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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Mon Jan 31, 2005 11:16 am

AM 133
16 Jan 05
Dep: 01:20
Arr: 07:55

NOTE: Making the pics work was a pain so just cut and paste the URL to your clipboard to see the pics ! Yeah I know it's troublesome, but trust me, the pics are HOT.

I needed to get to the MC so I could be at the latest flight attendant recruitment calls at the mexican FA union, so I chose to get there a day early to be well rested for the big day. I had an ID90 but since it's January there wasn't much of a problem with availability since the late night flights out of TIJ in those dates have a fair number of available seats. There is a nonstop flight available but it arrives at the ungodly hour of 5:45am to MEX, so I thought it would be best to pick a flight with one stop instead, arriving at a much more comfy 7:55.

I got to the check in counters at around midnight, there was no queue, whoopee!! I proceeded to a counter manned by an old friend from my days as a CSR at the airport, I saw lots of new faces, turnover seems to be high ! Everything was set to go quite quick or so it seemed since we wereI spent the time catching up on old times. And fortunatley my buddy also overlooked the marginal 4 extra kilos my bag weighed, phew ! But really 4 kilos ain't all that much, 5 is borderline and once you get to 6 kilos overweight for one person you start thinking about charging, or at least that's how I did things, how permissive of me !

Anyhoo, I was all set and ready to go, I had seat 6A, but I went out to say goodbye to the parents before leaving to the gate, after the goodbyes were all said and done I proceeded to the gate area, and I noticed my flight was leaving from one of the new gates at TIJ, I'll let you know, a couple of years ago TIJ looked just a dolled up bus terminal, but with the new expansion it almost looks like an airport, at least the new extended gates do Big grin Anyways, I started pondering... hmm 6A, I have carry ons... sure a bulkead is nice, but I like my carry ons under the seat in front of me!! what if I wanna take out my headphones, or read a book? nothing like having it at hand ! So once in the gate area I noticed that Suzy, an old friend was gonna be in charge of flight 133, I went up to her to say hi and told her about my plans, and after that I proceeded to nag at her for a seat change. She cheerfully obliged and offered up 8E, an empty row just for moi !! Perfect. Boarding time came along and we boarded the flight (duh!). I waited for most people to board and then proceeded to haul my ass on the plane. Said hi to 2 crew members at the door who seemed cheery, and proceeded to my seat, there were 2 other crew members in economy class who were not quite as cheery but still professional.

After taking my seat the usual torture ensues... will the 2 seats next to me remain empty? or will the preverbial pair of large ladies come to inhabit them? fortunatley not that many people boarded after me, but every person walking through that aisle got my heart beating just a little bit faster, the suspense was truly thrilling, but after most people finished boarding, all seemed safe at last... until a threat came from an unexpected place, some people from the back of the plane started to trickle forward, and a numerous family took the empty rows behind me, and the aisle seat on my precious empty row, beh, it's not so bad I guess, but I was still a bit pissed, I mean, fine, it wasn't my row per se, but still.. Anyhoo my anger and wrath soon diminished when I saw the poor girl on the aisle seat struggle to recline her seat, I reverted back from uberbi*ch to nice guy mode and told her how to do it, which was a bit useless at that point really, since she'd have to put it back upright for takeoff.

Once everyone was boarded and ready to go, we pushed back,about 5 minutes early, and the FAs started with the safety demo, it was at this time that I noticed there was a bit of a brou-ha ha going on in the Clase Premier cabin, it appeared one of the passengers was nagging about something or being difficult, I couldn't see it but I could see that the FA doing the demo was quite frustrated about the whole affair, peering into Premier every few seconds and doing frowny faces ! Really, not a very professional way to do the safety demo at all. After the safety demo was over, the guy FA in Premier had some words with the troublesome fellow and it was all settled apparently. Really, it's times like these when I wish I had a set of bionic ears !

We took off on runway 27 and I enjoyed the nice view of the city lights on takeoff, the night was clear so you could see all the way up north to the far reaches of San Diego County, but we promptly did a 180 degree turn and proceeded to head down south, I settled in watching the lights of Rosarito and Ensenada slowly slip away in the darkness, and the stars become clearer as we went up the atmosphere.

