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Midwest Airlines BOS-MKE On Boeing 717

Tue Jan 04, 2005 12:04 am

This flight made my top ten flight list!

I arrived at Logan airport on Dec 31 and got the boarding pass expeditiously. Security lines were only about 5 minutes long due to there being only three boarding gates under that security area. After a short walk I arrived at the boarding gate to see a brand spanking new Boeing 717 (N907ME). After getting on the plane I was greeted by a cheerful cabin staff. As I took my seat I was very pleased with the big leather seats with footrests. There were no bad seats on the entire airplane (no middle seats)! This was quite a difference from my usual experience flying coach on the "big" airlines. We pushed back and taxied down to runway 22L. As we began our takeoff roll, the BMW-Rolls Royce engines gave the airplane a powerful acceleration while still being very low noise. The flight was very smooth and quiet and I was very impressed with the Boeing 717s performance and handling. During the snack service, hot baked on-board chocolate chip cookies were served. Mmm good!! As we approached Mitchell airport in Milwaukee, we flew over Lake Michigan and had visibility to see the tip of the lake 100 miles south of us. We approached for a landing on runway 25L at Milwaukee and the airplane demonstrated excellent handling in the gusty 30kt winds. The terminal at Mitchell airport was filled that day with new Boeing 717s. Its quite an airplane to fly on and the airline flying it was phenomenal. I will definitely will give repeat business to Midwest airlines when I fly domestically and enjoy the experience!
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RE: Midwest Airlines BOS-MKE On Boeing 717

Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:20 am

Good report! I love to here the reports on YX since there are not many of them around. That approach on 25L gives some great views but I'm beginning to get bored with it because I seem to almost always come in that way. Those 717's are one heck of a plane and I'm glad you enjoyed flying with Midwest.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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