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TPE-Hong Kong-TPE

Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:28 pm

Hey everyone.

So Saturday night I was bored. Well, I knew I would be bored since all my friends all decided to stay home since the weather was cold and rainy. Saturday morning, I want on and ordered 1 round-trip to Hong Kong. It cost $8000NT. Here it is

TPE - Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific 777-300

The flight was scheduled to depart at 7:10 so I got a taxi at my apartment in Jungli at 5:00 and got to the Chang-Kai Schek International airport at 5:30. Traffic was horrible. I had an e-ticket so check in was quick and easy with almost no wait. Got through immigration and security and walked around the departures area and did some duty-free shopping. Got to gate B5 20 minutes befor and then started the mad rush of boarding. I got my window seat over the wing. The weather was very windy and rainy and COLD. We took off at 7:21 and started our bumpy ride to Hong Kong. Econony had PVT's in every seat which was nice and we got a hot meal of beef and rice. This was nice for a 2 hour flight considering I'm an American and we aren't used to that on American airlines. We landed in Hong Kong at 8:58 and taxied long to gate 49.

Hong Kong Airport. I had a little less than 2 hours so I walked upstairs to the departures loung and hit up the duty free for more alcohol and cigs and hit the bookstore for some nice English language reading material.

Hong Kong - TPE

Flight was slated to leave at 10:55. We boarded the Airbus 340-300 and got my window seat 20 minutes before departure. We took off on time and and go t a nice warm chicken sandwich and watched my PTV the whole way to Taipei. We landed on time at 12:25 and taxied to gate B7 in the pouring rain. I saw a Thai 777 beside us and another Cathay Pacific 340 on the other side. Got in a taxi and got home at about 1:30. Very nice trip and Cathay Pacific is great.
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RE: TPE-Hong Kong-TPE

Tue Mar 01, 2005 7:10 pm

cool ! how much is $8000NT ?
i was thinking about doing a similar thing on VARIG from CDG to AMS, (about 150E) .
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RE: TPE-Hong Kong-TPE

Tue Mar 01, 2005 7:55 pm

Welcome aboard Cathay Pacific!  Big thumbs up

The "nice warm chicken sandwich" you enjoyed had actually caused a big deal of passenger frenzy in 2003. Before that, passengers used to have a hot meal regardless of flight time. Now you can imagine...
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RE: TPE-Hong Kong-TPE

Wed Mar 02, 2005 9:36 am

That would be about $250 USD. I thought that the sandwich was nice since the flight time was only 1 hour and 10 minutes due to tailwinds.

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