Not much time passed after takeoff before the FAs went into action and started the service for this leg of the flight, I was lucky enough to get attended by Miss Frowny Face Demo herself ! And surprisingly she was quite friendly, I asked for my usual cup of mineral water and got a yummy bag of roasted peanuts... not exactly a 3 course meal but I wasn't expecting much at this hour, since the drink service was over with quite quickly, it was also lights out pretty soon and the cabin went pretty quiet. I propped out the headphones to listen to some music, but my intention of sleeping was foiled once I noticed just how damn pretty all the stars looked, I must have stared out the window like a dummy for eons, until I started to get an urge... yes, I had an urge to go to the restroom and check if my face was getting shiny. Unfortunatley for me and my face, little miss row invader had decided to fall asleep [i]-with-[/i] her service tray down and a glass of unfinished orange juice on it, way to go girlie !! I debated waking her up for a while until I deemed the urge was much too great, I poked at her arm until she woke up, and quickly addressed to her my need to get up, cause really, that's what you get when you block the way between a man and a restroom !! I headed back along the sleek cabin of the md88 (oooo, fancy curved baggage bins !!) and went to.. *ahem* check on my nose. I noticed the 3 female FAs were catching up on gossip in the back of the plane, quite comfy I must say, I couldn't help eavesdrop a bit on their conversation (yes yes, how rude of me, sue me !) and noticed they were cathing up on the latest divorces, tee hee..

I finished my business and went back to my seat for the rest of the flight, walking about the cabin is fun ! although quite a bit of balance is needed I think, still, it's always entertaining. The rest of the flight was uneventful and soon enough we were started our descent into Leon/El Bajio (BJX) airport, I was still watching the stars and I noticed how the Southern Cross started to get blurrier and blurrier as we went down to a lower altitude, and the lights of the city of Leon started to appear, it was quite entertaining as we approached the airport from the north as we overflew the entire city, wowie, they even had cars and shopping centers !! Please forgive me, last time I was in that city I was a wee lad so it was quite different seeing it now with different eyes, after we had our pre-dawn view of the city we continued southward and touched down at the airport. Surprisingly there was quite a bit of activity going on at the time, with 2 Mexicana A320s on the ground, Continental Express ERJ and I think there was also an Aviacsa plane on the ground.

People quickly deboarded and left the plane quite empty, including the girl on my row, which was good news... or bad news, as it meant I had 2 eligible and desirable seats next to me again, just waiting for somebody to sit on them, oh no !!

About a half an hour later people started to board again, and it seemed that the plane once again got a healthy load of passengers, a very polite young couple sat next to me, but fortunatley once the doors had closed, they went back and got an empty row all to themselves. Which means I got the row of three all to myself, finnaly !!

We departed and enjoyed a frowny face-less safety demo, and took off for MEX just as the dawn was starting to break, the flight was quite short, but the flight attendants managed to do a round of drink service and also gave us a piece of sweet bread which was tasty enough.

Quite soon we had started our descent into an apparently semi-overcast Mexico City, I snapped a few shots before arriving that I shall post here for your collective enjoyment.
Aren't forests nice?
Especially misty forests
With snow !!
In Mexico of all places !
You can see the regy number if you look closely.. it's XA-AMU

The FAs apparently barely had time to set everything up for landing, as they were up and standing about the cabin even after turning for finals for runway 5R. They manged to finish before though and everything was nice and ready for landing.
The city still sleeps as we arrive...
As does a big part of the AM fleet
If you think green is sexy.. this is your shot !!
ooo more green !

We proceeded to the gate quite quick and I got a glimpse at a couple of nice visitors at the airport.. An Iberia A340-300 and an Avianca 757, soon enough we had parked at the gate and we were quickly on our way.
Don't they look pretty together?

All in all a very pleasant trip, service wasn't exactly lavish but the FAs were all very professional and proper (except for the Frowny demo of course!), the cabin was impecably clean and everything seemed in tip top shape. Once again confirming my impression of AMX as a very very solid carrier all around.

