm sure its pricks like that who make ur job a hell of a lot harder"
And the girls...well...:D
They said "Hey...listen...sorry about this guy..we'll give him hell through the flight for you..I can understand..your only doing your job..anyway...I'm sure you've got wouldnt mind giving it to me at all would you?"
Me: " problem at all....*Insert E-Mail*..thanks for that...have a nice flight eh  Big grin"

That was the worst I've had and pilots...dont get me started...some of them are so bloody arrogant...and pricks...its unbelieveable...They're pilots so they own the place. The one I can complain about is this:

As LH SW also does AF if needed...then occasionally we'll get a call out to an AF aircraft. day we got a call from the AF Ops saying there is a problem with the aircraft and they want an engineer out there.
When we finally got out there and onboard...the Lady Captain said
"Well...your finally here then...took you long enough" " can sort out this problem for me..I cant see anything out my windshield..its dirty and I want it cleaned now so that we're ready to go"
I wasnt to happy about this nor was my boss...anyway...we got on with the job...and wrote out a work order Big grin

We handed it to her and she signed it without looking at it...because we have the contract for AF in means we can charge whatever for anything...obviously there are guidlines for certain things...but as there are no guidlines for windshield cleaning...we made up a figure of oooh...what was it now....oh yeh...340 Euros Big grin
Reason: Using 2 engineers time...not being ready for an emergency call out if one happened...using cleaning materials...requiring the services of engineers...and cleaning of the windshield.
That was funny Big grin

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:57 am


Did she ever email U
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 01, 2004 5:59 am

We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a while...unfortunately...long distance relationships dont last.

We still keep in contact and I'll fly over for a weekend to see her now and then  Big thumbs up
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:38 am

My crew and I were deadheading FRA-LHR-BAH in the 90s and according to my seniority I should have been in Business but I wasnt and a total dickhead pilot was. I should have made a bigger stink about it but I didnt. I ended sitting in the middle seat of a 3 seat section. To my left was an overweight woman whose body odor was some what I like to call Beef vegetable soup.She was the pleasant one. To my right , there was a man who was of Indian extraction. Breath....just like he ate some ones ass ...yuck. Slurping his meal down and spitting food when asking for more tea. Fighting with me over the goes on and on. Longest 6 hrs of my life.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 22, 2004 11:09 am

One particular flight comes to mind. I was on a comp NRSA pass LHR-LAX on BA and was lucky enough to get an upgrade to Biz Class.

Has anyone ever sat in the boarding area watching people check-in and thought to themself "I hope I don't have to site next to THAT person?" Well it happened to me, a 400-pound sweaty fat guy. I had a window seat and he was assigned to the aisle seat next to me! Talk about claustrophobia...

After the door was closed I moved to an aisle seat several rows behind me. This wasn't a problem until just around meal time. There was an Indian woman sitting across the aisle with small child. Well, the kid shit his pants and the woman opted to disrobe and change the kid IN THE AISLE! It smelled absolutely awful (looked bad too) and at that point I lost my appetite.

I also remember an episode on an M80 where an Oriental woman and her kid were sitting in the bulkhead row. The kid decided to puke. So she holds the kids head over the magazine pouch on the bulkhead and let's him/her barf it out. NO AMOUNT off coffee grounds can eliminate THAT smell!!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 22, 2004 2:10 pm

Great topic, I have two to contribute:

The first occurred a few years back on a red-eye from LAX to MSP. I was a row behind my parents, a large lady had the seat directly in front of my father. Not normally an issue, though after and interesting process of the aircraft reaching cruise altitude, her seat fully reclining, and some sort of turning maneuver, her hand landed in a rather precarious position between my fathers legs. Needless to say after three hours of trying everything to wake her, pinching the arm, slapping it, even having the flight attendant try and wake her nothing worked. On the ground at the gate in MSP she somehow awoke, turned to her traveling companion and remarked how well she had slept and what a wonderful job that special sleeping pill had worked...

The second happened on a flight from SYD to LAX a year or so ago. I was sitting contently in my Y seat, on a full flight this particular afternoon, once we reached cruise altitude, the two gentlemen in front of me decided to recline their seats, once again, not a problem for me. The problem came while listening to their conversation, obviously from Europe, not trying to generalize here, but they seem to lack knowledge of a little personal product I like to call deodorant. Needless to say they feel right asleep with arms crossed behind their heads for a good 5 hours of the flight and allowed my friends and I to feel as if we were once again in a junior high locker room....

I can't say that these incidents were worse than bodily fluids being released mid-flight but I thought I would throw my two cents in. I have great sympathy for all who have had to experience such awful flights...
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Dec 23, 2004 1:39 am

I was on a flight from LGA-YYZ. The plane was supposed to be an A321 but was downgraded to an old 732. After 30 mins delay the thing lands, pax scuttle off and we get on. The plane still had Canadian Airlines logos on the bulkheads and all. I was sitting in 7C, my mom in 7B and some guy in 7A. The guy in 7A proceded to talk to his co-workers in 8 C and B for the whole flight. I asked him to change to 8A which was empty, but "nooo, I'll just stay here". I had to hear it for the whole flight because my IFE was broken and there were no other desent seats.

Not the worst but still a crappy flight.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:26 pm

An AA Eagle flight from JFK-BOS this past summer. There was a woman in front of me on this small EMB aircraft with child. The baby would not stop crying. She did nothing to calm or to even acknowledge it. The FA finally had to ask her if everything was OK. The baby did not stop crying the whole way to BOS. Gah!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Dec 30, 2004 10:58 am

I was on a US flight from CLT-ATL on 24 Dec. As soon as we took off an older gentleman went to the lav in the back. He was sitting in the first seat in Y. After the FA's made the final call to fasten seatbelts and lock tray-tables, the man slowly made his way up to the front of the cabin. This man had to have completely sh** himself. I was in an aisle seat and if a dirty diaper could walk, it would have been him. I almost threw up and everyone around was looking around at what had just died in someone's pants. The funny thing was that when he got to his seat, he had to adjust his pillow and blanket in order to sit down. He put his swamp ass right in this poor guys face. If were me I would have lost it. Part of me felt sorry for the old chap, but at the same time I was pretty disgusted.
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Dec 30, 2004 11:52 am

I sat across the aisle from two annoying people in October on a routine flight from LGW to EWR on Continental. I was on the aisle of the two seat window row, and they were right across from me. The woman was on the aisle and this British guy one over (they had the middle seat between them). They did not know each other. They started talking once we took off and for a while it was fine, but the conversation was of the loud, chatty sort, with no substance and the guy was particularly annoying. I gave them both dirty looks several times during the flight (when the volume of their conversation grew louder). Finally, as we were disembarking at Newark, I turned to the woman who was right behind me and as we got off the aircraft (767-400) I looked at her and said "not only are you the most annoying P-I-T-A to sit next to, but you are also a boring conversationalist. I am not surprised you are STILL single!, WELCOME TO NEWARK!"

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Fri Dec 31, 2004 12:19 am

I was flying from LGA-MCO on a Delta 767-300 on the Friday before Columbus day weekend in 1995 with my parents. I had a window seat. Not too long into the flight I feel someone pushing and kicking my seat. After about the 100th kick I turn around to see a girl around eight years of age with the biggest grin on her face. I am glad to see she got such great pleasure out of kicking a seat.
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Fri Dec 31, 2004 2:36 pm

what exactly does "fit" mean.. I am guessing it means hot in british Big grin
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Sat Jan 01, 2005 4:20 am

I was flying MSP-ALB, and it was pretty hellish. After an hour delay and uncertainty of even getting on the flight because of overbooking, I end up sitting next to a mother who heas her child in her lap, and the kid screamed and screamed so loud, I wanted to kill myself! Luckily, I didn't, and the kid eventually went to sleep, but it certainly didn't make some additional delays on the ground any easier...
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Sat Jan 01, 2005 5:04 am

My wife was on a ANA flight from LAX to NRT, there were a group of male Japanese passengers who were drunk. One of the guys wanted more wine which the F/A refused to serve the group anymore alchol, the other guy kept asking the F/A her bra size & insisted she was an "A" cup, the other guy kept singing. The one guy who was refused drinks kept cursing at the F/A, after a hour or two into the flight the boys went to sleep, my wife heard one of the F/A's say to the other one that she put sleeping pills in the groups water.... Needless to say the boys slept for the rest of the flight, serves them right.
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Jan 05, 2005 7:21 am

I was flying from FRA to ORD on LH B747.

This large woman and her kid was seated in the center section. I noticed that she kept getting out of her seat to go to the lav with a plastic bag. This went on throughout the flight. It looked like the plastic bag was covering something. Towards the end of the flight, I noticed what it was, a child's pottie!!!! Her child had used that pottie during the entire flight and she would dump it in the lav!! That same child is taking a p*ss/sh*t in that same cabin that we were all eating . . .
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed Jan 05, 2005 6:34 pm

Well what happened to me when i flew back from a great vacation this summer from MLA-MUC on a Condor 757, i was sitting in the row just behind the exit row. there was a guy in front of me, not a too tall one, you immidiatey after departure reclined his seat fully. as i am very tall and in this way didnt have a single inch of space left, i kindly asked this deep bavarian outskirts aboriginee, who was around his 20´s as i am, i he would please turn his seat a little more upright, which he angrily refused and shouted at me like mad.
FAs came around and told him to blease be a bit more quiet....
Very nice.......