Stay tuned for part II, the semi-triumphant return flight, including the saga of the max air gum addicted purser ! but for now my fingers are tired of typing. Big grin

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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Mon Jan 31, 2005 3:22 pm

Superb Report chap! Very well done. The pics were enjoyable, and so was the whole report  Smile

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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:16 pm

Nice trip report, but unfortunately the pics aren't working here  Sad
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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:48 am

Rodnav ! First post, welcome here, always nice to have someone else from Tijuana in these boards. Big grin

Hey AJO, if you enter the URL directly on your address bar it should work (or even just clicking enter on the bar after you got the forbidden message), but if it still fails, you can check it out here:
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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Tue Feb 01, 2005 5:27 am

I get the following error when I click the URLs:
You don't have permission to access /music_a/r/PICT013.jpg on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

Anyways, the pictures do work on the lycos-site, and they're great!
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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Tue Feb 01, 2005 7:51 am

excellent trip report and very cool pictures!

Jorge M
Jorge Meneses
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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Tue Feb 01, 2005 8:57 am

Nice trip report!! Excellent pictures!! Pictures always make a trip report much more fun to read.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Tue Feb 01, 2005 8:46 pm

Hi Ricardo, long time not spoken ! Nice tripreport. So at redeye flights there is no further food? Do they have sandwiches or so if you request it, I guess the TIJ-Leon flight is about 3 hours or so...
I flew on the XA-AMU as well in 2002, even checked if I were on the same seat but I were on 14E ! (see
Pity I can't see the pictures either. Maybe you can try to upload them somewhere else, like photobucket or myaviation.
Good luck with your application!
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TIJ-MEX-TIJ With AM (And Pics Too!)

Fri Feb 04, 2005 3:12 am

Hey there Servaas !

Yep, long time no speak indeed !

And yes, red eye flights and in fact aparently most domestic flights do not have any meals during off meal times. Nothing available on the side either. I have still to do the report on the flight back but it departed MEX at 10pm and there was also no meal at all. TIJ-BJX was 2 hours and 40 minutes long so yes.. pretty long for a no meal flight ! But during more friendlier hours I hear they do still serve sandwiches or hot meals, but don't quote me on that one. Big grin

XA-AMU has since received the newest version of the livery with the cheatline lower down the fuselage, and it's still looking as good as new on the inside.

The pictures.. did you try: ? They should be working there. In any case I'll try photobucket for sure next time.

And the application, well I passed the first tests but now I'm on the standby list and that could take a few months. Wait and see.


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RE: TIJ-MEX-TIJ With Am (And Pics Too!)

Mon Feb 14, 2005 2:25 pm

29 Jan 05
Departure: 10:15pm
Arrival: 11:45pm

Ok, here's part two of my AeroMexico flight report extravaganzza !! This was a night flight so no pictures to share this time.. yes I know it is possible to do night pics but I don't have a tripod, and my pulse is as steady as a maraca player, so I'll just try to jazz it up with some schnazzy writing !!

After doing my tests at the mexican FA union I found out results had been favorable for me, unfortunatley I also found out that after such tests one must also wait quite a bit to get an interview with AM, so, I decided to make my way back home to TIJ in the meanwhile.

As with my previous leg, I had an ID90, so I checked loads beforehand with a family member before picking flights. I was told that both the 4pm and 10pm nonstop flights were pretty much half empty. I hate full flights as much as I hate Bjork, so the choice was pretty clear !!

I got to the airport at about 8:15, traffic at the curbside was -nasty- so I just got off a bit before and walked to the terminal. The airport was just buzzing with activity, including an unusually large number of boyscouts prancing around.. how unpleasantly odd !!

I got to the AeroMexico counters and there was no queue at all... I was quickly called by an agent and he checked me in quite speedily without even checking for ID (I can't help it if I look like a goody two shoes !), he asked if 11E was ok for me, Well yes, that sounds just fine to me !!! And in less than a couple of minutes I was on my way. Really, I was expecting a long line and a tedious check in, but it was quite care free and easy.