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:01 pm

With all of these little kids crapping pants and smelly, overweight, seatmates, mine doesn't sound that bad anymore. Anyway, here we go:

On a VS flight a few years back, LHR-EWR (could have been Gatwick, I don't remember), the flight went fine and uneventful, until we began our descent. A woman, who looked to be in her mid-30's, started to complain that her ears "felt funny." The FA's tried to explain to her that it was pressure, and offered her gum, but she kept complaining. Soon, the complaining turned into crying. I didn't mind it so much, as she wasn't making so much noise yet.

Suddenly, though, she began shrieking at the top of her lungs, with tears pouring down her face, while holding her ears in hands, and convulsing in her seat like she was being electrocuted. One of the oddest things I have ever seen. One of the FA's, who had already sat down for landing, came back to see what was going on. It sounded like the woman was being murdered! After we landed, the screams finally stopped, but I was convinced I had lost hearing, after almost 30 min. in the plane with the shrieker. Even odder, though, is that she left the plane and went down to baggage claim, and acted as though nothing had happened.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Sat Jan 15, 2005 1:18 am

This once happened to me in 1993, though I did not start shrieking. I flew from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, having been ill for quite some time with heavy cold and sinusitis. That is what happens when an aeroplane comes in to land and you are sick. It literally feels like someone is sticking long knives through your head. It is SO sore, you feel you want to faint. It was the worst I have ever felt in my life. Once you're on the ground, you're fine though. One should actually experience it to believe the absolute pain you have in your head, and there is NOTHING you can do!
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RE: Passengers From Hell

Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:58 am

One time on a North American Airlines flight from JFK-Eluthra, this girl started screaming that her ears hurt. It was crazy.

Another time was on a DLX flight, FLL-ISP. I was sitting in 1F. The two other seat mates were a young boy, probably about 8, and his mom. Well, evidently, the boy had HORRIBLE sunburn. He started crying. It lasted thru the whole flight. The worst part was the the mom was rubbing his back while moving back and fourth, singing songs. I was gonna kill myslef.

Another time was on a WN flight, PBI-ISP, this lady from Boston was sitting next to me. She was so annoying. She brought her own food on the plane. So did I. She decided to go thru my bag, and see what I had to eat. Then when she ate her food, she would put her hand over my lap, and brush all of the crumbs off. When I got off the plane, my shorts were covered in food.

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Wed May 18, 2005 9:28 pm

Quoting IFlyADesk (Reply 17):
Has anyone ever sat in the boarding area watching people check-in and thought to themself "I hope I don't have to site next to THAT person?" Well it happened to me, a 400-pound sweaty fat guy. I had a window seat and he was assigned to the aisle seat next to me! Talk about claustrophobia...

This happened to my Mom also. I few years back, she was flying AUA-MIA-AMS on FQ and MP. On the MIA-AMS leg, she flew with a Martinair MD-11. Anyone who has flown that aircraft, knows how tight the seating is.
Anyway my Mom boarded the flight and she sat in the last seat all the way in the back. So behind her their was a wall.
Some really fat Belgian guy came and sit next to her. He was really crowding her, and as she does suffer from claustrophobia, so she immediately started to feel as if she couldn't breathe.  faint 

She made up some story to the guy about not being able to sit at the window, bacause of fear of flying  Yeah sure and asked if they could switch seats. He was more than happy to do so and so they started the 8 hour flight to AMS.

After the evening meal, the guy started farting like crazy and then he kept looking over at my Mom as if to suggest that she was doing the farting! The other passengers noticed and kept looking over at my Mom too!
Finally she was fed up and feeling sick  ill  and said to the man loud enough so everyone could hear "Meneer, ik vind het onbeschoft en kinderachtig, dat U hier gewoon scheten zit te laten waar ik bij zit en dat U dan net doet alsof ik de schuldige ben" (=Sir, I think it's rude and childish that you are farting right next to me, and that you are pretending that it's me doing the farting") whistleblower  bigmouth 

The guy didn't respond. Afterwards he got up and asked the F/A, if he could switch seats and ended up sitting somewhere in front and a nice lady sat with my Mom for the remainder of the flight.  relieved   zzz 

All I can say: Thank God I wasn't flying with my mom on that flight.... relieved  embarrassed 

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RE: Passengers From Hell

Thu May 19, 2005 7:02 am

Once on a US Airways flight from PHL to SJU, a family of 4 was sitting behind me (they took the 4 seats in the middle of the A330). The infant in the cabin needed to have her diaper changed. Instead of taking the baby to the lav, the family made their 4 year old son stand in the aisle wile the mother changed the diaper on the seats! This released a horrible smell into the coach cabin. The FA eventually saw this happening and instructed the mother to use the changing table in the lav, which the mother did not know existed. To make things worse, while this was happening, I was eating my lunch!

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