The AM counters in the national terminal recently received a makeover and look quite nice and fresh.. on the other side, while MX's counters in the international counter are real purdy, the ones on the national side just make you think.... hey the 80s just called and they want their counters back !!!. I hope they doll em up soon !

So now I was confronted with quite a bit of time to spare before boarding, I went to chat a bit with my cousins before saying goodbye and we all went to a corner to make catty comments, cause really, MEX is always bursting with people and is a prime spot to catch B and C list celebrities all about. This time was no exception as we saw that soccer guy Miguel Herrera and some Monterrey soccer team I think.. (yeah don't ask for details.. I'm ballophobic !), and also saw the reason for the ghastly ammount of boy scouts, some high ranking boyscout priest made his appearance !! Really, I'm just glad Jacko wasn't round.. that would have been scary !

Apart from celebrities it's always interesting to see all the different crewmembers and airline employees prancing around...we saw a bunch fo Magnicharters employees, and oh my god, yellow blazers !!! It's just the most hideous thing ever... ok I'll be fair, the most hideous thing ever is a tie between that and the old Aerolineas Internacionales FA uniform.. and the old parrot green jackets that MX ground supervisors had to wear, dear lord, those just looked like something out of the Love Boat !! But enough uniform woes.. I saw one AM FA that went into the store behind us and bought a whole bunch of packs of Max Air gum, for those of you who don't know, that's like an uber strong brand of gum reserved for hardcore sugarjunkies! Phew, was I glad I wasn't flying with that guy !! We then proceeded to snicker on about the ocurrence.

At about 9pm I said my goodbyes and went to the gate, security was pretty straightforward, but as always, given the massive ammounts of mole I was carrying in my backpack (yeah, you'd be surprised how hard it is to find good mole in the north !) I was asked to open up my backpack... I think that mole has the same density as semtex or some other scary explosive... In any case I gladly obliged and opened my bag for the security lady. She was quite friendly about the whole thing and quickly sent me on my way.

So now I had some time to spare and proceeded to wander about the gates and watch the nightly rush hour at MEX... not only planes but also people, I always greatly enjoy watching the gate agents, observing how everyone goes about doing their jobs and handling problems, it's utterly intoxicating !

I was finnaly tired of walking (one must remember I was carrying kilos and kilos of mole on my back) and planted my arse in front of the AMX info monitors on gate 9 or so.. -the- place to be when you want reliable AM gate info.

Soon enough the monitors said to head to gate 10 for flight 190, I went there and surprisingly, flight 132 (MEX-BJX-TIJ) was in it's final boarding phase, I could have taken that flight, but thankfully I didn't since it was pretty damn full. Big grin

The flight left eventually and we were left with an empty gate. Soon enough a rather attractive female gate agent arrived. I'm not trying to diss on gate agents at MEX, but really, attractive ones are a rare breed ! This one looked like a poor man's Wynona Ryder...Sexy !

Anyhoo, the plane was a bit late in arriving,it wasn't till about 9:30 or so that an md80 finnaly pulled up to the gate, the cockpit crew was already there waiting for it. It quickly deboarded and the cockpit crew boarded and the cabin crew arrived shortly as well... and imagine my surprise when I saw the Max air junkie I had seen earlier board the plane !! OH MY GOD !! I just hope he didn't overhear any of my comments earlier Big grin

The agent started to do pre boarding soon enough, which basically consists in cutting flight cupons before boarding the actual flight so that they can start doing the seat reconciliation in the system. After that they quickly started boarding the flight. I of course waited till most people were already on before boarding.

I was received by mister gum junkie himself, he was actually a nice guy ! He reminded me of an older Dave Gahan (of depeche mode fame) sans anorexia.

I proceeded to my seat row which was gleefully empty. And of course this is when the regular torture begins.. will the seats remain empty or will someone come to sit there?

The uncertainty didn't last long as a rather large family started coming in..

Fortunatley they sat in the 3 rows immediatly behind me, but I soon started hearing conspiracies brewing from behind... seems the sneaky bastards wanted to put their kids to sleep in MY empty row !! Fortunatley a misterious stranger appeared from behind and sat in the C seat from my row. OH THANKYOU kind stranger !! I was so happy, I almost wanted to hug the guy, however he was quite absorbed in his reading so I decided to abstain from doing so...

But the people behind me were none to happy, in fact they were quite vocal about their dissaproval... "oh no, we were gonna put our kids there !!!" they said loudly... soon enough they outright asked the guy to actually MOVE so they could put their kids to sleep there later on during the flight... really.. the nerve..!

Anyhoo, we were quickly on our way and headed to the runway right on time, we quickly got to the runway threshold and I couldn't help noticing my regular spotting places where I spent so much time looking at planes, now I was on the other side waiting for takeoff...

Soon enough we were in the air, amidst some rather harmonic baby cries behind me... fortunatley for me I've grown quite good at spacing out these sorts of noises (years of taking boring accounting classes help you learn how to do such a thing !).

After the fasten seat belt signs were turned off the people behind me strung into action and attempted to take over the seats next to me...OH NO !!! I couldn't help hide my disgust and started to wear my my psycho killer face... When the lady attempted to put her kid there she was shocked to see her kid was refusing to sit next to me, what a catastrophe !! She quickly realized it was much more smart to look for empty seats in the back of the cabin and went on her way... PHEW !!! Thank heavens, one obstacle cleared...

The drink service started soon enough, and this is when I noticed something rather odd for AMX, I was used to seeing 5 flight attendants for an MD80 flight, but this is when I first realized that there were only THREE crew members ! a first for me. The drink service in economy class was in charge of the purser and another guy. When it was my rows turn the non-junkie FA came around to ask what I wanted to drink, I wanted my regular mineral water and he was nice enough to give the whole can, in fact he was quite enthusiastic all around. Really, AM does have some excellent crew members !!

Given the fact that only peanuts were served, service was done pretty quickly despite only 3 FAs.

I thought I'd go to sleep but then I got the usual desire to go check on my nose's shinyness... Fortunatley there was nobody to block my way this time !!

On the way back I noticed the nicest of the 3 FAs was in the back of the cabin so I decided to ask him a couple of questions I was quite curious about regarding hirings and such... He was quite nice and proceeded to answer all of my questions in long and luxurious detail. He answered so luxuriously and I had so many questions that next thing I know, we had started our descent into Tijuana.

I decided to stay in the back of the cabin for landing, really, the back part of the md80 can be pretty nice !! the 33A/B bulkhead kicks ass ! I've heard many stories about the back of md80s being quite loud but I found it to be quite allright.

The skies around Tijuana were quite clear so it provided a very clear view on approach. We did a rather tight turn for finals which was quite exciting, and the pilots planted our plane firmly on the ground.

We arrived and parked at gate 4, exactly the same gate from which I had left 2 weeks before. It was nice to know that I had arrived semi triumphant from my mission. I said hi to Suzy who was in charge of working flight 199 to Morelia, and another old buddy before making my way to the baggage claim area.

Even though I disembarked last from the flight, by the time I got to the baggage claim my bag was just coming out of the conveyor belt.. perfect !

So thus ended another lovely trip with AeroMexico. Really, even though there was no hot meal you still get very nice and attentive service with AM, the crews are always extremley professional and punctuality is a maxim. I look forward to going back to being part of such a tradition !

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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RE: TIJ-MEX-TIJ With Am (And Pics Too!)

Sun Feb 20, 2005 6:02 pm

Really nice trip reports Ricardo. You seem to be quite a funny guy. Good luck with your application!
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RE: TIJ-MEX-TIJ With Am (And Pics Too!)

Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:07 pm

Hey SFOMEX, thanks for the comments. !

Here's an extra bonus, only for a limited time !! a video of the touchdown at MEX on the morning of January 16th 05 ! Yep you can see the touchdown (about 1 second into the video), plus the reverse thrust and arrival announcement by he crew. Get it while rapidshare exists !! enjoy!

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RE: TIJ-MEX-TIJ With Am (And Pics Too!)

Sat Feb 26, 2005 12:31 am

Very nice report!!!  Smile
LOL I've seen that IB A343  Wink/being sarcastic
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